One of the crucial questions that avoids scrutiny in this time of ‘ official misinformation’ is that to face what is really happening one must confront some harsh self evaluation and risk either job or peer condemnation or both. 

This , we are not prepared to do!! Too much Government means a lot of servitude. 

The silence by the majority that greeted the Trusted News Initiative—an international action by media to ensure only positive pandemic coverage  

The silence by the majority that greeted the Great Barrington Declaration clearly outlining  through some of the world’s leading medical researches a sane way forward, only to be maligned and threatened. 

These two actions alone would in ‘ normal times ’ rouse considerable  public debate in democratic Canada as well as the US .

Yet the press , and other leaders , political , business , union, were silent or very much on side with the Governments’ narrative. 

When Dr. Charles Hoffe in British Columbia was pressured by the authorities and his regional health authority and the  Provincial Regulatory authority , the College of Physicians and Surgeons and few seemed concerned,  I was shocked. Many more in Canada like him suffered , from Dr. Byram Bridle to Dr. Francis Christian to Dr. Eric Payne and many, many other professionals. And others who have written me  from all over Canada who lost their administrative and trade jobs —-others unable to see their dying relatives —-and the suffering continues to this day. 

I need not elaborate further with all the attendant injuries and deaths and economic and psychological  damage from lockdowns , mandates and vaccines. Irrefutable evidence exists. A quick survey of the Brownstone Institute articles validates this statement. 

Then the Conservative Leadership provided a convenient excuse to not look at the system  —just the governing party ——as guilty as it was and is.

In my speeches I have described our system of democracy and the need for civic engagement , for oversight. That when a Parliament allows one of its members to violate the law five times and still retain his position something serious is wrong ———-with the system  —-when Parliamentary Committees are shut down when important information is being offered by a former Justice Minister concerning obstruction of justice issues by the Prime Minister and his aides and Ministers you know there is a problem ——-with the system. I reference frequently the book by scholar Donald J Savoie , ‘Democracy In Canada. The Disintegration of Our Institutions.’ Every thinking Canadian should read it. And then read ‘The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek.

When Governments ( remember it is a federation with 14 Governments and parliaments) of all Political stripes engaged in mandates and lockdowns that were unconstitutional, draconian and with no relevant cost benefit analysis . That evidence through Simon Fraser Fraser University professor’s  Douglas Allen April 21 , 2021 Report indicated that as early as August 2020  information existed  to show the cure was worse than the disease—-we know it’s just not a one Federal  Party problem—not a one leader problem . And given my ‘run ins ‘ with Papa Trudeau who lied to my Province , I should be the last to want to have his son not take all the blame!!

The lack of response to my own letters to all First Ministers ( of Liberal , Conservative  and NDP  persuasions) requesting them to refer their covid policies to their highest court for Constitutional adjudication and accepting a citizens inquiry shows beyond any doubt the dept of our malaise —-its the system —all the Political Parties that presently have seats in the Parliaments of Canada  , all The Provinces and Territories.  The Premiers are getting away ‘ scott free’ with the preoccupation on Federal celebrity  —‘ a new category of emptiness ‘ as  the great American historian Boorstin calls it.

The brazen evidence lacking statements by our Chief Judge should have caused another Trucker like convoy of hinterland hard workers, those conducting civil disobedience,  disturbing the comfortable lives of Government supported Ottawa citizens ——who know nothing about individual rights and freedoms written right under their collective noses ,  only Capital City comfort paid for by the hinterland folks.  And the rest of the Judicial Branch which up to now has ruthlessly disfigured the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  They seem to detest certain written principles that introduce the Charter , refused to interrogate me when they had the opportunity and obviously ignore history and  how even precedents have been overturned as the esteemed Constitutional scholar Peter Hogg has pointed out in his great book ‘ The Constitutional Law of Canada’ page 99 and how they abuse such founding thinkers as Montesquieu—-embarrassing I am sure  to anyone who has truly studied the law. 

