Perfection Is The Enemy Of The Good—Nit Picking Our Own Just Gives The Dishonest Swamp More Ammunition—Alexander Is Right!

Dr. Robert Malone is not exactly correct in his substack; hmmm, is Malone going ‘Emily Oster AMNESTY on us? IMO if one cannot meet the enemy toe to toe & more, stay on the fence & out of the fight

btw Robert, my book ‘Presidential Take Down, how Fauci & CDC & FDA et al. toppled Trump’, is on Amazon, you will enjoy it! If you wish to fight ‘nice’, go ahead one day we will swap stories on the end


First, Merry Christmas! May our Lord bless you all, our God, your God and keep you and family, your children safe and protected. May you and we all have some food and laughter after three harrowing years. 

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Now onto the purpose of this substack piece:


Nowhere globally, nowhere in America, did any lockdown, school closure, business closure, mask mandate work. Not one, nowhere. These COVID lockdown lunatic policies hurt and killed people. Those how enacted these polices must be investigated and justice meted out if shown to that they caused deaths. I say imprison many of them! 

We are in a war! For the hearts and minds of our people, our children. It is our governments and IMO bad, malevolent, dark intent people waging against us and we must wake up and respond. It involves government agencies seeking to damage and destroy the USA. We enroute. 

Now, to Stew and Dr. Malone’s request to surrender and play ‘nice’ and in effect, pull an Emily Oster on us. I say NEVER! 

So what if there is hyperbole by Stew? So what? The left uses it all the time and lies. Fraud and lies and filth and attacks (physical, all how) on their enemies etc. They fight dirty and to win! So, Stew understand that and fights them the only way he knows how to win! 

Stew is unique, and like Alex Jones, enrages you, and kind of like me, ;-). We are very passionate about this issue (lockdown lunacy and the fraud fake mRNA vaccines) for we are angry, and it is the fraud of COVID and the vaccines yet it is in the delivery and Stew is balls to the walls. No prisoners and I love it! I know there is always going to be errors, like how there are errors in my work, your work, Risch’s work, McCullough, little unforced errors at times, people do not intend to make them. Mistakes. But look at the difficult topics and we are talking deaths here. And Stew gets emotional too. He is invested in this, he is hurt by what he sees happening to Americans and global citizens, to children. I applaud him, big bravery on his part. Stew has many friends as police and military, present and ex and he knows for he is on top of the science, that they are vaccine injured and many will get severely ill in time. He is angered and he wants to help them. He wants answers and he has his way of informing the nation and getting information. 

So can everyone calm down, enjoy the documentary, I did, take a chill pill and get off Stew’s back and give the homie some credit for doing WHAT YOU DID NOT DO and you CANNOT DO. He ‘reaches’ people when most cannot. 

And come on Dr. Malone, you are something, you are hitting Stew while praising Kirsch. You are too funny! You lost me there. Kirsch is as much this documentary as Stew and I give praise to Steve for he showed emotions and real humanity. I saw a part of Steve did not before so Steve, huge hugs my brother. So if you savage Stew, show some big balls and savage Kirsch so he can answer you! Do not hide behind Kirsch and play favorites. Do you fear Kirsch? Come on, you are Dr. Malone, you can handle Steve. If you think Stew’s video was crap and garbage as per your stack, then tell Kirsch same thing. Kirsch is a big boy! 

Look it, Stew taps into something you cannot Malone, and many cannot, he knows the pain, the anger, the hurt of the people, he feels the betrayal, the hopelessness, the vulnerability, the sense of helplessness and speaks TO them and FOR them. He feels it differently. Why? I don’t know but I love it. Comes natural for folk like me for I have arabic, Cuban, Venezuelan, island roots and so that passion and combative sh*t runs deep in my veins. I ‘get’ Stew and Alex Jones. 

Judge someone by the ‘arc’ of their life, don’t go writing smack about someone if you do not know them. No one is perfect and we are all fallen in some manner and twisted and warped and imperfect. I know I am but I try daily to be a better me. I just wish to do some good in my time here as I know many. It’s the least we can do in appreciation for the gift of life! 

Thing is, I think deep down you Dr. Malone admire Stew and even envy him and many do, and rightly so, so why can’t you just praise the brother and hug him? Praise a brother in the fight. Come on, you can! You are not a bad person, you are a decent human being so why not show some love to the brother? I love you man. But heres the thing. Stew can show empathy and love when you and most cannot. That is ok. We each have different gifts. But don’t hit him for that, for his passion and want to do and do and do, no, try to understand and if the brother makes a mistake, tell him. Call him. Use your circle. We could get Stew for you. Do you know how many I call and send e-mails to when they make mistakes…its not to berate, its out of love. I get exicted when I can show someone what to fix in what they did for I know it makes them look better and that’s the prize. I want them to succeed and they help me too for I am imperfect, prone to mistakes, and stupid and idiotic at times. I could be a bumbling fool. 

