Tens, if not hundreds, of Millions of people may now be asking, “Why did I get Experimental Materials for Covid-19 injected into my body?”1.Their original rationale was:

Because the Experimental Materials injected were suppose, they were lead to believe, to provide lasting, effective immunity against Covid-19 thus helping to protect themselves and others. Sadly, it does neither—they were provided misinformation, still are, and now comes the inevitable and predicted  “needed” booster shots that will further challenge their immune system and general well-being;

2. Is it true that even though they got the Experimental Materials injected they can still get Covid-19?  

Answer, sadly, yes;

3. Is it true that they can still be a carrier of the Covid-19 virus and variants even though they were injected with the Experimental Materials? 

Answer, sadly, yes;

4. Is it true that they are still a Covid-19 risk to the non-injected folks even though they have been injected with the Experimental Materials? 

Answer, sadly, yes;

5. Is it true that they have major ongoing risks of blood clotting, heart/liver/reproductive/brain and circulatory system damage from taking the Experimental Materials? 

Answer, sadly, yes;

6. Do we/they really know the long term risks and/or benefits of the Experimental Materials being injected? 

Answer, sadly, no;

7. Were there a sufficient number of proper Experimental Materials/human trials and animal testing done, over the requisite and proper timeframe, before deciding to inject these Experimental Materials into humans? 

Answer, sadly, no;

8. Is it true that children are at serious risk from the Covid-19 virus? 

Answer, fortunately, no; children have virtually no risk and a 99.997% chance of no major negative complications from the Covid virus—note: children have multiple risks and potential complications from injecting the Experimental Materials;

9. Is it true that children are at risk of heart complications if they are injected with the Experimental Materials? 

Answer, sadly, yes;

10. Is it true that children spread the virus like adults? 

Answer, fortunately, no; children generally carry a very small load of the virus;

11. Are those who (have not been injected) with these Experimental Materials and have had Covid-19, recovered from the virus—are now better protected from a natural immunity perspective? 

Answer, according to many expert virologists and epidemiologists, the natural immunity protection is generally better and more long lasting;

12. Why have so many people allow Experimental Materials to be injected into their bodies, if they know all of the above? 

Answer: 1. Too many people are unaware, as a result of not being informed of the risks by medical authorities, 2. have a reluctance and unwillingness to take the time to read and research the Covid-19 data, 3. thus not becoming well informed by considering different expert opinions (based on the science), 4. thus, sadly, lacking sufficient, accurate information regarding the above reality, 5. thus unable to really give informed consent. 

To many people are operating upon the premise that politicians, pseudo journalists and “medical leaders” definitively know what they are talking about regarding the Covid-19 Experimental Materials. Sadly, they don’t—it’s a “worldwide experiment” being conducted on humans. If one thinks or concludes otherwise, they are most likely adverse to science, the scientific method and unwilling to conduct research, about the gene based therapy mRNA vaccine, for themselves.

Participation in this “experiment“ means one has been “sold” a gene based therapy mRNA vaccine and, unfortunately, once one willingly injects the gene based therapy MRNA vaccine, sadly, no matter how hard one tries one can’t get rid of the gene based  therapy mRNA vaccine coursing through their body. 

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology (now the basis of the Pfizer and Moderna gene based therapy mRNA vaccine technology), in a podcast with Dr. Bret Weinstein and Steve Kirsch, philanthropist and tech entrepreneur, indicates serious and grave concerns about the risks to humans of these specific mRNA gene based therapy vaccines. For example, the surprise cleaving of the spike protein, which now is incontrovertible, obvious and known, Dr. Malone indicates should have been picked up in animal studies and trials (it appears such were never done or done improperly) before the gene based therapy mRNA vaccine was ever allowed to be injected into humans.

People, unfortunately, have made an irreversible health decision that now carries tremendous negative implications for themselves, their children and even their aged parents and others. The inevitable psychological guilt, undoubtedly, will be too much to bear for most; thus denial, defensive posturing and deflection is the best, most convenient and less guilt driven option for these folks. 

