Liberals In BC Throw Hail Mary

There is a desperate political party rummaging around for anything they think would help them stay in power. The BC Liberal Party , having to meet the Legislature tomorrow has signaled new spending on child care etc to the tune of $220 million —of course , all new money totally unaccounted for.

The Coalition NDP /Greens have 44 seats , the Liberals have 43 seats. With the reopening of the legislature , the Liberals are sure to fall on a confidence vote on the Liberal’s new Throne Speech with all the goodies referenced and perhaps more.

The public is not amused by this desperate attempt of the Liberlas to try and retain power , especially in light of a written accord of co-operation between the two opposition parties.

What is most interesting is how the coalition will govern given it is likely they will have to elect one of their own as Speaker , meaning the seat total would then be 43 to 43 causing the speaker to have to break many tie votes in order for the coalition to retain power, breaking new ground on Parliamentary Governance in the British Commonwealth.

Warm and Fuzzy All Over

That’s the modis operandi of the Canadian Federal Government. From the Paris Environmental Agreement to Environmental regulation they talk a good line.

Now comes CBC , The National Broadcaster that receives over one billion dollars annually from this generous deficit ridden Federal Government. They have just appointed a panel , committee, group , call it what you will, to provide advice as to to whom should be on the Board of this Broadcaster . Of course , outside of sports , and that being Hockey Night in Canada, their TV side of the operation seldom has any program that rates in the top thirty most watched shows. Never mind , who really cares .

You see the Committee is merely advisory –no real power .

But it sure looks good!

Seattle Gun Tax? Back “Fires”!

From website legal insurrection

Although Seattle’s gun tax was supposed to bring in $300,000 to $500,000, it’s brought in less than $200,000. The money was supposed to be used to “study” gun violence and to somehow lower the cost to taxpayers for gun violence.

It didn’t turn out that way, and Seattle ended up forking out taxpayer money from the general fund for the “study.” Meanwhile, small business owners have shuttered their Seattle gun shops, causing employees to lose their jobs. Furthermore, Seattle police report that gun violence has sharply increased.

The tax took effect in January of 2016, and includes a $25 tax on each gun purchase and up to 5 cents per round of ammunition.

The Seattle Times reported last April:

In Seattle — where the city collects a $25 tax on every gun sale and between 2 cents and a nickel on every round of ammunition, depending on the caliber . . . .

The $300,000 to $500,000 the tax is expected to raise this year is earmarked to fund a study of gunshot victims, including medical and behavioral interventions, by the University of Washington and Harborview Medical Center’s trauma center, which treats most of the city’s gunshot victims.

Predictably, gun sales have gone down in Seattle, with people simply leaving the city to purchase their firearms, but the result is the loss of jobs for gun shop employees in Seattle.

Fox News reports:

When the City of Seattle passed a tax on all sales of guns and ammunition, the measure was hailed as a way to defray the rising costs of gun violence.

But since the tax took effect, those costs have only risen as gun violence in the city has surged. And the tax has apparently brought in much less than city leaders projected it would.

“How much data do you need?” asked Dave Workman, senior editor of and member of the Second Amendment Foundation. “The data says the law has failed to prevent what they promised it would prevent.”

. . . . Mike Coombs, owner of Outdoor Emporium, the last large gun dealer left in Seattle, said the actual tax revenue is almost certainly just over $100,000, a figure based on information he says the city shared with his lawyers.

Coombs said storewide, sales are down 20 percent while gun sales have plummeted 60 percent.

“I’ve had to lay off employees because of this,” Coombs said. “It’s hurting us, it’s hurting our employees.”

Employees at the Big 5 sporting goods stores in Seattle also report anemic gun sales. But there’s evidence Seattleites are just going outside the city to buy their guns. Coombs also owns a gun shop in the nearby city of Fife. Sales there are described as robust.

Another gun dealer simply left Seattle and moved his shop, Precise Shooter, to nearby Lynnwood. Sergey Solyanik said business has never been better. He said the gun tax has probably worked out to be a net negative for Seattle when factoring lost sales tax revenue.