So I understand Stew, he means well, love inside, like Ardis, like me, we feel the crap, deep down in us, it runs deep in us. He has the ‘thing’ so give the brother props. He is gutted for the children. It’s like when I talk to Dr. Naomi Wolf, I get the sense of deep sadness for the plight of children during COVID. She ‘gets’ it differently. Some people just do. 

My issue is I give all credit for trying. 

Children who died and hung themselves in the lockdowns, Stew is fighting for them, I know, the data came to my office while at HHS. 8 and 9 year olds hung themselves due to CDC and Fauci and Birx and Teachers unions school closures. Business owners hung themselves in America, laid off employees. Stew was there day one fighting when many were hiding in basements pulling flint from between their toes and ordering uber and Amazon, as they ‘shielded and caught up on some reading and walked their dogs’ and at the same time, the poor children and women and those who could least afford to shield, faced the infection, and died. We protected the upper crust in society and harmed and killed those least able to shield and remote work and hide. Shame on all of us who did it! 

I know, we were talking to Stew and he was giving us the forum to educate the nation. Like Ardis who worked hard throughout, like the silent but pressing Urso, real unsung heroes, so when freaks hit Ardis on the snake venom issue, I bristled and cussed for these people cannot explain what they did during this madness, how they helped but wanted to hit Ardis. Talking smack about the guy yet doing nothing to help, hiding behind a keyboard. A decent man trying to make a food and eat and provide for his family. Could he not eat a food too? 

This to me is a whole load of crap what’s going on. I say calm down. We have one dragon to slay and need all hands on deck. You invoked Alex, Kennedy etc. in your battle here and in effect to nullify them. You pit them against Stew. Why? It’s your battle. You hit Stew but praise his video sidekick Kirsch so Kirsch will not slam you back. I know what you do and how its done. Let me see if these people like Kennedy and Alex and Kirsch et al. have the stones I know they have, so as to school you on that substack for it is wrong as written. 

I think you should pull it down. When you were nowhere to be found on lockdowns and school closures, on early treatment, on vaccines, and the harms and deaths they all caused, it was Stew who was out there banging away. You in effect joined his show…yes, he was part of our skeptic contrarian freedom warriors crew. Like it or not and we love him! 

Stew is engaging in informing the world and Americans first on the risks and how these vaccines have and will kill. He is doing what you failed to do! Look, Dr. Malone, you keep saying para “I invented the mRNA technology”, well, Stew does a way better job at explaining your work and impact it is having in causing deaths. Your mRNA. Let’s be serious now. He seeks and wants answers. We all do. So work with the guy to help inform the nation. This gene injection is a bioweapon and I know it, Stew knows it, millions know it. You know it. Just that folk like Stew and I walk with the type of balls, and Trump and folk like that, like McCullough, and Risch, and Ladapo and Urso and Jeff Tucker etc., big church bell seeds and stones to wake people up…Kirsch has the balls but lacks the passion of Stew but both make a good team. Alex Jones got the nuts and the passion and needs no one to wage this battle. 

So how about you step back, hug Stew, understand him, and join him. I am sure he will welcome you in the battle. In fact, I know he interviewed you too. I think I even see you back there behind the monitor reaching out now to hug Stew, come on, you could do it! 

It’s his show, he can do what he wants. So what if Alex Jones offends people and you. He offends me too at times. But I love lots of what he does, I think he is a good man, he does it better than most. Left-wing radicals are attempting to destroy Alex Jones via the court system! So what if he is disgusting. Do not listen if you are upset and get the vapors and he insults you and angers you. Point is, if you infringe on his free speech they will take yours next. Musk is wrong to bring back others on that piece of garbage crap Twitt** and not Alex. Musk is playing politics and we have learnt lots about Musk so far with this one deal. It’s a toy and those of you hooked on Twitt**, go get a life. 

First of all, huge praise and hugs to Dr. Malone for his joining us in this battle. You joined the A team and you did good coming on board. 

But I am concerned for your piece on Stew Peters below that is the subject of my response, seems very ‘Emily Osterisk AMNESTYisk’….hhhmmmm, I am thus confused. 

