Letter To The Covid Vaccinated

Francis Christian

Dear covid vaccinated fellow human beings,

We the covid unvaccinated unwashed do not wish to tell you “I told you so.” 

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We did tell you that neither transmission nor infection nor increased deaths would be prevented with the mass injections of our population with an experimental vaccine that itself produces a toxic viral particle – but that is all in the past.

We did tell you that the toxic, viral particle (otherwise called “spike protein”) which the injection programs your cells to produce can itself cause a variety of terrible adverse events – or even kill you. But that too, is in the past.

Many of you are our close friends and family. We love you and we do not wish in any way to judge you – or any harm to come upon you.

Like the soldier duped into engineered wars by evil, unscrupulous leaders and politicians, we believe you too have been manipulated, coerced, propagandized, lied to and made to believe that you were being “patriotic.”

We have just lived through another Remembrance/Veterans Day – the brave soldiers who laid down their lives or have been marked by war with lost limbs or PTSD were not to blame for the hubris, greed and evil of their “leaders.” 

Neither do we blame you for “rolling up your sleeves.”

We know beyond any doubt that almost every war is not fought for the defence of one’s own family or people – but for corrupt oligarchies, for corrupt politicians, for think tanks with evil intentions, for the multi billion dollar arms industry and for greedy corporations. 

Why did you believe that big-pharma and the vaccine industry could not also be equally corrupt and evil? Only a little research would have showed you for example, that Pfizer has been indicted both for fraudulent marketing and bribes (in 8 countries)and has recently paid out yet another big settlement for fraud.

If you did not know it earlier, we must say again that there is an abundance of evidencethat for almost all adult patients (healthy children are at negligible risk of covid related death and there was never a case for injecting them with the covid vaccine) effective, safe, outpatient treatment upon onset of symptoms, makes hospitalization or death extremely unlikely. 

Many of you have realized you have literally been taken for a ride. When you dismount from the perilous steed you have been riding on, you will find us by your side, ready to help.

We do not believe the doom-sayers who say that most of you are going to die quite soon or that most of you will have significant vaccine related injuries. There is no evidence at all to support this extreme and unscientific claim. Since the body heals from a variety of insults with remarkable resilience, most of you are probably going to be alright – even though you have allowed this ridiculous, unsafe and ineffective injection to circulate in your body. If you belong to this group, we beg you not to tempt fate and under no circumstances ever “roll up your sleeves” for this dangerous vaccine again.

But for those who are significantly injured by the covid injection, there is an emerging body of medical science and literature that a courageous group of physicians are putting together, based on their experience in treating the hundreds of thousands of you with vaccine injuries. The latter may well soon run into the millions – but here too, there is hope for complete healing.. And we should not need to tell those in this group that to be covid injected again would be like signing on to a death warrant.

For those who have lost their lives to the covid injection, it is too late of course – but if you are their family or friends, please do not blame yourselves. The past cannot be undone, a better future beckons

We sincerely believe that you the masses of the covid vaccinated and we, the unvaccinated are in one, human family together.  

We are certainly not better people than you – and we do not think any lesser of you because you were vaccinated.

The tyranny that tried to silence us, has clearly failed. The tyranny that injected you with the covid injection will also fail, since every tyranny has a defined lifespan – and no tyranny lasts forever.

Mankind’s overarching hope for a better tomorrow is not found at the end of a needle – but in life everlasting and an empty grave:

“No planet knows that this

Our wayside planet, carrying land and wave,

Love and life multiplied, and pain and bliss,

Bears, as chief treasure, one forsaken grave.”

Wishing my covid vaccinated brothers and sisters God’s Blessing and good health, I remain,

your fellow human being,

Francis Christian

16 thoughts on “Letter To The Covid Vaccinated

  1. I am shocked that after all the evidence that the vaccines don’t do what they are purported to do and in fact they are likely to do more harm than good, that people are still lining up for their boosters. The only reason I can think that people are going back for more is that they are free and they want to take advantage of the offer and make sure they get their fair share of the free medicine. Can somebody help me understand this madness.