I was a part of that system from 1971 when I first campaigned for a mainstream Political Party candidate and was later elected MLA , appointed Minister and later elected Leader and Premier and re-elected and retired after 10 years as Premier in 1989. 

Later my wife and I formed our own Consulting company and interacted between Canadian Governments and National and International Companies for ten years. The Constitution Act 1982 with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms has my signature attached to its founding document The Patriation Agreement of 1981. I have headed Inquiries for The Federal Government of Canada in social policy and The Government of British Columbia in resource policy. And I spent 5 years on the Board of CBC. 

One would think I know ‘the system .’

This is not a Federal Problem —it is a National Problem . I point this out in my Magna Carta published on this blog.

As much as one detests Justin Trudeau and the Federal Party Liberal Party and they both have a lot of blood on their hands —the problem is not just a person and cannot be corrected with another person in the Liberal party , The Conservative Party or the NDP Party. All these parties have contributed to the present problem . It was The Conservatives who introduced the Emergencies Act with its provisions to have a Government who invoked it , to set the terms of reference and appoint the Commissioner to investigate itself . The Omnibus Acts of the Federal Parliament became almost the norm under The Conservatives , an affront to any democratic Parliament. 

We need new Political Parties that are honest , stand for something and defend their policies and ideas and especially those ideas that have proven worthy over time . The quick fix or news clip will no longer suffice if we are to regain substance and a decent democracy. 

It ‘s when people realize they make the democracy : it is they who must recognize the problem and are willing to change the present system that some light at the end of the tunnel will emerge —otherwise an empty darkness awaits. 


  1. Although I agree 100% with what the Honourable Premier has written, I’ll argue that it goes far deeper than just the system….but our fundamental philosophical ideas that make us passively obedient to the “deer leederz” of our day. Individualist Constitutional Laws are supposed to render “deer leederz” into servants, not masters.

    Consider the ancient moral doctrines we have that command passive acquiescent behaviour equivalent to that of a pharm animal. It’s past the time to grow up from primitive philosophy (religion). We’re all being exploited by the conditioning primitive philosophy does to us.

    Psalm 23:1-3 A psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.

    Isaiah 40:10-11 Yes, the Sovereign LORD is coming in power. He will rule with a powerful arm. See, he brings his reward with him as he comes. He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.

    Mark 6:34 Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.

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      • Free will is the key. Free will is our nuclear bomb. Individual Rights enacted by Constitution is morality (all that is the good) defined in physical terms of reality itself. Individual Rights protect the humanity of humans, the human mind. The ability to choose focussing, concentrating their own mind towards the issue of existence of Life on Earth.

        Free will is impossible in the presence of coercion, unless one chooses defiance against the coercion. Our tyrants are determinists (they deny the existence of free will). They assume we will behave as sheep under threat of coercion. Come what may, this denial will be their downfall.

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  2. To your point “It ‘s when people realize they make the democracy”, I completely agree. It’s up to us — because those in the system do not realize that it’s about us and not about them. As a case in point, the Tweet released by Mr. Trudeau Jr. announcing the removal (for now) of the travel restrictions stated “We’ll continue to follow the latest available science and do whatever is necessary to protect your health.” I never gave permission to the system to protect my health. Who made those in the system our great protectors? Why can I not be trusted to look after my own health? We are not being treated as people who can and should make our own decisions for our own lives. Chilling, really.

    And so, as you say, we must re-educate those in the system that their role has limits and boundaries and that Freedom is not negotiable.

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      • So wrong !!!

        Relying on the educated values of public servants to maintain an unlawful system, wherein mob rule can override expressed inherent rights, is the fundamental administrative problem we face. The solution is before us – do as our Landlords do – operate as individuals in private associations and so outlaw corporations from coercing and controlling individuals unless they have freely consented to incorporation. Fundamentally, the government needs to be a private association and not a corporation and the People’s corporate , democratic, control is restricted to corporate bodies only. Basically, revolve back to the system of controlling the Crown as expressed in Confirmatio Chartorum 1297 which was highly valued and ran for centuries in Briton and is still a statute but severely infringed by custom today. By for example: a private association the Bar controlling the procedure by which a claim is processed within a public court. How a claim of harm is processed or not fundamentally shapes community.