I write this musing or opinion and send it first out of love and gracious mercy and praise. Deep respect. Yet to anyone who wishes to wear a pink poissy hat as Malone suggests as they engage in the battle, I say wrong, bone-headed (Obama liked that term so I will use it, note, he was one of the most divisive and failed POTUSs ever, did nothing for African Americans and in fact Trump did more for blacks and minorities in one year than what Obama failed to do in 8 years!) with this enemy, I say take it off, wrong approach, we are going up in there RAMBO styling, Mandingo styling; we have an enemy to tear up figuratively as we strip these alphabet health agencies down to the very studs (CDC, FDA, NIH etc.) and fumigate them and fire 100 across all agencies top down. Then investigate and jail some. Once shown with proper judges etc. that they costed lives, then jail them long and hard! 

This is one paragraph of many in this particular substack by Malone that are IMO questionable. No, I do not mean the ‘mass formation’. Separate debate. This one in particular (as placed below in bold print and enlarged) is flat out wrong. I do not defend Stew or Alex (no need to) yet know that the legal verdict and that monetary award is a terrible precedent on Alex Jones and if we stand by and cheer, we are lighting our own funeral pyres. You too will fall victim to what you cheer on today, because you were ‘offended’ by Alex Jones. I find his comments not optimal at times but so are many of what we say. We are frauds and liars to walk around with hubris when we do even worse and we know it. We are duplicitous. 

I just ask you Robert to stop, stop this, stop attacking people. You tip towed around Kirsch yet hammered Stew? Yet Kirsch was major part of the documentary and had to embrace and believe the content. Is it a money thing? You think Kirsch has a bigger following than Stew? Then you have no clue who Stew Peters is and his following. That is ‘real America, real fly over country’. How could you insult Stew yet praise Kirsh and it is laughable and you lost credibility right there. 

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You were willing to attack Ardis too, a good man, a great intellect, I know him, a great parent, great human being. Who cares about the snake venom bull shit. Most of what he says normally is correct. Where were you on Remdesivir when he was waging jihad on Fauci et al. for it as standard of care? 

The thing is what you don’t get is that if 95% of what someone says is true yet 5% is wrong or misstated or hyperbole, you attack the 5% if you ‘don’t like them’. And you think that is ok. But you write in hyperbole too and many factual errors. So do I. The reason why I am blunt is because I don’t want your money or substack followers, I make my own. I could not care less if you cite my work or call out my name in a stack. If you slam my stack I will respond. I do not appreciate this game now being played in substack. I even was questioning Berenson but will not anymore. I understand him more now though disagree with him most of the time and his attacks on Wolf were putrid and uncalled for and wrong. Yet he is right to come at you all for you all do the same thing, in a twisted way. 

You and others are engaging in character warfare and hurting others who like you, just wish to make a living too and eat some food. Only you must eat? You do not make gross errors? You do not misspeak? Come on, stop this, let us all unite and work together! 

You joined the fight late. You are trying to make yourself the leader of the fight and freedom warriors and resistance to the COVID wrongs, but you are not. 

It was Stew Peters and Alex Jones who started the fight with us, with me, McCullough, Risch, Urso, Ladapo etc. You were nowhere to be found. Nowhere. We never heard of you. Nothing on our initial war on lockdowns and on school closures or on early treatment. Nothing from you. The literature and rallies are clear. Nothing from you when we were hammering away on this fraud failed COVID gene injection and as you say uses mRNA technology you were involved with. So in a sense you too have questions to answer. In this I agree with Berenson. All we heard of is this person saying “I invented synthetic mRNA etc.” para. So this is your claim to fame yet no one questions you. Not good. I welcome you to the fight and you are my senior and I respect you greatly and we need every solider but you are not the leader of this fight, never was, will not be, and are very welcomed to the table as are everyone but please stop the fighting. 

Risch and McCullough, Ladapo, and Urso started this with folk like Fareed, Tyson, Armstrong, Littell etc. And me. Yes, me. Jenny Beth Martin. Kennedy was here when you were not. Thank you Robert for joining. I/we love you. But you joined us, we did not join you and yes, Stew and Alex were two media platforms who first had us on and helped us make the case of the lockdown lunacy and fraud vaccines when legacy media will not. Not you. Again, you are a late starter and bloomer, and I thank you. We all do. But that is about it. Give credit where it is deserved. 

I love you man, but ask you respectfully, to stop on Stew and all. I am a nobody and humbled to be here and to be in the fight. Respectful of who are the leaders and my role as a soldier. I do not like anyone who engages in moves akin to stolen valor. You should not use your platform to handle your grievances. You used your substack to attack people and to attack Stew and someone I think is a far greater warrior than most in this fight, his shock and awe approach is critical for this is what it will take. If you do not like his approach, talk to him etc. or as I do, sit back and say ‘hhhmm, that’s different’. Please keep your battles private.