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  2. Insulting, simplistic and will not wash.
    The American military and our governments have sided with the elites.
    Where is the accountability regarding genocide and how we now begin to protect and heal humanity?
    This pandering to those that put us-and keep us-in peril is not how we escape their clutches.
    All those that acquiesced to these psychopaths and mass murderers should be literally begging us as they continue to place us in harm’s way and jeopardise our human race. Extinction is their goal.
    Without understanding and explaining what they have done and continue to do is complete betrayal at this stage.
    This BS stating a better end awaits us is pure ignorance and nonsense.

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  3. Francis Christian

    This is a fine letter that expresses caring and love and even provides the vaccinated reader with hope for treatment. It does also remind those who chose these experimental injections that they might have looked into it further instead of blind acceptance.

    Francis, this is well done as I would like all people to consider how they are living in the past when populations were far more likely to accept the status quo as the only truth. We were almost childlike then and now we need to grow up and use our minds and history before blindly going forth and keeping the medical and scientific so called community on a pedestal they have never deserved. All things need to be carefully considered and there is NO one drug that fits all. That one ought to be a red flag in the future.

    Thanks for writing this.

    Wendy Kinsey


  4. Scientists are recording that the vaxxed are representing serious health risks to those that actually used their balls and brains.
    Live blood analysis is showing the vaxxed have HUGE structures that have been discovered in Pizer viles.
    Graphene or hydrogel ribbons-circuits that assemble themselves- in vaxxed are being distributed to the unvaxxed.
    Ribbons are present in vaccinated sweat and urine in the unvaxxed.
    The entire plandemic is a lie.
    Question their narrative on absolutely everything.
    Explain the discoveries -the circuits that assemble by themselves.
    Where is the outrage?
    When you learn what has been done to you there will be no place to hide.

    Anybody that suggests we are all in this together is correct. Those people that ignorantly acquiesced to these bioweapons threaten all humanity.
    Do not pander to them. They have betrayed us and continue to betray us.


  5. I do not think that by offering empathy and kindness to those who queued up for the shot and promoted it—even wagged their fingers at the rest of us for not doing the same—that we, the unvaccinated are in any way selling out or pretending the harms and abuses of the past year and a half did not happen. Wounds were inflicted on those of us who did not comply, and those wounds hurt, tremendously. But as Francis is saying, the vaccinated were casualties, too, in a war none of us started, but were forced into. As in all wars, there has been much suffering. Many vaccinated have died or experienced adverse effects from the shots and many unvaccinated have died from being denied healthcare. One side’s injuries does not negate or trump the injuries sustained on the ‘other’ side, although the War Lords would like to use this as a wedge to cause further division and hatred among us. If we are ever to head off the bitterness which can easily overtake and drag us down even further, I would suggest that Francis’ attitude of compassion and love, friendship and service to one another—jabbed or unjabbed—is a good place to start. There will be a time of reckoning for those who have inflicted this war upon us, but perhaps the best thing we can do in the interim is help the casualties now lying on the field, no matter on what side of the line they signed up , nor on what side of the line they fell.


    • Those that obey orders are complicit in genocide.
      They are taking out humanity and those that sold their souls are taking us out with them.
      Wake up as your ignorance is not going to save humanity.


  6. As a non vaxxed person I am doing fine having used Vitamin C and D3. My last temperature reading taken today was 34.4 C and except for getting cold feet while sleeping in my car I feel fine.
    For the vaxxed there may be some hope and that is that there is the possibility that the vaccine they were given might have gone off due to not being refrigerated and a break down in the synthetic MRNA may have occurred. If so apart from being poisoned with a chemical soup you might just have avoided becoming a spike protein factory and being genetically altered. You dodged a bullet. Please don’t make the same mistake again.
    Your enemy might get lucky at your expense.

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  7. Señor Peckford,
    My response to this most lovely, compassionate and forgiving Francis Christian post.

    Before getting into my detailed response, suffice to say, when the Covid-19 chips and mandates went down, a large number of my fellow human beings embraced that which they had assured me, for decades, they despised.

