You’ll Own Nothing’—and Like It. Or Will You?

David Solway • 05 Aug, 2022 

The much-circulated slogan “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” was coined by Danish MP Ida Auken in 2016 and included in a 2016 essay published by the purveyors of the so-called “Great Reset” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) headquartered in Davos, Switzerland. It is, of course, only half true. Nonetheless, the phrase is certainly apt and should be taken seriously. For once the Great Reset has been put in place, we will indeed own nothing except our compelled compliance.

The world’s farmers and cattle raisers, deprived of their livelihoods on the pretext of reducing nitrogenic fertilizers and livestock-produced methane, will own next to nothing. Meat and grain will become increasingly rare and we will be dining on cricket goulash and mealworm mash, an entomorphagic feast. We will be driving distance-limited electric vehicles rented from the local Commissariat and digitally monitored by Cyber Central—assuming we will still be allowed to drive. Overseen by a cadre of empowered financial managers who can “freeze” our assets at any time, we will possess bank accounts and credit ratings, but they will not be really ours. 

Subject to a conceptual misnomer that is nothing but a vacuous abstraction, we will have become “stakeholders”—the WEF’s Klaus Schwab’s favorite word—with no real stake to hold apart from a crutch. In fact, what Schwab’s “stakeholder capitalism” really means, as Andrew Stuttaford explains at Capital Matters, is “transferring the power that capitalism should confer from its owners and into the hands of those who administer it.” 

Should the Great Reset ever be fully implemented, we will have been diminished, as Joel Kotkin cogently argues in The Coming of Neo-Feudalism, to the condition of medieval serfs, or reduced to the status of febrile invalids, like those in Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, which, as it happens, was also set in Davos. As Mann ends his novel, addressing his main character Hans Castorp: “Farewell, Hans…Your chances are not good. The wicked dance in which you are caught up will last many a little sinful year yet, and we will not wager much that you will come out whole.”

Modern-day Castorps, we will indeed own nothing, and most assuredly, we will not be happy. As Schwab writes in his co-authored Covid-19: The Great Reset, people will have to accept “limited consumption,” “responsible eating,” and, on the whole, sacrificing “what we do not need”—this latter to be determined by our betters.

What strikes me with considerable force is the pervasive indifference or cultivated ignorance of the general population respecting what the Davos cabal has in store for them. A substantial number of people have never heard of it. Others regard it as just another internet conspiracy—though it is not so much a conspiracy since it is being organized in full sight. The majority of “fact-checkers” and hireling intellectuals wave it away as a right-wing delusion.

Others I have spoken to simply cannot grasp the enormity of so vast, diabolical, and methodically orchestrated a scheme. “Surely, you’re joking,” my neighbor said to me. I was tempted to parrot Leslie Nielsen’s snappy one-liner, “Don’t call me Shirley,” as a correlative idiocy. The general state of public stupefaction and complacency is precisely what may ensure the success of what is nothing less than a social apocalypse, epically scalable and coercively networked by an unholy alliance between government, corporations, NGOs, academia, techno-elites and a coterie of the world’s billionaires. It is real. “It matters,” writes Ben Sixsmith at The Spectator World, “that some of the world’s richest and most powerful people are so interested in ‘resetting’ the way we live.”

The evidence is everywhere though the majority refuse to recognize it: one pandemic and variant after another, strictly on schedule: Covid, Omicron BA.4, BA.5, Monkeypox, Bird Flu, with more to come; vaccines whose deadly consequences are legion; the creation of a new category of political prisoners; climate alarmism presaging the end of mankind—an extinction which is continually deferred; the systematic suppression of civil rights and Constitutional guarantees; supply-chain disruptions; currency deflation and its result, rampant inflation; ballooning taxes of every shape and form: gas taxes, equity taxes, capital gains taxes, carbon taxes; and the growing campaign against energy and food, the essentials of life and prosperity, leading to the culling of the world’s population—we have the Malthusian word of Bill Gates on that.

