Magna Carta For Canada —My Speech On The Steps Of The BC Legislature Today —Reclaim Canada Conference

A Proposal To Reclaim Canada

Canada’s Magna Carta—We, The Citizens of Canada Stand For—

A.  An Independent Public National Inquiry to Examine whether Government  (Federal, Provincial and Territorial) mandates and lockdowns were necessary and constitutional.  People in Government and their agencies who are found guilty of breaking the law after due process MUST be brought to Justice.

Such an Inquiry CANNOT be led by any of the Governments of Canada who are the major subjects of the Inquiry.  Instead, a Citizens Group MUST be formed for that purpose.   And these Governments and their agencies MUST open their books and release to the inquiry and the public all necessary relevant information concerning their actions during the pandemic.

B.  ALL Registered Political Parties In Canada Must Be Obligated By Law To Publish Audited Financial Statements ANNUALLY.  Right now, NONE of the Federal Parties who are in the House of Commons publish any audited financial statements.

C.  No Member of The Federal Parliament or members of Provincial Legislatures or Territorial Assemblies can sit in these chambers if they have BROKEN a Canadian law as determined by a court or an Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner.  

D.  EVERY private members bill/resolution presented before a parliament in Canada must be debated and voted upon within six months of parliamentary sitting days from its introduction.

E.  All Judges of the Supreme Courts of the Provinces and Courts of Appeal, the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada MUST, BY LAW, have criteria established as to their qualifications to serve.  And all Government nominated candidates for those positions MUST be subject to a hearing by a parliamentary committee who would present to FULL Parliament their recommendations to approve or reject any nominated judge.  Parliament’s decision is FINAL.

F.  ALL Parliamentary Committees of all Canadian Parliaments MUST have safeguards whereby the majority on the Committee cannot close down those committees when the business of the Committee has not been completed—when there are citizens with relevant valuable information to be presented.

G.  All Governments of Canada MUST have balanced budget legislation enacted with no exceptions except in times of pending war or insurrection or the country’s existence is at stake.

H.  All Authorities responsible for primary, elementary and high school education MUST  enact curriculum measures to ensure Civics is a mandatory subject in each grade at Grade Eight and above.

l.  The power of the Prime Minister MUST be reduced.  The Prime Minister’s office and the Privy Council today has a workforce of over 1500 persons.  This MUST be reduced to not more than 500.  The more than 206 Departments and Agencies and the 320,00 Public Services, that work for them, can then get back to doing the work they were hired to do.

J.  There MUST be a three day Public First Ministers Conference ANNUALLY to discuss the pressing national issues of the day.  All Governments MUST publicly issue written statements at the Conference highlighting what they think are the national priorities.

K.  Canadian Courts hearing a Constitutional Case related to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms  MUST BE obligated to consider in their written rulings the two introductory concepts to the Charter —The Supremacy Of God and the Rule of Law.  NO DECISION rendered without a written consideration in the decision of these principles will be valid.

L.   Canada must remain a sovereign nation. Therefore no treaty or international regulations, of any kind, can be agreed to by Canada that in any way erode our nation’s sovereignty.

M.   Membership in any international organization MUST BE CONDITIONAL upon Canada remaining a completely sovereign nation.

David Bell, a scholar with Brownstone Institute , doctor, public  health official,  formerly worked for WHO , said this in an article this past week : 

‘Pressure to conform is strong and maintaining integrity carries risks. We all have families, jobs and lifestyles to protect. The belief of many that the ‘humanitarian’ sector was somehow different should by now be shattered. That is a good thing, as illusions do not help us and we need to recognize the historical reality that preserving personal comfort has often entailed throwing others under the bus. 

When the tide turns, the easiest approach is to turn with it. As a staff member of an international agency said to me recently – ‘the money is going into pandemic preparedness, you have to accept and go with it.

As an insight into humanity, this response is a disappointing one. We are always poorly served by cowardice. 

But recognizing how things are, and that help is not coming from those paid to do so, will strengthen the resolve of the rest of humanity to move forward without them, taking the future into their own hands. As, according to orthodox public health, they should.’

Unless we take matters in our own hands , and move forward with new paradigms , new structures , facing up to the brutal reality of our failed existing system we will be captured by corrupt mainstream political parties, a broken heath system where over 5 million Canadian are without  a regular physician , an education system that promotes failed economic and political  ideas , that denigrates our traditions and historical figures that helped create this nation, a press system that through coercion and money has become an arm of big Government , an economic system that depends on Government and where real free enterprise is stifled and fair , free trade is on its deathbed . 

