‘Hello, Refugees,’ A New Book

Melanie Phillips review of this new book:

‘Tuvia Tenenbom, that most acute and incendiary observer of what’s festering beneath the surface of polite society, has turned his attention to Germany’s “refugees”. To his surprise and no little dismay, what he has found out is not so much about these migrants but about Germany itself, and it isn’t pretty at all.

In his new book Hello Refugees, he adopts his now familiar but no less devastating tactic of trading on his blond hair, Falstaffian girth and indeterminate accent to conceal the fact that he was born and brought up in an ultra-orthodox family in Israel. He derives his unique insights from the fact that many of those to whom he addresses his faux-naïf but devastatingly direct questions assume he is an antisemite — just like them. And so they open up to him in a uniquely frank manner.

In Hello Refugees “Toby the German”, his previous persona, has become “Toby the Jordanian”. Posing as the son of Jordanian and European parentage, he uses his fluent Arabic to gain access to refugee camps in Germany where access is routinely denied to the media.

What he discovers shocks him deeply. He finds migrants effectively warehoused in wholly inadequate conditions, housed twelve to a “room” in what are no more than, and indeed described as, “containers”. Existing on disgusting food, jobless and with no apparent means of emerging from these holding pens, these migrants have in effect been abandoned by the German state.

Everywhere he goes, people tell him the same thing: that Chancellor Angela Merkel famously invited in more than one million migrants in order to erase the moral stain of Germany’s Nazi past. He concludes that this was not an act of conscience. How could it have been when these people have been left so abandoned? It was instead a move to show the world — and themselves — that this former Nazi state has become the world’s conscience. In other words, it was a cynical move that evacuates the word conscience of all meaning.

Worse than that, Tenenbom also discovers that this public advertisement of collective “conscience” has legitimised and provoked open antisemitism. Repeatedly and gratuitously, Germans tell him that they are now morally superior to the Jews and to the State of Israel which is described as uniquely racist and murderous.

He doesn’t get any of this from the Syrian refugees or other migrants. He gets it only from the Germans. He finds that “anti-racist”, “human rights” activists extolling Germany’s humanitarian gesture and calling for yet more refugees to be allowed in are in fact deep-dyed racists and antisemites.

Tenenbom knew already that Germany is still teeming with Jew-hatred; he has remorselessly chronicled this dismal finding in his previous work. But now, he tells me, it’s much more open and brazen. And that, he says, is because the act of taking in the migrants has allowed Germany to feel it has finally shaken off the stigma of its past. Now it is free to hate Jews again.’0


57% Vote For The Right In Austria

Of course , some of us have been saying for months that the left in Europe will pay a price for their loose borders and liberal immigration policies .

And now it has come to pass in the heart of Europe—-Austria.

A young 31 year old conservative, Sebastian Kurtz, has led his People’s Conservative Party to the top of the polls at almost 32% and with the right wing Freedom Party at 26% , a clear majority of Austrians are deeply concerned about their future and the impact of liberal immigration policies .

Of course, the Left still do not get it , but it is surely a natural and legitimate reaction for a people to be concerned when immigration has the potential to cause major changes to the cultural traditions of a nation. To react in it any other way would be unnatural. And it is not a rap on immigration per se as it is on its implementation and the degree to which it occurs. This is especially true if appropriate integration is not taking place and the country takes on a more fragmented complexion ——a disruption that divides rather than unites the country.

Pundits are saying that the Czech people will be voting next week where anti immigration parties there are predicted to do well. Add this to the recent German result where one sees now a protracted set of negotiations to form a new Government ( coupled with the Lower Saxony Regional results) and you have a Europe that is reaping what it has sowed over the last few years.

Perhaps There Is A Plan?

Trump’s Strategy?

A lot has happened in a few days. Most would like to think that it is all unplanned and erratic. I am not so sure.

Iran Deal , Health Care Executive Orders, Tax Reform Proposals and withdrawal from UNESCO to name the most prominent.

Of course, Europe is in a tizzy over Trump not certifying again the terrible Iran Deal . They want to have their cake and eat it too : that is benefit from Iran’s economy and somehow think they are restraining Iran from larger military and more global goals and terrorism activities. But we all know this is impossible , but everyone is suppose to wink and nod and let Iran proceed. As some commentators have noted Obama and his cozy Iran relationship has led to Saudi Arabia and Egypt being far more drawn to Israel. Who would have thought such a happening.

Congressional Republicans are a mess and Trump now knows this. So like Obama he will use executive orders where he can —-Trump forced into it, Obama by inclination. So health care will be reformed by stealth and perhaps forcing a Congressional deal with whosoever.

