Canada , Don’t Forget The Emergencies Act Inquiry Is Not A Court Case —And It Is Flawed !

I am getting reaction that many people think the Inquiry is a court action . It is Not. 

The Terms of Reference are set by the Government who is being investigated —-the Commissioner was appointed by that same Government. 

Its called a conflict of interest but how many media are saying that ?

As a matter of fact the Commissioner that is appointed worked in the same law firm as Liberal Prime Ministers Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Jean Chretien. 

And Part of the Terms of Reference ( set by the Government)  is that the Commission will not make any conclusions or recommendation concerning the civil or criminal liability of any person or organization. 

Once again —my broken record——THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN!

Few are listening ——-Most are in denial!!!Psychosis , whatever!

5 thoughts on “Canada , Don’t Forget The Emergencies Act Inquiry Is Not A Court Case —And It Is Flawed !

  1. Houston, we have a problem.

    The system can only be changed by the governing body, if my understanding of lawmaking in Canada is correct.

    Why would the governing body want to change a system that got them elected and keeps them in power by way of abuse of the system that got them elected and keeps them in power??? Why are we allowing the government to spend time and money on a commission that will determine nothing and penalize no one?

    Only the people can change things and as long as things remain “pretty good”, the people will leave things as they are. Oh yes, they’ll complain bitterly about rising prices, excessive rules, blah blah. To change things requires will power, work, determination and drive, something most Canadians seem to be lacking.

    At this point in Justin’s reign of ridiculousness, the PEOPLE should be rising up in rebellion. Can’t do that!!! Might miss the next episode of some senseless program on the idiot box. Maybe the “other guy” will do it.

    As usual Mr. Peckford, you seem to be one of the very few people in Canada who has the sense to see what is required.

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      • First things first … research political agendas and policies to determine which one suits you best. Then GET OUT AND VOTE. If only 30 or 40 percent of people take the time to vote in any election, the majority of that 30 or 40 percent will determine who governs us. I was born in Canada over 80 years ago and am totally dismayed (perhaps disgusted) at the lackadaisical attitude of Canadians when it comes to voting. I have never missed voting in an election in Canada, be it municipal, provincial, federal or anything else.

        We are on a downward slide toward dictatorship and when freedoms are totally lost it will be too late. It has happened in other countries and Canada is heading in the same direction.

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  2. Well said, Premier Peckford. Thank you for continually speaking the truth and spreading awareness of what is going on in our country, and warning us to not be deceived or lulled into (even more!) complacency by a politically controlled ‘inquiry’.

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