The Covid-19 Blame Game Is About to Get Very Nasty.

By: Terry Burton

I sense the Covid-19 winds are about to descend from their stratospheric irrational and unscientific heights. These winds of change will bring with them massive blame, finger pointing, claims of I was only following the experts’ advice, we were just following orders, we were just a minor cog in the decision making process, we weren’t allowed to practice medicine, we were threatened, we were bullied into submission, we were unable to ……………., etc., etc.

One only need look down the highway of blame to see the busses assembled and loaded with politicians, media, educators, corporate leaders, and a myriad of senior civil service bureaucrats. Make no mistake, they are working feverishly at laying the groundwork and foundations of blame. The poor, naïve medical folks have no idea what propaganda war zone they are about to enter and are oblivious to the busses they will be thrown under. 

Yes, these medical sheep will, indeed, be tar and feathered by those whose orders they enthusiastically embraced. One can only imagine the lambasting of medical reputations, the accusations of incompetence, the unveiling of their cowardice, the loss of career advancement, research grants and the legal swamps in which they will find themselves.

Make no mistake, these medical folks will be like the wildebeests and zebras crossing the Mara River whilst the massive Nile crocodiles wait, submerged no less, to rip these sacrificial medical folks joyfully and enthusiastically to shreds

The signals and seeds of this blame game are sowed. The government of Ontario has already disbanded the Ontario Science Table (OST). The overwhelming evidence affirms that, “Their (OST) models were always wrong, and time and court documents continue to prove that their recommendations were never scientific or effective.” 

The politicians have looked down the tunnel of truth, see the out-of-control accountability and responsibility train headed their way and they must and will distance themselves from this obvious massive medical and political derailment in the making. 

The medical profession, especially doctors, have presided, in the last three (3) years, over the greatest loss of public trust and respect in a once noble profession. Sadly, such is no longer the case. The following quote from Ben Carson summarizes the bases upon which the medical profession is going to get their well-deserved comeuppance,

“We get out of life what we put into it. The way we treat others is the way we ourselves get treated.”

Without a doubt, the worm is turning and doctors who have lived by the Covid-19 mandates, remained silent during the observation of millions of injuries and deaths these Experimental injections have and are causing, let their self-interests and cowardice override their oaths and obligations and made a mockery of “first, do no harm” (or “primum non nocere,” the Latin translation from the original Greek.) are in for a rude awakening.

There are political scrambles developing around the Western world and the medical technocrats, as they should, shown the exit door. The “Experimental materials injections” have clearly failed (intentional or otherwise), the narrative and justifications for Covid-19 mandates are crumbling, the recklessness of the experts is glaringly obvious and the damage they have done to humanity is presently unquantifiable, but one knows it is immense and growing.

The CDC admitting that they got most, if not all, of their Covid-19 guidance wrong is an admission and signal to the masses that the medical system played, like Nero’s fiddle whilst Rome burned, whilst this massive worldwide genocide took and is still taking place.

The captains of the sinking Covid-19 ship are abandoning the ship and leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. Yes, Collins is gone, Fauci is resigning, I suspect CDC’s Walensky isn’t long for her job, I suspect  Alberta’s CMO, Ms. Hinshaw, will be on the proverbial chopping block when it’s determined she lied to the court (convenient exit and changing of the guard), and shortly thereafter, the preponderance of the other provincial and territorial CMOs. 

The initial medical system bloodletting will be fast and furious, a great deal, I suspect, couched in the predictable burnout, stress, more family time needed and a desire to give others an opportunity to “lead” excuses.

The nasty senior bureaucrats are next on the purge list. They will be directed to “ferme la Bouche” and disappear into the arms of golden parachutes and receptive corporate opportunities. They will eagerly accept these enticing send-offs with the fervent hope that their participation and complicity, in these crimes against humanity, swept under the rug of plausible deniability!!!

A growing number of educators and corporate denizens shown the exit route and their “bloated boards” will pray incessantly that the skeletons in the closet disappear into the blackhole of evidence destruction. The gnashing of teeth grows in mass and volume and the demands to keep sealed, by the guilty, and the demands to unseal, by the “avengers,” reach a level of blame, finger pointing, and decibel levels never seen on the stage of incriminating evidence. 

