Canada’s Ethical Epidemic 

Lord Chief Justice Hewart of England in 1924:

“Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done”.

The Prime Minister of our country has violated the country’s conflict of interest law 5 times —so says the The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner . And still he sits in the House of Commons and is the PM. 

The new leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition appoints an ethically disgraced former leader to be the new House Leader for the Opposition.

The Top Judge of our land publicly disparages the character of some of the citizens of this country , no hearing , no evidence .

The Federal Pubic Order Commission to examine the Federal Government’s actions relating to the Emergencies Act saw the Government appoint the Commissioner and set the terms of reference —a Government examining itself. And most Canadians went along with it. 

The National Citizens Inquiry broke its own standards of independence by supporting their spokesman to be also involved ( paid $250,000) with another Covid Inquiry—A Government one !! And many Canadians are going along with this. 

The Government of Alberta set up its own Covid Inquiry without reference to its elected Legislature, following the Federal Government’s unethical lead of examining itself. And many Albertans are going along with this. 

Now we hear via the spokesman for the Canadian Association For The Advancement of Science in Public Policy that Brtish Columbia’s chief Judge Hinkson who is hearing actions by the Association against the Health Authorities of BC is on a Foundation that has dispensed money to some of BC Health Authorities .

Rebel News reports :

 ‘BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal’s judge, the Honourable Chief Justice Hinkson, has been a member of the board of directors for the Vancouver Foundation since 2014.

The foundation, which was established in 1943 through a parliamentary act called the Vancouver Foundation Act, works “with individuals, charities, and businesses to create endowment funds, most of which are permanent” and grants for “hundreds of charities and non-profits in BC.”

In recent years, recipients of donations from the Vancouver Foundationhave included public health authorities and their partnering organizations including the Fraser Health Authority, Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and the BC Centre for Disease Control Foundation for Public Health (BCCDC Foundation).

I note that none of the mainstream media has carried the story. 

It seems once again most people either are unaware of this story , or if they are, are prepared to say little to oppose such unethical behaviour. 

How can a society call itself a democracy if its leaders continually flaunt the very laws they have passed and are suppose to uphold.  

Without a moral compass, a democratic society cannot exist. 

Canada has lost that compass.  

The Trump Indictment Is Far From an Open-and-Shut Case

But its main weaknesses are factual, not legal, and courts won’t object to it as selective prosecution.

By Ethan Greenberg and Sam Braverman

March 30, 2023 at 6:23 pm ETSAVEPRINTTEXT


Donald Trump speaks at rally in Waco, Texas, March 25.PHOTO: SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

A Manhattan grand jury has reportedly voted to hand up an indictment of Donald Trump. The charge is expected to involve a “hush money” payment made to the pornographic film performer known as Stormy Daniels.

If Mr. Trump is charged, it seems likely to be for falsifying business records in violation of New York Penal Law 175.10, a Class E felony punishable by up to four years in state prison. The prosecution will probably claim that Mr. Trump falsified the records of the Trump Organization by falsely characterizing $130,000 paid to Ms. Daniels as a “legal fee” to attorney Michael Cohen. The prosecution will also contend that Mr. Trump’s crime was a felony because it was committed with the intent to conceal the federal election-law crime that Mr. Cohen committed by paying Ms. Daniels. Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty in August 2018 and was sentenced to prison by a federal court.

The prosecution faces several legal hurdles in pursuing such a case against the former president, but those hurdles aren’t the ones that Mr. Trump’s lawyers and supporters have thus far focused on in their public comments. Those “theories of defense” can be disposed of quickly:

• The hush money was a “legal fee.” A payment for another purpose doesn’t somehow become a “legal fee” because it was funneled through a lawyer.

• Selective prosecution for political reasons. This may or may not be a strong political argument, but it’s a weak legal one. Because of separation-of-power concerns, courts are reluctant to inquire into a prosecutor’s motives for bringing a criminal case, so long as there is probable cause to support a charge.