As if that’s not bad enough, the Seattle police department reported a “significant rise” in gun violence this year.

K5 reported last month:

New numbers released by the Seattle Police Department on Wednesday show a significant rise in gun violence this year.

According to the report, there have been 155 reports of shots fired so far in 2017. That’s more than any other year by this time. In 2016, there were 132 reports in the entire year.

The majority of those reports, 72 of the 155, occurred in the South Precinct.

There have been 35 confirmed shootings so far, which is eight more than in all of 2016. Of the 35 people shot in Seattle in 2017, six appear to be true innocent/unintended victims.

The purported goals of the gun tax were spectacularly not met, but don’t expect Seattle to change their policy.

France A Big Shake Up

Monsieur Macron has pulled off a dramatic victory in France. With a party just formed one year ago, he has won the presidency and now has a parliamentary majority of 350 seats in the 577 seat Estates General. The establishment parties were routed especially the Socialist Party. The National Front also did not do well and spells defeat for any real anti Europe sentiment translating into political power. While the leader LaPenn won a seat , she has only seven others in the whole parliament. The center right Republican Party did manage to salvage some credibility with well over 100 seats.

The reform of the economy Macron seeks , and which is long overdue in France , seems likely although there is one big negative —-only 44% of those eligible to vote actually voted —-so I suspect one will see opposition to the reforms and the streets once again stacked with protesters.

So the question will be –will Macron stand up to the protesters and use his parliamentary majority to get the change he seeks. Or perhaps a better question is how much of the Macron program will actually become law?

What? The Print Press Looking For Government Sudsidy ?

What? National Post, Globe and Mail Looking For Government Handout? Would you believe $350 million?

I have heard it all now. Freedom takes another hit . Orwell , my boy, tis all coming to pass.

Did you read what I just wrote?

The big boys of the print media looking to be bailed out by the Government !

Who would have thought this was possible?

Yes, these Canadian Media giants have thrown in the towel . Cannot make it in local reporting they say without getting a subsidy. Well, if you can’t make it , get out of the way . The answer is not a Government handout. Oh, yes, I know , you are making all the lazy arguments like the CBC is there , magazines are getting Government money etc.

Three wrongs don’t make a right!

I remember when your papers would be saying let the market work–produce a good product and it will be bought. What happened. ?

Andrew Coyne, I am pleased to say, has come out opposing this latest capitulation from free enterprise. I have been a critic of Coyne in the past few years so it is good to see he is returning to his more ‘enlightened’ roots of some years ago.

Independent voices are disappearing –our democracy is in decline .

People don’t realize what is happening .

Printing money , living in perpetual deficit and hence more and more debt, passing motions discriminating against our own traditions , cash for access, Christmas with those who provide money, violating international commitments in defence , yet spending many millions on agreements that have no binding rules or enforcement rules——–flogging openness and breaking promises —–

And now it looks like fewer independent voices in the press.

Mark Levin–New Book–‘Rediscovering America and the Tyranny of Progressivism.’

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Costed and Transparent? Promise Broken !

Well once again we see the Canadian Government breaking another promise. This time concerning their new defence spending program. They released it last week and had promised full costing and transparency . But like many things with this Government promises are meant to be broken.Here is part of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper story on the matter:

‘OTTAWA — The Trudeau government is planning to spend billions more on the navy’s four wayward submarines to keep them operating into the 2030s.

The plan to extend the lives of the troubled vessels is included in the Liberals’ new defence policy and comes following calls from senior naval officers to save the controversial ships from the scrap heap.

The actual price of the plan was not revealed in the policy document, which was released to much fanfare last week, and National Defence refused to provide a price tag following multiple requests.

That is despite assertions from the Liberal government that the defence policy was fully costed and following promises of full transparency when it came to the overall plan.

“Detailed costing will be provided in the Defence Investment Plan to be published in due course,” National Defence spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier said in an email.

Defence sources, however, have told The Canadian Press that keeping the submarines in the water for another decade will cost upwards of $2.5 billion.’