Now to this paragraph you wrote: 

“For what its worth, I hold “our side” to higher standards than I have come to expect from corporate (broadcast and published) media. I reject the assertion that, on the battlefield of the current 21st century unrestricted media and information war which we are immersed in, it is acceptable to employ the tactics of our opponents. I have heard others in the medical resistance community advocate the schoolyard “logic” of “they are doing it to us, and so we have to do it to them”. I firmly reject this. Any “win” on the information war battlefield which is based on this type of rationale will be transitory and self defeating. It is not a win if we become one with the ethics of our opponents.”

Why this statement by you Dr. Malone is very ‘Emily Oster ISTIC and problematical and concerning is because:

i)we are in the middle of a war and so we use every tactic the enemy uses and more and we eviscerate them; we fight war to win, not to chat or make friends. 

ii)in order to fight, we have to match the enemy and in order to win, we have to employ similar and better, stronger, and overwhelm them, leave no quarter, no room to breathe and put that boot on the neck and not let them up figuratively. We destroy as they seek to destroy us. They seek to destroy America and we must save her. They have costed lives so we must ensure justice and accountability and there is no way to fight this but with overwhelmingly tactics. 

Do you suggest based on the destruction to societies, lost lives among business owners, laid off employees, our children etc., who killed themselves due to the lockdown lunacy, that we have discussions with them? That we work it out that way? No, then you would be Professor Emily Oster seeking ‘AMNESTY’. There will be no such thing! Not on our watch. We seek proper justice. In proper legal tribunals etc. and jail time! 

iii)Art of War, Sun Tzu, please read it. Lots to learn there. 

iv)we need to use a flame thrower napalm on them figuratively to stop them, that is the war we are in; brutal ‘death’ fight where they are trying to kill people literally; they have done with their fraud vaccine that used your mRNA technology. We have some questions for you on this, not the ones asked so far. This is RAMBO war, we need mandingos now to go at the enemy. Fearless, taking no prisoners. 

v)if you prefer pink poissy hat wearing men and women in this battle, pusillanimous people, I suggest to you to step out, go back to the fence and read a while as we handle business, and we will call you when it is done, when we have fully handled business.

vi)You wrote that stack in a manner as if you have the moral high-ground and elevated yourself; high-ground over who? Who gave you that distinction and title? Telling us how to wage this battle. But the way you wrote it will ensure we lose. I am thus concerned and stunned. Whose side are you on? Why put ‘our side’ in air quotes? Are you on our side fully or partially? 

vii) This is a very critical time in world history and you should not be attacking people this way. We have to all come together and work towards bettering mankind. The enemy is focused, so let us focus more. If the enemy hits us once, we hit them 25 times and eviscerate them, whomever they are. 

viii)Lots in that documentary ‘Died Suddenly’ is accurate. 

ix) In this battle against the COVID pandemic wrongs, we must unify our actions to save lives, stop the tyranny, stop the censorship, and bring to trial those who did wrong. If they did wrong and it is shown in proper legal inquiries, their money must be taken and they must be jailed! From Fauci, Birx, Azar, Bourla, Francis Collins, all, all in Trump and Biden administration who did wrong. They conspired against Trump and hurt his pandemic response and re-election. 

I am miffed by your stack for it is clear your disdain for Stew yet again, he was in the fight day one when you were not. He IMO has done more for he may not be a MD, but he has had us all on and carries the questions and technicality as he should. His passion is infectious, love of nation, flag. Your views on him are known. I do not need to know why the dislike, but we are in a battle and you have no more right than he to be waging and to be afforded this room to hammer him or anyone. 

To close, the battle we wage is with the wrongful policy makers who are taking lives with the lockdowns and vaccine. The battle is not amongst us advocates who are in the fight. So let us stop, let us unite. Stew is no enemy nor is Alex Jones or Steve Kirsch. We need each other. Now is the time to unite and you can be a leader in helping this if you do not mind. We have a nation to save and a vaccine to stop in our kids. 

This is not a left or right thing, a republican or democrat thing. This is a right vs wrong thing, nation saving thing. This is a ‘saving our children’ thing. All hands on deck and I suggest you solve your issues side bar and just come to the table to war. 

Know your enemy. 

6 thoughts on “Perfection Is The Enemy Of The Good—Nit Picking Our Own Just Gives The Dishonest Swamp More Ammunition—Alexander Is Right!