A system that sees our society being run by the four horseman —big government, big press, big pharma and big tech , an Orwellian construct that with the dominance of a world order that wants the nation state reduced , the individual subject to dictates of an international unelected bureaucrat .

This is our fate without a New Magna Carta For Canada .

Hon. A. Brian Peckford P.C.

Last Surviving First Minister Who

Helped Craft The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

26 thoughts on “Magna Carta For Canada —My Speech On The Steps Of The BC Legislature Today —Reclaim Canada Conference

  1. To that I would add the following.

    1) Amend the Charter to eliminate its revocability, and make explicit property rights, and the right for law abiding Canadians to bear arms.

    2) Violation of the charter by any politician renders the politician a criminal.

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  2. COMMUNISTS, FASCISTS, ANARCHISTS and other collectivists hold that nothing is sacred other than the gang, mob, collective, the tribal group-think. “Might makes right” loyalty to the group-think of other men.

    RELIGIOUS THEOCRATS and certain other conservatives hold that the sacred exists only in an alternate dimension, not here on Earth. Another form of tribal group-think. “Might makes right” loyalty to the group-think of other men.

    RATIONAL PEOPLE (whether conservative or liberal) hold that the sacred has correspondence with the real world. That INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS are among what is sacred and the purpose of govt that is ethical to protect rights in order to protect the human mind in a social context. “RIGHTS MAKE MIGHT” loyalty to ideas. SACRED are all concepts that are grounded upon observable reality. Morality is about choice, not obedience. Choosing to pursue and realize those values that are essential to your own Health, your own Life, your own Happiness.

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  3. If implemented we save the nation from the Trudeau’s and Freeland’s that are now intentionally implementing the agendas of the psychopathic elites.
    We have a PM and Deputy that serve the interests of Davos and not Canada. Trudeau and Singh are both quite aware of what Canadians think of their treason. Freeland is a lot brighter than these two yes men and has not done public appearances-except in her Ukraine.
    With this present PM/DPM that blatantly and even arrogantly disrespect Canadians and our Charter I am left wondering who is the Canadian that will implement such a document as Mr. Peckford proposes?
    We are in deep now as it’s been 2.5 years of complete globalist nonsense while the vast majority of Canadians mindlessly comply for their own self interests.
    Those PC candidates that are loudly professing their detest for the WEF/WHO are for we the people.

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  4. Thanks for your love of Canada, your leadership, hard work and perseverance when so many of us are just caught up on our own little worlds and forget how our great nation of Canada was founded on principles of freedom and democracy.

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  5. People have the right to print it out and circulate it, our new Magna ‘Canuck’a? Serious question, it has to be made into a hard copy.
    I would use some of that resume paper to print it on, and send it to people on Father’s Day, Canada Day etc.

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  6. Very inspiring. Never heard such a meaningful speech regarding yesterday, today and tomorrow’s Canada.
    With the reality of Agenda 2030 being implemented and Trudeau/Freeland/Singh all beholden to the WEF the hour is very late and the situation is dire.
    At this stage I will be very surprised if 6)1 of the Charter is upheld.
    It should not even be in peril and yet here we are the prisoners of Trudeau/Freeland’s Canada.

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  7. Brian Peckford > the Voice of Reason (VOR), or a Big Shit Disturber (BSD)?
    I just watched the video of Brain’s speech.
    He, as usual, refers to the ancient history of those who fought for freedom: Socrates, Cicero, MKL, Mandella. Most of these were advocates of change by peaceful means, using non-violence. The later two were admirers of the teachings of Jesus.
    As most know, Socrates agreed to take poison, such was his respect to obey the law, even when it’s judgement was wrong. Jesus accepted a far more cruel punishment, used by the Romans, by being nailed on a cross.
    Peckford said before in his speeches “I won’t drink the hemlock”
    As I watch Peckford perform, I again mentally compared him to our first Nfld Premier, Joey Smallwood. Indeed, to me he has many of Joey’s mannerisms, and even his voice has at times similarity. Yet I like Mr Peckford’s style better than Joey’s. Joey would repeat something 4 or 5 times, as if the audience was dim witted, and couldn’t grasp the idea when stated once. Perhaps that reflected the low level of education in Nlfd, at the time of Joey’s efforts to bring Nfld into Canada in 1949.
    Peckford’s mother was Scottish he says. Did that influence his conservative bent, and fiscal responsibility as to our government debts?
    Sadly, Peckford invoked Trump in his speech, as to him being right with issues where national rights are subject to international law. Was this a bone thrown to the extreme right of his followers? And is there nothing that should be subject to internal law, even fisheries (as fish does not respect national boundries) and air pollution( as China’s coal smoke and toxins flow to the USA and Canada)
    He referred to Jefferson and Madison, and his admiration for some aspects of the USA system, including the selection of judges. That would be positive.
    He got more animated when mentioning restriction the power of the Prime Minister. His dislike of Justin Trudeau is well documented, and often for good reasons.
    I noticed the video had posted just 4 likes and no dislikes.
    What was my impression?
    I ponder it for a little while, and then clicked on a LIKE, but has to log in, so I passed.
    Most of his points I agreed with, so I would give him a passing grade. How good a grade? I would have to give it more thought.
    Would he be advocate for stronger 2nd Amendment clauses, as like the USA and gun protection rights, which Texas so loves? Or a distinct Canadian version that reflects our history of a bit less violence, and perhaps more civilised in our colonial history, and few wanting “open carry” of handguns or military machine guns for citizens.?

