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My name is Brian Peckford, born in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1942, 7 years before the place became the 10th Province of Canada. Graduated from Memorial Memorial  in 1966. Taught high school in Springdale , NL, and then entered politics in 1972. Became. A Minister of the Crown in 1974, and Premier in 1979. Served for 10 years as Premier until I retired  in 1989. My wife Carol and I ran a Consulting business serving clients nationally and internationally from 1989 until 2001 when I retired.  We live in Parksville, B.C.

I Wrote two books : ‘The Past In The Present ‘ in 1983 and ‘Some Day The Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More ‘ , this second one making the Toronto Globe and Mail ‘s best seller list in the fall of 2012 when  the book was published.

As most people who know me are aware,  I hold opinions. Often strong opinions . However, I do like to research and and seek out the facts. My father called me ‘ digger’ for that reason I suspect.

This will be a wide ranging blog going where ever the urge dictates. I will try and mix it up ; especially  referring to people and books that I particularly enjoy.

Hope you enjoy and visit often.


149 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Honourable Brian Peckford after seeing you on Darkhorse (which I was very much looking forward to) I find your lack of Canadian history astounding especially since you are from the Maritimes. Do you really know so little about the people that were displaced or deported from your region? You need to understand that the US founding fathers saw the issues that the British had when usurping the rights of the Acadians from livelihood to familial loyalties just to follow a crown that wasn’t even aware of what its emissaries were doing in their name. Acadians deported to Europe made their way back to North America via Louisiana and helped the US Revolutionary Army fight the British because they knew what the consequences were of living under tyranny, loss of home and homeland and many families never reunited. But the wounds were enough to fight on. The Acadians were forced either to the oath of allegiance or they lost their weapons (which they used for hunting, they had already lost their rights to fishing), but the Acadians fear was to be forced to fight against their own including their native brothers so their disobedience led to their deportation, derangement (definitely for the deranged). This loss of the right to arms and tyrannical treatment was not lost on the Founding Father’s. This made their moral plea to their citizens to fight for freedom even stronger. Sometimes history is adhered to and sometimes the lessons learned afford a better outcome. So do not diminish the right to bear arms…..it freed a nation.


  2. How do I go about getting an autograph? I am so inspired by you and would love to have a keepsake. You have really changed my families view from pessimistic to patriotic.


  3. Thank you for doing this blog. I came here to find out more about the progress of your lawsuit. In particular I came to hear any speculation that you may have as to when Canadians will once again be allowed to travel in their country, in particular by plane.


  4. Could we start a class action suit for the travel mandates ? This way its not only a few people and its represents everyone? or how do we expand yours?


      • I see ok…i am all about moving faster! I have donated to it on the justice center. I just feel the need to do more and i dont know what as an ordinary citizen. This country is a disgrace and this needs to stop. I am so angry with this govt and what they have done to people especially for mental health. This covid charade needs to stop


    • Hello Gianna,

      I wanted to keep pressure on the government, therefore I have filed a discrimination complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against the Ministry of Transportation for their banning of the unvaccinated from traveling. I argued that travel is a right protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I have mentioned that the Ministry of Transportation has yet to provide any proof that unvaccinated are more dangerous than the vaccinated, and that they pose any risk to travelers, hence it has no bona fide justification. Most countries in the world already dropped all travel restrictions, and even WHO has recommended against such restrictions back in January 2022. Also, the Ministry of Transportation has not provided any reasonable accomodations, as in other covid-related cases in Canada.

      In case you want to try something along those lines, here is how you can file such complaint:

      Online: https://www.chrc-ccdp.gc.ca/en/complaints/make-a-complaint
      Email: complaint.plainte@chrc-ccdp.gc.ca

      Good luck,


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    • Canadian Police aren’t the only ones on the case 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 👍
      “You haven’t heard from America yet and you will” – Lt. Steven Rogers
      Apr 26, 2022
      Live From The Shed

      “Very soon, November of 22, we will become busy with you Mr. Trudeau and your government. God has given us, given America and Canada, free gifts called freedom and liberty and you and no one on Earth will take that away. And so let me just add this. In your ears, at night, and daytime, wherever you go, you remember three words because they’re gonna come back to haunt you, Let Freedom Reign.” – Lt. Steven Rogers

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  5. We are seeing a new and potentially dangerous division being promoted in Canada. The division is the classification of human beings as either vaccinated or non-vaccinated. We must all step back and realize this is occurring and refuse to be defined by these labels. Division and fear are extremely powerful tools that have been used to control humanity throughout history.

    Division and fear is the core cause of the most horrific atrocities ever committed on earth. Government leaders and media propaganda promoting hate are solely responsible.
    High school history confirms this over and over again, we don’t have to be historians to know this.
    We can all name the despots and their followers that were responsible for murder and immense suffering of humans in the world and still continue to do so.
    So we know this fact and see it repeatedly in history and currently in the news.

