Senator Ron Johnson and Experts Today On the Covid Vaccines , A Must Watch

Of The many things coming out of this hearing one very simple thing: the Govt tests peanut butter for toxins that may cause allergies but does not test for toxins in covid vaccines.

How unbelievable do things have to get before the mass propaganda falls a part??

6 thoughts on “Senator Ron Johnson and Experts Today On the Covid Vaccines , A Must Watch

  1. Ok….the vaccination data was interesting and revealing. I was never in any doubt about the “unsafe” practice, let alone the need for a “vaccine” (jab, shot, mRNA injection, etc.) altogether. However, it is good that this is being exposed more and more. My dissatisfaction is the lack of exposure to the anti-science behind germ theory and “Virology”, which appeared to necessitate a treatment called “vaccines” and/or toxic drugs.

    I got to Dr. Cole, watching the first few minutes of his explaining what a “virus” was, and stopped there. I’ve heard this stock explanation hundreds of times in the course of my research and I found it to be anti-science as many many others have pointed out. Dr. Cole, the virologist, needs to re-examine the alleged science behind what he believes and expose to the world how incredibly wrong and anti-science, he and other virologists have been about “viruses” (germ theory in general). Let’s get to the REAL truth. All of it.

    Here is a paper submitted to a Science Journal that explains the whole story! Read it and weep about the ignorance and incompetence of human beings. Get off the Germ-Virus train—get off the vaccination/drug train. Goodbye mind manipulators and exploiters of tyranny. Goodbye anti-science health models.

    You have your choice of reading it in English and many other languages: “Why is so-called virology completely unscientific?”


  2. One more thing. I saw that Dr. McCullough is sitting next to him. I haven’t gone far enough yet, to discover what he is going to say. I am in no doubt that it will NOT be exposure about the non-existence of the Sars-Cov2 virus! He is a stubborn “virus” believer who has presented no evidence to support it. However, apparently he did try to pawn off special 3D pictures of the alleged “virus’, which he thinks is PROOF of said virus. What a comedic attempt. I can’t believe people like him are Doctors and scientists!

    You can read this article by Mike Stone at ViroLIEgy regarding that. Its intention is humorous while recording the methods used to create these special pictures, which in the view of Dr. McCullough is proof of Nellie or the Abominable snowman. You don’t have to read word for word the methods used to create these pictures, but you should get the drift of how silly this is!


  3. “How unbelievable do things have to get before the mass propaganda falls a part??”

    The US is a criminal enterprise.Security forces fused with organised crime in the 30’s and grew together from there.Kennedys,MLK-they routinely kill their own.Gulf of Tonkin,Pearl Harbour,Iraq,Libya,Chile,Afghanistan,Viet Nam,Chile,Ukraine,Twin towers,Syria,etc. and their endless destruction of innocent people,world leaders and entire nations.

    This ,their next genocide, includes AI enslavement and is global in nature. The American people are going to have to rise up to save themselves and perhaps show the way forward for other nation’s people regarding the death/AI enslavement spiral we all find ourselves subject to.
    Unfortunately,many.many more will die and become disabled before people have had enough of the lies and their BS.

    These brave victims/doctors /scientists and Senator Johnson deserve our respect for standing up and educating normies.
    However,there is nobody on that panel highlighting the US patents and US DARPA / AI agenda that countless scientists,pharmacy insiders and whistleblowers have discovered and presented in the public realm for over a year now. Not a word. COMPLETE SILENCE AND IGNORANCE.

    The serial thieves,murderers,psycopaths and elite scum that run this show will never be held to the light of day . NEVER.
    13 billion doses,three years and military AI tech inside near everyone on the globe and not a word uttered of what is actually happening. Bravo.
    Yes,I watched the three hour presentation. Lots of talk on ‘vaccines’ and ‘spike proteins’ when the most diabolical component is actually military-grade AI biowarfare technology.

    Dr. McCullough is correct in his conclusion-pull these biowarfare injections off the market. That will not and can not happen.Agenda 2030.

    Those that own and run the US don’t care one iota about anybody but themselves and their agenda.Propoganda is normal operating procedure and it will not ever end.


  4. Alright! I’ve gone as far as I am willing to go in this video conference. Other than opposition to this injection ALL of these Doctors are gatekeeping quacks! They all buy the utterly fraudulent “virus” paradigm. They push OTHER drugs (re-purposed–gag). They all follow the same script of the “virus” and its so-called “variants” UTTER NONSENSE! I can’t stand to listen anymore to these fraudulent medicine specialists. This is a choreographed case of setting up one opposition liar (virus pushers) against another liar (the vaccine pushers ie. the pharmaceutical DRUG pushers). Neither one will EVER expose the anti-science behind the fraudulent “virus” narrative, because it suits them ALL.

    Very disappointed, but not surprised. It is getting a bit late to reach people with the anti-vax stance or the anti-science germ theory which compels jabs and drugs. We need more people to wake up to the latter so that they understand that the medical establishment in total is anti-science, hypocritical, and corrupt beyond measure, and it is up to each human being to discover that for themselves and question every thing the quacks and pseudo-scientists have told them.


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