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My name is Brian Peckford, born in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1942, 7 years before the place became the 10th Province of Canada. Graduated from Memorial Memorial  in 1966. Taught high school in Springdale , NL, and then entered politics in 1972. Became. A Minister of the Crown in 1974, and Premier in 1979. Served for 10 years as Premier until I retired  in 1989. My wife Carol and I ran a Consulting business serving clients nationally and internationally from 1989 until 2001 when I retired.  We live in Parksville, B.C.

I Wrote two books : ‘The Past In The Present ‘ in 1983 and ‘Some Day The Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More ‘ , this second one making the Toronto Globe and Mail ‘s best seller list in the fall of 2012 when  the book was published.

As most people who know me are aware,  I hold opinions. Often strong opinions . However, I do like to research and and seek out the facts. My father called me ‘ digger’ for that reason I suspect.

This will be a wide ranging blog going where ever the urge dictates. I will try and mix it up ; especially  referring to people and books that I particularly enjoy.

Hope you enjoy and visit often.


79 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog as part of my daily dose of online reading. I like that it’s short and to the point and though I don’t always agree with the view point I find it a refreshing change from some of the long winded and rambling blog posts that are out there. Keep it up!!



  2. Main residence at Grand Falls- Windsor, NL but spending six months of the winter at Lakeland, FL…..Both Sylvia and I love it here in Florida.


  3. Dear Mr. Peckford,

    I don’t know how else to contact you to say “Thank You” for the time and effort that you put into you blog. Like you I have strong opinions about a few things and like most people, I will tend to like other people with similar opinions. I am a Canadian male, 56, living on Vancouver Island. At first glance about as far away from our Princeling as one can get but in reality, a hatchery for new devotees of our pot loving potentate. When I ask the locals why they would support him, I am told it is because he will legalize the aforementioned weed or because he cares so much about the world. The scars on my forehead have yet to heal from all of the wall banging. Trust me, it does no good. The wall is still there and now I have a headache. I am reminded of the years in the late 60’s and the Trudeaumania of that time and frankly, it bothers me. It doesn’t surprise me, just bothers.

    But I’ve gone on too long when all I wanted to do was thank you for sharing your opinions and more importantly, the underlying objectivity that supports them. I’ll sign off wishing you all the best.


    Kurt Pyrch

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  4. I’m tired tonight but I just couldn’t stop reading your blog paragrahs. I am going to frorward the latest to my ultra socialist friend in Deep Cove. He has waited his whole life for the government to pay his way and is hopeful now that the Obama people appear to be in a winning mode, along with Justin in Canada. Poor guy will die when he reads these paragraphs. His dream of a socialist society is fast coming to an end. Graet blog Brian.
    Talked to Hal Jones today. He is doing well, health is good and he is off all the medications except heart pills. Plays a lot of golf and asked me to say hi to you and Carol.


  5. Hi Brian,

    Shawn Jeffords here from The Canadian Press. I saw your post on the court decision regarding Toronto council and I’m hoping to talk with you about Ontario’s use of the notwithstanding clause. I’ll include my contact info below. Thank you.


  6. I’m looking forward to reading more of your well researched and informed posts. It is great to find someone who uses information (not fear-mongering and insults) to make a point. We need diversity of opinion, not just diversity of ethnicity.
    My Alberta based view of current events:


  7. Mr. Premier, I could see Brian Jean, QC running for Tory leader federally & being an excellent Opposition Leader & Prime Minister. Yes a social conservative is Bri, but he’s supportive of gay marriage & LGBTQ rights. As well, he backed GSAs or Gay/Straight Alliances in schools. In 2015 after only 29 days as Wildrose leader, he brought them back from 10 seats to what 22, just a fabulous fellow. Plus hes not hated as much as Kenney & is married with kids so is seen as a family man. An ex-MP & fluently bilingual like Premier Kenney, Brian would have energy cash backing as hes a Fort Mac resident. Plus e’s seen as a hero for due diligence in helping folks who lost their homes in Ft. Mac wildfire, very gracious as he lost his own abode. And Ab. Health Services screwed up & it cost his teenage son from his 1st marriage his very life, so Brian is seen as a man of true compassion.

    As an aside I proposed Mrs. Nazanin MacKay, Peter’s wife as she has a poli sci degree and is Coptic Christian so woul steal many multicultural votes from Mr. Singh. And she & Peter live in the 905/416 belt so they’d get many Liberal crossover votes there. She turned me down but was rather flattered I thought of her! You were great on the Roy Green Show on Dec. 1/19 again.