The momma bears are at the front of the “demanding justice line;” the politicians, in never-before-seen unison across parties and sovereign country lines, are waxing and wailing about how they were misled by those “medical experts” who should have known better.

The Red Cross (a cynic’s analogy), an astute believer in, “never to let a crisis go to waste,” are on the sidelines with their vats, plasma separation tools and a myriad of “the coerced medical personnel—mainly nurses” who are eager to participate in the bloodletting and collection process.

The MSM are now showing signs of a biblical like resurrection and their editorial staff are insisting that their “reporters and journalists” abide by the journalistic oaths and code. This, the upper echelons of these bastions of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda hope, will be sufficient to help them skate through their guilt and complicity unscathed.

“Sorry,” the momma bears say, “no can do.” The MSM demand the politicians show a modicum of courage (please, the equivalent of asking a pride of hungry lions to apologize for the brutality of their killing tactics) and defend the MSM’s role in this genocide— the demand ignored, and the silence is deafening but oh so predictable.

The educators shown the guillotine by the politicians and given the proverbial option, “resign, disappear and go quietly into the night— your Marxist and Socialist beliefs are what sowed these seeds of destruction;” —the Shakespeare phrase on the politicians’ lips, “Out, out, brief candle. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” reverberates throughout the walls of “higher and lower education.” 

My, my, my, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive— Sir Walter Scott,” and those captured by its multitude of entanglements work desperately to escape the onslaught of the inevitable societal demand for justice. 

Those of us who refused to kowtow to the Covid-19 pressures must not take our ball and go home. 

This Covid-19 war still warrants ongoing battles, to ensure victory and justice achieved, forthcoming and possessing permanence. 

Those who developed, constructed, promoted, propagandize, censored, eschewed Covid-19 misinformation, disinformation, restrictions, and mandates held to account. That is, the politicians, pseudo scientists, medical personnel (especially doctors), MSM, corporations, and all others who were instrumental in advancing these crimes against humanity.

One can, if they are prepared to look, clearly see these purveyors of deceit now squirming harder and squealing louder, as they twist themselves into a pretzel whilst tripping over each other as they push the other in front of the bus.

The scene unfolds, as it should, and the world’s Covid-19 nightmare begins to ebb like a receding tide, pulled back and forth by the lunar cycles and the dream of justice becoming a reality. 

Might I suggest, “surely a person should be permitted to dream, can’t they!!!” And the curtain falls on the greatest tragedy, thus far, of the 21st century.

Food for thought.

The author is a retired Canadian businessman and frequent reader and participant in this blog.

26 thoughts on “The Covid-19 Blame Game Is About to Get Very Nasty.

  1. As the sun sets on the Covid 19 scam, up rises the Climate Change scam.

    Will they never stop trying to buffalo the people?

    Do they not realize that we recognize what they are trying to do and it makes them look as foolish as they are.

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    • They might look foolish, but they are moving at alarming speeds. Watch Veterans4Freedom (yesterday) What was Freedland doing in Alberta. Note: She did not have security which I find unbelievable. Government is wiping out profitable land for wildlife, which will close down and impoverish 30% income, not to mention the equalization payments we have currently across Canada and how Alberta destruction will collapse everyone. Industry and businesses only have until Dec 2022 to file documents as to why they should keep their business.
      Please if you are swift enough, (I’m not) post the video to the author here and Brain Peckford.
      I am thankful for the uplifting of this essay, assuring accountability. However they are moving at speeds we cannot seem to keep up with. ♥️

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  2. Quite an unfortunate state of affairs around the world.

    It is telling that ‘the dastardly few’ were able to bamboozle (or buy) the many.

    Quote fm your post: “Those of us who refused to kowtow to the Covid-19 pressures must not take our ball and go home.”

    Again, here the rare few (a different group of the few) were right to question the narrative and to not comply with the ‘GEE=gene editing experiment).

    Many around the world have already suffered from the ‘jabs’ and more yet to become evident as the symptomatic signs show up over the
    near future.