      • Perhaps off topic Geoffrey, but do you think corporations should enjoy their current rights, to exist as never dying individuals with immense power? Corporations used to be temporary arrangements to accomplish specific tasks instead of entities with limited liability, or so goes the story.

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    • Good points Hope, it would be nice if an Opposition party ember could ask the PM to elaborate on that statement. From the words Follow, to Whatever Necessary shows that the PMO is unhinged and probably has been for quite a while. The Science(tm) as we know comes from Pfizer et al, and in the US the FDA just trusts what they say, the FDA does not even read the reports according to Karen Kinston. We’re assuming Health Canada is any different?

      Things are so far gone now, that we literally have the government in our bloodstream as well as our rectum. We hear daily not only about the injected toxins they want in us, but the results of said injected toxins exiting our bodies in the Waste Water. These tyrants need reigning in.

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    No, it does not! I did not create the system therefore it is not my crime and a crime in progress it is. A system created by me would be a real monarchy and quite a bit of what goes on in this country would be squashed or incinerated like a cockroach. There is too much evil doing in Canada.


  4. As an esteemed leader and system consultant who is defending democracy by trying to take legal action using the system… what do you suggest is the doable first step for people who have lost income and opportunity to bring their skills into a viable economy during a rigged game by all parties with pandemic profiteers and power mongers? Jobs lost. Talent gone. The majority spiked with a toxin. Corporations and universities given power in Ontario to require everyone who wants to go to school or work to first put themselves at increasing risk of illness and death by ‘experimental’ vaccination. There’s no exemption so no more options. All parities are vested in kickbacks from Fauci related discovery dollars. There’s growing evidence this is an American gain of function game to use our compassionate health care system to bio-regulate Canada and kneecap our sovereignty. We are, after all a land of resources next door to the most powerful military force in the world. Anybody worth anything to American imperialists has already left for Silicon Valley, Hollywood or retirement in a southern racist, sexist, homophobic state.

    Who in our system truly cares about life?

    Point fingers at Papa Trudeau all you want. He stood for certain personal freedoms. He led governments that our Canada in leadership of a life-oriented world with ‘health for all’ strategies and policies at the heart of our system. But that was undermined for the sake of personal gain and top down profit by military-industrial capitalism at all levels of Canadian institution’s, in the name of science, big tech and free trade with quietly coercive and controlling bullies.

    University Presidents and Conservatives sold out global support for the Lalonde Report. And now US operatives and cutouts have captured the WHO so everyone can make a show of blaming them as despicable higher ups. The Truth Commissions are censoring life-based and conscious reality. . Meanwhile, the Americans have captured control. World War Z? Chaos and Get Smart? John Hopkins and Stanford. Military Games and mass psychological operations by Men Who Stare at Goats.

    You need not be a relay station for their directions to kick up muck and confuse Canadians.. We constitute the system.

    Please dear sir, quit adding to the social media echo chamber . Tune back in to the best of you to advise and lead with clarity.


    • I remember Papa back from a meeting with the President of France and bragging about it to me on his return,———- knowing nothing about economics and trusting to socialist Galbraith with wage and price controls, and I , trying to talk north atlantic fishery after over a year trying to get a meeting while he talked of Cuba —— and he not being briefed on what a northern was , he did not know it from brook trout—-and having his version of a charter tuned down by the Supreme Court and invoking the War Measures —and we still don;t know who financed the pool at Sussex Drive???? ———


  5. Honorable Brian Peckford – thank you so much for that opinion piece from someone who was there in history and speaks with the truth and authority and historical facts. I agree with you but sadly most Canadians just don’t seem to get it. I don’t know how we pull them out of their ignorance and move towards a new system like you describe. Trudeau brags how he bought and paid for the media (with out tax dollars) who would be the prime source to lobby for change. Until Trudeau is gone I think our options to promote a new political system are limited.


