Letter to the The National Post

I applaud that you carried Jordan Peterson’s article concerning the havoc being caused by Government lockdowns , mandates in this country. 

It is many months overdue. 

I would like to add specifics to bolster Mr. Peterson’s theme : the science and the Constitution.

We should not only be angry because our comfortable lives have been disrupted, and the economy of many small businesses put in peril , rather , we should be even more upset that the Governments have not used real independent science to carry out their policies , nor have they followed The Constitution of this land. 

A. Science —-The Great Barrington Declaration of October 2020 started by three globally highly qualified scientists highlighting the folly of widespread lockdowns. Ever since,  streams of additional studies verify this theme: from Dr. Paul Alexander , former US Government advisor, former WHO advisor, former Professor at McMaster University , reviewing 400 studies ( Brownstone Institute) to Dr. Douglas Allan of Simon Fraser University back in 2020 reviewing 80 studies. All of this has been ignored  by the mainstream media , and even some of the global scientists of the Great Barrington Declaration were falsely maligned by supporters of Governments and their false narrative. The two large organizations used by Governments to set covid policy , the Imperial College in London, Neil Ferguson, and the University of Washington group, Institute for Heath Metrics and Evaluation, provided false information, confirmed by many independent world class scientists; now,  of course, not in the mainstream news anymore. Canada’s own Canadian Covid Care Alliance has recently produced a report entitled’ More Harm Than Good’  showing the improper , and unethical manner in which early Pfizer studies were conducted concerning their vaccine, 

B. The Governments of Canada have violated the Constitution , specifically the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is a part of the Constitution Act 1982. Sections 2, 6, 7, and 15 have been particularly violated , involving freedom to assemble, to associate , right to pursue a livelihood anywhere in Canada, to travel anywhere in Canada or leave Canada, the right to life, liberty and the security of the person and the right to equality before the law. These are all individual rights and freedoms protected by the Charter.

And as this Act makes clear in Section 52 , the Constitution is the Supreme Law of Canada. Furthermore, the introduction to the Charter highlights  two principles that apply in interpreting the Charter ; the supremacy of God and the rule of law—-‘Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Governments are erroneously attempting to defend their undemocratic measures by using Section 1 of the Charter . As the last living First Minister who helped craft the Constitution Act 1982 I can tell you that this Section was not intended for the present circumstance. We understood at the time that we were dealing with permanent values , hence the Constitution, not Federal or Provincial Legislation that could be easily changed in the political winds of Parliaments. This Section was meant to apply in circumstances where the Country was in peril, war,  insurrection, not a virus that sees a 99% recovery and 0.08% fatality rate. Using Section 1 is trying to put a round peg in a square hole .

But for arguments sake let’s entertain that Section 1 does apply. There are four tests that must be met: demonstrably justify , by law, reasonable limits , all in the context of living in a free and democratic society. 

These tests have not been met by any Canadian Government. For example , any sensible reading of ‘demonstrably justify ‘ would mean that a Government would have to do a cost benefit analysis to see if the benefits of the measures proposed outweighed the costs of these measures . We know and have known for some time from studies referenced earlier that such analysis would not pass that analysis. One wonders if this is why none have been done. Additionally, a free and democratic society ,if it means anything,  must involve our parliamentary system , and we all know how limiting these basic institutions have been in the present circumstance. 

Hon A. Brian Peckford P.C. 

Last Living First Minister Who Helped Craft The Constitution Act 1982


Taking Back Our Freedoms 

Parksville, BC,

V9K 0B4


No response from the Newspaper whether they will carry this letter .

19 thoughts on “Letter to the The National Post

  1. Who knows maybe they will carry the letter just today the EU drug regulator said that further boosters may hurt the immune system. People are*going to be scrambling to get on the right side of this thing. Their narrative is falling apart and the only thing left is to dole out the punishment. Methinks it may be a very wide deep net.

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  2. Let’s pray that the National Post fears being caught on the wrong side of history more than they fear the government who it seems more and more each day that they don’t give a hot damn about being caught on the wrong side of history. They WILL lose. And the National Post will win…..it has everything to gain by printing the Truth.

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  3. It’s perhaps unprecedented to have a rogue government among 160 all on board the same agenda. The old way of holding government accountable falls on deaf ears now. The energy we usually spend (and waste) on forging political solutions, could be better spent on creating a parallel society. Pronto.

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      • > Problem is in the details on this and the how? – Brian

        I can offer a recent interview on video, and it’s pdf transcript that’s gets across some of the ‘how’ being done in the US. The lady relates how people and their local contacts can do in person – some real world organizing. I especially liked her points from page 14 onwards where she points out that we humans seem to have a natural scale for success, that feeds on itself. It’s the medium scale that people operated on a century or more ago before big government domesticated the public.

        A year ago she started with 4 other people who met weekly, who had a few non political shared beliefs, such as bodily autonomy. The group grew as did the number of local groups accomplishing similar mutual support networks. Such as employing those laid off through mandates, or what may be very necessary here – distributing food to those refused by mandate.

        She has sued her local state government and succeeded in holding back some of the Covid tyranny, so I naturally thought her 1 hour interview might perk up some people’s interest. Mounting local legal challenges with a high likelihood of success seems to be a good way of boosting morale and slowing tyranny. Other examples were the SouthWest pilots who essentially went on strike and now the Canadian truckers at the US border who called the bluff. All examples of not appealing to authority, but being willing to work around it.


        Click to access how-to-win-the-war-against-tyranny-pdf.pdf


  4. Mr. Peckford, thank you for your service to Canada. Thank you for writing this letter. I was not living in Canada when the Charter was written, but when I moved here, I became a beneficiary from your and the other authors dedication to laying a foundation for Canada for individuals to live free. The worth of each person does not come from government, but from eternal God who designed man and valued Adam so much, that He made him in His own image. Governments do not give us our worth Mr. Peckford, and they cannot take our worth away. I agree with taurushopes, the National Post has everything to gain by printing the truth. Please see project veritas, their latest report about a US military document that has come out about US involvement and hiding of background on SARS CoV 2 and effective treatments. One would hope the National Post would care enough about this country to publish the truth.

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  5. Haven’t noticed a whole lot of courage from any ‘mainstream’ media in Canada, when it comes to pushing back on the Facist’s narratives and dictates.
    They took our Constitution and shredded it, a long time ago, and our media either carried water for them, or were banished from the room (Rebel News).
    And now, the corruption, treason, collusion, and cover-ups that have been perpetrated on the Western democracies are bubbling to the surface via Project Veritas.
    It will be interesting to see what if anything our media does with this bombshell. Like I said, haven’t noticed a lot of courage…
    So good luck! So grateful for your voice and wisdom.

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  6. God does not require us to commit suicide or submit to genocide by the jab or any other means. There is the death penalty for serious evildoers however.
    So by that standard what the government and its allies or globalist masters are trying to do is quite illicit.

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  7. Nice! I love it. Thank you again Brian for being a human. Keep up the lovely work with this blog. Mainstream media is bought and paid for with our childrens childrens money. Your blog is a true bright light of democracy in these dark times.

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