Taken together, this is the Reset idea in a nutshell, a dystopian blueprint whose effect will be devastating, and which most people remain blind to. It is sometimes the glaringly obvious that is most obscure, the onset of a tectonic shift dismissed as a mere tremor, until it is too late to prepare and react. 

Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, represents an interesting case in the ongoing debate over the nature of the Great Reset. Often condemned by skeptics as a vigorous promoter of the movement, he appears to be more of a Cassandra prophetically surveying the evolution of our political, economic and technological future, which, he believes, may well be unstoppable. He suspects that artificial intelligence (AI) and the algorithmic revolution will generate a “global useless class.” Disruptive technologies,” he says in a New York Timesinterview, “which have helped bring enormous progress, could be disastrous if they get out of hand.” These new technologies “could hijack democracy, and even our sense of self,” which would spell the doom of “liberal democracy as we have known it for the last century.”

Harari is often closely associated with Schwab, but his predictions should be taken in—not out of—context, as an insightful foray into what is looming on the horizon, for better or worse. In referring to “hackable humans,” he is not advocating for but warning against how the new technologies, such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Neural Evidence Aggregation Tool (NEAT) program, are envisioning the future and how, if we are not careful, they can go wrong. Harari’s warning is the content of the Great Reset’s proposed aspirations—but he seems to be misunderstood rather than heeded.

A new book, Against the Great Reset, edited by The Pipeline editor Michael Walsh and scheduled for October, would doubtlessly enlighten the crepuscular sensibilities of an apathetic and irresponsible demographic, the incipient victims of an unprecedented global upheaval. But most of the people I daily meet at their trades, and enter into conversation with, do not read anything apart from the agitprop drivel of the mainstream press. Even so, such a volume, featuring many of our most prestigious scholars, needs to be “out there” as a curator of ideas. One never knows. It may change some minds among the literate and nudge the news cycle, at least to some extent, in the direction of sanity.

The only event, however, that I can see radically forestalling what has begun to seem inevitable would be the total collapse of the economies, traditional pursuits, communal trust in national leadership, and, in effect, the  structural cohesion of nations, as in Sri LankaArgentina, and possibly Holland and Canada in the approximate future. Such convulsions may serve to rouse the masses. Otherwise, we may be inviting a fait accompli. 

Barring the unforeseen, one thing is certain. The oligarchs and poser-brokers who are busy installing the insidious measures and manorial provisions of the Great Reset, should they succeed in their plans, will have much to look forward to. They will own everything, and they will be happy. Very happy.

David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent volume of poetry, The Herb Garden, appeared in spring 2018. His manifesto, Reflections on Music, Poetry & Politics, was released by Shomron Press in spring 2016. He has produced two CDs of original songs: Blood Guitar and Other Tales and Partial to Cain, on which he was accompanied by his pianist wife Janice Fiamengo. His latest book is Notes from a Derelict Culture.

Source : Pipeline Website

50 thoughts on “You’ll Own Nothing’—and Like It. Or Will You?

    • I don’t understand the economic decision to invest $8.5M to only create 60 full-time positions in an AI run facility. What would be the true benefit here?


  1. I think one of the biggest problems we have in Canada is the government’s control of the mainstream media who are all being paid for with our tax dollars to tell us the propaganda that the government wants us to hear. We need to defund all these news outlet. If Rebel News can survive without out tax dollars then CBC and the rest should be able to as well.

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    • Ezra Levant was tweeting out separate clips of the WEF Chrystia Freeland saying she supports truckers and farmers.
      This was yesterday. This woman is destroying Canada for the globalist agenda while blatantly gaslighting Canadians.

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    • I would love to blame the sleeping, solely on MSM but everyone on YouTube and Twitter is well aware of the descrepencies, in news, and the many professionals who have come forward, yet they still spend their days denying and bashing. My theory is their minds cant get around the fact that they have been fooled. They also appear to be the most angry group. Heartbreaking.

