7 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni Of Italy

  1. Some people do like to tag Benito Mussolini as a socialist and it is true that he was one until he discovered that socialism like communism doesn’t work, doesn’t deliver the goods and is ungodly and anti-family and anti-nationalist so he came up with something else. The National Socialists had much the same epiphany.
    Socialism in the early 20th century was popular in many places until the criminality and sadism of those running it became obvious. This gave rise to the right who saw virtue in defending faith, family, folk and fatherland because democracy, capitalism and communism was destroying it and what is important and proper.
    The real problem in recent decades is that the political center and left cannot comprehend the possibility that there might be an alternative to themselves. So, they like to pretend that fascism is communism and believe all kinds of silly ideas to denigrate opposing arguments and ideas and those who hold them.

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