Canada: the Country of the Long Wait


A few days ago my wife and I brought her mother, who was suffering from a serious leg infection, to the local ER. We were worried about the possibility of gangrene, which an acquaintance some years back had contracted under similar circumstances, resulting in the amputation of his leg. As expected, the ER was jam-packed, and it soon became clear that my mother-in-law would have to wait at least six and even twelve hours before she could be seen. No triage had been performed to determine rank of urgency. Meanwhile, a youngish man in a wheelchair, doubled over and clutching his chest, was bitterly complaining that he had suffered a heart attack. But he too would have to wait before being attended to — assuming he would still be alive by then.

This is publicly funded “single-payer” Medicare, the pride of the Canadian medical system, though in reality, an institutional atrocity equaled only, perhaps, by the British National Health Service (NHS). Even our doctors are suffering, six having died suddenly within a period of days, apparently following the mandated fourth jab (though the likely cause of death was strenuously and predictably denied by hospital administrations). What are they waiting for, we might ask, to recognize the folly of failed medical policy? After all, the Grim Reaper is no slouch.

Pre-COVID, a hospital was a place where you went to wait. During COVID, a hospital was a place where you went to die. Post-COVID, a hospital is a place, or so it seems, where first you wait and then you die, a phenomenon clinically accentuated in the Canadian system. But whatever the outcome, the long wait is the prerequisite for treatment or responsiveness in this country, not only in medicine, as we will see, but in any domain or department of national life and practice. The medical analogy holds throughout.

On the whole, Canadians are, with some resonant exceptions, a rather passive, gullible, unadventurous and temperate lot. Though not exempt from annoyance, waiting is their particular talent. They are used to waiting for boarding lines at airports to inch slug-like forward, only to find their flight has been canceled. They are used to passports being issued slightly before their official expiry dates. They are used to tax rebates — on the rare occasions when such exist — arriving in time to help pay for next year’s assessment. They are used to waiting for vaccine mandates to be lifted as they have in every other country except China and North Korea, which feels like approximately never. They are used to waiting for their leaders to utter one honest and sensible remark. They are used to waiting for Parliament to consistently begin processing the nation’s business. They are used to waiting for the Supreme Court to act impartially. They are used to waiting for the newspapers to actually report the news. They are used to waiting for an increasingly venal and autocratic prime minister to recognize the nature of democratic governance as the country slips inexorably toward administrative tyranny. And so on. One thing is for sure. It will be a long wait.

As noted, there are exceptions to the rule of stasis or deferment. The Truckers — not all by any stretch of the imagination, but a significant minority — grew tired of waiting for the punitive, job-killing mandates to be waived. A number of the country’s best writers, commentators, political figures, journalists, and academics, like Rex MurphyPhillip Carl SalzmanTex LeugnerBrian PeckfordRuss CooperPaul IllidgeBruce PardyJohn CarpayJulie Ponesse, and my wife Janice Fiamengo, are also running out of patience for the country to live up to its past and its promise. 

Our best doctors and virologists, fit though few, all routinely censored, traduced, ignored, or fired, also have no patience for the shutdown of truthful discourse and genuine science. One thinks of distinguished figures like Byram BridleMichael PalmerFrancis ChristianRoger HodkinsonDouglas Allen, and Charles Hoffe, among a scarcity of others, who stand head and shoulders above their craven, suborned, and mendacious colleagues.

In the main, Canada has now become the country of the long wait, some of our citizens impatient, most resigned. It is mired in fathomless corruption, penitential politics, and massive incompetence in every sector of the economy, the service industry, and the entire range of its infrastructure. One has no choice, it appears, but to wait for prompt and reasonable action, like a mirage that continually recedes.

Living in Canada is like living in a vast ER in which one waits interminably to no beneficial effect. One seems helpless, or in too many instances merely indifferent, before the rapidly accelerating onset of national gangrene, leading to the specter of the amputation of civil communality, economic health, political accountability, public order, and Constitutional freedoms. In any case, we will have to wait a very long time for anything in this sick country to move forward and change for the better — if it ever does.

