Here Is The Government Weighted Witness List For Emergency Act Inquiry -More Evidence Of Why I Say Its A Flawed Inquiry —

Witness list as of October 11. The witness list is subject to change.

1. Victoria De La Ronde

2. Zexi Li

3. Nathalie Carrier

4. Kevin McHale

5. Catherine McKenney (City of Ottawa)

6. Mathieu Fleury (City of Ottawa)

7. Steve Kanellakos (City of Ottawa)

8. Serge Arpin (City of Ottawa)

9. Jim Watson (City of Ottawa)

10. Diane Deans (City of Ottawa)

11. Patricia Ferguson (Ottawa Police Service)

12. Craig Abrams (Ontario Provincial Police – OPP)

13. Carson Pardy (OPP)

14. Pat Morris (OPP)

15. Steve Bell (Ottawa Police Service)

16. Russell Lucas (Ottawa Police Service)

17. Marcel Beaudin (OPP)

18. Robert Drummond (Ottawa Police Service)

19. Robert Bernier (Ottawa Police Service)

20. Thomas Carrique (OPP)

21. Peter Sloly

22. Brigitte Belton

23. James Bauder

24. Steeve Charland

25. Patrick King

26. Benjamin Dichter

27. Tom Marazzo

28. Chris Barber

29. Tamara Lich

30. Drew Dilkens (City of Windsor)

31. Dana Earley (Ontario Provincial Police)

32. Jason Crowley (Windsor Police Service)

33. Jim Willett (Village of Coutts)

34. Marco Van Huigenbos

35. Marlin Degrand (Alberta)

36. Mario Di Tommaso (Ontario)

37. Ian Freeman (Ontario)

38. Rob Stewart (Public Safety Canada)

39. Dominic Rochon (Public Safety Canada)

40. David Vigneault (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)

41. Michelle Tessier (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)

42. Marie-Hèlene Chayer (Integrated Threat Assessment Centre)

43. Deputy Commissioner Michael Duheme (RCMP)

44. Commissioner Brenda Lucki (RCMP)

45. Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki (RCMP)

46. John Ossowski (former, Canadian Border Services Agency)

47. Michael Keenan (Transport Canada)

48. Christian Dea (Transport Canada)

49. Michael Sabia (Department of Finance)

50. Rhys Mendes (Department of Finance)

51. Isabelle Jacques (Department of Finance)

52. Cindy Termorhuizen (Global Affairs Canada)

53. Joe Comartin (Global Affairs Canada)

54. Jody Thomas (Privy Council Office)

55. Jacquie Bogden (Privy Council Office)

56. Janice Charette (Privy Council Office)

57. Nathalie Drouin (Privy Council Office)

58. Minister Anita Anand (National Defence)

59. Minister Marco Mendicino (Public Safety)

60. Minister Bill Blair (Emergency Preparedness and President of the King’s Privy Council)

61. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

62. Minister Omar Alghabra (Transport Canada)

63. Minister David Lametti (Justice)

64. Minister Dominic LeBlanc (Intergovernmental Affairs)

65. Minister Chrystia Freeland (Deputy Prime Minister and Financ

19 thoughts on “Here Is The Government Weighted Witness List For Emergency Act Inquiry -More Evidence Of Why I Say Its A Flawed Inquiry —

  1. I perceive a travesty of injustice is about to unfold with Castro’s son, JT, escaping the wrath of the peoples wishes due to a corrupt legal system! He will only face the wrath he so deserves when he comes face to face with God when death makes that possible!


  2. I agree Brian. The testimony of these witnesses will be full of falsehoods that allege a crisis in Ottawa that never existed. The truckers demonstration was legal and the violent repression of that demonstration was illegal and criminal. The fact that little Fidel was frightened by the truckers certainly does not constitute a crime. The fact that Ottawa civil servants felt disturbed by a peaceful demonstration also does not constitute a crime.
    The only criminals in Ottawa were Justin Trudeau, his cronies, the Ottawa police and everyone associated with the Emergency Act and the violent repression of a legal demonstration. Those are the people who should have gone to jail.

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  3. The intent of the act is somewhat flawed considering it is the successor to the War Measures Act which was a rather draconian act in its own right. By applying it to a real or imagined emergency, it allows government to call anything it doesn’t like an emergency and react as it sees fit.
    Once apon a time a woman by the name of Irene Zisblatt claimed that the holocaust was real because she imagined it. Now imagine a government prone to that kind of thinking. It has happened in a country near you. We had an emergency because the government imagined it and got afraid because its citizens disagreed with it. May be some of its citizens have an instinct for self-preservation and common sense. Some of us are not sheep.

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  4. Wow. That list is worse than I expected. Talk about foxes being called to give [false] testimony in a chicken coop crime. It’s a travesty; but dirty business as usual in Bananada. The CBC et al will laud this “inquiry” for its “fairness.” Maybe the outcome will be surprising. Nah. Impossible.

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  5. Señor Peckford;

    Well, let’s just called a spade a spade here, that is, the Emergency Act Inquiry isn’t worth the time nor taxpayer’s dollars it is obviously wasting.

    We have an Inquiry to, I would assume, establish the basis, rationale and justification of why the Emergency Act was implemented.

    Using a strictly math scenario, I believe there are approximately 17 out of 65 witnesses who are not bound by governmental type self-interest. That is 17/65=26.15% of the witnesses are not part of “the fix is in outcome”.

    The absurdity, insult to intelligence , bias, appearance of bias, and absolute ridiculousness of this boondoggle of a pseudo inquiry is an embarrassment for all Canadians.

    The Government, for all intents and purposes, has orchestrated a forum where truth, objectivity, fairness and Justice goes to die. No surprise here!!

    Yes, my friends, Canada is an embarrassment to the rest of the world and our moral authority to lecture others is beyond the pale.

    Make no mistake, this Inquiry should be called “LIES—FT”, that is, Liberal Inquiry Excludes Search For Truth.

    Food for thought.

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    Public Safety Canada officials admitted in internal updates that the Freedom Convoy protests were peaceful and that no violence was taking place despite claims by the Minister Marco Mendicino.
    According to Blacklock’s Reporter, daily reports described the demonstrations as peaceful, undisruptive and stable.
    “The Freedom Convoy so far has been peaceful and cooperative with police,” an internal memo stated on Jan. 27.
    Up until Feb. 11, officials monitoring the situation stated that there were “no major incidents,” that “no violence took place,” that “disruption to government activities” was minor, that “there (were) minimal people” on Parliament Hill, and that the “situation (remained) stable and planning” was ongoing.
    “Since most government employees are working remotely, the disruption to government activities is so far minor. There is currently no known end time for the demonstrations,” the report states.
    In contrast, key Liberal cabinet members including Mendicino and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to paint the protestors as violent and even rapists.
    “We cannot allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue,” said Trudeau. “Occupying streets, harassing people, breaking the law, this is not a peaceful protest.”


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