Covid Vaccine Injuries: The German Pathologists’ Findings

Published: March 12, 2022 (upd.)

New histopathological insights into covid vaccine injuries.

A group of German pathologists, led by Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, have studied tissue samples of about two dozen people who had died after covid vaccination. They presented their preliminary results at three press conferences in September 2021, December 2021 and February 2022. SPR referred to their findings in a previous review of vaccine injuries.

Using state-of-the-art immunohistological technology, the German pathologists detected vaccine-induced spike protein in the endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels up to at least four months after vaccination. They also found that the spike protein triggered local inflammation and lymphocyte (immune cell) infiltration that caused endothelial damage (endotheliitis) in blood vessels of the heart, lungs, brain, spleen, liver and other organs.

In some cases, this endothelial inflammation led to thrombus formation (i.e. blood clots) or to the rupture of blood vessels. In other cases, the pathologists found embolus-like, compartmentalized structures which they believe could be coalesced nano lipid particles from mRNA vaccines. They also found cases of severe heart muscle inflammation (see microscope images below).

The German pathologists do not yet know if the endothelial cells absorbed spike protein that was produced at the vaccine injection site (i.e. in muscle cells) or if they absorbed leaked vaccine mRNA and produced the spike protein locally themselves. Previous studies showed that both vaccine mRNA and spike protein do indeed get distributed throughout the body.

The tissues examined by the German pathologists belonged to people who did in fact die after covid vaccination. In most of these cases, the pathologists concluded that these people likely (80%) or possibly (15%) died from vaccine-induced endothelial damage that caused blood clots, stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest or organ failure. In contrast, prior official forensic examinations reported the cause of death to be “natural” or “unclear” in all cases.

The most important question, however, may be this: do covid vaccines cause such endothelial injuries only in a few unlucky people, who then suffer severe or fatal adverse events within days or weeks, or do these vaccines cause such endothelial damage in larger segments of the population, but only a few people suffer immediate adverse events (e.g. frail people and active athletes), while many others might suffer subclinical long-term damage that could cause health issues months or even years later (e.g. premature heart attacks)?

Another important question concerns covid itself. The people whose tissues the German pathologists examined had been vaccinated but had not had covid. To what extent can a severe or even a mild coronavirus infection cause similar endothelial damage? In particular, it seems plausible that key aspects of true “long covid” – such as persistent shortness of breath, lung perfusion and gas exchange issues, “brain fog”, fatigue and POTS – could be caused by similar spike protein or autoimmune-mediated endothelial injuries, especially in the lungs.

In sum, the evidence provided by the German pathologists and other recent studies indicates that the use of experimental first-generation covid vaccines should likely be limited to people at high risk of severe acute covid. In healthy children and in healthy and lean adults younger than 40 or perhaps even 60 years, the overall long-term health risks of covid vaccines appear to outweigh any covid-related health benefits, especially since vaccination cannot prevent coronavirus infection.


Source : Swiss Policy Research

17 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine Injuries: The German Pathologists’ Findings

  1. Let me disagree with the conclusion, that these injections should be used for the vulnerable. For safer protection they should have Vitamin D to a protective level, probably 50 ng/ml, and prophylactic ivermectin once or twice a month. In most jurisdictions the shots are EUA, not approved, and carry the risks demonstrated in the micrographs. Early treatment with various protocols should then be available.
    Remember that the injections effectively “stun” the immune system for two weeks, are based on an obsolete virus, and as the article states, have considerable gaps in knowledge of their physiology.


  2. Are doctors and scientists working on how to prevent vaccine injuries among the vaxxed? Can we identify serious problems earlier to avoid serious complications and death? Shouldn’t this be a top priority? I have many loved ones who are vaxxed. I want them to stay safe and healthy and with me for many years to come!


  3. My girlfriend got two moderma vaccines.she is near death.she has sores and boils that bleed.her heart is very loud.sounds like a whistle.she hears wooshing in her ears.please what can we take or do to save her.


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