    How is it possible that the prime minister of Canada is promoting division, segregation, discrimination, fear and hate among the citizens of Canada and why?

    I am a sixty-six year old retired grandmother.
    I am a citizen of Canada.
    I am not vaccinated and I respect the medical, religious, cultural and gender choices of my fellow Canadian citizens.
    I believe in freedom of speech even if I don’t agree with an opinion. I support the freedom to voice it.

    The prime minister of Canada is now promoting segregation, discrimination and division with his hate speech. He is dividing Canadian families, neighbours, communities and co-workers.
    This one act has the potential to cause the atrocities we are all familiar with from history. To ignore this fact is to ignore all that history has taught us.
    According to the prime minister of Canada and the political party he represents this is how he sees me and the millions of non-vaccinated Canadians. This is how he wants you to see me. He is describing your non- vaccinated mother, father, grandparents, grandchildren, family members, neighbours, friends and co-workers.
    Let that thought sink into your very soul.
    This should outrage every citizen of Canada.
    This is hate speech and must not go unchallenged. Not from anyone and certainly and most importantly not from the Prime Minister of Canada!

    Hate speech is never acceptable under any circumstances on this earth.
    This is how the current political party and their leader, the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau sees me and all non-vaccinated citizens of Canada. And in turn, through his hate speech, is how he would like vaccinated Canadians to see us. This is how he wants my family, friends and neighbours, my community to see me as he speaks these lies.
    This is what Justin Trudeau says in his speech and believes that I am:
    Taking up space
    Conspiracy theorist
    To be Segregated
    Telling Canadians they are angry with me the “non-vaccinated “
    Telling Canadians they are shocked and disgusted with me because Canadians choose to speak out against mandates (these protests are citizens both vaccinated and non-vaccinated)
    Extremists who don’t believe in science

    Excerpt from The Toronto Sun:


    According to the Toronto Sun Trudeau said:

    “They are extremists who don’t believe in
    science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists,’ said Trudeau.
    “It’s a small group that muscles in, and we have to make a choice
    in terms of leaders, in terms of the country.
    Do we tolerate these people?”

    How long will you “tolerate” me Justin Trudeau.
    I hear and read your words Justin Trudeau.
    I feel your hate and disgust for me.
    I see you want my friends and neighbours to hate me and be disgusted with me. I never thought in all of my sixty-six years as a citizen of Canada that I would be the target of hate and discrimination and segregation by the prime minister of Canada and the political party that person represents.

    How long will you, Justin Trudeau, tolerate

    Hate speech is against the law.
    Why is the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau not held accountable for his words?
    Have we made it thus so in our country that the Prime Minister is above the law?
    I want an answer to this question.
    Every Canadian citizen deserves an answer to this question.

    Do you think that this targeted hate speech will stop at this one group of people? Do you think that this would never happen to you?
    I did.
    I never once in my life thought I would be the object of hate coming from the Prime Minister of Canada.
    I never thought I would witness a Prime Minister of Canada promoting hate towards any group of Canadian citizens. Justin Trudeau you will go down in history as the very first. Congratulations.

    I hope and pray that my family, friends and fellow citizens of Canada choose to continue to support freedom of speech and continue to respect each other. I refuse to be divided by hate and fear.
    I do not live in fear and I refuse to believe that hate will rule our country and the world.
    There will always be people who stand for freedom and love of humankind. It is In these people I place my faith and hope.

    God Bless.

    Kind Regards,
    Darcy L. Maude

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    • Very, very VERY well said Darcy! I agree on every point. I have a neighbor who crosses the street rather than meet me face to face in the outdoors, she is masked; I am not. I am an 80 year old great grandmother. I wore a face diaper when it was mandated as I could not afford the fines. When the mandate in my province was dropped, so was my diaper and I have not worn one since. Some have disowned me; others have accepted my choice as just that, MY CHOICE. My door is open to all, vaxxed or not; Christian or not. Skin color does not enter into our conversations or thoughts – everyone bleeds red. Keep up the fight as will I.

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    • tbof.ca

      C-19 Awareness Questionnaire

      “64. Are you aware the German government in 1938, declared Jews as responsible for the spread of Typhus (with the support of so called ‘medical experts’), and on that basis banned Jews from public places, including grocery stores, restaurants, schools and universities, entertainment and sporting venues etc.?”

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  6. Hello Hon. Peckford, is there a schedule of your speaking engagements? I would love to hear you speak in person and I would love for my children to hear you as well. We reside in southwestern Ontario. If you’ll be in our area, please advise. (I know that’s vast land to cover. But I think you’re worth a drive!).



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