3 thoughts on “Is $15 Billion Enough Advertising For Big Pharma—-

  1. JoNova covered the climate scam years ago, a problem that won’t go away. It’s not that the climate does not change, but that politicians sought to both profit from the fear they encouraged, but also negotiate a new Stone Age that will result when petroleum is canceled. Most of the climate cultists have no idea that humans hardly produce any CO2 at all compared to all the life on the planet, including the planet itself in the form of volcanic eruptions. CO2, or carbon for short, is essential for life on this planet, as is Nitrogen. All the CO2 released from all the trillions of trees that burned in forest fires on this planet, did not result in turning the planet into an inferno. But the plan a couple decades ago was to de-industrialize the West, and as we can see now, depopulate it as well. The plan has money behind it, with Pfizer just a small part.

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  2. apparently ‘greed’ is a ‘bottomless pit.’

    and shall we say: ‘un-g0dly.’

    let’s remember our divinity of soul — yes,
    we as living humans have heart and soul
    that when unleashed –can command
    the greatest creative forces of the universe
    for LIFE….

    re-connect your heart to your mind… for all that
    you WANT vs trying to push away what is unwanted…

    there’s a universal law of attraction and it works wonders….

    keep well folks and enjoy a peaceful, healthy weekend….


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