• The prosecutor can’t bump the charge up from misdemeanor to felony because Mr. Cohen, not Mr. Trump, committed the election-law felony. There is no requirement under New York law that the crime the defendant intends to conceal be committed by the defendant himself, or that the crime be a violation of state (as opposed to federal) law. 

Media reports about the case do, however, suggest three more-viable defenses.

First, the falsifying-records statute requires that the defendant make, or cause to be made, a false entry in an enterprise’s business records. Until an indictment is handed up and unsealed, we won’t know precisely which Trump Organization record is alleged to be false, or what part then-President Trump purportedly played in making that record.

Presumably Mr. Trump, as company CEO, had a limited role in the details of the Trump Organization’s record-keeping practices. That role surely became even more limited once he entered the White House. It is thus unclear how the prosecution would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Trump knew how the payment to Ms. Daniels would be recorded in the Trump Organization’s books. Perhaps Mr. Cohen’s testimony, or the testimony of some currently unnamed Trump Organization employee, can show Mr. Trump’s personal knowledge of and involvement in the alleged false record-keeping. But, in the absence of such testimony, the prosecution’s case may founder on this elementary point.

Second, there is a clear division in New York case law about the meaning of “intent to defraud” in the falsifying-business-records statute. One line of cases holds that “intent to defraud” in this context requires a showing that the defendant intended to deprive a victim of money, property or a pecuniary interest. But other courts have held that no such requirement exists; all that must be shown is that a deliberately false entry was made in a business’s records. The prosecution’s theory will likely be that Mr. Trump’s motive for falsifying business records was to deceive federal election-law authorities—and voters. But if the precedents that require an intent to cheat a victim out of money are held to govern, the prosecution will fail.

Mr. Trump’s most favored defense will likely be a factual one. His lawyers will undoubtedly argue that no jury should believe anything Mr. Cohen or Ms. Daniels says. Any defense attorney would salivate at the chance to cross-examine these “star” witnesses. Mr. Cohen has been convicted not only of making false sworn statements to Congress, but also of lying on his federal tax forms. His many inconsistent statements about the Daniels matter make staking a conviction on Mr. Cohen’s claims a significant challenge for the prosecution.

Ms. Daniels will surely be portrayed by the defense as a witness unworthy of belief by virtue of both her profession and her prior statements. Mr. Trump’s lawyers will assert that she has at times been paid to tell different stories. Why should Ms. Daniels be believed now, in the circuslike atmosphere of a Trump trial?

In sum, Mr. Trump’s best defense may be the boring legal argument that even if all the facts alleged by the prosecution are accepted as true, he lacked the required intent to cheat a victim out of money or property. But when has Mr. Trump ever chosen the boring option?

Messrs. Greenberg and Braverman are shareholders in Anderson Kill’s New York office and co-chairmen of the firm’s white-collar defense group. Mr. Greenberg has served as a New York state judge.

Source: WSJ

America’s children are facing unprecedented epidemics!


4 in 10 kids with Depression

1 in 5 kids with Obesity

1 in 5 kids with Suicidal Thoughts

1 in 6 kids with Developmental Disorders

1 in 10 kids with Anxiety

1 in 10 kids with ADHD

1 in 12 kids with Asthma

1 in 13 kids with Food Allergies

1 in 44 kids with Autism

1 in 285 kids with Cancer by Age 20

Chronic Health Conditions Among Children

Overview: A national study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2010, zeroed in on the deterioration in children’s health over time. From 1988 to 2006, there was a doubling of the prevalence of four types of chronic conditions (obesity, asthma, behavior/learning problems and “other” physical conditions), which rose from 12.8% to 26.6% of American children and youth.

A 2011 Academic Pediatrics study “estimated 43% of U.S. children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions assessed, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity or being at risk for developmental delays are included.” Pediatric autoimmune conditions are also on the rise. Autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies have doubled since that time, with autism now one in 30 children in some regions in the U.S.

“In 2020–21, the number of students ages 3–21 who received special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was 7.2 million, or 15 percent of all public school students. Among students receiving special education services, the most common category of disability was specific learning disabilities (33 percent).”

