The Great Dr. Zelenko

6 thoughts on “The Great Dr. Zelenko

  1. The works of Dr. Zelenko discovered the zinc protocol,saving innumerable numbers of his own patients plus all the sick people world-wide and in so doing was the first doctor of vital importance to stand up against the machine of death that is attempting to take us all out.
    Dr. Z has always openly called the injection the “Poison Death Shot”.
    Dr. McCullough cites the Journal of Military Medicine that evaluated Sars Cov 2 and it qualifies as a bio weapon.

    What we have here is an intentionally engineered bio weapon that was released upon humanity and a poison death shot that was all too ready to be injected as their ‘cure’.
    We should all identify and thank Dr. Zelenko for his brilliance and courage in this genocide.

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  2. I’ve been following Dr. Zelenko for some time. He’s one of us – fearless, and exposing the deadly jabs for what they are. I hope with this latest health issue he has that he can bounce back and be with us for many more years. He’s an important doctor and scientific figure on our side.

    I remember his video describing how he got in trouble with mainstream media and health officials. He learned early on that Covid was just a Coronavirus and all coronaviruses are treated the same way……….Vit D, Vit E, zinc and other readily available items. I think he said he saved 2,000 people from going to hospital after being diagnose with Covid. He published his successful protocols and got into trouble.

    Here’s the link to his Covid recovery protocols

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