US Reported Covid Vaccine Adverse Events As Of June, 17, 2022—1, 307, 926 –1% to 10% Of Total

Deaths ———29,031


Urgent Care—-130,819

Doctor Office Visits—196,084


Bell’s Palsy—-15,816


Heart Attacks—-14,935



Life Threatening—-32,431

Severe Allergic Reaction —-41,746


Source: US Government Sponsored VAERS System

Source : 1% to 10% Reported —-Harvard University Study —Lazarus Report 2009–Stev Kirsh SubStack —Reports, Dr. Jessica Rose , Substack —Reports

6 thoughts on “US Reported Covid Vaccine Adverse Events As Of June, 17, 2022—1, 307, 926 –1% to 10% Of Total

  1. Any and all governments CANADA!!!!) continuing to mandate these experimental vaccines are playing Russian Roulette with their citizen’s lives and have absolutely no problem with continuing the unprecedented carnage. 😦

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  2. Frequency activating the self-assembling nanobot technology and pathogens/diseases in these bioweapons will make this first chapter of this genocide look like the ‘good old days’.

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  3. Normally the pandemic would have been allowed to pass through the population and leave 18 months later. But as we know, the plandemic really was of PCR cases and nursing home deaths, which then became incentivized hospital killings using Remdesivir. The crisis seemed to have petered out even psychologically with people and then the vaxxes were rolled out, to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Dr. Clare Craig a UK pathologist discusses the recent vaccine trials on children:

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    • Injecting the wax was but round one in series of crisis.
      Geert Vanden Bossche and/or Dr. Michael Yeadon have stated that virus’ run through the population within 4-6 months.
      Now we have the original bioweapon strain mutating because it is under pressure to survive.
      Geert has always stated that by mass vaccinating there is the possibility that a virulent,even very deadly strain will morph to finish it’s life cycle.
      Others disagree but one thing is certain and that is Gates and the WHO/WEF gang of traitors to humanity rolled out the mass vaccination to further their cause.

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      • The system had to find new markets for their drama and their trauma so that’s why they turned on the children.

        Both HCQ and Ivermectin, essentially the safest and longest used used anti parasitic drugs known, need to be legalized again to protect the citizens from what Bill Gates calls Pandemic #2 . But I guess Health Canada and Dr. Tam know best.

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  4. It’s amazing how many people I know who had no knowledge of VAERS. Most of them are sheep that if anything only did a simple search on anything Covid. I knew about the website because I did serious research and watched interviews of respected medical people who referred to VAERS. When I tell my friends the numbers of fatalities compared to 25 fatalities for the Swine Flu epidemic vaccine and they took it off the market, they look at me in disbelief. Then I tell them about the Harvard university study done on the website and they concluded that at best only 10% of victims are uploaded. And doctors and nurses don’t know about the program either and those that do don’t want to be bothered filling out the form. The UK Yellow Card system is similar to VAERS but it’s compulsory and doctors must upload adverse effects to it.

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