4 thoughts on “A Candle In The Darkness

  1. America’s Revolutionary War endured for 7 years following the Declaration of Independence. America’s founders were Classical Liberals who discovered the association of morality with the real physical world (vs the ancient tradition of association with an imagined Utopian one). They thus had a conviction that enabled them to be victorious against seemingly impossible odds.

    Western civilization is not premised upon democracy (=rule of the mob by a sovereign), but upon the supremacy of Individual Rights (=the individual is the sovereign unit of value). Year 1791 marks the date America ratified their Bill of Rights and Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

    The concept of Rights and Constitutional Law do not originate from Neoplatonism (Augustinian Christianity), but from applying Aristotle’s method of finding correspondence of a concept (such as morality) with the real physical world. Aristotle’s influence upon Christianity did not arrive until the 13th century and rescued what was originally a death cult.

    The moral purpose of our existence is to pursue and realize all values that are essential to our own Health, our own Happiness, our own Life (not that of all others). From this idea originates the RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. https://youtu.be/a0nsKBx77EQ


  2. THE TRAGIC ERROR OF MIS-CHARACTERIZING THE SELF EVIDENT. Errors once discovered and acknowledged can be rectified.

    “We hold these Truths to be SELF EVIDENT, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-”

    America’s Founders were highly educated men when education of the humanities was real and excellent. They had a deep and detailed knowledge of Greco-Roman, and Renaissance history and the philosophy that drove it all.

    By declaring their discovery as something “self evident”, they enabled those who have a claim to knowledge without effort (religious theocrats) to impose their subjective “self evident” ideas that undermine the amazing discovery of Individual Rights enacted by Constitutional Law by imposing the welfare state (the restoration of legalized slavery). The substituting of the Aristotelean ethic of human flourishing with the ancient tradition of human sacrifice (promoted by Christian altruism).

    The philosophical ideas of altruism (that we exist as sacrificial animals for the sake of others) enables the growth of the welfare state (restoration of slavery), and promotes the mistaken prominence in the virtue of democracy (=rule of the mob by a sovereign) rather than the rule of objective law (Constitutional Republicanism and/or Classical Liberalism where the Individual is the sovereign unit of value).


  3. We need a honest moral tyrant. Someone like myself, Why? because democracy and communism can not ever practice good governance and up hold and defend honesty and morality. They never have and they never will and the current state of affairs is absolute proof of it. Several things that makes a good leader apart from honesty and having a moral standard is the willingness to make a plan alone and stick to it and secondly to agree with god on law and punishment and enforce without compromise and there by clean up and educate society and that includes the church and the rest of those devilish anti hate groups and institutions who work to protect sin, nicolaitanism and heresy. A good government has to limit or block the excesses of those who seek power through influence peddling, bribery and screwing over the poor especially in employment and real estate. In effect rich and or corrupt people should have no influence on government.
    Wealthy people providing that they are not obviously guilty of anything ought to be required to mind their own business and obey the government instead of the other way around. Being rich or being a business should confer no immunity to law and punishment. Neither should race ,sexuality or religion. If you follow natural and divine law and obey an honest government there should be no problems. Only transgressors need to fear. Incase you are wondering what nicolaitanism is , it is a heresy that includes idolatry, tolerance and compromise and the word translates from the greek as one who has victory over the people. Presumably through tolerance, compromise and idolatry. Being all things to all people.
    Jesus hates the deeds and doctrines of the nicolaitans. By this yard stick the current church and state plus the MSM would be put on the burn in Hell list.


  4. At least one shot in 90% of Canadians arms should do it.
    Won’t be much dissent soon and this farce of a government employing WEF/WHO dictates continues.


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