Government Of Newfoundland and Labrador Sends Letter ( by e-mail) To Students and Parents —Is This Coercion ? Hippocrates Must Be Turning Over ——

Tens of thousands have died and hundreds of thousands have been injured from the covid vaccines in North America but the beat goes on ——————————no mention of Vitamin D or other early treatments that Science has show work to reduce severity and hospitalization from Covid.

Government Memo below :


To: Students and Families at K-12 Schools

From: Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer of Health 

Date: June 22, 2022

Subject : Staying Up to Date on COVID-19 Vaccines 

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the school year. And what a year it was! I would like to thank each of you for everything you have done to protect yourself, your families, and your schools from COVID-19. There were many changes and challenges and, through it all, you adapted and persevered as you have done so many times before.

As summer, warmer weather, and vacations are upon us, it’s understandable that we’d like to forget about COVID-19. We can, however, have a wonderful summer and continue to do our part to keep COVID-19 under control in our province. 

In this regard, I encourage you and your children to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations. This is the best protection we have. It is important to get any vaccine dose that you are eligible for, even if you already had a COVID-19 infection. As a reminder:

If you are ages 5-11, we recommend that you get two doses given at least eight weeks apart.

If you are ages 12 and over, we recommend that you get two doses given at least eight weeks apart, followed by a booster dose at least 22 weeks after your second dose.

Some people are recommended to have a second booster dose given at least 20 weeks after the first booster dose. Please visit Get the Shot – COVID-19 Vaccine ( to see if you are eligible for a second booster.

If you had a COVID-19 infection, you should be recovered and have no symptoms at the time of your vaccine appointment. 

To boost your immune response, you can wait at least eight weeks after your recovery before getting a first/second dose, and at least three months before getting a booster dose. 

You can talk with your health care provider about the best time to receive your next vaccine.

You can book a vaccine appointment online by visiting the “Get the Shot” page ( Pharmacists and physicians are also offering COVID-19 vaccine; please contact your local pharmacy or clinic for details.

Wishing you a wonderful, safe summer filled with laughter, friends, and memories.

36 thoughts on “Government Of Newfoundland and Labrador Sends Letter ( by e-mail) To Students and Parents —Is This Coercion ? Hippocrates Must Be Turning Over ——

  1. It has been studied that most kids have antibodies to this. Vaccination policies need to be updated, and parents need to push back. These vaccinations are for profit, not health. Very sad what is going on in this country. Citizens need to do their own research and if they do not agree with what is going on, say something otherwise there will be no choice left for them or their kids about anything.

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  2. Talk about an invitation to disaster. Considering the number of adverse effects reported (and unreported) how can any thinking, caring person even suggest that people inject themselves or their children with this poison? A ‘flu is a ‘flu, is a ‘flu. Build up your immune system, take Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D. You’ll have better luck at staving off the ‘flu than you will if you allow yourself to be injected with the poison masquerading as a vaccine.

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  3. Flabbergasted! It doesn’t matter how many die or are injured. The information is out there but the governments’ brain washing, suppression of treatments as well as free speech has been such a total success that it doesn’t matter.
    It’s difficult not to lose hope.


  4. Has there ever been a media report telling the public about Vitamin D? Has there ever been a doctor on TV that mentioned it? And this seems to go the same in all countries.


      • The last place you want to get medical advise from is government and their mainstream media accomplices. I have come to the conclusion that their only objective is depopulation.

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      • I had heard that it was tradition in China that if the patient does not get well the Dr did not get paid.. North American Doctors have a different plan. In changing defintions for the foundational cornerstones knowledge bases we were indoctrinated into we have become a lil out of our league catching up to not what I think of as new definitions but rather inversions of all original intent and meanings and the constant of being drug behind the bumper of word tinkering against the persuit of our various birthrights.

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  5. The world has gone mad. I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe where everything is corrupt–the media, medical authorities, law enforcement, judicial system, educational system, society at large, and where only lies, deceit and propaganda are allowed. No room for Truth, Justice, Integrity, Honesty, Civility, Honor…..May God help us all, and may He open the eyes of parents and equip them to fight against this vaccination horror!

