About the blog

As most people who know me are aware,  I hold opinions. Often strong opinions . However, I do like to research and and seek out the facts. My father called me ‘ digger’ for that reason I suspect.

This will be a wide ranging blog going where ever the urge dictates. I will try and mix it up ; especially  referring to people and books that I particularly enjoy.

Hope you enjoy and visit often.



12 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog as part of my daily dose of online reading. I like that it’s short and to the point and though I don’t always agree with the view point I find it a refreshing change from some of the long winded and rambling blog posts that are out there. Keep it up!!



  2. Main residence at Grand Falls- Windsor, NL but spending six months of the winter at Lakeland, FL…..Both Sylvia and I love it here in Florida.


  3. Dear Mr. Peckford,

    I don’t know how else to contact you to say “Thank You” for the time and effort that you put into you blog. Like you I have strong opinions about a few things and like most people, I will tend to like other people with similar opinions. I am a Canadian male, 56, living on Vancouver Island. At first glance about as far away from our Princeling as one can get but in reality, a hatchery for new devotees of our pot loving potentate. When I ask the locals why they would support him, I am told it is because he will legalize the aforementioned weed or because he cares so much about the world. The scars on my forehead have yet to heal from all of the wall banging. Trust me, it does no good. The wall is still there and now I have a headache. I am reminded of the years in the late 60’s and the Trudeaumania of that time and frankly, it bothers me. It doesn’t surprise me, just bothers.

    But I’ve gone on too long when all I wanted to do was thank you for sharing your opinions and more importantly, the underlying objectivity that supports them. I’ll sign off wishing you all the best.


    Kurt Pyrch


  4. I’m tired tonight but I just couldn’t stop reading your blog paragrahs. I am going to frorward the latest to my ultra socialist friend in Deep Cove. He has waited his whole life for the government to pay his way and is hopeful now that the Obama people appear to be in a winning mode, along with Justin in Canada. Poor guy will die when he reads these paragraphs. His dream of a socialist society is fast coming to an end. Graet blog Brian.
    Talked to Hal Jones today. He is doing well, health is good and he is off all the medications except heart pills. Plays a lot of golf and asked me to say hi to you and Carol.


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