An Eye For An Eye

By Terry Burton

My fellow humans, today will go down in infamy as the day the FDA and CDC were, it appears, aroused from their deep slumber. 

The exact time of this awakening, we are unsure, as to when their multi-year bear like hibernation ceased, when the handcuffs were removed and the FDA and CDC, upon peering into the abyss of responsibility and accountability, saw their shadow and decided to venture into the inner sanctum of “their mandate” and explore their reason to exist and with the intensity of a coronal mass ejection—DO THEIR JOB!!!

Yes, make no mistake, there is a very serious health matter that is facing the American population, I’m not being cynical here, it is, indeed, serious.

“What”, you may ask Mr. Burton, “has brought about this epiphany like conclusion, what in the world did the FDA and CDC do,” to elicit such joyous emotional and unexpected uplift to your spirit?

Well, I recently read an Epoch Times article by, Jack Phillips, titled “ FDA Announces Recall of New Eye Products Over Deadly Bacteria.”

It was earth shattering, cataclysmic, it was the counterbalance, the unexpected action by the FDA and CDC that suggests that somewhere, within the confines of these monolithic governmental and Big Pharma funded organizations, the chains of disinformation, misinformation, distortion of the facts and data, propaganda, censorship and sociopathic tendencies had been removed, one can only hope it isn’t a temporary unchaining!!!

Sadly, this genuine recall of an eye medical product is against a backdrop of the approval of a relatively new medical technology that is properly described as a killer and extremely injurious, that is, Covid-19 mRNA Experimental Materials injections. 

These mRNA injections have been mandated by an incestuous Cabal, and, make no mistake, the mRNA injections have killed, maimed, disabled, and hospitalized  tens (10s) of millions of human beings around the world. 

Astoundingly, it is against this deadly backdrop, that this dastardly mRNA Experimental medical product is still being promoted, around the world, by organizations, like the FDA and CDC, who are responsible to protect humans’ health. However and fortunately, this eye product damage, to be certain, has given rise to the FDA and CDC unsheathing Their  “Sword of Damocles—(SOD),” to punish the purveyors of such dastardly eye products—the FDA and CDC responsibility and accountability dam has been breached or is that just wishful thinking!!!

Sadly, this reality is occurring whilst the manufacturers of such Experimental mRNA products have been given legal immunity—that is, they cannot be prosecuted for the killing, maiming, disabling, and hospitalizing of tens (10s) of millions of human beings around the world. Line them up, injure, maim, disable, hospitalize, and kill, no problem my good and faithful Big Pharma folks, you are covered by:

“The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the Secretary) to issue a Declaration to provide liability immunity to certain individuals and entities (Covered Persons) against any claim of loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the manufacture, distribution, administration, or use of medical countermeasures (Covered Countermeasures), except for claims involving ‘‘willful misconduct’’ as defined in the PREP Act. This Declaration is subject to amendment as circumstances warrant.”

It does seem rather odd, and extremely frightening, that the FDA and CDC can find great concern, as they should, with these “eye products” that have, according to the article, injured approximately fifty-eight (58) patients and one (1) attributable death thus far but ignore the mRNA injection damage. It does, indeed, seem counterintuitive that the FDA and CDC is presumably unaware, seemingly unconcerned, and extremely defensive and obstructionist in their non-actions, regarding mRNA Experimental products that are known to have killed and injured millions thus far.

This quote from the Phillips article affirms the CDC concern over this eye product, “A letter issued by the CDC several weeks ago said that cases in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Washington have been identified. In a recent update, Illinois was added to the list.

These specimens were collected in both outpatient and inpatient healthcare settings,” the letter from the CDC said. “Patient outcomes include permanent vision loss resulting from ocular infection, hospitalization, and death of one patient with bloodstream infection.”

This worrisome eye product, as it should, caused, and is still causing great concern and consternation in the FDA and CDC. Consequently, and, “In the meantime, the FDA has cited the company for multiple violations including a “lack of appropriate microbial testing” and a “lack of proper controls concerning tamper-evident packaging.” 

