Canada: The Public Order Emergency Commission Does Not Ensure Accountability

Many Canadians I talk to are under the mistaken impression that the present Inquiry called The Public Order Emergency Commission will ensure those responsible for invoking this unconstitutional measure are brought to Justice. That there is direct accountability through this Commission .

Well , here is what one of the terms of reference of the  Commission says : The  Commission is to  

‘(A) perform their duties without expressing any

conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or

criminal liability of any person or organization,——-‘

So there is no legal accountability here.

Oh ,yes , there is this term of reference that speaks about  ‘ appropriateness ‘ of using the Act 

‘( iii) direct the Commissioner to set out findings and lessons

learned, including on the use of the Emergencies Act:

the appropriateness and effectiveness of the measure

taken under the Emergency Measures Regulations an

Emergency Economic Measures Order, and to make

recommendations, as pertains to the matters examined by

the Public Inquiry, on the use or any necessary

modernization of that Act, as well as on areas for further

study or review,

But ‘appropriateness ‘ is a far cry from real ‘accountability’ as is ‘ make recommendations on the use of the Act and or necessary modernization .’

Of course, as I have stated in an earlier blog the Commission was flawed from the start in that the Government is setting the terms  of reference for examining itself as well as who will be Commissioner—-a most blatant CONFLICT Of INTEREST. 

7 thoughts on “Canada: The Public Order Emergency Commission Does Not Ensure Accountability

  1. Regardless of the lack of accountability, there is the Court of public opinion. Any and every Canadian who still has a mind of his/her own will pass judgement. There will be consequences, whether these are predictable or not.

    The Universe is governed by natural laws (not by any omnipotent benevolence). Every dynamic is cause and effect. As living human beings, we each have free will, and free will is causal. We choose our fate.

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      • Canada/America’s Charter/Bill of Rights are a secular discovery of the fundamental law of humanity (The Right to Life). These are morality itself in this real physical world. This is so, even flawed in their content as they are.

        Its very easy to prove, and its only a matter of dissemination and understanding. Everyone is motivated to do what is right, but I/we need to defeat the centuries (millennia) of subjectivism. Morality is an intellectual issue, not a faith-based (emotional) one.

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  2. Hi Brian – it’s all Kabuki theatre, like most such events in Ottawa.

    “Nothing to see here, move on!”
    – Leslie Neilson

    It’s been like that for decades, but Canadians are slowly waking up to their BS.

    If you want to understand Canadian leftist politics, just assume they are lying to you – that’s all they are good at.

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  3. If the mouth is moving, the politician is lying.

    We’ve known that since elementary school and now, with one of my feet on the proverbial banana peel, nothing has changed.

    If by chance I should commit a crime that needs investigating, I shall use this as a precedent for investigating myself.

    What’s good enough for the government, blah, blah blah.

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  4. Justin Trudeau just neutered the follow up investigation into enacting the War Measures act to keep him personally away from any and all serious consequences. Typical of a tyrant and totalitarian leader keeping them above the law and separate from the rest of us.

    Loyal Liberal voters are part of the scam and directly responsible for the collapse of Canada as the nation it USED to be respected for. Talk about them and us. You couldn’t get a more clear example for why Canada is fast falling over the cliff of doom. Now when Trudeau flies to yet another global meeting of some sort, he’s ignored and ridiculed by other world leaders for his abuse of everyday Canadians and locals yell obscenities at him so he has to enter via the back door as he did at 10 Downing St. in England when the crowd were at the front door.

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