    They had told me, again for decades, they would stand and defend my Rights and Freedoms, my right to speak, my right to choose my healthcare and what does or doesn’t go in my body, they would have my back and I would have theirs— to the death, no less,

    Surprise, surprise and shock; they, when faced with a threat to their person, tucked their tail between their legs and ran for the nearest government provided mandate den!! So here is my note;

    Dear covid vaccinated fellow human beings,

    Why would we, as an unvaccinated, unclean spike protein free human beings, bother with “we told you so”.

    You refused to listen to the mounds of scientific evidence that clearly indicated the Covid-19 mRNA Experimental Materials Injections were dangerous, didn’t work and posed great dangers, both in the short term and long term.

    Some of you even blocked our provision of scientific data and evidence to you. Additionally, you made it your mission to demean, discredit, censor and threaten our children, ruin our marriages, destroy our extended family relationships, our employment and career opportunities, our ability to travel, to frequent stores, restaurants, go to church, visit dying friends and relatives and even report us to the police for “breaking the mandate rules”.

    We take no great pleasure in affirming that the injections didn’t provide the promised immunity, nor the promised protection, nor the promised protection to others from you.

    In essence, you were injected with an mRNA product that was never properly tested (you are the Guinea pig), tremendous side effects and risks up to and including death.

    Many want to believe that this disastrous reality is all in the past but you can be assured it isn’t. The System is still promoting these injurious and deadly products and wants you boosted as we speak—many of you are still eagerly in the Q to be boosted. One of us just had one of the “vaccinated” affirm with him that he was about to get his fifth (5th) jab.

    It matters not what your fellow “vaccinated”, your physician who deserted his/her Hippocratic Oath and Informed consent obligations, your favourite politician, Medical officers of health, your corporate and university administrators or legal Gurus tell you, regarding the benefits of the mRNA injections—they don’t know, they can’t know—it takes decades of research and testing to make a claim of such safety and efficacy— obviously, this could not have occurred. Sorry, but you were mislead and, sadly, there is and will be a serious health price to pay.

    Yes, many of you are close friends and family and we wish you no harm but, by God, we are finding it very difficult not to call into question your poor judgment and willingness and eagerness to be manipulated out of irrational fear—SORRY!!!

    Yes, you may have been duped, initially, coerced, lied to, fed a great deal of propaganda and guilted into actions you otherwise might not have taken.

    However, if one could not conclude by April 2020 that this Covid-19 fish was smelling really bad and the “facts” and contradicting stories were greatly askew, these were signals ripe for the picking, so to speak.

    Yes, Remembrance Day was an affirmation of bravery, loyalty, selflessness, principles, sacrifice, patriotism, duty, honour, values on display.

    Where were those much needed Remembrance Day people of character during the Covid-19 manufactured crisis.

    Actually, Covid-19 was a display of desertion, by too many vaccinated, of everything these soldiers fought and, too many, died for. Not a legacy of which one could or should be proud.

    Sorry, I’m not supporting Christian’s statement “Neither do we blame you for rolling up your sleeves.” Yes, we do and we should blame you, for rolling up your sleeves. This was the major signal that the governments needed to abuse all of us.

    Your sleeve rolling contributed directly to the decimation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the mandates, the licence for the government to behave like the tyrants they have proven to be.

    How could you have believed that Big Pharma wasn’t corrupt and evil. Are you unaware of the numerous lawsuits that have found them guilty of egregious and illegal behaviour. How could anyone, with a modicum of common sense, not see this “massive Big Pharma profit train” thundering down the tracks of shareholder value!!!

    Why would you as a parent and an adult ever agree to have a child injected with this mRNA spike protein. The children are as close to zero hospitalization and/or death risk from the virus, as one could only imagine in their best case scenario dreams. How could you not know this!!

    When you dismount from your high horse and admit you really screwed the pooch on this one; we will attempt to cushion your fall from grace.

    However, you must know that your actions, or lack there of, is something that is extremely unkind and a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Yes, it will be embarrassing and painful but so were the mandates and assorted abuse.