Mounting evidence indicates environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides as the principal culprits, while studies link vaccines and toxic vaccine ingredients to a wide range of adverse health outcomes, including seizures, neurodevelopmental disorders and infant death. As the medical, public health, and government circles remain silent on the social and economic fallout from these toxic exposures, American children have never been so sick.

2007 National Survey of Children’s Health

4 in 10

Teens suffering from depression

Children experiencing depression often feel persistently sad, hopeless or irritable, and can feel worthless, useless or guilty. They can display self-injury and self-destructive behavior, and may even think about suicide or plan for suicide.

1 in 5

Children suffering from obesity

Children with obesity are more likely to develop other serious health problems, including heart disease, breathing problems and type 2 diabetes. They are also more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

1 in 5

Teens has seriously considered suicide

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for teens and young adults, ages 10-34. Suicide and suicide attempts cause serious emotional, physical, and economic impacts. People who attempt suicide and survive may experience serious injuries that can have long-term effects on their health. They may also experience depression and other mental health concerns. When people die by suicide, their surviving family and friends may experience shock, anger, guilt, symptoms of depression or anxiety, and may even experience thoughts of suicide themselves.

1 in 6

Children ages 2-8 suffering from a developmental disorder

Individuals with a developmental disorder may experience dysfunction in memory, perception, attention, language, problem-solving, or social interaction. Developmental disorder may interfere with learning. They usually begin during early childhood, may impact day-to-day functioning, and can last a person’s lifetime.

1 in 10

Children suffering from anxiety

Anxiety can impact both physical and mental health. It can affect the immune, cardiovascular, urinary, digestive and respiratory systems, and it can increase the risk of infection. Anxiety disorders can cause people to feel ashamed that they cannot live their lives as everyone else does. In turn, this may lead to increased social isolation and further withdrawal.

1 in 10

Children suffering from ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often continues into adulthood. ADHD includes a combination of persistent problems, such as difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Children with ADHD may also struggle with low self-esteem, troubled relationships and poor performance in school.

1 in 12

Children has asthma

Asthma is a serious disease causing wheezing, difficulty breathing, and coughing. Over a lifetime, it can cause permanent lung damage. Every year, 1 in 6 children with asthma visits the emergency department, with about 1 in 20 children with asthma hospitalized for asthma.

1 in 13

Children has a food allergy

More than 40% of children with food allergies in the United States have been treated in the emergency department. When a person has a food allergy, the body’s immune response can be severe, as in the case of anaphylaxis, a sudden and severe allergic reaction that may cause death.

1 in 44

Children has autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability. People with ASD may behave, communicate, interact, and learn in ways that are different from most other people. ASD begins before the age of 3 years and can last throughout a person’s life.

1 in 285

Children is diagnosed with cancer by age 20

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children in America. One out of 6 children with cancer in America do not survive five years. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the impact is far spreading. Often a parent has to quit their job to provide care to the child, providing transportation to and from treatments, dealing with the many missed school days, caring for siblings and handling insurance and financial matters.

Source: Children Health Defence

It Might Be Your Money But Knowing How It Was Spent??

Cabinet Not Disclosing Federal Funds Lost on Failed Vaccine Factory: Federal Records

A vial of a plant-derived COVID-19 vaccine candidate, developed by Medicago, is shown in Quebec City on July 13, 2020 as part of the company’s Phase 1 clinical trials in this handout photo.(The Canadian Press/HO, Medicago)

A vial of a plant-derived COVID-19 vaccine candidate, developed by Medicago, is shown in Quebec City on July 13, 2020 as part of the company’s Phase 1 clinical trials in this handout photo.(The Canadian Press/HO, Medicago)

By Peter Wilson

March 30, 2023Updated: March 30, 2023

The Liberal cabinet is not disclosing the total amount of federal funds lost on investments in a Quebec-based COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing factory that was shut down by its parent company in February, according to newly released records.