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    • Yes, we are in upside down world. On June 25th, 2022 Reiner Fuelmich’s group interview with Karen Kingston was posted. Of the several points she made that need to be publicized, one is that Moderna’s patent application includes Cobra Venom and Rabies on their spike protein. The details are shown around the 30 minute mark. Towards the end of the interview she gets into the anti-human Pfizer test results in babies and children.


      • Yes, I watched the interview, have been following Reiner’s sessions for over a year now. Karen was a rapid fire source of information, so much to try and absorb in that interview. So many are speaking out, so many are sounding the alarm, but so many are deaf. And so we carry on, walking our path of truth, hoping to reach those who are stumbling and perishing in the lies.


      • Hi prairiemuser,
        I have another huge factoid to relate, which I’ll paste in below. Your original point about all facets of our society being inverted is true, which speaks to our ‘subversion’ as a society, all the Western societies. The Yuri Bezmenov interviews from the 1980’s speak to this agenda which is decades in the making. We are now seeing the fruits of this agenda, the bankers (the WEF people) do want an enslaved society, so they have to dumb us down, and poison us in the bargain. They constantly lie to us to make us toxic against ourselves, schools, the media all end up as part of this. When the WEF says they want the people to no longer own property by 2030, that’s essentially a communistic take over, which people used to be familiar with in the Cold War.

        The snake venom theory turns out to not be a theory at all, when Dr. Ardis did his data dump in a 3 part interview with Mike Adams it was from 4 months of word searches of the scientific literature. The pharmaceutical research community has a whole industry researching the effects of snake venom. Unfortunately most people learned about this theory from something I haven’t seen, the Watch the Water documentary, and Dr. Meryl Nass quickly dismissed the idea and Children’s Health Defense ran her article. Not only did Moderna insert a Cobra Venom molecule along with a Rabies one on the spike protein patent, but Remdesivir appears to be snake venom related as well. In our inverted world, the medications which could have cured people of Covid and kept them alive were of course outlawed in Canada and the US, which is murderous. Our Public Health overlords really are Public Death figures. Fauci mandated that Remdesivir be the only drug administered to Covid patients, and here’s some background on it lifted from a comment section::


        Apr 21, 2022

        It might be useful to understand that Remdesivir is a B/D PLA2 nucleoside analog derived from the venom of the Bahia Lancehead (Bothrops Leucurus) snake found in Northeastern Brazil. The drug targets viral replication enzymes resulting in deadly viral mutations. It is important to be accurate when discussing such things in the context of Covid/vaccines/drugs. Yet, we are still dealing with a drug having its origins in snake venom. A number of very useful drugs are derived from the venoms of all sorts of flora and fauna. The tragic side effects of Remdesivir to include catastrophic kidney and general organ failure can be better understood in the context of the origins of the drug. This, as opposed to more conspiratorial views. Whether or not Remdesivir, vaccines or even SARS CoV2 itself share peptides of venomous origin remains unclear. Having said this, it seems to me both the desired effect of viral replication disruption and organ system failure in a number of patients receiving the drug are consistent with envenomation. Cite: “Bioactive Molecules Derived from Snake Venoms with Therapeutic Potential for the Treatment of Thrombo-Cardiovascular Disorders. Cherri & Lara’s-Djebari, The Protein Journal 40 799-841 (2021) Table 3”

        Dr. Mike Fleming DDS

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  6. “ In this regard, I encourage you and your children to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations. This is the best protection we have. It is important to get any vaccine dose that you are eligible for, even if you already had a COVID-19 infection.” This is the best example of gene therapy psychosis. The mantra of those who took the blue pill. I don’t know about you folks but in my circle of friends and family there is a great gulf still between us which I believe there is across this land.

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  7. The concept of getting a vaccine for an infection you already were exposed to, goes against established medical procedure. As vaccine specialists will tell you, vaccinating someone who already has a specific immune response to Covid, has shown to at least double the risk of an adverse effect / vaccine injury. But at least they don’t seem to be ‘mandating’ this insanity. They only say it’s “important”. All those involved in pushing this IV drug use on the population must think that following orders is important to their pension fund at least.