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  2. For anyone unfamiliar with Yuval Noah Harari the Thrivetime Show on Rumble can get you up to speed pretty quick. Yuval’s ‘predictions’ are pretty spot on. He basically reveals everything these elite parasites have been manifesting for decades. Chrystia Freeland is also a contributor to ze great narrative ‘Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else.’
    Attention goes where energy flows.

    Thrivetime Show: The ReAwakening versus The Great Reset
    Yuval Noah Harari | Why Is Yuval Noah Harari Pushing Surveillance Technology?
    Published August 5, 2022

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    • Harari represents the WEF and is Schwab’s right hand man on all technological matters.
      This military program has been going on for nearly three years and humanity is injected with graphene / AI.
      Better get up to speed because authors like Solway are barely grasping the basic concept of what has already transpired.

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      • “Humans are now hackable animals.
        The whole idea that humans have this ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’,
        and nobody knows what is happening inside them,and they have free will- that’s over.” Yuval Noah Harari

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    ‘Wow – This Explains the War on Farming and Private Property Ownership’
    Aug 1, 2022 Super article in ZeroHedge formed the basis for this educational video – be aware of how the world works, and where it’s heading.

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  4. Being a “Rambling Man”, as Terry Burton says, I get my news for various sources. It would seem the Great Reset, even in necessary, (from a climate collapse point of view), is a pipe dream. We have a world society build on fossil fuels use, and addiction in not easily cured. There in one person, an IT engineer , in Germany who considers himself a happy doomsday sort , who is now farming on 12 acres and preparing for the collapse, using no fossil fuel, and one can join him by paying 4000 dollars. He believes that every person who works for a fossil fuel company should be considered committing genocide and receive the appropriate punishment, saying a few examples need to be made. This type of thinking is, I suggest extreme, but akin to Terry Burton’s view on those that promote Covid vaccines.

    Meanwhile 3 are killed by lightning that stuck near the Whitehouse, and near the Washington monument. Was this an error by Russia or the Chinese with advanced technology, to hit poor old Biden? Or by a supernatural being to enlighten more to be Woke, that Washington was a slave owner, and not due such an elaborate monument? Or just a freak result of the laws of Nature as science says that lightning hits are to increase by 12 % for every 1 degree rise in temperature, as it relates to temperature and humidity, and as lighting now hits 25 million times per year. While only about 16 die per year in the USA from that, many forest fires start from lightning. And recall that Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod, yet these people hid under a tree, the worse place to be.
    Meanwhile Disney now offers a holiday package for 100,000 dollar for around the world flight visits to about 9 Disney sites, and it got booked quickly. Surely one’s freedom should not impact such necessary or wants for the rich and their kids, and too, as the CO2 is good for trees, as Terry Buton says. those that survive the ravishing forest fires.
    The Great Reset is not something Davos will impose, but perhaps Mother Nature.
    Winston Adams


    • Says the guy that lined up voluntarily -three times- to be injected with parasites, graphene,nanobot technology and spike protein.


      • And I with heart issues: left bundle block, and right axis shift on ECG and questionable whether pending heart failure called DCM. Any connection I wonder to the jabs, or other cause, like Terry’s curse, or just old age? So far haven’t had Covid.
        But lately I know a lot over 70 age who got Covid, and had 3 or 4 jabs, and I am surprised they had mild effects ……..either the variant is mild or the jabs gave some protections, as many have preexisting issues such as asthma etc and yet not very sick from Covid………which lead me to doubt much written on this blog.
        I see some 700 in Canada have filed claims of damage from the vaccines, about 80 being evaluated, other rejected and about 8 approved……… why so few claims made?