In an Inquiry of Ministry tabled in the House of Commons on March 27 and first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, cabinet said that financial details between the government and Medicago Inc., the company involved, are private and cannot be released publicly.

Medicago, the manufacturer of a plant-based COVID vaccine called Covifenz, announced on Feb. 3 that it would be ceasing all operations after its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Group, cut all future investments in the company.

The federal government previously said in October 2020 that it would invest up to $173 million in Medicago, with part of the funding going toward building the company’s Quebec City factory.

“Total authorized support for this project was $200M, against which $101 million was disbursed in fiscal year 2020-21 and $59 million was disbursed in fiscal year 2021-22,” Industry and Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne said in the Inquiry document.

The document did not note how much of that funding the federal government expects to recover despite Conservative MP Stephen Ellis specifically requesting the figures in an order paper question on Feb. 6, days after Medicago announced it would be shutting down.

“The agreement with Medicago has legally-binding provisions to protect the taxpayer in the event of a default, sale or other event,” Champagne said in the Inquiry document. “Parent company Mitsubishi has committed to work with the government to make sure it meets its obligations.”

‘Confidential Information’

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) said in the Inquiry that it awarded an advance purchase agreement (APA) to Medicago in November 2020 on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada to obtain “20 million firm doses and up to 56 million additional optional doses” of the company’s Covifenz vaccine.

However, PSPC said the agreement included “strict confidentiality provisions” preventing either party involved from releasing “financial details and the information pertaining to the relationship.”

“The terms and conditions of the APA … are considered confidential information between both parties,” said PSPC.

The federal department added that the government had already “launched discussions” with Medicago to terminate the agreement by mutual consent prior to Mitsubishi pulling its funding of the company due to Covifenz delivery delays and changes to Canada’s vaccine-supply needs.

Regarding Ottawa’s previous $173-million investment in Medicago, Champagne said in February that recovering the funding was not the federal government’s first priority in dealing with the company’s shut-down.

“The first order of business is really to try to find a partner who can help us preserve the jobs, preserve the technology, and the intellectual property,” he told reporters on Feb. 3.

Source: Epoch Times

The ‘Woke’ Tyranny

Welcome to a substitute religion filling the void created by Christianity’s decline.

March 29, 2023 by Bruce Thornton 

A minor culture-war squall recently happened over the definition of “woke.” Activists have taken to responding to conservatives who use the term by asking them to define it. The various definitions are usually decried as incorrect, then followed up with QED. certainty that conservatives have no clue what it means, and use the term merely as a question-begging epithet and a political smear.

The word is indeed a political weapon, one adaptable to various political ideologies.  But that doesn’t mean the question of meaning is idle. There are various dimensions of the idea of “woke” that originated over a century ago and continue to shape our culture for the worse. A closer examination of “wokeness” reveals that at its heart lie some of the most destructive ideas of modernity that have been spuriously repackaged as cutting-edge novelties.

Like most definitions, a recent one in Atlantic by Thomas Chatterton Williams captures some of the components of the concept, though the author begs the question by writing that conservatives “end up using this word as an epithet to refer—vaguely—to seemingly anything changing in the culture that they don’t like.” That’s not a fact, but an unsubstantiated assertion of “woke” received wisdom.

The author’s own definition begs even more questions: “The constellation of social-justice concerns and discursive lenses that have powerfully influenced institutional decision making does [sic] work to sort individuals into abstract identity groups arranged on spectrums of privilege and marginalization.”

But what specifically and empirically comprises concepts like “social justice,” “privilege,” and “marginalization”? Lurking behind these cant-terms are questionable assumptions about the role of socio-economic status in personal success, and the contested, often subjective metrics used to define “privilege” and the “marginalization” the follows from its lack.

Worse yet, such statements all depend upon the dubious idea of “race,” a zombie word that grossly simplifies the genuine diversity of individuals, ethnicities, regions, mores, customs, education, faiths, and political beliefs. That’s how poor and marginalized white people supposedly still have more “privilege” and are less “marginalized” than a college-educated, affluent, professional “person of color.”