  6. So much to reflect on and digest from this post.

    Firstly, I agree, wholeheartedly agree, that the Premiers in all their political parties (and numerous ‘others’) do not and should not get off scot-free, and I have voiced that on a couple of occasions to my Premier’s office. All the attention being directed to the head of our country and his party does not absolve the various provincial and local officials of responsibility.

    Further, a system that has evolved into one that disallows, ignores and dismisses inquiry, input and address from the only surviving architect of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is certainly a system gone horribly wrong.

    Perhaps even more wrong, is that many of us watch, and blink, and swallow hard, but remain in our seats–unwilling, uninspired to take a stand, even a feeble stand.

    A thought that comes to mind is from a book by Barbara Coloroso entitled, ‘The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander’. In it, the author draws attention to the fact that the bystander is non-innocent because of their non-intervention and their silence. I would like to think I’ve just been bullied by the system over the past two, and preceding many years, and retain my victimhood status. But if I am honest, I’ve been a lazy, silent coward.


    • Hi PM, I just listened to a microcosm of what I think is going on at large in this Covid event – the squabble between Breggin and Desmet, which Mr. Peckford brought our attention to a few days ago via the Dr. Malone article. It all has to do with who to blame for the bullying, the crimes, misdeeds and mass murder we have witnessed. I do side with the 86 year old Dr. Breggin who has come late (but triumphantly) to the Truth community, and he says categorically that we must not blame the victim. And Desmet does do that, his error. Desmet brings a wealth of good analysis to the ‘fight’, but he is perhaps a bit too academic in his musings, and not in touch with reality as much as the Truth community represents. Desmet admits to not having read Breggin’s book whereas Breggin has read Desmet’s book – hence the critique.

      There’s a common theme I’ve witnessed where people who change directions in life, whether it be about vaccines or whatever. They always say, “I always assumed (blank) was true, and then I actually looked in to it, and was surprised. I always thought that view was crazy”. We live in an overly complex world where few of us rarely have the time or inclination to contemplate any kind of bigger picture away from our unique and narrow existence. This is our weakness, which is exploited by ‘The Global Predators’ as Breggin calls them. As humans we are capable at times of appreciating great complexity but most of the time we prefer simple things like – what do I eat, or how do I avoid frostbite today?

      The victim versus bully scenario comes down to the very real situation where some people as Desmet points out are unaffected by the bully’s machinations. They walk away from the tyrant and tell him where to go. Desmet and perhaps many in the Truth community wish everyone could emulate this behaviour, and then the tyrant would just shrivel up and go away. But the brainwashing campaign aimed at the bulk of society started from a young age, and is pervasive, buoyed by so much money and (unfair) power advantage, that most people have not stood a chance. They are victims, but they are not to be blamed even as they turn on us (wasn’t this one of Jesus’ famous quotes – “Forgive them Lord, they do not know what they do”.) As humans we can accomplish so much, but we have to know where to aim our focus. Breggin says to understand the perpetrators and their ways, Desmet says that the duped share responsibility for their outcome. The problem with the latter as Breggin is saying, is that our system of “bureaucratized murder” we see in the hospitals / Public Death officials, will inevitably exploit the ‘sheep’ who have been duped, who anyone one of us can become. They will question anybody’s sanity who dares question the death cult narrative. And a form of that was Bill Gates TNI, that gagged the media over Covid. There is only one approved message about Covid, because it’s been paid for.