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  8. “Chief Medical [Astrologer] of Health”–In a bygone era; this mRNA salesman would have HER (shamans) license pulled. It is to weep– “To [weaken/destroy] your [innate] immune response, you can wait at least eight weeks after your [unlikely] recovery before getting a first/second dose.” These damned immoral beings make me sick. If there were any justice; the guilty parties would receive the death penalty. “Chief Medical Officer”–That term has now been debased; much like “Prime Minister;” or “Right Honorable.” The diabolical clowns now using those titles have made a mockery of them. Total dishonor. Total corruption. These titles now can be purchased with a box of Cracker Jacks. In days of yore; these killers would be put in stocks, and razzed by passersby. Then drowned in vats of Moderna/Pfizer/J&J.

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  9. “At this point we still don’t have children under the age of 16 vaccinated. We don’t have a vaccine that’s been approved for them yet,” Fitzgerald said. “I hope that we’ll get that sometime soon, but that’s another group that’s a significant proportion of our population that we need to think about vaccinating before we can think about herd immunity.” Dr. Fitzgerald

    According to her bio on Wiki this doctor is a family physician.
    This doctor is not qualified to advise anybody on immunological matters nor herd immunity, ,never mind leaky gene therapies riddled with military technology that should not be injected into any body.
    Drs. Malone,Vanden Bossche,McCullough,Alexander,Bridle et al state that there should be no injections for anybody,never mind robust people with healthy immune systems that can then provide the human race with actual immunity against this weapon.

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    • Dr. Paul Alexander on his substack today:
      “Moreover, we have to consider that recent omicron sub-variants such as BA.4 and BA.5 may be completely novel COVID viruses and not necessarily variants of the omicron. It is evading immunity massively so we need to consider this. This then will limit natural immunity yet prior infection and recovery may offer some level of protection. We need to quickly consider and assess this. The key issue as we have said day one, is that these sub-optimal flawed failed fraud of COVID vaccines is driving this. This is why we called, one year now, to stop these COVID vaccines. Immediately!”

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    • You have fallen into a particular trap.
      “As a family doctor…”
      In my past life as a GP I was still able to learn to deal with all sorts of novel conditions and treatments. HIV had not been identified until after I graduated. Mistaking credentials for competence, and specific expertise for openmindedness or critical thinking ability is a mistake.
      Consider Dr. Charles Hoffe- he could almost have written “Veni, Vidi, Vinci” in his reports of the effects of the ClotShots on his patients in Lytton. Similarly Dr. Peter McCullough, a Texas cardiologist, states that he learned the equivalent of an immunology fellowship through the first year of the plandemic.
      Our esteemed chief PHO has her FRCPC in Public Health, but qualifies for four Pinocchios for her behaviour with respect to masks and her previous sworn testimony for the Ontario nurses.
      Our national PHO today is encouraging Canadians to take clot boosters for an obsolete virus [I have some leftover 2009 H1N1 vaxx- I need you to take it!] The comment above about VitD supplementation, a well proven prophylactic, and denial of the benefits of Vit C, zinc, and others demonstrates either criminal negligence or cupidity from these women.
      A few hours of directed reading should be enough for any physician, GP, specialist, expert or not, to understand the science here. The statistics are a bit trickier, but see Steve Kirsch’s Substack, where a wealthy engineer has unpacked the science, politics, and lies. For hard-core statistics, look at Joel Smalley’s Metatron on Substack. Then think of the Japanese three monkeys. There is evil afoot, or swinging through the trees.
      To summarise, these PHO’s have staff expertise and advice. One cannot know everything, time is not infinite, but ignoring death and disability at the level of these injections (with benefit so little to those under thirty, I had to invent a word to replace “minuscule” – nanuscule! , although depending on your population microscule may have been enough) is culpable negligence. Rejecting and punishing effective early treatment elevates the crime to premeditated homicide.

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