To The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons —Re. Dr. Charles Hoffe MD

It is my understanding that the College is in the process of a hearing concerning the conduct of Dr. Hoffe. I know Dr. Hoffe and I am familiar with the present circumstances regarding his interactions with the college. 

As the only living first minister who helped craft the Charter of Rights  and Freedoms , and cognizant of the hippocratic oath,  I find what the college is presently attempting to do regarding Dr. Hoffe violates these fundamental standards. 

I urge you to abandon your present course and permit Dr. Hoffe to continue his excellent medical practice providing care in freedom , valuing the right of the person and in practicing the principle of doing no harm. 

May I remind you of the Charter provision of ‘life , liberty and security of the person.’ This is in Canada’s most important document, our Constitution.  

Hon. A. Brian Peckford P.C. 

25, 220 McVickers Street

Parksville, BC, V9P 0B4 

Sent by e-mail today to the College.

28 thoughts on “To The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons —Re. Dr. Charles Hoffe MD

  1. GOOD on you Brian. Those college of physicians need to be reminded. Our Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that you helped build, matter to many Canadians as does the Oath that physicians sign when they become doctors.

    WHY would this group be so willing to take up the mantle of the global cabal and drop these critical meaningful documents.

    Oh these are sad times Brian and hard times.

    Thanks once again for reminding people of what deeply matters to us all.

    Wendy Kinsey

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  2. These people really don’t care. If they can stifle dissent , logic and medical standards, not to mention the Hippocratic Oath and a triviality such as the magnificently constructed Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, they surely will do it. Unethical ? Of course. Unlawful? Probably. Anything will be done about this ( ie. an about face toward rationality , civility and the Rule of Law? ) We’ll see. Don’t hold your hat , though.

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  3. Thank you Hon. Brian Peckford for taking the time to personally support Dr. Hoffe MD who is doing nothing wrong and everything right regarding his medical oath of office and the best he can as a respected, loved, family doctor in his small Canadian town. His medical association should be ashamed of themselves but I fear they’re too arrogant and likely paid off to recognize what they’re doing.

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  4. THANK YOU for being a fine example for all of us, Brian Peckford. I managed to find an email for the College and just emailed them as well. Not that I have anything to add or have any medical or legal expertise on such matters, but I do understand basic human rights, and know that Dr. Hoffe is not being treated in accordance with our Charter.

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