  7. Well said Brian. I will forward to each of my 3 children. (My immediate sphere of influence) Knowing there is a “problem”, you are half way to the solution. I was in Calgary last week, and enjoyed part of an evening with Julie and George Bears, then coffee on Friday with George. He asked me to say hi to you. I am in Parksville on Thursday. If you need a break and are available for lunch or or coffee I would be pleased to meet. Best Dave Steingard 250-686-7605

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  8. “The empty darkness awaits”. Thanks Mr. Peckford for the insight. Yes we need new political parties, but we need to recognize that the enemy can subvert any opposition quite easily. It is their speciality. They study human nature and how to exploit it, not how to nurture it towards great accomplishment. In our current system we are entirely hamstrung by the debt money system of currency creation, making every government a pauper sooner or later. There are no solutions to this situation waiting in the wings, only more control from the ‘global predators’ via Mark of The Beast digital currency tracking – that expires or only can be used to eat bug burgers etc.

    We have to work from strength to strength. The trucker convoy helped many people come out of their funk or despair, even though it was polarizing. Our PM practically invited the event with his outright ‘hate speech’ – another un prosecuted crime. I do believe that we need a New Canada to replace the old, and the new one can actually use the laws in place. We have to actually look at reality though, in order to succeed. Continuing with our familiar notions will not avoid the darkness, the trap laid for us. 86 year old Dr. Breggin who never believed in Conspiracy Theories ™, slowly came around to their reality, when he actually looked at the facts.

    Here’s a fact: there is more money owing than was ever created. A minor and inconsequential attribute of our otherwise robust Western economies? No, it is a red flag, of a system that steals essentially 80% of our labour and natural resources on a daily basis. Ignore this situation at your peril. The foundations of a system have to be sound, political parties that cannot wrap their heads around basic math, will not succeed.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly James! It is a matter of basic math skills to understand how the current monetary systems of the nations and of the world work as a numbers racket (theft) to indebt (enslave) peoples and nations to global authorities dominated by the private bankster outfit. Social Credit was formed as an educational grassroots association, never meant to be a political party. Major Douglas was against it, but once formed felt compelled to act as an advisor. It is not certain all the political party members understood the full consequence of what he was proposing to the public. Nevertheless, Social Credit as an educational institute still exists.

      It will most certainly require that the politicians and a good number of the public understand the monetary fraud under which we live and how to correct it. It must be done at all levels but esp. the National level. I love that little pamphlet by Louis Even called “The Money Myth Exploded” as an introduction to anyone as to how the fraudulent system works (which may be found at Michael Journal—any article read there is excellent!). In connection with that, there must be an eventual decision to revisit and strengthen the Constitution with a mind to ensuring our National sovereignty with regard to the correct monetary system and clipping the wings of gov’t hacks (global Orcs, or otherwise). No more treaties or agreements made with other global institutions or gov’ts without the consent of the people. That has got to STOP.

      I don’t know if Mr. Peckford is aware, but “The Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the Study and Promotion of Social Credit” did a blog on his ideas and with those concerned with what I have mentioned here:
      We Need a Constitutional Convention! Monday, 14 February 2022 Quote:

      “Well, let us begin with the observation that it’s not enough to restore the Charter (and to hold the people who have violated it accountable in a court of law), we need to upgrade it, so that this sort of egregious government overreach and indeed tyranny can never happen ever again. To that end, we should eventually organize a constitutional convention, spearheaded by true patriots and statesmen who stand for Canadian sovereignty and for the defense and enhancement of the existing constitution, which will hear the concerns and attend to the true interests of ordinary Canadians. Note well, this can only take place AFTER the public and private individuals and organizations behind the current coup d’état that is in progress are identified and properly held responsible for their lawless actions. We cannot take any risks of a constitutional convention being hijacked by the very people who have brought us to this present state of degradation.”

      I wanted to mention COMER, Paul Hellyer, and Rocco Galati’s attempt to seek to force the Gov’t to return or increase the Bank of Canada’s traditional role in supplying interest-free, debt-free money to institutions, provinces, and federal projects themselves, rather than ‘borrowing’ from private and international institutions like the IMF while eclipsing the role of the Bank of Canada. They failed at every court level, but it was an interesting story that can be found at COMER. The May issue has a section called “Quotations on the Monetary System” that is an excellent read.

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