One thought on “Dr. Malholtra On Statins and MRNA Vaccines

  1. Amazing that the mRNA risk is being disseminated in the BBC. The dam is breaking. People need to remain vigilant, courageous, and strong.

    I’ve explained in other posts why I think a multi-millennia old paradigm is about to change. A change for the very much better. A new Renaissance thanks to the inability of our wanna-be tyrants being unable to control the narrative (a first in all of human history).

    At the heart of this new Renaissance is the concept of Individual Rights (largely emulated by Canada’s Charter of Rights) that correctly identifies the law abiding individual as the sovereign unit of value, vs the ancient conservative tradition of the collective (or kingdom) ruled by a sovereign (“deer leederz” and their “exspurtz”) that we obediently sacrifice our minds and bodies to.

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