BOMBSHELL: New Project Veritas video hits it out of the park!!! Watch now!

Pfizer exec admits they are engineering viruses so they can have the vaccine ready when their virus becomes the dominant strain. Pfizer makes a lot of money and America loses.

Steve Kirsch

Finally, an honest Pfizer executive admits to Project Veritas what the game plan is:

Watch the entire video. It’s worth it. EVERYONE should watch this video.

I’ll post an updated link after YouTube censors this one. It is a violation of YouTube’s terms of service to post any video that makes Pfizer look bad, so I’m sure it will be removed.

Mainstream media will never cover this video.

Expect everyone in the mainstream medical community to keep their mouths shut and say nothing. Expect complete silence.

Twitter spaces discussion

Join Robert Malone, me, and others at 6 pm PST on Twitter spaces to discuss this (which is right now!)

Robert W Malone, MD @RWMaloneMD

Please join this critical twitter spaces event tonight. I have seen the material and video that will come out from Veritas and it is explosive!

Project Veritas @Project_Veritas

🚨ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 @RWMaloneMD will be joining us at 9pm to discuss incredible undercover video of a @pfizer exec revealing shocking new vaccine research and development plans PM ∙ Jan 25, 20233,563Likes1,506Retweets

In the video, the Pfizer executive warns the interview to NOT TELL ANYONE.

So please do not hit that share button. It’s important to keep this secret 😉

6 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: New Project Veritas video hits it out of the park!!! Watch now!

  1. I went searching for this fellow online to see if I could find him on the Pfizer website and I cannot – I realize it’s a big company, but only found him as the CEO of a small unrelated company – can anyone back up his credentials please? Then I’ll “share”….


  2. Project Veritas just got a Pfizer executive to admit that they’ve been working on Gain of Function research to make the COVID “virus” more deadly, keep the plandemic going in order to sell more experimental jabs. You see you don’t need to go halfway around the world to find bioweapon labs, they’ve always been here. We’ve warned everyone from the beginning: the “vaccine” is the disease.


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