National Post , Media , Ted Morton , Academia —The Old School Of Politics , Federal Conservative Style Is Very Much Alive —The Swamp !!! The More Things Change ——-

Here it is in full view —two of the big players in the pandemic false narrative —-Academia , which sounds legitimate , Professor Ted Morton——And Big Media , National Post , Always With Tentacles—- 

I am talking about the good professor ‘s article in the National Post , October 26, singing the praises of the Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre . 

‘F.L. (Ted) Morton is professor emeritus and an executive fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. He is also a former minister of energy and minister of finance in the Government of Alberta.’ 

Professor emeritus, executive fellow —I mean it drips with traditional so called  ‘legitimacy’—-and then being in Government ??? Wow!!

And  his message carried through one of the major national newspapers in the Country—National Post owned by Post Media News which in its annual report last year admitted it received $35 million from the Government of Canada and one of its four pillars going forward is Government support. 

And the message :

Have we got a new Prime Minister for you!

Pierre Poilievre , new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. All things to all people—sure he is almost perfect.  

New leader but hardly new. Been in the swamp for a while now —to the degree that he appoints as his new house leader , a former disgraced leader of the party . Clean him up and recycle him all over again.

Welcome to the set up. 

So what do you do when you become a ‘new leader  of a major federal political party in Canada? 

Call in the media you know will carry positives about you and enlist someone in academia with Govt credentials to write a glowing column about you in that media. 

Magic—it sows the seeds. You will see all kinds of this stuff popping up all over the country now. You scratch my back———-‘the system ‘is humming right along.

And Professor Morton is not new to the National Post . He has been writing articles there at least since 1999 when he and a colleague falsely described in a National Post article the Patriation conference of 1981. And in the bargain attempted to downgrade the role the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador played in that effort. We were merely messengers not the Government who presented the proposal that broke the impasse that led to the historic Patriation Agreement later to become The Constitution Act of 1982. 

This is the old style politics that has to change.

I wrote  this new leader asking if he would try and reform the system by introducing an amendment to the Conflict of Interest Act whereby an MP cannot sit in the House of Commons if that MP had violated the law or ethics of the institution as determined by the Commissioner of  Conflict of Interest and Ethics .

Here is part of that communication on October 2. 

‘Will you cause an appropriate motion/resolution to be put before the House amending the enforcement provisions of the Act and Code so that any Member who has been found by the Commissioner to have contravened provisions of the Act and/ or Code to be no longer eligible to serve in the House?’

Still waiting for a response . 

Seems the dear leader is too busy cultivating the dishonest system , having his apologists write letters to the National Media describing just how wonderful he really is. 

Conservatives , if you thought you were voting for real  change in this last conservative leadership election , I ask you to think again. 

10 thoughts on “National Post , Media , Ted Morton , Academia —The Old School Of Politics , Federal Conservative Style Is Very Much Alive —The Swamp !!! The More Things Change ——-

  1. HEGELIAN DIALECTIC. False dichotomy’s that deceive people into false alternatives. The “left/right-wing” fallacy that is the same collectivism.

    COLLECTIVISM (socialist fukwit ideology) is the prioritization of the mob, the group, the gang, the collective above its own constituents. Where some can be sacrificed for the “greater good” of the collective. A secularized reincarnation of medieval religious theocracy.

    Establishment conservatives are no better than establishment “liberalz”. They all want to be the “deer leederz” of the mixed economy nanny welfare-state who know what’s good for you better than you yourself do.

    They’ll all continue to find ways to exercise the not withstanding clause, or the Section 1 of the charter for the sake of the “greater good”.

    Too many of us remain unaware how vital Individualism is to our society. It is impossible to suspend the humanity of humans while being ethical.

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    • In the case of Section ! To wrongly use it —that where we need to foscus—and with that it is clear that it would not make any difference what the words in the Constitution —the judiciary would either twist it in the case of Section 1 or ignore it in the case of the opening words of the Charter.

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      • Using section 1 (and the not withstanding clause) is wrong in itself. These ought not be in the Charter.

        It is impossible to ethically suspend the humanity of humans. Even if there’s war, insurrection, etc, the nation requires the minds of its law abiding people for mitigation.

        The essence of the Enlightenment accomplishment was the recognition of the law abiding individual as the sovereign unit of value (vs the ancient tradition of assignment of value to the collective ruled by a sovereign). This is how Americans, against seemingly impossible odds, defeated the super power of their time, enabling this simple but fundamental idea to propagate throughout the world, nearly ending all slavery and poverty in the world.

        There’s a good reason why it did not succeed completely, but you won’t want to know it.


  2. Well, it’s very simple. The question is right and powerful and if they don’t have an answer to that question, the best thing to do is to ignore it and hope it goes away.


  3. With such an amendment, how many seconds of a subsequent Liberal government would it take to radically politicize the position and use it as a weapon against the Conservatives?


  4. *** If I could have only one thought/one post ever read by others it would be this one: the reason my handle is “from the frying pan to the fire”

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