Moreover, a metaphor like “discursive lenses” suggests that just as “lenses” can distort as well as sharpen an image, these “discourses” are shaped to achieve illiberal identity-politics aims. And the postmodern “woke” openly endorse this relativism with phrases like “my truth,” without bothering to square the internal contradiction that their own “discourse” perforce is likewise determined by prejudices and ideologies that serve their political interests.

If there exists a “truth” that is limited to a specific ethnic or sex identity, and hence exclusive of those of others, then there is no truth, only “discourses” locked in zero-sum political struggles for dominance and privilege––that is, propaganda, not truth. What is factual, moral, and good then is a chimera, and has no relevance to other citizens with their own different, “truths.”

Another old troubling idea that vitiates the meaning of “woke” is its reliance on the “hermeneutics of suspicion,” the assumption that the reality of, say, systemic injustice and oppression is camouflaged by the official “discourses,” fabricated and controlled by hegemonic institutions, that lie hidden from view, disguised by specious ideals like “freedom,” “equality,” “patriotism,” and other “lies.”

This technique for discovering the reality allegedly concealed by unjust institutions, and their false narratives justifying their power, can be found in the 19th century. Freudian psychology, for example, asserts that beliefs in religion, or myths, fantasies, and dreams are “illusions,” psychic artefacts that compensate for the neuroses created by psychological trauma inflicted usually by parents in early childhood. Mental health can be achieved only by talk-therapy that exposes the true causes of neuroses and removes the defense mechanisms that hide them.

Similarly, Marxism posits a “false consciousness” that obscures the oppressive reality of industrial capitalism with its institutions like the “opiate” of religion, “a mistaken attitude to the world,” as Marx put it. True justice and equality will come only with the revolution once the proletariat’s consciousness is raised and awakened, and they rebel against the owners and bosses, abolish private property, and collectivize the means of production.

“Wokeness” is the latest version of this old idea. Uncovering the hidden oppressors is the first step in recognizing the unjust, racist reality in which certain “marginalized” peoples, especially “of color,” have to live. Only those “awakened” to that hidden truth will come to understand that, as Williams writes, the “idea that patriarchy, white supremacy, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and other ills inexorably saturate our lived realities and that the highest good is to uncover and oppose them is” the essence of wokism. Of course, claiming that all those “ills saturate our lived realities” including our whole society and culture, is yet another begged question.

The problem is very little empirical evidence supports these claims. For example, the idea of “systemic racism” built into our political order from our country’s beginning, must ignore or rationalize the very real progress black Americans have made even before the Civil Rights legislation dismantled legal segregation. Similarly, allegations that because of this “systemic racism” police wantonly murder black men have been repeatedly exploded by statistical data.

Ignored too are the malign effects on the underclass of all races created by redistributionist welfare policies that erode character and compromise the family, not to mention the widespread commercialization of hedonism and sexual license. Yet the smearing of law enforcement remains a potent tool for “woke” activists and politicians seeking political leverage, no matter how many black lives are damaged when police protection is reduced in their neighborhoods.

Finally, the resistance of the “woke” to empirical data and coherent arguments raises the question of what attracts people to such dubious, and decrepit, political ideals. Gaining political power and financial rewards, of course, have been the perennial motives for endorsing destructive ideas since the demagogues of ancient Athens. The mostly unaccounted for millions of dollars raised by the anti-police outfit Black Lives Matter are a case in point.

But there is something more going on than just greed and grifting. Much of “woke” behavior is redolent of political religions and cults, bespeaking its origins in Marxism. As historian Michael Burleigh has written, from the start Marxism “was a religiously inspired mythopoetic drama carefully camouflaged within various scientific-sounding accretions.” The term “woke” itself echoes the experience of religious converts. Indeed, the memoirs of former Marxists in the classic The God That Failed often explicitly describe their embrace of Marxism in terms of an awakening typical of religious conversion.