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David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent volume of poetry, The Herb Garden, appeared in 2018 with Guernica Editions. His manifesto, Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics, was released by Shomron Press in 2016. He has produced two CDs of original songs: Blood Guitar and Other Tales and Partial to Cain, on which he was accompanied by his pianist wife Janice Fiamengo. His latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture, Black House, London, 2019.

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26 thoughts on “Canada: the Country of the Long Wait

  1. All truly said. But bear in mind the end goal here: for us Canadians to lose faith in our governments and institutions so we will be open to something bigger, something…. global, to come along and save the day. When incompetence at this level seems like a troop of monkeys is running the show remember that this is not the case. This is malevolence. This is pure evil.

    Only when we understand the true source (evil) and the final agenda (complete takeover of the democratic world) will we stand up and fight like our very existence depends up doing so (and it does).

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  2. To wait or not to wait, that is the question.
    Recently my medical doctor suggested that if I had a problem during his off hours, I should go to the ER. I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and he said “yes, I guess that’s a silly suggestion”.
    It is said “The good Lord helps those who help themselves”. Too many of us are not helping ourselves, we are merely biding our time till someone out there helps us. It won’t happen folks! The time has come to fish or cut bait. Only then will the good Lord hopefully help those who help themselves. First and foremost, we have to put out an effort.

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  3. We can choose to either laugh or cry during these trying times.

    I choose to chuckle and the writer has given us to chortle about:
    “. . . waiting for boarding lines at airports to inch slug-like forward, only to find their flight has been canceled.”

    Yes, we’re a patient lot, so seemingly to WAIT (while our time and life is being stolen). . .

    We must choose peaceful protest — yes remain ‘peaceful’ as part of their agenda is to
    cause massive chaos, confusion so that it justifies their method of bringing in ‘UN goon squads’
    to quell the crowds. . . remember ‘Tiannamen Square of 1989’ … it was horrific!

    Peaceful protesters are protected persons under the Geneva Conventions — the illegal actions are ones
    being undertaken by so-called ‘enforcement’ thugs… and likely the most honourable police officers
    are the ones who are ‘resigning’ all over the world in numbers as they understand what is right —
    they are there to protect the people. . .and not to carry out ‘unlawful measures’ being espoused
    by ‘authoritarians’ who just say so from the pulpit of malevolence…

    Remember that it is YOUR hard-earned tax dollars that funds ‘governments’…
    And as someone has already mentioned in an earlier post here on this blog:
    ‘Canadians have generously paid well over 16x the national debt so
    we are in reality very wealthy as a nation and certainly as tax-paying individuals.’ … it has been
    through ‘so-called re-distributive measures’ via the ‘private banking system– Bank of Canada’
    that this deceit of debt continues. .. and this needs to STOP…. many enlightened Canadians
    have studied this issue as our Bank of Canada was de-linked to private bank interests in 1974-75
    and for some unknown reason there’s been no paper trail on the decision made at the time.
    (See C.O.M.E.R)

    keep well folks!

    Appreciate this blog very much — thank YOU!

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  4. I find it odd how many Canadians think our health care is first rate. Personal story my wife suffered for two years losing wait fatigue, joint stiffness, darkening of skin. All the Addison patients here will recognize what it is but our highly over paid Drs do not. We went to hawii for short vacation thinking she was ok after getting the green light from our useless med system. Three days in took her to emergency in Maui she had a seizure 30 minutes later well on a bed in emergency after having gone through triage. How lucky are we? Waited 30 seconds in waiting room after having free valet parking then triage into bed seizure. You have never seen so many medical staff move so fast in your life all before my stunned eyes,not a pleasant site. Nurses with sweat running off them Dr arrived in seconds. The cost 40000 canadien for three days in Icu. My wife is priceless, all this for a disease that’s actually quite common and easy to diagnose but was missed for two plus years in our wonderful system that people like. I would give up all for a system like they have in America where she was actually saved from not expected to live status to going home with medication and a diagnosis. Ya we got some work to do.

