21 thoughts on “Want To Start From Scratch —New Country Of Liberty Where The People Are In Control -Welcome To The Republic Of Liberland !

  1. It’s actually quite timely that you posted this tonight. A few weeks ago I had a text conversation with my 47 year old daughter. It seems that she and all the people she knows in her age group think we need to start all over at every level of government from Municipal to Provincial to Federal. Perhaps this age group is waking up. One can only hope. Realistically there is only so much my generation can do due to lack of time being a reality that constantly stares me in the face. The irony is at this point so far is this very same dissatisfied daughter does not want to discuss covid and all its implications. Perhaps it’s because she and I chose different paths on vaccines. As did my entire family and my husband’s as well. I am an outlier in our families in this covid battle for physical autonomy. In our immediate family of about 20 people all have had 2 shots and at least 7 have had the first booster, so 3 for them. My 81 year old husband did decide after his 3rd shot that he was done. He was less than impressed with Omicron and when he saw all the people getting Omicron he finally woke up. I worry about him every day because he’s had 3 shots. We are presently camping in our trailer for a 4 month sabbatical. It’s been lovely to escape all the madness. But, yesterday thanks to technology my husband had an email to remind him to get his forth shot. He deleted the email and has declined. We all need to decline.

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  2. Oh, we definitely need a do-over. But I like the idea of Liberland. A constitutional Republic. Start with Alberta. It’s economically viable and could almost self-sustain, energy and agriculture wise.
    Late night dreams…😏

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  3. China needs to either depopulate and /or expand it’s territory.
    Canada has 2.5% of the population of China.
    Canada’s citizens have no guns or realistic means of self-defense while being the second largest country in the entire world.
    If only China could install a friendly head -of -state in Canada while weakening/eliminating it’s population for a quick invasion.

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    • Sounds like treason to me. At least by american standards. Anyone who wants foriegners to take over and colonize this country is an enemy.

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      • The MP of Rosedale is de facto showing us all she is not working for Canada. She could be warming a seat somewhere in Switzerland right now for all we know, taking orders from Mr. Swab.


      • Steven, as far as foreigners taking over Canada, that started in earnest from 1989 courtesy of the Free Trade Agreement. Which was not about trade, we already had a healthy trading relationship with the USA. The FTA was about allowing foreign investment in our formerly domestically owned industries. THE FTA treaty purposely tied the hands of our government so that we could become a corporate vassal state ready to be taken over. Harper allowed China to buy up our industries, the list of Canadian political traitors is lengthy. What we have now is the dying embers of our country, yes the coffee is brewing so some people can start to smell what is going on, but a Diefenbaker government for instance would not have let the Covid disaster ‘roll out’. Lockdown in a prison term, we have been taken over. The question is where do we go from here.

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    • If that happens, Russia would assist and likely get Canada plus Alaska. China getting the western US. This according to JR Nyquist.


      • Russia does not require more land for its citizens,being the world’s largest country by land mass.
        US citizens own 400 million guns.
        China isn’t getting anything America without a fight whereas Canada is a wide open invitation for invasion.
        Our only hope at survival would be the Americans engaging China on our soil.


  4. To Live and Let Live! … the Liberland motto.

    Like their Constitution — protects Life, Liberty & Property.

    For a draft – it’s an excellent one to consider / emulate.

    The one essential ingredient missing from all other
    elected assemblies/politics so clearly stated in the Liberland
    : “§IV.2(1) The Assembly Representatives shall not receive any remuneration for their service other than compensation for expenses incurred in their official capacity.”

    It is only right to represent the people on privilege not for the $$$ … when one becomes financially independent and truly has heart in serving the people; then, one is less likely to be ‘bought’ or influenced by foreign entities — which has happened to all democratic states today.

    It takes a lot of ‘backbone’ and integrity to keep Standing where no others will tread — yes, a ton of courage and it ‘ain’t easy.’

    Appreciate learning of Liberland — with a land mass of only 7km, it’s likely already filled?!

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      • ok — a houseboat it is then…

        having lived near the coastal waters, we’ve gotten
        used to being by the ocean and salty breezes…

        OR perhaps we can build a Liberland-like
        community here somewhere in BC?

        how marvelous would that be?!


  5. Without the right kind of thinking on the part of the people I wouldn’t trust the people any more than the elites with the government of this country. To allow a government by those tolerant of vice and fiscal irresponsibility is folly at best and is otherwise criminal. Winners of popularity contests are unfit to rule also. The man willing to uphold and enforce the law of god and his judgments is fit to rule. That is what you call honoring the supremacy of god and the rule of law.

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