    This most ‘unfortunate–plandemic’ event has been unleashed after two-plus years of ‘lock-downs, jabs. masking, etc.’ and it still continues!!

    Bring on the Nuremberg 2.0 trials…

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  3. From what the boldest and brightest have said,this is but stage one of this genocide.
    Now that military -designed, self-assembling nanobot tech is in the bodies of the majority of the population this event went off fairly easily.
    Military virus.Military graphene. Military 5G event to follow.
    If the graphene and spike proteins are transmissible/shed ,as is being declared by independent scientists,then even the unjabbed are in the crosshairs.
    It’s a coup d’etat against humanity and if people in positions of power that are on the side of humanity do not acknowledge the MIC of nations are in on this there is but a short time left.These doctors and professionals that have taught us about the virus is not going to help anybody in what is to come,except to acknowledge the fact that we are meant to be eliminated.
    The more the wee sheeple believe they have the perpetrators cornered the closer we are at arriving at the 60 GHz event.

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  4. On the spot commentary Terry. And this might could happen, that they get their day in court, legal court or public opinion court. I also know they have other plans and ways of manufacturing blame scenarios to put on the unvaxxed. For example, all their new ‘vaccines’ planned for fall, upcoming plandemics and horror shows will present opportunities for these slimy humans.

    I would like to see action taken against this group for playing along and causing unimaginable harms, including loss of life.

    There remain politicians running for office who firmly believe in mandates and the injections as they have been and as they are today. No reflection or remorse as they know there are millions of canucks still believing in the jabs and denying all harms done by the jabs.

    Time will tell. And we need to continue to write, to act, to help others and keep the faith throughout.

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  5. Dr. Lee Merritt was a US Navy physician and surgeon.

    Chinese and Russian militaries did not take the jab.

    Only these ingredients are in all the Covid vaccines world-wide:
    Nano lipid particles + hydrogel + reduced graphene oxide + heavy metals

    They are all the same ingredients-Russia,China,Iran,America-every country.
    Different percentages of ingredients -35 different sequences recorded. All have the exact same ingredients.
    Over 1800 vials tested under an association of independent global scientists across the globe.
    They are attempting to mass murder with frequency and toxic jabs.
    No mRNA. Nothing else in the vaxx except these headline ingredients.

    Dr. Lee Merritt interviewing Dr.Poornima Wagh

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    • Love it! Dr. Poornima Wagh is telling the message I learned about this fake pandemic from the very beginning. I was shocked that no one, not even the regular person on the street had been introduced to this position of the “no virus’ proof. I was ashamed that most doctors and long-time experienced health professionals were ignorant and in denial of the “no virus” model of proof. Instead, I was following a dedicated minority of Doctors, scientists, and laymen who rejected the “virus” germ model of illness. Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan, and many others have steadfastly spread their message through many avenues.

      I am glad that Dr. Lee Merrit is on board spreading the message too, which is a testament to her intelligence and open-mindedness to consider the unpopular but absolutely credible position of the “no virus” message. She was right about how the medical avenue would be used to implement tyranny (she being a libertarian had a nose for this). She spoke about the uselessness of masks, distancing, and isolation very early on in spite of being on the “virus” train model. She earned my respect just on that basis as have many other doctors who are stubbornly still on that train.

      The above doctors I mentioned were insistent on the science and almost all of them were in doubt about the germ theory before they actually looked at the evidence (rather lack of evidence and fraud going back over two centuries). They looked and now are opposed to the allopathic form of medicine and are highly aware of the Rockefeller model of control over medicine in the training of doctors etc. I, myself, could not help noticing that a lot of these doctors heading the organisations of Rockefeller influence were military doctors, which explains the military aspect of the allopathic model of medicine–ie. that there is something “out there” seeking to kill us and so we must kill it (even if it kills a sick patient)! That is a military model that has nothing to do with real science.

      I praise these Doctor truth-seekers to the highest because they are the future of true medicine if we should get out of this tyrannical attempt to lock the world down collectively in this hell of psychopathy. Feel free to look those 3 doctors up and you will come to many others that are on the “no virus” train to the future.

