Dr. Aseem Malhotra Praises Dr. Peter McCullough 

Peter McCullough is an exemplar of an exceptional doctor.Honest, courageous & a man who truly puts patients first. Stripping him of his medical credentials is an act of violence & a side effect of war. A war of truth vs money. A war of the human vs the psychopath. He will win .

He quotes Mahatma Gandhi:

‘First they will ignore you, then they will ridicule you , then they will fight you, and then you will win!!’


5 thoughts on “Dr. Aseem Malhotra Praises Dr. Peter McCullough 

  1. I’ve followed the eminent Dr. Peter McCullough very early on when he first uploaded his early treatment guide for Covid infections in the US using ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine , something NEVER duplicated by Canadian doctors then or now. His latest prevention guide is a nasal wash/rinse with hydrogen peroxide at the first sign of any viral infection.

    It really is degenerating into a civil war with medical and political officials clearly and quite obviously trying to kill people of all ages from infants to elderly with the exposure of deadly jabs. Evidence is all over media and blogs outside mainstream with qualified medical experts with a long list of qualifications with Dr. McCullough at he top.

    The medical authority cancelling McCullough’s qualification NEVER even talked to him. EVERYTHING was done with emails because his encyclopedic memory for facts, figures and documents would overwhelm his medical board with information they don’t even know about. They couldn’t possibly win with any kind of one on one live interview. They were genuinely afraid of him.

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