5 thoughts on “The Arrest And Imprisonment Of John Carpay , President , Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

  1. The Chekists will arrest anyone at any time any where and for any reason or no reason at all. This is part of the communism our dear leaders in the west sponsored in the USSR. It is coming to a place near you.

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  2. The Individualist component of Canada’s Charter is a direct threat to the Collectivist hive mind. Both “liberalz” and “konservativz” are Collectivist (vs Individualist), and all want to be the “deer leederz” of socialist welfare state Utopia.


  3. A fascinating interview with a man with an amazing attitude. I noted that he stated his legal bills will NOT be covered by the Justice Centre. I’m curious as to whether a Go Fund Me page or some such fundraiser might be set up for him. It will be a long and no doubt expensive process to clean up an unnecessary mess.


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