Arthur Koestler, for example, wrote in 1950 that “I became converted because I was ripe for it and lived in a disintegrating society thirsty for faith.” He goes on to describe his conversion in the imagery of a sudden awakening similar to St. Paul’s on the road to Damascus: “the new light seems to pour from all directions across the skull; the whole universe falls into pattern . . . . There is now an answer to every question, doubt and conflict are a matter of the tortured past . . . . Nothing henceforth can disturb the convert’s inner peace and serenity.”

This state of mind explains the “woke” penchant for absolute, intolerant certainty, indifference to empirical evidence, hysterical attacks on critics and heretics, an amoral “any means necessary” credo, and an eagerness to suspend or “cancel” the civil liberties and freedom of political opponents––all features of political cults and fanatical religions alike. Just think of Greta Thunberg’s juvenile temper-tantrums, or Al Gore’s fire-and-brimstone climate-change sermons at Davos.

“Wokism,” then, in many respects is a substitute religion filling the void created by Christianity’s decline, especially for Millennials and Gen Z’ers. According to a recent American Enterprise Institute report, 34% of Gen Z, and 29% of Millennials are unaffiliated with any religion, compared to 18% for Boomers, and 9%  for the Silent Generation (1928-45). Being “woke,” then, satisfies the younger generations’ search for meaning and certainty in the romance of revolution, their obsession with the latest political fads and memes, and their need for a justifying narrative that sorts out the “woke” sheep from the sinful conservative goats––all with without the accountability for one’s actions that traditional religions demand.

In the end, what matters about the idea of “woke” is not the word’s usage, but its illiberal, un-Constitutional policies that strike at the heart of our unalienable rights and freedoms, not to mention the manifest practical failures and lunatic policies of “woke” ideology––a tyranny of the minority just as dangerous as any other.

Avatar photo

Bruce Thornton

Bruce S. Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an emeritus professor of classics and humanities at California State University, Fresno, and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. His latest book is Democracy’s Dangers and Discontents: The Tyranny of the Majority from the Greeks to Obama.

Source: Front Page Magazine

Pastor’s Pawlowski’s Reaction To Being Kicked Out Of Alberta’s Independence Party

On March 28, 2023 my 50th birthday, the board of directors of the Independence Party of Alberta, with a transgender secretary spearheading this attack, decided to revoke my membership, kicking me out of the party.

For months the board was bombarding me and demanding that I stop talking about God, moral principles and true freedom and independence. I was told multiple times that I cannot talk about grooming of children, drag queen shows, abortion and corruption in our present government. I was told not to talk about Notley, Smith, Trudeau, jabs/jab injuries or anything negative.

We were pressured not to have doctors like Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. William Makis, and Dr. Rodger Hodkinsion on our stage. I could not submit to the demands of the directors such as Dan Duggan, Ty Northcott, Shannon Packham, Vicky Bayford, “Monica” Friesz who turned this party into the very thing that we are fighting against. A handful of directors decided to remove the leader that you elected and override your democratic voice. A censorial, top-down, controlling, corrupted, lying and tyrannical organization.

I have never hid my Christian beliefs or that I am a vocal bible preaching clergyman.

I never had, nor ever will, abandon my faith and moral standards.

I have been and always will fight for everyone’s freedom even if I disagree with someone else’s life choices.

I expected the same from this party.

In conclusion, I truly believe that this party has been infiltrated for a simple reason: we grew too big, too fast and we had become a real tangible threat to the corrupted establishment.

When I joined this organization a few months ago it only had a few hundred members and because of my notoriety and the hard work of individuals who are now also excluded from the board like Bob Blayone or Nick Lauritsen who dedicated the last three years into promoting and defending our God and state given rights, we grew to thousands. I have been travelling around Alberta for months and the response has always been standing ovations and more memberships.

Someone somewhere said a simple two words: “kill it.”

They realized the party has become too dangerous to the establishment, and they had to sabotage it before the election. The Independence Party of Alberta has been infiltrated by evil people and this treachery has revealed their intentions.

My friends, I assure you that I will not stop talking about moral standards, my lord and saviour Jesus Christ, I will always stand for what is right, I will defend freedom and I will forward the idea of individual independence wherever I go, even if I have to do it alone.

