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8 thoughts on “About

  1. People do not want Natural Gas / Dams Site C / Nuclear / Oil / Coal Fired – power plants to make electricity. Ok, shut down all the electricity they themselves use; see who will be crying first. Not us, it will be them.
    Shut down the Alberta oil? No eastern pipeline.?? Ok, 70% of all clothes / foot wear you wear is made from oil based products. How do the protesters get to their rallys, via cab, bicycle, rapid transit; all made by or run because of Crude Oil and electricity.
    Keep buying Arabian or Venezuelan oil, keep building the deficit higher and higher, help Trudeau make his professed and promised country deficit even a bigger deficit.
    Can’t make clothes out of animals, PETA will be all over you; re furs etc..
    So we will have a bunch of naked, cold freezing people running around because of their short sighted views.
    Use your heads people, you would have no cell phones, lap tops or paper products to post your protests if it were not for electricity or oil. How do you think these products were made, oh yeh; magic, forgot about that.
    Much like Trudeau pulling money out of nowhere.


  2. Trudeau = Turdeau , Turdhead, Turdopia (for legalizing marajuana).
    Princeling is an ego “testicle” self righteous photo seeking idiot who cares less about Canada than taking his princassling on jaunts around the world, off of Canadian tax payers backs.
    He got a majority gov with 39.5 % of the popular vote, doesn’t give a damb about the 60.5% who did not vote for him. He is shoving it up our ass, hoping to get the Nobel Peace Prize for letting radicalised Muzzies into Canada carte blanc.
    Have to get rid of him and his high spending Ministers who keep on doing the same thing each time, spend lavishly on expences hoping not to get caught after each jaunt. Once caught, gone out of the party, Turdhead has no backbone to do that.


  3. I found your site by accident. I find it extremely informative. Thank you very much for all your hard work in putting all the very important events and op eds in one place. And in such a timely manner too. All the very best!


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