    Yes, we know that there are doom-sayers that say you are going to die soon, you will live an immune compromised existence, you will be more be vulnerable to infections, cancers, and a myriad of other health challenges.

    It is a fact that we don’t have the evidence to validate such claims, however, we did have the evidence to validate the dangers of the mRNA injections and people took them anyway. Let’s pray the predictions are incorrect regarding future health challenges but this rabbit hole of potential health complications cannot be wished away.

    We beg you not to get the initial jab, if you haven’t already, or the booster(s). However, if recent history is any indication, this begging will fall on many deaf ears. Sad, but true.

    If you are a family member or friend of one who has died or was injured from the covid-19 injections and you were instrumental in them getting the injection, that’s a tremendous burden to carry.

    However, there may be a silver lining in that you now realize that you, your family and friends, who were injected, were effectively manipulated in this regard—the reasons for such effective manipulation is most likely best left unsaid.

    Yes, make no mistake, our human family is resilient but we must acknowledge that for a family to function well together, it must be prepared and willing to not tolerate the abuse of its members. Sadly, Covid-19 was a glowing example where the Human Family failed in this regard.

    We have no great animosity towards you for utilizing your right to get injected. However, we are very disappointed in that you didn’t stand and support our right and decision not to be injected.

    We have sworn to protect your rights and freedoms and be assured we will. Again, your failure to do the same for us is very telling and hard to swallow.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, the tyranny that divided us is alive and well. This tyranny is already in the process of creating the RSV fear, the tripledemic, the return of masking in Ontario, the absurd Emergency Act inquiry, the Trucker’s ongoing persecution, the refusal to call Premier Peckford as a witness, the courts refusing to hear cases of national importance or provide absurd “mootness” rulings, etc. Please, don’t be lulled into accepting the damage of the tyranny is short lived, it isn’t.

    God is looking over all of us and have no doubt he is not asking us to turn the other cheek. He is expecting us to walk around, like Jericho, the manufactured Covid-19 debacle and if need be, let’s do, like in the Bible, it once a day for six days, seven times on the seventh and the Covid-19 walls come crashing down.

    So, I feel sorry for those who were manipulated into getting injected but I’m not inclined to roll out the get out of jail free card, just yet. There is, IMHO, a massive amount of discussion, court cases, guilty verdicts, apologies, soul-searching, meaningful forgiveness requests and political change before this disaster is put to bed.

    There needs to be consequences for actions and a premature jump to the “Canadian” way of “just let bygones be bygones” is not part of my lexicon nor the Justice we need to see!!

    Food for thought.


  8. Actually,big pharma are just the US DoD lackeys ,as Dr. Peter McCullough now instructs on his substack.
    The vaxxed are a direct threat to all remaining humanity.
    Scientists have demonstrated the reality well over a year now.
    Time to educate yourselves or stand aside until you make attempts to do so.
    You have had well over a year now to understand you are complicit in genocide.


  9. 1P-36 gene deletion is your brain’s cortex being eliminated.
    1P-36 gene deletion is the #1 adverse event listed by Pfizer in their US Court-ordered dump/covid death shot adverse events.
    They attempted to hide this until the year 2095.

    What is 1p36 Deletion Syndrome, the First Side Effect Listed in Pfizer’s Released Document?
    9 pages /adverse events:
    This has been all over the web near ten months now. Educate yourselves.



  10. Each time I leave my home to shop or just wander, those same masked people will cross the street for fear of contacting me, the unvaxed, dirty person.

    Although these comments are so very accurate, the pure (vaxed) do not read them. They do not listen to the real science; they trust the politicians and the political appointees. They will continue to overwhelm us by electing the very ones who have caused all these problems and we will again be left wanting.

    No, I am not ready to give up on my fellow man/woman/person BUT I am extremely frustrated by the lack of thinking by them.


  11. Umm, so you don’t think the poison will kill and there is studies to show this… but you immediately contradict yourself by saying for those it already killed and maimed… Really? Which one is it Francis Christian?

    The poison in the jab will also certainly affect lifespan. Sugarcoating it will help no one. It is a poorly constructed letter that does more to confuse then to give solace.


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