Super Hornet vs F-35

Canadians like me are sick and tired of hearing about the replacing our aging CF -18 military aircraft. We all know they are outdated and should be replaced . But you think we can get on with it. Not on your life!

It seems as if this subject is as ubiquous as the Maple Leaf in the last decade.

Matthew Fisher of the National Post has an interesting article on the latest machinations in Wednesday ‘s paper. Apparently the Liberal Government is favoring the Boeing Super Hornet over the Lockheed F-35.  But this seems to be at odds with six retired fighter pilots who have flown our CF-18 aircraft over the north and who know both competitors . Apparently, according to Fisker’s  article the F-35 is more advanced and less detectable than the SuperHornet. Of course, it is also more expensive.  In addition to that , earlier this year 13 retired three star Air Force generals wrote a letter to the Prime Minister criticizing the Super Hornet , and opposing its purchase.

Of course,  none of this comes cheap. The Super Hornet ( there is to be 18 of them) come in at $4 to $8 billion a piece .

Perhaps its all much ado about nothing anyway. The elephant will have to protect the mouse in any significant military exercise –and meantime the elephant wins even with an inferior plane in that they will build them . Oh, yes there are some local offsets , but let’s face it , it is an American product.

The other consideration that is being discussed if that if we have an inferior plane and hence have to rely on the Americans for the more sophisticated stuff, does this in some way affect our sovereignty?

I suspect we have already crossed that ‘rubicon .’We just don’t realize it.