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      • What does it matter if they weaponized/created a corona virus in order to mass inoculate the world?
        They have created numerous biological weapons,already.
        The fact is they created a global hysteria and achieved their end.
        CV-19 and all the damage and hurt they created is nothing compared to what comes after the injection campaign was fulfilled.
        We are seeing that damage now and the 5G portion of this event has yet to be activated.

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      • Whatever: Did you watch the video you shared? I don’t know what you are not understanding. No weaponized “Coronavirus” was created. That is the first step of the scam. It is ALWAYS the first step to create a make-believe “virus” that doesn’t exist to claim it is causing illness and shakedown the folks with fear about a deadly pandemic in order to claim they have the cure ie. a vaccination or other drug. The only bioweapons that exist are POISONS to the body in the form of chemicals, metals, etc. which do not belong in living organisms. However, they are feeding bullshit as to the biological entities they claim are causing illness and death. This is the FIRST GREAT LIE. As long as people believe that there are biological organisms floating around that supposedly causes illness and contagion, they will be snookered always into taking the medicine offered by the scamsters.

        There are already and for centuries poisons we use in our water, crops, in our food, in our livestock, in our air ad Infinitum that are toxic to our bodies. There is no need to create toxins unless the intent is to deliver them in controlled injections. Only in that sense is it bio-warfare, but really the use of chemical toxins in so many areas of life is in effect environmental warfare that affects all life.

        You mention 5G as if it is the only electrical radiation that could affect us. Certainly, they are experimenting with the use of metals they inject into the body in coordination with electrical frequencies, but this type of radiation alone is damaging to sensitive people (read the book “The Invisible Rainbow”). Furthermore, they are seeding the sky with other toxic metals in the alleged desire to control the weather in a secret experimental campaign we know so little about.

        My point is we have to discredit the medical establishment “science” to the layman public and one of those is the false notion that there are biological entities called “viruses” and bacteria that float about to attack us and are spread by “contagion” from person to person “infecting” everyone and causing mass illness. It is a TOTAL LIE. It is also a total lie that they can create or manipulate such biological entities to do the very thing they claim is done naturally. It is all a LIE. No one should ever be fooled again into taking poisonous injections into the blood—or consuming toxic substances alleged to combat dangerous biological particles in or on the body. It is pure nonsense elevated to superstition notorious through the medieval ages. Help spread the message of the falsehood of “germ theory”, “contagion and infection” and other such nonsense. People can know and understand the truth and save themselves from their ignorance and slavishness to the “authority” of the clever con artists in the “sciences”.

        Lastly, be wary of anything those same type characters will feed you about what they claim is supposedly going on in their experiments about what is alleged they can and are doing. A lot of bullshit out there.

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  6. They can try but they documented their demise.

    ‘The HYPOCRISY from the Media & Politicians still Amaze me everyday!’
    Aug 28, 2022 • 16:29 min

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  7. Yeah,I watched it. It was not Dr. Merritt that disputed the virus’ legitimacy, but her guest. Dr. Merritt was a surgeon.
    DARPA have perfected 5G nanobot technology and I did not state that 5G was the only electric radiation that can effect us.
    Graphene has been identified in these shots by scientists all over the globe for over a year now..
    It doesn’t matter whether the MIC weaponized CV-19,whether they didn’t ,whether every doctor on the planet that treats patients and distinguishes the virus as legitimate or whether anyone believes any of it.
    The whole game was to inoculate as many people on a global scale as possible and they succeeded in doing that.
    CV-19 is nothing compared to what comes next,is what everyone has been saying for well over a year.
    I don’t put much stock in arguing over whether the virus exists or not. It was just a means to the end.

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    • I agree with your observation and the ‘objective’. So a whole bunch of medicos, WEF stooge politicians, journalists get terminated – they are expendable. Won’t change the destiny of those that have had the mRNA jabs.

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    • Sorry, BUT you are again misled by nonsense. Quote: “DARPA have perfected 5G nanobot technology”. What do you think you know about DARPA and what you think they have seemed to have accomplished? The technology applied to computers or in electronics has validity, but not to the human body. The graphene in the shots is but another toxin to the body. It will literally cripple and execute living beings if they can not expel it from their body. As for the 5G, how is it different from the 4 or 3G? As I warned, be cautious about what you believe or have been told without examining such claims from the scientific POV.

