“What Fools These Mortals Be” (In Vietnam And Ukraine)

And looming nuclear doomsday

Francis Christian

My readers may recall that when Puck exclaims in Shakespeare’s least reverent play: “what fools these mortals be,” the complete and utter chaos he has unleashed threatens to destroy love, hope, joy and everything that makes life meaningful.

We are even more fools in our time if we do not see the almost exact replay of the folly and tragedy of Vietnam, in the folly and tragedy of Ukraine. In the midsummer’s night of Shakespeare’s play, the chaos and mayhem of misplaced love and altered reality were reversed by a simple squeeze of love potion upon the eyes of a sleeping lover. No such reversal may be possible with Ukraine and unless we act quickly and decisively in favour of peace, the neo-con dream of domination will turn into a nuclear winter for us all.

The gulf of Tonkin “encounter” which was used to justify massive American involvement in Vietnam, simply did not happen. It was made up. Russian aggression against a supposedly “democratic” Ukraine also did not happen. It too was made up. Instead, the levers of the Ukraine war are being operated across the Atlantic, by the neo-cons in Washington DC, to whom the expending of human life in pursuit of their own goals is no different in principle, from the goals of the covid criminal enterprise.

Whether or not the global population of human beings is being regarded by the covid criminal enterprise as expendable objects in the pursuit of their corporate goals, there is no doubt whatsoever, that the neo-cons who control the Biden administration regard Eastern Europeans and Russians as expendable fodder and that they want to fight the Russians “to the last Ukrainian.”

At the start of the Vietnam war, Americans were convinced by a lying government and a compliant media that they were defending a vague notion of “democracy” by carpet bombing a largely rural population with gigantic B-52 bombers and defoliating Vietnamese forests with chemical toxins (“agent Orange”). The neo-cons of the Ukraine war and the media they control have also (thus far) convinced the majority of the Western population that Mr. Zelensky is the Jeffersonian symbol of democracy that merits “defending” in Ukraine and that Mr. Putin is no different than the devil himself! Indeed, after his recent, bizarre address to the U.S. Congress, Mr. Zelensky now has carte-blanche not only to ban all opposition partiesjail political opponentsban the Orthodox Church and torture and kill Russian prisoners of war – but also to present Western nations with demands for several blank cheques to cheerfully fund all these already accomplished democratic actions and many more he may have in store!

Powerful and rich Western nations (including France and Germany) saw the writing on the wall in the 1960s and refused to sign up to America’s war in Vietnam. With the balance of power and wealth now shifting to other nations, China, India and most African, South American and Asian nations want nothing to do with America’s suicidal war in Ukraine. 

Even before the commencement of hostilities in Ukraine, the weapons manufacturers were licking their lips and anticipating huge profits. The Vietnam war was no different – and in every American war since, the merchants of death have made billions of dollars literally off the blood of the people. Three months into the Ukraine war, the profits of the weapons industry were already skyrocketing, but now, the industry is having its best ever years (of making tools that kill people).

The “domino theory” was used to justify the killing of millions of Vietnamese people and tens of thousands of American troops in the Vietnam war. It went like this – if North Vietnam’s Viet Cong were not defeated, Vietnam would invade and take over neighbouring South-East Asian countries and countries beyond South-East Asia. As it happened, after the victory of the Viet-Cong and the chaotic retreat of American troops (aka Afghanistan), Vietnam temporarily invaded only one country, Cambodia, to rid the country of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime. The domino theory was another lie.

The clowns in Washington DC are using the same “domino” playbook in Ukraine, and it is (thus far) working! We are told the nonsensical lie that Putin has designs for neighbouring European countries – and for Germany and England as well! 

In the Vietnam era, the media lied together with the American administration – it was a deadly tango of deception, with the “we are winning” slogan making a mockery of facts on the ground. It was only after the “most trusted man in America” Walter Cronkite declared dramatically on prime-time TV that, “we are mired in a stalemate” and that he saw peace talks as the only way out of the the quagmire, that the spell of the lying media over the American people was broken. 

The media’s lies in the Iraq war continued a decades old American tradition of concentrating media control in a very few hands and using corrupt political lobbying to advance the aims of the arms industry. The same incompetent people (the neo-cons) who lied their way (without consequence) through the Iraq war are now lying at a furious pace and with ever more ridiculous claims that “the Ukrainians are winning.” 

The truth is quite the opposite of course and Ukraine is not winning. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukranians and Russians have been killed or seriously wounded in the killing fields of Ukraine. From their comfortable bunkers in Washington, the neo-cons are literally bleeding Ukraine to death and causing unimaginable suffering to Ukrainian and Russian families. It is a form of demonic human sacrifice.

Russia has always had the battlefield advantage and has continued to decimate the numerous Ukrainian battlefield assets delivered by NATO (American) countries. A massive Russian offensive is poised to be unleashed in early 2023 that will be much more devastating to the Ukrainians (and Americans) than the Tet Offensive in Vietnam or the Taliban offensive in 2021. The American neo-cons and the Ukrainian oligarchs continue to prosecute a war in which there are billions of dollars to be made for themselves and in which their own families will never participate. 

The difference now with Vietnam or Iraq of course, is that Russia possesses the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and the most advanced means to deliver them. The neo-cons not only discount the possibility of defeat (aka Vietnam and Afghanistan) but have also reportedly leaned upon the puppet Biden administration to commit to first use of nuclear weapons against Russia! All this, whilst Russian nuclear submarines lurk in a posture of nuclear readiness and whilst Russian nuclear missiles can devastate American cities in a matter of minutes (and vice versa). 

Without taking sides in the present, tragic war, we can all work for peace. 

When historians write the history of the covid tyranny that consumed the world during the last 3 years and continues to exert its long shadows into the present era, Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Peter McCullough will be seen as a watershed moment that opened wide the floodgates of truth and made the population aware of a bio-medical totalitarianism that had hitherto exerted a deadly spell over them. 

May I appeal to Mr. Rogan to host a similar Cronkite moment for truth and peace for Ukraine, for the Ukrainian and Russian people, for humanity, for us all. 

Walter Cronkite’s courageous broadcast shook the American people out of the delusion that American was winning the Vietnam war. But Joe Rogan’s intervention can literally stop the hands of the nuclear doomsday clock. 

Mr. Rogan will then join the distinguished, immortal ranks of those who have risked all to make peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers” Jesus said in the Sermon on the mount – “for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Dr. Christian was fired by the Saskatchewan Government because of his covid pandemic views and writes on sub stack.

8 thoughts on ““What Fools These Mortals Be” (In Vietnam And Ukraine)

  1. The fall of the Soviet Union made NATO and the centralized banking that financed it into a “solution” looking for a problem to solve.

    The welfare/warfare states of the West evolved to become something equivalent to the collectivists of the Soviet Union/Nazi Germany. The West/NATO has no moral high ground using Ukrainians as cannon fodder in a proxy war against Russia.

    The shit show of despots on all sides.

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  2. Oh, to get the population to listen, hear, read, pay attention to what is really going on.

    This article brings back memories of what really happened with Vietnam. I can see what is happening with Ukraine.

    How does one get people to take off those blinders so as to see and know, rather than escort friends who are bearers of factual information to the door?

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  3. Foolish is as foolish does. Long ago the CBC had a commercial that told people not to be stupid dupes and this was in the early to mid 1960s.
    The message fell on deaf ears.

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  4. Ukraine is, I believe, just a money laundering operation for western political parties. It’s almost too obvious.
    These degenerate politicians are making money hand over fist from the Billions being donated, loaned or guaranteed. These swine will never leave the beloved trough.
    Not to mention the arms sales.

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