    A Canadian Maga Carter? A pipe dream, maybe, but every journey requires a first step.

    It is a noble idea, and I wish him luck, and hope he is not too influenced by the extreme right opinions of some his followers. That is my fear of Brain’s mindset. How far right is he?
    Winston Adams
    Logy Bay Nfld


    • Interesting comments but I hesitate at clicking the “like” button. Mr. Peckford’s voice at present seems to be the only voice of reason in the entire fiasco. I, like most Canadians, prefer democracy to totalitarianism. I’ve listened to each and everyone of Mr. Peckford’s speeches and interviews before, during and since the Freedom Convoy, where it relates to the Covid and mandate issues. His comments are right on the mark and his Magna (not Maga) Carta should not be thought of as a pipe dream. One more thing that should be included in our Magna Carta is our right to defend ourselves in the event of an attack on our person or property.


    • What’s called far right today was considered center left not so long ago. By the way Winston, I ran into some analysis of the stillborn studies. Was the one you quoted here from the New England Journal of Medicine?


  8. Winston, you bring up Scottish ancestry, was Tommy Douglas the well known right winger who took a position against the War Measures Act being used in the day – was he a conservative? Some may say yes in that he helped put the NDP on a fiscally conservative as well as socially progressive path. But then again Diefenbaker shared similar values, those far right wingers in Canada’s past might not recognize the path we are on now though. Where a man born into wealth takes gifts wherever they come from and hectors about peoplekind not mankind, and the NDP leader is said to wear bespoke suits and a Rolex.


  9. Meanwhile, the Liberals and NDP defeated Melissa Lantsman’s motion to end the mandates in the HoC today.
    Trudeau ,Freeland and Meet head have destroyed the Charter rights of six million Canadians.
    Let’s enforce our Charter and give Canadians back their rights to enter and leave Canada under 6)1 of the charter:

    Vote result: the motion was defeated.
    The government still has not shared any justification for their outdated and out-of-step restrictions. #cdnpoli

    Yeas: 117 ✅
    Nays: 202❌


  10. There will never be another election and it’s very unlikely Canada exists for Canadians in three years time.
    If you don’t understand what the injections are and the plan to have everyone injected then you will find out when it is too late.
    The wide expanse of Canada’s land is needed and decided upon,
    Australia,Canada and New Zealand have been mass injected and to be followed by mass culling.
    I wish influential people like the Hon. Mr. Peckford truly studied and understood the agenda of the mass injections and history of radiation and chemical poisonings perpetrated upon humanity.


    • I can’t say I like your comment but unfortunately I have to agree with most of it. Mr. Peckford is, I believe, trying to keep a positive outlook on the Canadian situation and should not be vilified for that. I too doubt that we will ever see another democratic election in Canada (if we’ve even had one in the recent past). This has been planned by the powers that be. I believe the plan might be to make Trudeau “king of the world” with the backing of people like Schwab, Gates, Soros and the like and unless Canadians stop walking around with blinders on, open their eyes and start fighting back, we are all doomed.


  11. A very well outlined proposal Brian.But the oppressors believe that they have justification for their nefarious anti social actions and will do ANYTHING to avoid being brought to justice , however they must be getting loose bowels upon hearing that the people are waking up, much to the credit of the people like yourself
    We are in a struggle to retain some vestige of our humanity . We live in a Sci- Fi world and must wake up or we will all be “chipped ” Thank you ! Miles


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