    • @Winston Adams. You wonder why so few people report adverse reactions? I’ll give you a few reasons. 1) Their doctors dismiss the reactions as ‘nothing’ and refuse to report. Case in point: A young, fit friend of mine developed a serious case of shingles days after receiving her first shot. When she reported this to her doctor she was yelled at and told: “that is not a reaction to the shot! Now, go and get your second one!” Also, another friend of mine in healthcare has seen patients with blood clots the length of their arm after the shot, but told by their doctor that, ‘that is mystifying,’ and then dismissed. 2) the forms to fill out to report adverse reactions are time consuming, and pages long, with warnings on the forms to doctors about submitting false claims. (A quick online search for Dr. Peter McCullough will find many references to this in his abundance of talks given over the past year). 3). When people DO report adverse reactions, they are shamed, scorned, dismissed and made to feel crazy. In that regard, am attempting to attach a several hour session conducted by Senator Ron Johnson during which several victims or their family representatives give their accounts of adverse reactions (or death). One of the victims was then 12 year old Maddey De Garay who suffered adverse reactions soon after the shot, but upon seeking medical help was told she ‘had extreme anxiety’. She is now in a wheelchair with a feeding tube. Her testimony (given by her mother) starts just around the 2:29:00 mark. I encourage you to watch this clip in its entirety, which will give you understanding as to what victims of the shot are up against. In the event the link does not attach here, simply go onto Rumble and search for ‘Senator Ron Johnson expert panel on vaccine mandates.

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  5. Israeli COVID Vaccine Director Who was Physically Injured by Pfizer Vaccine — Is Locked Out of Twitter After Suggesting Link Between Monkeypox Outbreak and mRNA Vaccines

    2nd Smartest Guy in the World
    2 hr ago
    by Jim Hoft

    Physician and Scientist Prof. Shmuel Shapira MD has been the Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research for 8 years from 2013 to 2021. He recently claimed that mRNA vaccinations caused the monkeypox outbreak, as reported by Kanekoa Substack.

    Prof. Shapira, who suffered from an adverse reaction following his third Pfizer vaccine, was suspended by Twitter last week and was compelled to remove a tweet where he linked the monkeypox outbreak to the Covid vaccines.

    “Monkeypox cases were rare for years. During the last years, a single case was documented in Israel. It is well established the mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. A monkey pox outbreak following massive covid vaccination: *Is not a coincidence,” Shapira wrote on his Twitter.

    Twitter avatar for @DrEliDavid
    Dr. Eli David
    Prof. @shmuelcshapira, head of Israel Biological Institute (the most senior medical-scientific position in Israel) posted on the connection between monkeypox and you-know-what.

    Twitter locked his account and forced him to delete it. They know more about biology than him 🤡
    July 28th 2022

    1,646 Retweets2,713 Likes
    Each incident may not be tied to the vaccine, but the clustering and timing suggest differently, the professor added last week.

    Twitter avatar for @shmuelcshapira
    Prof Shmuel C. Shapira MD MPH
    Each phenomena may not be related to “you know what”, but the clustering and timing suggest differently
    July 29th 2022

    235 Retweets1,026 Likes
    On Tuesday, Prof Shapira wrote again regarding the obscured long-term side effects of the mRNA vaccine.

    “Myocarditis, fatal arrhythmias, 20% increase in strokes, facialis, Herpes Zoster, tinnitus (ear ringing), gynecological excessive bleeding, monkey-pox, obscured long term side effects. No worries. Be happy,” he wrote.

    Twitter avatar for @shmuelcshapira
    Prof Shmuel C. Shapira MD MPH
    Myocarditis, fatal arrhythmias, 20% increase in strokes, facialis, Herpes Zoster, tinnitus (ear ringing), gynecological excessive bleeding, monkey-pox, obscured long term side effects.
    No worries. Be happy.
    August 2nd 2022

    3,309 Retweets8,425 Likes
    More from Kanekoa Substack:

    Professor Shmuel Shapira, M.D., MPH, served as the Director General of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) between 2013 and 2021, where he led Israel’s effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

    Prof. Shapira is also the founder and head of the Department of Military Medicine of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and IDF Medical Corps. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at Reichman University in Israel.