I will still be running in this upcoming election as an independent candidate. Today a few have decided to betray you but we are many, we are growing and we are rising, we will stay in solidarity with each other until justice will be served, democracy restored and God brought back to government.


Remember in the end of the day the treachery of Judas Iscariot is rewarded with silver coin that is attached to a big tree and a strong rope. Be blessed, do not lose hope, stay strong and remember that God wins in the end. Your Pastor, Artur Pawlowski


Reader’s Reaction To Edward Dowd’s Economic Impact Study On Covid Vaccines

Darlene Lochhead

Devastating report: ZEROHEDGE-Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled, estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million

Here, in Canada, silence regarding all of this. In fact the vax is still being pushed, along with masking. Especially in BC.

This Canada, has fallen into wickedness. The silence is deafening, amongst the citizens. The word salad of nonsense from politicians is sickening. Disaster is coming soon.

Let’s not talk about it, except on social media. Government is trying very hard to shut that down. Truth exposing government lies.
There’s going to be a repeat performance coming soon, I’m sure.

The propaganda machine, is keeping the people on edge. There’s an increase in acceptance if insane behaviour. In fact, those against the insanity are being bullied & arrested.

The crowds, seem to continue to faun over “ the emperor’s new clothes “, & the kid that would speak out & say , “the emperor is naked”, is being brainwashed in school to go along with the insanity.

The inmates have taken over the asylum.

Terry Burton’s Reaction To Nursing Home Tragedy In Canada

When I read articles of this nature I’m always taken aback by the “surprise” that many people will suggest they are confronted with, by the reality and health risks associated with Senior’s facilities and their vulnerable residents.

As crass as this may seem I have, for decades, argued that seniors facilities are Petri dishes and cesspools of infection, awaiting their next victim. I’m not exaggerating this risk nor should anyone with even a minimal level of medical and/or basic biology be surprised by the increased health risks to seniors in these facilities. You may ask, why do you feel this way? I provide you the following:

1. Seniors are generally more health challenged than the general population;
2. Seniors generally have weakened immune systems thus more susceptible to illness, infection and a myriad of other health challenges;
3. Seniors are housed in facilities where they are, by the nature of the housing, meal facilities, and movement of staff from room to room, exposed to numerous opportunities, especially for bacterial and viral diseases, to be infected by others;
4. Workers in the facility can, unknowingly, bring disease and infection into the seniors facilities;
5. A large number of workers in the facility have minimal, if any, knowledge regarding infection control;
6. Numerous visitors come to these senior facilities and can, unknowingly, bring disease and infection into the seniors facilities;
7. The seniors facilities are generally poorly staffed with the needed medical expertise;
8. Seniors are often overly medicated in these seniors facilities thus very susceptible to the negative impact of these medications on their weakened immune system;
9. Contaminated food and/or water;
10. Improperly cleaned utensils, common serving utensils, uncooked foods, common exercise equipment usage, and improper ventilation.

Devastating report: ZEROHEDGE-Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled, estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million 

disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone (mRNA technology), which cost the economy nearly $150 billion; Edward Dowd delivers the goods

Dr. Paul Alexander

‘In analyzing each of the above categories, Phinance used absolute excess lost worktime (see previous report) to determine that the direct economic cost of vaccine injuries was $79.5 billion in 2022, and $52.2 billion for those with severe disabilities.

For deaths, Phinace used the average yearly absolute rise in excess deaths since 2021, which was 0.05% for the 25-64 year-old demographic, which amounted to $5.6 billion in lost productivity.’


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‘Wind Power Fails on Every Count’: Oxford Scientist Explains the Math

A wind farm outside of Palm Springs, Calif., on May 26, 2018. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

A wind farm outside of Palm Springs, Calif., on May 26, 2018. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

By Naveen Athrappully

March 27, 2023Updated: March 28, 2023

Wind power has been historically and scientifically unreliable, claims an Oxford University mathematician and physicist, with his calculations revealing the government to be pursuing a “bluster of windfarm politics” while discarding numerical evidence.

