Memories Easter /Spring Rural Newfoundland

There are patches of water interspersed with dirty snow

You want to wear lighter footwear but Mother says no

Brown grass waiting for dandelions

The sun struggles for warmth at midday , you take off your winter jacket

Drilling a hole on the pond ; Ice fishing

Riding your bike clumsily

Friday is gloomy , Jesus was crucified

The water puddle has ice skims in the morning ; we like to crush the shimmering ice

Trout fried with ‘ fat back ‘ pork on the edge of the pond with a crackling fire

Copying ( moving from ice pan to ice pan ) in the harbour

Excited girls trying to hop scotch on messy ground

Hand sawing the wet , iced , firewood logs on the wood horse

Hope is in the air

People speak happy

Dressing for Easter Sunday Church Service

Older girls and women have pretty bonnets , boys sneak a look

He arose; He Lives, He lives , Christ Jesus Lives Today!


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