Poilievre’s Shadow Cabinet —A Big Liberal Copycat Government —The More Things Change —-60 % of the Conservative MP’s Are Insiders —71 Out Of 118.

 The Canadian Conservative Party Platform states among other things :

‘A belief that a responsible government must be fiscally prudent and should be limited to those responsibilities which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual or others.

A belief that it is the responsibility of individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing that government must respond to those who require assistance and compassion.’

How do you rationalize these principles with appointing 60% of your caucus to a Shadow Cabinet ? 

With one swoop the so called ‘Conservative’  Leader has bought into big Government ——in all its inefficiencies and unproductive activities not to mention the even more important intrusion of Government into our personal lives ——and this is only one of the three Governments to which we will be subjected. 

What happened to smaller Government , lower taxes , less but more efficient regulation where really needed. 

What an opportunity missed ——-!!!

To really show one’s Conservative bona fides Poilievre could have appointed far less people to be critics to show just how committed he is to smaller government. But he could not do this . I suspect it never occurred to him  ! 

Because he and the Party are really liberals and progressives. 

And perhaps in the bargain he could have renamed some of the Executive Responsibilities with less virtue signalling and duplication .

Look at this :

‘Federal Economic Development Agency for Eastern, Central and Southern Ontario — Lianne Rood

Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario (Associate, Crown-Indigenous Relations) — Eric Melillo’

Could not this be one —-Federal Economic Development Agencies For Ontario  —Do you need Four? Do you really need any—given how much the Provinces control economic development? Or just one for the whole country ?

And how do you like ——-

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention — Todd Doherty

Addictions — Laila Goodridge

Could not these be combined? 

I really like this one —-

Finance and Middle Class Prosperity — Jasraj Singh Hallan

What is Middle Class Prosperity——??????

The Conservatives have swallowed hook, line and sinker all this big government, leftist  mumbo jumbo. 

So my contention finds evidence—the parties are almost identical except for the people , and policy differences are largely one of degree not of kind. 

But this one takes the cake ——

After appointing over half the caucus to liberal established positions , creating more and more positions and regulations , they also accept the liberal hypocrisy ——-to have the gall to have appointed a critic to cover 


After creating more red tape————

And Poilievre had to appoint the learned leadership competitor, Leslyn Lewis , but like most Leaders before him —don’t  let her shine and use her credentials to help the Party  —-appoint her to the mundane critic position of infrastructure ——

Leslyn has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto, Trinity College graduating Magna Cum Laude; a Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University, with a Concentration in Business and Environment from the Schulich School of Business; a Juris Doctorate from Osgoode Hall Law School; and a PhD in Law from Osgoode Hall Law School.

The lack of creativity, change, imagination here is breathtaking ——-

But some will say you had to cover off all the Liberal Government Positions ——of course —but not by slavishly following a big government agenda ——

Rather , creating a new executive structure —-just what is it Government should continue to do ———now he will be stuck with the old way of doing things and satisfying egos. 

Built in to all these positions are people and policies that are more global, less a national Government, less accountability and transparency , more executive government , less parliamentary government and pushing an agenda that most Canadians reject.  

Nothing about integrity, balanced budgets, smaller PM’s office, conflict of interest reform, strengthening MP ‘s role in Parliament, improving Parliamentary Committees operation and power , affirming a sovereign state comes before a new international agreement ——a revised judiciary who adhere to the principles of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Buying into the existing structure , the Conservatives condemns us to more of the same, a bloated state —-that is failing us every day—watching these days as a Government conducts an inquiry into itself—setting the terms of reference and appointing  the Commissioner ——a fading democracy —-

Now you can go back to sleep!! 

18 thoughts on “Poilievre’s Shadow Cabinet —A Big Liberal Copycat Government —The More Things Change —-60 % of the Conservative MP’s Are Insiders —71 Out Of 118.

  1. Maybe the best way to keep PP and the Cons honest is to keep organizing and kind of ignore them. The Libs are hopeless and the NDP have lost their soul. RFK jr. has penned a recent book asking Liberal Americans why they are so stupid.

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    • Pierre Senior (Trudeau) once quipped in 1968 or so, that a nation’s bedroom wasn’t the place for the federal government, that people should have personal freedoms and not be spied on and lectured by Trudeau’s in perpetuity. What a novel concept, perhaps the current Trudeau could pause and reflect on that. Why are Canadian liberals so stupid? Why have they let their country degenerate into an Orwellian pseudo state? Where the provincial police will show up at your door to remind you of what an acceptable (tweeted) opinion on health choices are, for instance. Or where the state is micro analysing the contents of your toilet hours after you used it (waste water). You must take the gene editing pharmaceutical in to your veins – because we are Liberals, because we are NDP! Because we are stupid!