The FDA agency has since banned the firm’s imports to the United States. Yet, unbelievably and unexplainably, the FDA and CDC are ignoring the mountains of evidence of the tremendous damage to human health and the ever growing human death toll of the Covid-19 mRNA Experimental Materials injections. 

If the eye injury numbers are correct, the FDA and CDC are seemingly extremely concerned, as they should be re the eye challenge, but seem conveniently oblivious to the estimated 500,000 plus deaths caused by the Experimental mRNA injections in the USA. That is, the FDA and CDC are concerned about this ratio 1/500,000 but not this ratio 500,000/1– there is no rationality that can explain away nor justify this absurdity.

Again, let’s put this in perspective, fifty-eight (58) injured patients and one (1) death has alarmed the FDA and CDC, but millions of mRNA injections caused deaths and injuries, around the world, brings FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Health Canada, etc. silence, denial, accusations of misinformation, disinformation, massive propaganda campaigns, censorship and scrubbing of the incriminating data—one might ask, what’s with this apparent and obvious coverup and indefensible, contradictory positions, taken by these “ sworn protectors”?

This contradiction, in any rational world, is like a flashing neon sign, akin to the energy and rotation of a pulsar star, outside FDA and CDC bedroom, that the occupants refuses to see or acknowledge—WHY?

The manifestation of this denialism by these “sworn protectors” is rampant and shows little sign of abating, thus far.

Might the public be better informed and more judicious in their conclusions, if they clearly understood that, and I quote, “denialism is a person’s choice to deny reality as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Denialism is an essentially irrational action that withholds the validation of a historical experience or event when a person refuses to accept an empirically verifiable reality.”

Are we now, even within our “sworn protector” institutions, experiencing collective denialism on a scale never seen before, or are we really observing the manifestation of a “convenient and protective denial, the world’s greatest lie, so to speak, by a great many complicit and aligned institutional Cabals.”

Is the primary objective of the Cabals to bury the damning evidence, such that their egregious criminal behaviour and crimes against humanity are not allowed to surface!!!! One might accurately suspect such is, indeed, the motivation and case.

Might one also suggest, that since the mounting evidence (of the various Cabals’ complicity in crimes against humanity) is breaching the weakening dams of censorship and obfuscation, that there will be hundreds of millions of humans seeking revenge, justice and punishment against the perpetrators of this medical catastrophe and genocide.

Might one suggest and advise, that if there isn’t a proper, independent, trusted process and mechanism put in place to convince those injured, and for the survivors of those loved ones killed by the Covid-19 mRNA injections, that justice is forthcoming; there will be vigilante justice sought— the likes never seen before in the history of humanity. 

Many may suggest, and I might fall into this camp at this juncture, this potential vigilantism is inappropriate, uncivilized, illegal and a return to humans’ animalistic and tribalism behaviour.

All of this may be correct, but that will not stop the vigilantes, because they, and many others will support them, will be driven by a burning desire for vengeance regarding their abusers, adversaries, exploiters, victimizers, wrongdoers, evildoers, violators and villains, who, with malice and forethought, wrought havoc and abuse upon the innocent and vulnerable. 

The lesson authorities must immediately learn and accept is, “a Trusted System and Process must be put in place, forthwith, that ensures those abusers and villains get punished and justice is delivered and seen to be delivered.”

Failure to provide such proper, independent, trusted system that delivers justice will see pogroms, butchery, assassinations, carnage, slaughter and decimation of the violators and villains, by the vigilantes, who will be demanding justice, around the world. 

Yes, there are those who suggest such isn’t possible in today’s “civilized world”; might I be so bold as to remind people of the ever increasing number of 21st century slaughters of humans, in a world that is supposed to be advanced and civilized: Tamil genocide, Chechnya Atrocities , Boko Haram and Fulani herdsman (Nigeria) Atrocities, Democratic Republic of the Congo Civil War Atrocities, Darfur genocide, Uyghur genocide in China, Myanmar genocide, South Sudan Civil War Atrocities, Yemen Civil War Atrocities,  Ethiopian and Eritrean governments Atrocities, Ukraine War Atrocities (both sides), Bosnia genocide, Rwanda genocide, Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS) atrocities, (I.e. Genocide of Christians by the Islamic State, Genocide of Yazidis  by the Islamic State, Persecution of Shias by the Islamic State).