      So now what do you think is going to surpass the fake CV19 to scare us? Do you think it is in the jabs? Do you believe in “shedding” ie. that the vaccinated are going to infect the unvaccinated? A huge lot of people have not gotten the jab. Probably a very large majority, tho they would have us believe that is not the case. I want to understand what you really think because you seem to consider the “no virus” proof as unimportant to future attempts to jab people again. Personally, I think they are failing, but they can not help themselves to continue to raise the fear of older and even newer fake “viral” diseases like Monkeypox and even HIV again, the return of polio, etc.

      If people stop believing their nonsense about “germs”, then they can no longer fool people into taking their poisons or their claims of high technology in trying to manipulate the workings of the body. Surely, they can do that with their mind viruses without touching the body. I’m still waiting for these highly sophisticated technocrats to take us back to the moon!


  8. No,I am not misled.I don’t care if the virus exists or not.
    I did not take part in their solution to the problem that they created.
    They have achieved their goal to inoculate as many people on earth as possible.
    60 ghz ,5G and graphene sel-assembling tech.
    Like all others that have yet to grasp what has been done you will have to do some research.


  9. I have read that of those that write novels, some can do so in a day or two. Imagine, the words just flow easily, as they fabricate conversations spoken by made up characters, as they spin a story. Most novels are complete fiction, while others claim to be historical fiction.
    Here, Terry Burton talks of the Covid 19 winds of change, and goes on and on with his imagination gone wild, with smidgens of facts here and there, and plenty of alternative facts, and assuring all readers that justice is just around the corner for all those that promoted the wicked Covid jabs, and waiting for Nurenberg style justice, the only true justice.
    But it seems to me that his argument is built on straw. In the first few words, citing the Covid 19 virus , and ignoring the issue of mutations of that virus. Remember the Wuhan virus, (for which they designed the jab) then along came the UK Alpha, then the Delta, and then Omicron. Meanwhile there was the Brazil mutations that for a while was a concern and many more mutations that had little impact. Most all has fizzled and current ones are less deadly but much more contagious, so still causing a lot of infections and problems.
    Some experts predicted such mutations may happen and make the jabs much less effective, and sure enough that happened. Effectiveness dropped from 95 % claimed by short term studies, than for the mutated virus to 50 % and then lower, and even boosters gave only a slight rise in antibodies that soon waned. Even the new version of the jab is already outdated as not designed for the Omicom version 5, which is most prevalent.
    To write a narrative such as Terry has done and ignore the impact of mutations is a silly exercise, and void of critical thinking, I suggest. Surely that will be the defence as to why it is now much less effective.

    On July 1st 1916, hundreds of Nflders were wiped out when they went over the top at Beaumont Hamel, to face the Germans, this being part o the Battle of the Somme. Nflders had guns ,and so did the Germans. Not a single German was killed, and the “fuck up” by the British commanders is well known to any serious student of military history.
    One could argue that since both sides had guns, why was there such a slaughter of one side. One big reason was that the Germans had machine guns aimed at the points where Nlfders had to pass through the barbed wire, and it was like a turkey shoot. Over the following years all the true facts came out. The point being that a gun is not just a gun to suggest all was equal. The type of gun was a big factor, the Germans being able to fire rounds perhaps 100 to one, or more.
    It is similar with virus mutations and transmissability and other factors. To ignore that is inexcusable, and makes a simple, but incomplete story for Terry to conjure.

    So now we have the polio virus taking off in the USA, but now a mutated polio virus. I suppose Terry will gave his expert opinion on that soon.

    Winston Adams


    • What Wuhan virus?!! No virus was ever proven to exist that caused illness. It was just the usual poisonous cell culture experiment (for which they did not do control experiments), mixing fluids from a sick person in a toxic soup and called it a cytopathic effect of a “virus’ they had never isolated in reality—only on a computer program. Utter non-scientific nonsense. Yet here you are going on and on about “viruses” that have never been proven to exist except in the mind of fraudsters and the gullible public who believes almost everything they are asked to believe!


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