And then there is tax reform. An ambitious package of proposals that will really change the present structure. Again, the Republicans , so unacquainted to Governing and seeming unable to learn , may sabotage even this and watch their prospects of continuing to control Congress go up in smoke next year. Trump , I think, sees this and will test whether the Republicans can now cooperate. If not , once again he will deal differently.

And one item that has not got big play is the withdrawal from UNESCO. As candidate Trump warned this anti Israel , pro Palestinian , inefficient body of the UN must be brought to heel.

Two things that many anti Trump people do not realize: First he was serious about what he said, and more importantly , contrary to recent American and Canadian history, he intended to deliver. And that is what he is doing right now.

Simultaneously, one has to examine the Bannon and Gorka actions and wonder if these banished White House advisers are about remaking the Republican Party for their boss. And Trump is in the position to accept the new Party if it happens or continue to distance himself from the traditional one if it remains.

I suspect this is all linked and is part of a larger plan , something that Trump’s adversaries seem unable to acknowledge, , to their detriment.

Who Is Integrating Whom?

German Towns Filled With Refugees Ask, ‘Who Is Integrating Whom?’

Earlier influx of foreigners feeds concerns about budget, safety, jobs and the quality of education
By Andrea Thomas

Oct. 15, 2017 9:35 a.m. ET

SALZGITTER, Germany—Late this summer, Nadine Langer took her six-year old to her first day at school. The girl was one of two German children in her class, she said, amid 20, mostly Syrian, refugees.

“I am not against foreigners,” said Ms. Langer, 41. “But there is a point where we have to wonder who is integrating whom.”

Germany’s 2015 refugee crisis has largely disappeared from the headlines. But in this and other midsize towns, it is continuing to unfold, putting communities under stress, pressuring local coffers and feeding concerns about safety, jobs and the quality of education.

Some 140,000 asylum seekers have entered Germany so far this year—a sharp drop from the 1.2 million who arrived in the past two years. But in places such as Salzgitter there is sense that the government, having housed and fed the newcomers, is failing in the longer-term effort to integrate them in German society.

This unease, pollsters say, boosted the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany at last month’s election, making it the first far-right party to enter parliament in half-a-century. This shock means immigration will loom large when Chancellor Angela Merkel kicks off negotiations on Wednesday to form a three-party ruling coalition.

Immigration has also returned to regional politics. In Lower Saxony, where Salzgitter is located and which elects its parliament on Sunday, integration and schools have been central in the campaign. Conservatives for years have said that refugees, a majority of whom settle permanently in the country, must learn German values, a concept known as Leitkultur.

Many here say they are proud of their town’s tradition as a refugee haven. But as their numbers rose sharply last year Salzgitter took the unusual step of requesting a moratorium on new arrivals.

“The established parties lived in a bubble. They said everything was fine, closed their eyes to reality and didn’t see people’s concern,” said Salzgitter’s mayor Frank Klingebiel.

Mr. Klingebiel hails from the conservative Christian Democratic Union. But his concerns transcend political lines. It was Stephan Weil, the left-leaning state premier who is seeking re-election on Sunday, who greenlighted the ban on further refugees moving to Salzgitter, which took effect this past week.

With about 5,700 mainly Syrian refugees for 106,000 residents, the highest proportion in the country, Salzgitter is an outlier. But several other communities, from Wilhelmshaven in the north to Hof in the south are also struggling.

In Salzgitter, a pre-existing Syrian community and a glut of affordable housing drew over 2,000 refugees last year and nearly 1,000 this year, leaving a clear imprint on the town’s district of Lebenstedt.

Nour Alwadi, a 25-year-old from Damascus, arrived last year with his brother and his wife Asma. They now have a nine-month-old baby. His parents joined him in Salzgitter five months ago.

“We moved to Salzgitter because there are already many Arab and Turkish migrants here, we have friends here,” said Mr. Alwadi. “The people here are nice. We can attend mosques here.”

Many of those born or growing up in Salzgitter say they want to help refugees but that the influx has become too big to handle. Concerns range from the impact on schools to rising welfare costs, crime, and a diffuse sense that the local culture is becoming diluted, defeating the purpose of integration.

“There are permanently fights and the police have to come,” said Gülcan Dia, a 46-year-old German of Turkish heritage who works for a charity helping refugees.

Wherever refugees outnumber German children in schools, critics like Ms. Dia say, they find it harder to learn German. Local pupils, too, are falling behind on the curriculum.

A national school report released Friday showed a correlation between rising numbers of migrant schoolchildren and a deterioration in academic performance. In 2016, the share of foreign fourth-graders rose by one third to 34% from 2011, according to the education ministry, while the number of children who passed standard writing requirements dropped to 55% against 65% five years earlier.