    Regards, Rory J. Koopmans, Edmonton, AB.

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    • I had not thought of him And i think you make a valid point. He is unknown outside of Alberta —perhaps known a bit in Sask and eastern BC. But from what I heard of him , sounds like a good candidate.

      Again your comments concerning Nazanin McKay are very interesting.

      Thanks. Brian


  8. Premier Peckford,

    I listen to you via Roy Green.  I feel like our Canada is going to hell, but you are the most effective sensible Conservative I have heard on radio.  Unfortunately we don’t have national syndicated truly conservative talk (with the exception of Roy Green 2 days a week) radio in Canada like they do in the USA, the latter I picked up by pulling in KBOI 670 Boise, a 50000 watt radio station at night time [however thank goodness for the internet.]  Our only local talk radio station is a mix of sports and the commentators who all they talk about is all fluff or left of center.   Its no wonder Liberals and the left of center dominate Canada with all the liberal & left of center.  I am so frustrated with this media bias and the direction Canada is going.. 
    Thank you and keep up your contribution.   If I had the power and money I would set up a radio system with you as one of the prime daily contributors. 
    Bruce D

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  9. Thank you for this site. My brother-in-law made me aware of it and I learn a lot here. I am one of the lost Red Tories who hold our noses and vote CPC….most of the time. We are folks who look at P. McKay and have some small hope that he can win and return us to a sensible conservative approach. I frankly don’t care that he made a “deal” 20 years back with the Reform Party. I just want a leader who succeeds on merit as opposed to name drops and virtue signaling, the latter term mentioned by Mr. McKay in his leadership announcement. There is little question that we are infected by the vitriol in politics migrating north, but the truth is that we seem quite capable of dividing ourselves and have been for some time. Keep up the fine work sir!


  10. Did you notice that the extreme weather temps reaching 121° that burned an entire town down up in Lytton, BC Canada. Dr. Charles Hoffe is from Lytton! Weird coincidence. HAARP

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  11. Brian, are you familiar with the group Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy? You seem well aligned with them. CSASPP has commenced a class action lawsuit against the BC covid mandates and policies, and is bringing an application to challenge the latest provincial health order (vaccine mandates). You can find their website here: https://covidconstitutionalchallengebc.ca

    If you have any interest in this group and its essential work I would be happy to discuss, you can contact me via my contact info I provided to post this comment.

    thank you!

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  12. Dear Premier Peckford,
    My wife forwarded your blog to me tonight because we are interested in Ivermectin and cannot understand how our leaders and medical people are still denying it to Covid patients, even after so many positive tests and real world success, most notably in India. Thank you for highlighting this issue. I can only wonder how the people responsible for “banning” such a safe and potentially life-saving drug can live with themselves. I also wonder (but doubt) whether there will ever be accountability. – J.D. Lees


  13. Mr. Peckford, do you need money to help with what you are doing? I don’t have a great deal but If a little would help I would be glad to send some.

    I am using your site to get information out to people and am so appreciative that there are others like you that are digging around so I can increase the facts I “KNOW” and can forward on. Please let me know.


  14. Dear Mr Peckford:

    Keep up the good work in exposing this conspiracy to destroy our Countries and our standard of living.
    One fact that nobody is addressing in these grievances you are posting about the vaccine, is the fact that MRNA vaccines permanently alter a person’s DNA and that should be the focus of these protests. Why is nobody talking about this. These are not the vaccines that we know and understand. Accordingly, if a person will not buy and consume GMO foods, why in the hell would they allow themselves to become a GMO by getting the vaccine

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  15. Brian,
    I am unable to read/see/open any of the screenshot .png graphs which accompany your recent post depicting the statistics being cooked by the BC medical authorities, et al, I would very much like to observe these graphs.
    Can you explore this issue?
    Thank you, and maintain your resolve!
    Kind regards,
    Rick Landry, Hamilton, MT.


  16. Dear Mr. Peckford,
    You sir, are a great inspiration and your dedication to Canada and the freedoms we hold dear give me hope for the future during these dark times.
    Thank you,


  17. Hello Hon. Brian Peckford,

    We have recently come across something called “Natural Law”. Are you familiar with this? It was shown to us as Canadian Citizens having the right to arrest and put in jail those who are breaking the laws of our constitution, such as local Mayors and MLA’s for allowing these mandates to happen in our area. We are seeking someone who can guide us legally if this is even feasible. Any help or advice you could give us would be most grateful.