    Shapira previously served as Deputy Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization and as the Director of the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Public Health. He is a Full Colonel (Res.) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served as the IDF Head of Trauma Branch.

    On June 8, 2022, Shapira said: “I will continue and ask why give an outdated fifth vaccine that does not prevent disease and apparently causes many significant common side effects.”

    On July 5, 2022, Shapira discussed the “son of a 36-year-old Australian friend” who developed “severe ventricular arrhythmias and went into heart failure” only “days after the second Pfizer vaccine”.

    “The compensation is automatic by the Australian government,” he said. “Despite the behavior of their government they admit to the connection and the phrase ‘no connection’ does not appear in the lexicon.”

    On July 15, 2022, Shapira shared a chart of New South Wales COVID rates showing an increased risk of COVID infection with every new dose of the mRNA vaccine on which he commented: “According to official data from Australia the more you are injected the more likely you are to get sick as the fourth injection jumps the chance dramatically. According to this study it is supposedly an anti-vaccine at least according to what I have been taught.”

    On July 18, 2022, Shapira said: “I am not anti-vaccine, I am anti-stupidity, anti-fake science, and anti-incompetent management.”

    On July 28, 2022, Shapira said: “T warned me to remove the T connecting MP to C. Each day I understand better where we live and in which year.”

    In other words, Twitter warned him to remove the tweet connecting monkeypox to the COVID vaccine.

    On July 31, 2022, Shapira shared a link to the OpenVaers COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports which showed a total of 1,357,937 reports including 170,151 hospitalizations and 29,790 deaths, above which he simply commented: “Safe & Efficient”

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    • I would not be surprised by a link between covid viruses if any, the MRNA bioweapon posing as a vaccine and this monkey pox thing. It is happening too close together, was predicted and arranged and benefits the criminals in charge of the world and supports their agendas. Even the bombing of the Georgia Guide stones and subsequent demolition indicates an attempt to hide the obvious and that being a well thought out plan is in the works and it isn’t for the benefit of humanity.

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    • Of course the Poxes are connented…….as the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and the poxes spread much faster with air travel, than with sailing and steam ships with the Spanish flu……….so we have a lot of sea birds dying with avian flu……….she’s gone b’ye, the arse is right out of her.


  6. Capitalists, communists, globalist oligarchs and democrats need more clot shots and a hole in the ground. I’m getting tired of their criminal tendencies.
    Nasty but true. The real estate prices and political correctness is the worst!


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  8. Thanks once again for your brilliant writing, my worry in our crazy media lead world is that people even those who do understand do not know how to proceed. We all need a little guidance.


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  10. replying to Winston Adam’s question about why not more claims for vaccine injury support are filed. Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Patrick Phillips and others are on record saying how once they took the time to file reports, officials from Health Canada have notified the patients to inform them that ‘no your doc was mistaken, this isn’t from the vax’ removed the entry and disciplined the doc. This is why there now is CAERS – A Canadian version of VAERS – for victims of the vax and/or their family members to file reports directly. Please see to start and also check out the list of adverse events verified by published studies. They also have links to self treatment (spike detox) protocols, and a medical doctor package
    (pointing to Pfizer’s own Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received 01-Dec-2020 through 28-Feb-2021) See:
    Last October, raised the question of how/why the federal government picked bankruptcy trustees/insolvency companies to run their Injury Support program – with no health disability expertise as far as one can see. See Document 71 here:
    So there are four actions the injured could take in addition to filing for compensation – IF they have all the info required
    – file a CAERS report –
    – send an incident report to the International Criminal Court – see
    – Contact the Canadian Covid Care Alliance to see if they will be collecting MORE citizen testimonies (i.e. expanding their collection from the event held recently)
    – file an incident report as a Consumer Product Complaint –


  11. The idea that I don’t or will not own and control what I make, buy or trade for is outrageous and the fantasy of a gang of criminals that need to be hung or impaled…

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