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    • We agree totally with your description of health care in Canada. We will drive about 100 km to a hospital for care rather than go to our local hospital just 25 km from our home. Care is deplorable close to home; at least the distant facility is front and centre in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately the situation in Canada seems to be “patient, heal thyself”.
      In recent years, I research my symptoms on the internet and pinpoint what I believe my condition is. I then visit my doctor and ask him if that is what he things I might have. The answer so far has always been YES, I am right. Bear in mind that I have absolutely NO MEDICAL TRAINING but I do know how to research online or in medical texts.
      Happy to hear your wife safely survived her ordeal but sorry she had to put up with it.

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  5. When has it ever worked well overall? Not in my (very long) memory. Always understaffed and under-funded. They trained us to accept whatever we could get in the way of care and treatment.
    And once the China virus was unleashed on the world, Socialized medicine is criminally negligent at best, and enablers and collaborators with the corrupt and evil WEF and their NWO agenda at worst.
    I’m picking the second option. I’ll never believe there are that many stupid and obtuse medical ‘professionals’, so it’s gotta be deliberate.
    They need to be held accountable.

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      • Hello Mr. Peckford,

        I wrote to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Dion asking for an ethics review of PM Trudeau ordering the Minister of Transportation to enforce the travel mandate, despite of lack of scientific evidence to support them, and despite anyone else in the world including WHO recommending against them. I was told that they only deal with “conflict of interest” cases and that I have to present concrete proof that PM Trudeau would financially benefit from such mandates. I said that this is similar to the SNC Lavalin scandal, which Mr. Dion investigated back in 2019. They still don’t want to accept my request for investigation. In my opinion they are just trying to make me give up on this. Is there something that you could suggest that I should try to push this forward?

        Thank you,


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    ArriveCAN – How Canada Stupidly Bet it’s Border Economy on a Glitchy App – $25M
    Aug 4, 2022
    No other country is giving up half their border economy to a glitchy app that puts people in quarantine or refuses them at the border for calculation errors or if you refuse to use it.


    The WEF Wants To Take Away Ownership Of Private Vehicles
    Aug 3, 2022
    They weren’t joking when they said that we would own nothing and be happy. First, they pulled the strings to make their member states take farmlands away from farmers, with the Netherlands being the first to strike the blow. And they all claimed that it was for the purpose of climate change.

    When the curious question of why farmers were being targeted while captains of industries and companies that were largely responsible for these emissions were allowed to go scot-free, the governments of these countries gave weak reasons as that fertilizers were the culprits behind the greenhouse emissions experienced by them and in the world.

    They said this forgetting that the Industrial Revolution which spanned from 17 60 to 18 40 was the genesis of these emissions, not farming because it was during that period that industries sprang up for production and manufacturing purposes. In the course of manufacturing, these early industries made use of chemicals which they later disposed of into water bodies and lands.

    Through the concept of the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle, the gases from these chemicals were taken into the atmosphere and thus affected the ozone layer hence causing climate change. And despite the hazards which these early industries presented with their operations, none of the modern-day industries have really done much to prevent chemical dumping and emissions.

    Yet, it is farmers that are being targeted by these governments in their radical battle against climate change. This begs the question of whether these governments and their puppet master, the World Economic Forum, really have as their true intentions the aim to prevent climate change and restore normalcy to the climate, or if they have an ace up their sleeves.

    Well, the WEF hasn’t given us much time to think about this as they have come up with yet another proposition in their radical fight against climate change. To be honest, when I first saw the news while I was hunting on the internet, I was taken aback and my mind was like, What the f word?


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