10 thoughts on “Finally, A Provincial Court Of Appeal Applies The Law —Pastor Found Not Guilty—Govt Must Pay Back

  1. I would say it’s about time. Still Tamara is in jail for her horrible crime. When will Canadiens wake up to the injustice in this country. Our courts it appears have become nothing more than an extension of the political party that’s in charge on the day in question. That is the exact opposite of what a justice system is designed for.

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  2. Finally a Canadian judge does the right thing. This entire fiasco should never have happened to this individual. It is my sincere hope that perhaps other judges will begin to see the light and start protecting Canadians from such over reach. It’s about time.

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  3. All the judges and lawyers that pursued so vigorously Pastor Pawlowski should be sued for “punitive damages” in the millions as a lesson to other officials NOT to break the law with illegal charges for people seeking to use their Charter rights..

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    • Not only should they be sued but Kenney and Hinshaw should be facing criminal charges over abuse of public office. There is really no point in suing the govt that just means the taxpayer is on the hook for wrongdoing of its elected officials. People should be sure and name names when they sue not just the govt.


  4. Good people like Pastor Pawslowski, other pastors, American Founders, etc. are all defiant of explicit biblical instruction to remain passive and acquiescent to tyranny. We all need to become less obedient than we have been conditioned to be by our religious traditions.

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