3 thoughts on “Body Builder Dies Days After Booster

  1. Please, folks, nothing to see here—a mere anomaly, a black swan event, an unfortunate yet must quickly forget incident—the authorities implore.

    Why be concerned that a sixty plus years old body builder, in prime health, met the Grim Reaper early. I suspect, don’t know, the official line will be: he overworked his body for decades, took too many supplements, had a healthy diet, always had regular exercise, all of his annual medicals showed stellar health, no history of family health concerns but such is the end-of-life for the unaware but, obviously, vulnerable and sick.

    Actually, he was the picture of health and trusted, implicitly, that the medical system, especially, those principled, devoted and devout Hippocratic Oath truth-teller doctors, would always ensure he was given the straight goods such that he could make an informed decision. The principle he lived by was, My Body My Choice!!!

    Well, the experimental materials injections gamble was taken and it appeared, initially, there was much ado about nothing. The booster, as we all forecasted, became available and why not, he thought, be a shinning example and show the world that you are the face of the vaccinated.

    Oops, the booster must not have been delivered soon enough, as he died very suddenly. There being no causation established, nor allowed to be discussed in polite company, regarding the booster death and injury; one must and can only conclude that he was just unlucky with getting the booster, his timing was unfortunate.

    The public must now be told that if only he got the booster earlier, he most likely would still be alive.

    And that, mis amigos, is the now world of science in which obfuscation is paramount, always buttressed by the profound statement that correlation is not causation nor, it seems, that common sense is alive and well.

    Food for thought.


  2. The irony here is he was a believer in the Covid vaccines despite so much evidence to the contrary and he used his fame and influence to have others line up for the deadly mixture. Hard to have any sympathy.


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