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  2. Conservatives and Libertarians often tout “govt ought to be as small as possible”, but are unable to articulate a defining principle. When Conservatives/Republicans come in power, any principle goes out the window for the sake of any pragmatism and the BIG_GOVT_VIRUS simply continues to grow, radicalizing anarchists (= Communists) into defunding the police, mandating face-diapers and experimental drugs, and other moronically stupid decisions such as withdrawing military before evacuating citizens and allies.

    I’m not anti-govt, but I am anti-crime anti-corruption anti-stupidity pro-Constitution rule of objective law.

    Don’t become anti-govt, but become pro-proper govt. IMPROPER GOVT IS REPLACED BY PROPER GOVT.

    The only (but vital) purpose of govt (our monopoly on the use of physical force) is the PROTECTION OF OUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. A proper govt exists to ban all physical violence (incl threats thereof, fraud, and liability). No man, group, society, or govt has the right TO ASSUME THE ROLE OF A CRIMINAL and initiate the use of physical compulsion against any man. Men (especially govt) have the right to use physical force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use.

    Anything and everything that is not proper govt (Police, Judiciary, Military) is BIG_GOVT_VIRUS that needs to be cut and/or privatized into profit seeking enterprises competing for willing customers to serve. This includes healthcare, education, infrastructure, scientific research, and all forms of insurance.

    BIG_GOVT_VIRUS is the true pandemic. Its threats of violence (unethical regulation), “modelz” and consensus “siyenzz”, torturing of puppies and gain of function “reessurch”, and inflatable fiat currency paralyzes the human mind making us all vulnerable to the natural hazards of our existence upon Earth.

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  3. Thanks but no thanks. Mama said “you can tell people everything but they won’t listen to anything!”.
    From the first time I heard Pierre speak during Question Period, my mama (who has been dead since 1993) whispered in my ear “don’t trust him”. Once again, she was right.
    Justin has put Canada on the road to ruin and Pierre, if allowed, will finish the job.


  4. Did any of you think the politicians run for office in the service of high ideals like real god ordained moral standards and justice or balanced or surplus budgets or even defending the purity and security of nation and race? No freaking way! They are there for power, money and a kick ass pension. To that end they will say, spend and do anything to get elected. In a way the clot shot makes sense if one considers the need to quietly reduce the risk of revolt by people who might have a historical perspective and feel entitled to what was promised and undeliverable.

    Speaking of the clot shot tribute is being paid to those who remain unvaccinated…. It seems we are made of better stuff than the powers that be or the sheep they rule over.



  5. Pollievre hs been totally void on the military takedown of humanity AKA the Covid scam.
    The man is a charlatan and is not to be trusted.
    Karen Kingston verifies what the US Military and globalists have done to humanity.
    The shot was an AI program designed to take out humanity.
    Please begin to educate yourselves. What happens in Ottawa is nothing compared to what is about to happen:



  6. Summed up rather well I thought “…the Parties are almost identical, except for the people, and the policy differences are largely one of degree, not of kind”. Not surprising though but blatantly obvious for some time now, certainly since Scheer’s leadership and arguably prior to.
    What is equally astonishing and disappointing is how Canadians still suck up the political rhetoric hoping to back a ‘winner’ as if betting on a horse race! Pierre, Pierre, Pierre, our new leader will save us from the tyrant Trudeau, all praise to Pierre!
    I suspect there is more of Judas than of Saviour in Pierre.
    We are not all sleeping, or at least not very soundly.


  7. Slippery Pierre talks a big game but that’s about it. I have completely given up on the CONservatives. In my opinion, they are no better than the Libtard or New Dumpster Fire parties. The PPC appears to be the only truly conservative party in Canada that aims to dismantle our grotesquely bloated and overreaching government while protecting the freedom and medical sovereignty of everyday working Canadians.


  8. I attended a Round Table question and answer session last night with my current conservative MP .
    I was as shocked to hear the comments and questions from all (except 2 of us) the (liberal)/conservatives who were there. As soon as I mentioned your name Mr. Peckford the group all erupted in heavy sighs. I mentioned it after a election comment that was made, that Pierre may not be the one to beat Justin. No one spoke to me after that or after my CO2 comments. I knew immediately I was in the wrong room!
    The MP (my representative) in Ottawa just lost my vote.
    I pondered on the way home how much lighter I felt-like a weight removed from my shoulders.

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