  1. Yes, mis amigos, let us do what virtually all losers do; let us starting warring within our ranks, so that we weaken and make vulnerable the very people we say we want to protect;

    Let us ensure our egos are manifested in a manner that causes dissension in the ranks;

    Let us forget our goals and objectives and ensure our strategies and tactics are made subservient to our egos;

    Let us provide the enemy with all the ammunition they need and ensure our ammunition stores are empty;

    Let us complain incessantly and beat upon each other, such that the enemy need not fire one salvo of defensive verbal artillery;

    Let us be the fractured group who extols the enemy to await our internecine battles so they can conquer us without firing a shot;

    Who needs enemies, when you can’t even maintain peace, discipline and goodwill within the ranks.


  2. Malone was injected and late to accept/expose this as a US DARPA bioweapon.
    Stew was out there from day one and everybody seeking truth knows that his show has brought forth endless professionals,insiders and whisleblowers that have blown open this genocide of the human race.Malone was injected and late to accept this was a US DARPA bioweapon.
    Stew was out there from day one and everybody seeking truth knows that his show has brought forth endless professionals,insiders and whisleblowers that have blown open this genocide of the human race.


  3. Ha ha ha! That was one long read of begging for unity etc. from Dr. Paul Alexander, whose claim to fame is having been invited by Trump. Unfortunately, Trump didn’t listen to him, but instead Fauci & Birx (there is more behind-the-scenes stories of Trump’s connections to “vaccines”). Trump brags openly about his Warp Speed effort toward the “clot shot” and his continued support for it. Tricked my arse. Seems more likely Alexander was tricked and still is or maybe tricking us with his stance for Trump.

    This is the case also with Stew Peters, who is in the Pro-Trump “patriotic” camp with a born-again Christian flavor. Don’t get me wrong. I am subscribed to Peters and have been for a long time. In the beginning, some of his guests were interesting and he pushed the edge, unfortunately, too far into hooha land. His Christian preachments got on my nerves so I hardly watch him anymore. Kind of reminded me of pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood, who got born-again and mixes his lawyerese with Christian preachments. I followed a lot of these people on Telegram and started to get the impression something was blind-sided wrong with these people. For all the provocative guests and information shared on his podcast, I have not once seen Drs. and such from the No-Virus camp.

    For the first time, I was moved to look into Stew Peter’s background as I have done with Alex Jones also (the latter is a gatekeeper and mixes some ounces of truth with gallons of hogwash and showmanship). Being a Truth-mongering conspiracy tracker myself, I am well aware of the pretentious abuse of it by those claiming to be “patriots” only looking out for YOU! Anyway, this is a piece of historical background for Stew Peters: It is just something to bear in mind when listening to these types.

    So Dr. Alexander–what is your real gig? You have not once touched upon the fake virus and germ theory anti-science. Are you a real doctor with a scientific mind or just a repeater of nonsense (other than the delusion behind the CURRENT jab)? What about the use of “vaccination” at all, at any time, for any proclaimed dangerous “viral’ pathogen, which other than toxic chemicals, has never been proven to exist? I think you are more interested in the politics than actual science, actual medicine, and the fraudulent nature of the modern allopathic medicine you were trained in.


  4. Stick to the basics everybody. It is far too early to pronounce on the veracity of new or old theories, keep an open mind. The plethora of evidence of harm should unite us at this point. Stop the shots, expose the criminals.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I agree the evidence of harm from this “shot” should be self-evident and yet too many people are denying it, as they always have with previous “shots’ that caused harm. This has been going on since those pretend scientists and frauds Edward Jenner & Pasteur promoted germ theory and inoculations. Each and every claim to germ disease and vaccination treatment has been a cause of ill health and death to many over the generations sucked into believing the anti-scientific nonsense. It has been far too long since this allopathic view of medicine was turned into official status by the Rockefeller’s domination of medical science and treatment.

      NOW is the time to expose the criminal fraud science behind germ theory and its treatments–such as the poisonous drugs and vaccines promoted for this or that ill health condition, often attributed to a “virus” or bacteria. None of which has ever been proven, but certainly fits the model of medicine for profit regardless of the damage it causes.


  5. The MRNA vaccines are not fake at all, they are designed to cure the world of you all without resistance or as little as possible. The virus wasn’t fake either. It was man made and not too dangerous for most people. It was really designed to with the help of the MSM and government dictates to scare people into rolling up their sleeves to be vaccinated with a bioweapon that if it was the right batch and stored and served up cold would kill and or disable at variable rates of speed thus lowering the population without serious resistance. It isn’t about dealing with a genuine health problem. Dead people don’t revolt against the powers that be and dead people don’t need social programs, supervision or jobs and education.
    besides if most governments are in on the crime who can enforce the laws against what is going on? We are moving into the world of the Hunger Games. Have you ever noticed their elites and our elites? What a PC freak show.


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