Also, might I remind folks that the Summer of Love in the USA, the animalistic shootings and murders that take place with regularity in the USA, the disrespect for law and order in the USA and elsewhere in the Western World, the increasing tribalism, the lack of consequences for one’s actions, the increasing demands for censorship, the breakdown of the nuclear family, the hatred towards the police and military, the demand for reparations, the increasing demand for equality of outcome, the increasing demand for quotas versus meritocracy, the destructive nature of corporatism, the lack of borders, the indoctrination of youth by the “Educators”, the desensitizing of our youth by technology, and the increasing mental dysfunctionality in Society are all contributing towards increasing the pressure in the societal pot of discontent. This is what stokes vigilantism, and the Covid-19 debacle may be what blows the lid of this boiling pot of discontent. Sound farfetched, let’s hope so but let’s not be naive and deniers of this potentiality.

Consequently, might one be seen to be rational, if one was to conclude that the FDA, CDC and the public might be better served if the FDA and CDC were seen, by the public, to be genuinely interested in addressing the damage the Covid-19 injections are causing to humans and society in general!!

Might one accurately suggest the FDA and CDC “eye injury product concerns and actions taken,” is the same level of concern and action desperately needed, regarding the killer and injurious Covid-19 mRNA injections. Why the difference, at least from my perspective, is without moral, ethical and principled foundation.

Might one suggest the FDA and CDC (and many others in the Cabals) are walking a tightrope, without a net below, and there are a growing number of victims, and their loved ones, desperately looking for effective instruments and tools to cut this tightrope. They are clamoring and, with ever increasing volume and intensity, demanding justice, in whatever form deemed required and fair—by these victims, caretakers and advocates. The message, the King tide of medical malfeasance appears to have crested and the massive gravitational pull of justice is to become its replacement.

The new mantra of the victims of the Cabals might be, “You lied, you deceived, you killed with impunity and today you get justice; may you exit this planet immersed in guilt, anguish and shame, to face those millions you sentenced to a life of misery and to an early grave.”

The following amendment to the poem, by Laurence Binyon (d. 1943), titled “For The Fallen” is most applicable:

For Those Covid-19 mRNA Injected, Fallen And Injured

They were not allowed to grow old, as those unvaccinated who survived the Covid-19 genocide grow old;

Age shall not weary themnor the years condemn, as the mRNA Experimental injections have guaranteed.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, they will always be absent;

We will remember them.

We will demand justice is served;

Against those, who with malice and forethought, wrought havoc and abuse upon the innocent and vulnerable.

4 thoughts on “An Eye For An Eye

  1. Terry Burton asks in his monologue ” Why the difference”…………..follow the money EVERY single time. Mountains of money to the Covid vaccine manufacturers with zero accountability to victims of their product and money going to all the other pushers of the vaccine agenda……..medical associations, politicians, media. Why else is there a solid platform by all those organizations with so much evidence now of how the Covid vaccines are deadly and debilitating if it were not for money at the center of it all? There is no other purpose or reward for pushing the jab agenda and disregarding the mountain of adverse effects, and died suddenly phenomenon never seen before in our history.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As in most military operations the goal is to kill and take out the enemy.
      Humanity is the enemy and money is totally irrelevant to their goal.


      • Yes killing off the population is the goal for the evil doers namely the WEF, WHO, Bill Gates, Schwab, Fauci and the super rich. But using profits from the vaccines they’ve paid off the promoters of the jabs – media, politicians, medical associations to promote the vaccines and subdue and eliminate the use of 60 year old FDA approved, out of patent, cheap, safe drugs that haven’t killed anyone that have proven to kill Covid with early treatment. That’s where the money comes in – paying off the sales agents and brainwashing stupid people who believe the agenda. Now these same idiots are killing their children.

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  2. As much as I enjoy Mr. Burton’s always eloquent posts, after reading this, the only thing that comes to my mind and remains there is the last verse of “The Hollow Men”.


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