Salzgitter Mayor Klingebiel said the town was struggling to find teachers for schools, kindergarten and adult language classes.

The AWO Familienkita kindergarten in Lebenstedt looks after 50 children, 18 of them Syrians. More than two thirds of the 160 children on the waiting list are Syrian.

“It’s good that we got this (moratorium), we simply couldn’t handle the situation anymore,” said manager Andrea Bernhof. This “gives the kids a chance to settle in and get proper education.”

Entering the labor market has proven equally difficult. Nationally, only 15.3% of adult nationals from the refugees’ main countries of origin had a regular job in July, two years after the refugee crisis peaked, according to the German labor agency. In Salzgitter, 91% of asylum seekers and refugees live on benefits.

Nicola Pöckler who works for a charity that helps refugees find jobs said many of the newcomers are only qualified for the simplest of occupations. “We don’t have the jobs that these people could take.”

In Lower Saxony, the anti-immigration AfD is polling at about 7%, far below its 12.6% score at the September national election, but the party is seeking to tap into the growing discomfort and could make local gains in Sunday’s vote.

Michael Gröger, the party’s candidate for Salzgitter, said even the notion of integration should be reconsidered. “This asylum madness has to stop. An asylum seeker is a temporary guest, no immigrant. An asylum seeker doesn’t have to be integrated.”

Write to Andrea Thomas at andrea.thomas@wsj.com

Villa in France , $200,000 for Budget Cover

Let’s get right to it.

Finance MinisterMorneau and his wife have interests in a villa in France. No problem and apparently this was disclosed. What was obviously deliberately omitted was the fact that their interests were held in a private company which under French law reduced taxes to be paid. That’s what I just read in the National Post.

And wouldn’t you believe the last budget cover , yes, the cover for the Federal Budget cost over $200,000. Art work you know and all the professional services related therewith.

Of course, all of this brought to you by that Party in Ottawa that only two short years ago promised you all sorts of integrity and transparency.

Not to worry, it’s nothing that a good selfie , new environmental regulation or pipeline cancellation can’t cure.

Interpol Stoops To A New Low

The author of this piece is Melanie Phillips, a well known British journalist. She is presently writing for the Times of London. She has written a number of books, one that I have read entitle ‘The World Turned Upside Down.’ I highly recommend it.

Interpol, the world’s largest international police organisation, today accepted the “State of Palestine” as a full member. The Palestinians’ membership bid was accepted with 75 countries voting yes, 24 voting no, and 34 abstaining.

The Times of Israel reports:

“Israel fiercely objected to the Palestinians joining Interpol, arguing that Ramallah’s alleged support for terrorism could hinder rather than aid Interpol’s efforts.”

You don’t say. This is totally nuts at every level. What is this “State of Palestine” Interpol has now accepted? Where are its borders? Does it include the terror-statelet of Gaza? How can people representing the murderous outfit Hamas be held to be a suitable member of any law enforcement body, let alone an international one?

The Palestinian Authority pays terrorists’ families, venerates and commemorates mass murderers and teaches its children to kill Jews. Palestinian Media watch reports:

“The PA Ministry of Education has named at least 31 schools after terrorists and an additional 3 schools after Nazi collaborators, while at least 41 school names honor ‘Martyrs’”.

How can the PA possibly be considered a suitable member of Interpol? Are police officers from the US, UK and other democratic countries really going to share intelligence about Islamic terrorism with these supporters of Islamic terrorism?

By playing politics, this international policing body has at a stroke made the world less safe. When its own policing system starts treating a terror-promoting entity as a law-enforcement resource like this, you know the free world really is in the deepest possible trouble.

A ‘Waste’ Of Time?

From Ottawa Citizen

Manure dump at pop-up injection site nets protester $260 ticket
OCTOBER 6, 2017 9:42 AM

A smelly act of civil disobedience will cost a frustrated opponent of the pop-up supervised injection site in Raphael Brunet Park $260.

Guy Annable was ticketed after he dumped 400 pounds of horse manure in the park Thursday afternoon in what he said was an act of civil disobedience against the “hypocrisy” and “lack of leadership in this city.”

Annable, a one-time city council candidate who also says he’s a former addict who has been “clean for 14 years”, says he was protesting against the unsanctioned illegal tent operated by Overdose Prevention Ottawa.

“They are operating an illegal site in a municipal park that the city is a landlord of, and (the city) is not doing anything about it,” he said.

Annable said he got the manure from the RCMP Musical Ride stables. He was ticketed for illegally disposing of waste in a public park.