    • I have been advising people affected by Municipal Mandates and loosing their jobs to write all elected people and inform them that they are violating Section 6(2)b of the Charter . That this takes precedence over all Municipal and Provincial and Federal Laws.


  18. Mr Peckford,

    I am old enough to recall your political life; I was a teenager in Montreal when you became Premier (in those days, politics stood very tall in nearby Quebec as you well know). A Qwant browser search on Pfizer and other attribute led me to your site tonight. Your repeated statements about the constitution and our rights in the age of lockdowns (as well as the recent measures of Quebec and Ontario) show the remarkable leadership you provide (The People’s Party of Canada also provides some voice but they have received rather modest press acknowledgement). I am very very disappointed and surprised that mainstream media do not seem to cover your recent statements. The McKennas, B. Tobins, L. Bouchards, J. Charests, D. Petersons of this world are strangely quiet these days. It is their prerogative I guess.


    Phil Derome


    • Perhaps the-most disappointing for me is that so many first ministers have remained quiet. Most ,of course , have vested interests, corporate boards that they would not want to disturb ——-that’s why I refused all such, including the Senate.


  19. Bravo Brian. It is one thing to stand up for Rights and Freedoms, but if there’s a society left after this mess, your role-modelling will show the younger generations that integrity and independence is much preferred to cronyism and corruption…for you and your mental health! Imagine how disgusted those Senators, Board members and the like feel when they lay down for sleep each night. We may not be ecstatic every night, but at least we can sleep soundly knowing that we’ve done the best that we can today…and will again tomorrow.


  20. Enjoy your articulate and intelligent articles. I am writing in light of the recent rants by the PM, and the crazy ideas of certain people, Quebec premier being one. One question: a nameless person on tv said that the Charter (and probably the Bill and Constitution Act) can be suspended in certain circumstances. Now I can see that for someone who is convicted (or arrested on suspicion of committing) a crime, or in the case of military conscription, this would be true. However, several of the International Rights laws state that forcing or coercing people to undergo medical procedures against their will is not legal even at the risk of the life of the state (a phrase I found cute!) . Now – under what circumstances can the Cons., the Bill and the Charter be ignored/ overturned (and for how long) and who, who, WHO – enforces the International laws, such as Nuremberg, Helsinki, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) etc. Are they just, as one person told me, to make people “feel better”? Thank you so much.

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  21. Hi Mr. Pickford. I enjoyed listening to your comments on Talktruth.ca last night on Daystar Christian T. V. When I checked out our Constitution it said there are people trying to eliminate the Suppremisy of God in the wording. Has this happened or if not, what are the chances of this happening.?


  22. Mr. Peckford,

    I would like to thank you sincerely, for being a voice in the Canadian wilderness speaking out against the gross violations of our constitution, charter rights and inherent human freedoms. There are many who stand with you. Today, January 19, Britain has reversed almost ALL covid policies, including not renewing passports on the 29th. I believe this is a panicked response to the recent acceptance by the Hague of the “Nuremburg 2.0” lawsuit against their government, ministers, health officers, and anyone else in a position of power who coerced and lied to the citizens.
    In the suit, the United Kingdom is directly named, but also included is “the world”. Do you think this could be used to pressure our current dictatorial regime to cease and desist, under threat of international criminal charges?
    Here is a link to the complaint, in its entirety.


    I would encourage anyone and everyone to read this, even just to provide a light at the end of this dystopian tunnel.

    Thank you for what you are doing!

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  23. Hi Mr. Peckford,
    I too am from Newfoundland- Was born in Grandfalls. Not sure if you remember the SimWesCo hotel there that my parents owned. My dad also had a business in the Gander airportI live here in bc and have a small family,. I have a job as a special needs worker at one of the school districts here on Vancouver Island. I’m sure you haves heard about the mandates coming down the tube. I have been reading about the four Oakes test and have watched a few videos you have been on. I am wondering if there is any chance you would be able to speak to the BCTF and Cupe Bc to educate them about the unlawful practices they are planning ? I had a terrible reaction to the first dose of the vaccine and am terrified to get the second. I am also terrified to lose my job if I don’t because I am the only wage earner. I have been doing my job for 25 years/ I don’t really want to lose pensions etc. I am wondering if there is any way to help us. From my experience most teachers/staff are pushing for these mandates but my fear is they don’t understand the ramifications of losing the rights we should be fighting to protect as you know!


  24. Also wondering if you have heard about the truckers convoy for freedom? If so I’m wondering if you are willing to speak even by video there to help make an impact/ educate people?


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