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  1. I tried to post a comment under this video but couldn’t seem to do it however, Michael Chussodosky (sorry about the spelling) ought to be sent a copy of Ken Drysdale’s report that uses Statscan numbers to prove there was no pandemic! Ken is calling for a criminal investigation! Hope someone shares this report with Michael cuz it is way ahead of everyone’s complaint! http://www.thetruefactsc19.com

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  2. Prof Chossudovsky has done a great general analysis of the whole scam which has brought economic destruction, even in China (we could do less with Chinese goods anyway and make our own). He used the words “fake science”, and mentioned Drosten, who created the first PCR test based on the original Sars of 2003 which he was also involved in. Sars 1 was never isolated and proven to exist as a pathological agent either (all viruses and their laughable variants are made-up nonsense with no real science involved). I imagine the world’s “health authorities” to name the next variant the “Unicorn virus” to push the dystopian edge!

    Stefan Lanka, a microbiologist & virologist was the first person to call out Drosten at the time and warned him he could be charged under a German law having to do with producing false science. Stefan has carried on exposing the false science behind virology and even conducted control experiments to prove the falsehood of the method used in “isolating viruses” in view of the Sars-Cov2 “Novel virus”. That experiment can be found here: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/the-final-refutal-of-virology_qI429ODGLmoRotN.html

    Here you can find Stefan Lanka’s run down from the beginning of this fake pandemic with greater detail in the English version of his magazine. https://truthseeker.se/wp-content/uploads/The-Virus-Misconception-Part-2-The-beginning-and-end-of-the-corona-crisis-By-Dr-Stefan-Lanka.pdf
    Though he has been under attack for a long time (since he exposed the measle “virus” as having never been proven to exist), he quickly gained advocates who saw the truth of his exposure, who will never turn back to the “virus theory” or the germ theory in general. These intelligent people can not unsee what they have seen and being doctors and believers in the scientific method, they realize how they have been duped from their education onwards.

    The capstone of this whole farce is the belief that science has proven viruses or germs to be the cause of illness instead of toxicity, which is most all of what Doctors prescribe and pharmacopeia produce, whether in vaccines or other toxic medicines. Not least those Doctors who in rejecting the jab insist on promoting the idea of a disease called “Covid 19” which must be treated with other substances as if it were different from the regular flu (which is ultimately a body detoxification process and has nothing to do with any germs, viral or other). Recognising the falsity of germ theory, esp. the Sars-Cov2 virus alleging to cause what has been falsely named “Covid 19” is the first MUST step in to sweeping away the protocols and tyrannical measures which they engendered in the first place! It will just keep happening as people are not mentally aware of the awful science behind it all.


    Sri Lankans Now Use QR Codes To Buy Fuel
    Jul 23, 2022
    The courage to speak the truth is a virtue!

    Like falling from a frying pan into the fire, the people of Sri Lanka have had things go worse for them in their country. On Thursday, a nationwide protest by Sri Lankans saw the resignation of the former president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The people had been vexed with the manner in which his country handled affairs of state. The country was in a major economic crisis, which it still is in, and it got to a breaking point for the people that they had to besiege the presidential palace in protest.

    Rajapaksa who was made aware of the protesters coming before they arrived, escaped the presidential palace and the country even, traveling to Singapore from where he announced his resignation as president.

    His resignation on Thursday then saw the arrival of the former prime minister under Rajapaksa, Ranil Wickremesinghe, to become the country’s new president. Normally, he was meant to be a shift from the norm and people would have thought the same thing, knowing that he had seen firsthand what had happened to his predecessor when Rajapaksa invoked the wrath of the people with his non progressive policies that put Sri Lanka in its present mess.

    Instead, the new president Wickremesinghe seems to be pushing the agenda of another group with his policies. In fact, he had been pushing such policies during his time as prime minister and it can only get worse now that he is at the apex of leadership in the country as president.

    Something that was known but wasn’t brought to the fore until now is that the new president of Sri Lanka is an active member of the World Economic Forum. Yes, you heard me right. The World Economic Forum led by Klaus.

    Welcome to “First Page News 🤝
    We share conservative political news to inform and update you about the happening in politics and in our society that the mainstream media will rather hide from you.

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