After the decision to cut down on fossil fuels was made at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, the “instinctive reaction” around the world was to embrace renewables, Professor Emeritus Wade Allison, who is also a researcher at CERN, said in a 2023 paper (pdf).

Allison noted that because solar power is “extremely weak,” it was inadequate to “sustain even a small global population with an acceptable standard of living” before the Industrial Revolution.

“Today, modern technology is deployed to harvest these weak sources of energy. Vast ‘farms’ that monopolise the natural environment are built, to the detriment of other creatures. Developments are made regardless of the damage wrought. Hydro-electric schemes, enormous turbines and square miles of solar panels are constructed, despite being unreliable and ineffective; even unnecessary,” Allison said in the report, published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

“In particular, the generation of electricity by wind tells a disappointing story. The political enthusiasm and the investor hype are not supported by the evidence, even for offshore wind, which can be deployed out of sight of the infamous My Back Yard,” he wrote. “What does such evidence actually say?”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wind power generated more than 9 percent of the net total of the country’s energy in 2021 and is the largest source of renewable power in the country. Over 70,000 turbines generate enough power to serve the equivalent of 43 million American homes, the department says.

There are 120,000 jobs related to wind energy in the United States, the Energy Department says, and it’s one of the fastest-growing jobs in the country.

The Evidence

Allison explained that wind energy is measured based on the amount of moving air and the speed of the air as it reaches the area swept by the turbine blades.

The scientist calculated that, at 100 percent efficiency, if the wind blows at 10 meters per second (about 22 mph), the power is 600 watts per square meter. Hence, to deliver 3,200 million watts, the same output as Hinkley Point C—a planned zero-carbon nuclear power station in England—there would need to be 5.5 million square meters of turbine swept area.

“That should be quite unacceptable to those who care about birds and to other environmentalists,” Allison wrote.

The actual performance of the technology is much worse than the calculations made based on 100 percent efficiency, he said.

“Because the power carried by the wind depends on the third power of the wind speed, if the wind drops to half speed, the power available drops by a factor of 8,” he said. “Almost worse, if the wind speed doubles, the power delivered goes up 8 times, and as a result the turbine has to be turned off for its own protection.”

Allison noted that fluctuations are considerable as he pointed to a WindEurope Report that showed the installed nominal generating capacity across the European Union and United Kingdom on a daily basis was 236 gigawatts (GW). However, the highest output in 2021 registered at 103 GW on March 26 of that year.

The unreliability extends to offshore windfarms as well. Batteries used to store power are also severely restricted by current technology. In spite of such evidence, the government keeps ignoring the numbers, said Allison.

“With general energy shortages, the war in Europe, high prices and the likelihood of failures in electricity supply, many popular scientific presumptions underlying energy policy should be questioned. Wind power fails on every count,” he concluded.

Failing Turbines, Carbon Dioxide Demonization

Wind turbines across the United States have been failing more frequently in recent times, triggering concerns about additional costs resulting from such failures as well as their impact on power projects. Offshore windfarms, deployed in the name of environmentalism, are now seen as disastrous for ocean life.

Malfunctions in wind turbines range from small issues, like some key components becoming faulty, to full-blown collapses.

According to a 2022 paper published by Wallace Manheimer in the Journal of Sustainable Development, even as modern society depends on reliable sources of energy, the “climate industrial complex”—a powerful lobby of politicians, scientists, and media—pushes climate-related falsehoods into the popular perspective.

“It has somehow managed to convince many that CO2 in the atmosphere, a gas necessary for life on earth, one which we exhale with every breath, is an environmental poison. Multiple scientific theories and measurements show that there is no climate crisis,” said Manheimer, a retired U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientist.

“Over the period of human civilization, the temperature has oscillated between quite a few warm and cold periods, with many of the warm periods being warmer than today,” he wrote. “During geological times, it and the carbon dioxide level have been all over the place with no correlation between them.”

Source: Epoch Times