This “experiment” participation and encouraging (often under extreme duress and with coercion being present as major influence factors) others to inject these “experimental materials” in their bodies, again, results in great guilt which inevitably and predictably will manifest in a number of ways.

Consequently, the most predictive behaviour to be displayed by such folks is:

1. They display a holier than thou stance and high degree of self-righteousness with the predictable guilt and fear (GAF) driven twins being the executioners of “my body my right” health principle;

2. They prostrate themselves, with great fanfare, on the pseudo sacrificial altar of narcissism whilst castigating the non-vaccinated participants who have elected to not participate in the gene based therapy mRNA vaccination Experiment. 

Many of the “vaccinated” state, with great indignation, that this refusal by the “non-participants” to take the gene based therapy mRNA vaccine affirms a propensity to being unconcerned about or supportive of the “greater good” societal principle;

3. They accuse the “unvaccinated” of selfishness, being irrational and Neanderthal, uneducated to “the cause” thus complicit in the general population not reaching the promised (now the authorities say no longer a viable promise) herd immunity—ironically, it is now clear that this original broken promise claim is buttressed by Experimental Materials that don’t provide lasting immunity, etc.

In either case, the gene based therapy mRNA vaccine epitomizes what is presently diminishing, undermining and, with great probability, potentially helping to further threaten and weaken the human species.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, it clearly affirms the ostrich sand syndrome being experienced by millions of those injecting the gene based therapy mRNA vaccine. Some would say this activated health “pandemic” (never let a crisis go to waste) catalyst now affirms various societies around the world and human civilization is, indeed, in a serious and speedy decline.

Sadly, this now describes the level of irrationality displayed by those who enthusiastically clamour up the porcupine quill infested flagpole of “gene based therapy mRNA vaccine virtuosity” whilst wearing no outerwear or underwear.

Author: Terry Burton, avid reader of this blog.

5 thoughts on “Tens, if not hundreds, of Millions of people may now be asking, “Why did I get Experimental Materials for Covid-19 injected into my body?”1.Their original rationale was:

  1. Thank you both for this well written and I would hope enlightening piece for all. More and more we see the failings of the gene therapy in other countries as well as our own. The consequences are now to great to ignore for a thinking person. Barry



  2. I only got through the first few lines when I wondered if this piece was written by Terry Burton. Also, Mr Peckford usually lists his source up front, unless it is his own comment, but this style of writing and the rationale seemed not to be that of Brian Peckford. As I continued on I felt more sure it might be Terry’s piece and this was confirmed at the very end.
    Odd that it appears just as the FDA gives their approval, such that it is no longer an Emergency use, but FDA approved vaccine.
    The rationale is much the mirror image, so in reverse of the rationale of those that would argue that these vaccines are like miracle drugs and of great value to civilisation. So which narrative and claim to truth and science to believe?
    I intended to respond further as to my last discussion with Terry, about a month ago……can you advise Terry the date and title of that piece, as I lost track.
    Trust you are healthy and do continue to stay informed. This story if far from over.
    Winston Adams


  3. According to Martin Armstrong the the Pfizer “Vaccine” was not granted full approval, but rather an extension of the experimental use authorization and also for more groups of people/victims. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/the-fake-news-that-fda-approved-the-vaccines-is-made-clear-in-the-letter/
    So many protocols have been disregarded in the “vaxx” mania. Pfizer gave all the control study patients the vaxx, so you have no clinical control group for long term
    health studies. Usually, a vaccine has to undergo at least three years of long term study before final approval is given.


  4. My understanding is that the FDA has announced they have “fully approved” the Pfizer shot without convening an Advisory Committee, allowing public comment, or reporting any of the public safety data. This would better fit my view of their manipulation during the Plandemic.


  5. To quote Merlin in the movie Excalibur. ” The greatest quality of knighthood? It must be truth above all other things. When a man lies he murders some part of the world.” One way to take down one’s enemy or opposition is to get them to believe and act on something that is not true and making serious mistakes that make them vulnerable to being defeated and destroyed with the least possible risk to oneself. Like getting the majority to take the mRNA shots for example.


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