And This From More Readers —91% of deaths are from the VACCINATED —BC—May 1 to May 28.

Canadian Advocacy Centre & Advocacy BC
Advocating for civil and human rights and social justice in BC & Canada.

#COVID19 Health Outcomes by Vaccination Status, #BC, May 1 – May 28th 👇💉
▶️Total Cases:6,149;V 1-3 doses:85.7% vs Not V:15%
▶️Hospitalizations:1,546 V 1-3 doses:85.3% vs Not V:14%
▶️Deaths: 314; V 1-3 doses: 90.9% vs Not V: 9%

BC Health data (May 1st-28th) dated June 9th on their Twitter page:

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91% of all Covid deaths were vaccinated.people

26 thoughts on “And This From More Readers —91% of deaths are from the VACCINATED —BC—May 1 to May 28.

  1. This was just sent to me from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance regarding ONTARIO’S data and their analysis.
    These ‘vaccines’ now have negative efficacy and enhance disease.
    Note the many ways Trudeau labelled the unvaccinated as being the unhealthy/ irresponsible party and how Covid-19 has not been in a pandemic phase for over a year now:

    It’s time to stop the mandates, the passports, the inoculation of children, all of it.

    In our latest video “Dispelling the Myth of A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” we reveal shocking truths using Ontario’s own public health data. A proper analysis of this data shows that the vaccine mandates have completely failed to control COVID-19 case growth and that the fully vaccinated are contracting COVID-19 at higher rates than the unvaccinated. Even more, it shows that hospital capacity is being stretched by the vaccinated and not the unvaccinated. And to top it all off it provides definitive proof that the pandemic has been over since early March 2021 when the death counts due to COVID-19 became negligible.

    This means that the government has been unjustly extending emergency measures and limiting the freedoms of Ontarians for almost a full year!

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    • Has the definition of public safety morphed into safety in public for those who perpetrate this upon us? I do not see them heralding any thing safety for people who are not interested in medical theatre with the macabre results at warp speed or those who are into medical theatre for that matter. What have they been up to these last years that would end the threat to our lives from medical theatre of the macabre? I do not think they were in Ottawa protecting peaceful families from theatre of the macabre with a side of you will not use your lives to protect your families and livelihoods and if you do we will end your families by taking your children bankrupting and or jailing you etc . All that viciousness to teach all of those watching what happens when ya are a talkin when ya shoulda been listening dontcha see eh. So interesting the euthanasia centres opening and Our medikal gal here announcing the suicide pill to be taken at home you know dignity and all……so you can kill yourself a variety of ways or take needles to save mankind as a marvel comic superhero fantasy story. But do not die without paying one of them in support of them cause that would be a tragedy. I worry so about the human beings called truckers by livelihood but in real life are fathers mothers and community members who contribte to the fabric of this great land we call home sweet home. Peace be around them and theirs. 

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  2. Yes – these fatalities and health issues among the Covid vaccinated were predicted over a year ago from the medical experts I watched. They warned about the constant jabs messing up your immune system on a permanent basis. It’s called a Cytokine Storm. You’ll be exposed to and fall victim to any new virus floating around. But I did simple research and knew about it but the sheep in my circle of friends failed to do that and now I have 2 friends who are triple jabbed that caught Omicron and another who is double jabbed getting over a case of pneumonia. I talked to another friend in Florida living in a gated community saying her tennis group are all double jabbed and always complaining of some new health issue. But she’s OK because she’s unvaxed.

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    • If one is avidly listening to what the independent doctors,scientists ,researchers,virologists,epidemiologists,websites with data,etc. they are all saying there is no way you go anywhere near these injections.
      We all know what this is and it is has nothing to do with our health and safety.
      We have been lied to for two years in such a grandiose fashion that Trudeau and Freeland now lie about everything they do.
      The FDA just approved shots for 6 month olds yesterday so the people that do their research must be a very tiny portion of the population.

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      • The Grand Plan is to destabilize and renovate Western Civilization minus most of it’s inhabitants. The lies from the gov’t are so thick they don’t know what truth is any more. One thing’s for sure, they’ve turned this nation and many into IV drug users waiting for their latest fix. Can you fix me up Dr. Fauci, Dr. Gates or Dr. Bourla? Do you think I need more of your product that you are making me take and pay for?

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  3. But do these statistics take into account how much of the population is vaccinated versus not,, when they give their percentages? If not, that could give a skewed result

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    • Debbie, regardless of the statistical situation, the public was sold the idea that these magic potions would be near 100% effective, keeping people out of hospitals, and would cause no issues (safe). Clearly that was a gigantic lie. Pfizer’s own CEO said that his 2 shots (the bargain) had “very little if any” effectiveness, but was pushing the idea that a third would do the trick. Normally companies like this would be shut down.

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  4. It’s no wonder that our mainstream news in British Columbia, particularly Global news, have stopped reporting the stats for the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. I remember not that long ago how these same news outlets were gleefully reporting how it was the unvaccinated that were the problem and were responsible for the cases, hospitalizations and deaths. It didn’t take long for the tide to turn. I recently read that only about 2% of a given population has critical thinking skills. This doesn’t surprise me given the almost maniacal embracement of lockdows, mask wearing and endless vaccines. Within a few weeks of the pandemic being declared I started to research everything I could about covid and continue to do so. It appears that the people who respond to the informative blogs from Brian Peckford are among the 2%.

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  5. I know some of you may not want to hear this, but I must give my two-bits regardless.

    There never was a “pandemic”. No Sars-Cov2 virus causing “Covid” was ever proven right from the first Chinese papers from Wuhan on down to today. There is no disease called “Covid”. It is a made up term describing symptoms that were nothing but flu and pneumonia, which can be caused by all kinds of things (particularly poison air, drugs, injections, lack of nutrition, the really OLD AGE of the unhealthy and so on). In fact, between the RT-PCR test created by Drosten and accepted by the WHO as not only an invalid test, but wrongly used as a diagnosis, what occurred was a PCR pandemic. Various fraudulent forms of it are still used today along with the equally fraudulent “antibody test”. They are still calling “cases” whether sick-not sick, dying or dead, whether vaccinated or not “Covid cases and deaths”.

    What is happening to people that have taken any number of the jabs is poisoning of the body, not “Covid”, although many of the responses to whatever injection (s) they received can create the symptoms of the flu, pneumonia and far worse short and long term effects. It is not any “virus” mutating or otherwise causing those effects. It is simply poisoning of the body with chemicals, additives, dead proteins, etc., etc. What flus and other respiratory symptoms are–is the body trying to heal itself by expelling toxins through any and ever means at its disposal. The healing process can be deadly when compounded by the addition of more poison to the body in the attempt “cure” it.

    In the beginning before the “vaccines” (jabs), it was hospital policy that killed people, by immediately throwing them on ventilators–intubating them, which is a harsh process for the extremely unhealthy and elderly suffering from various multiple serious health problems. It was totally unnecessary, as their breathing could have been assisted with the usual means, except for the FEAR that these methods would spread the “virus” among the hospital staff. The overwhelming majority of intubated died. In nursing homes, the SAME FEAR led recklessly to deaths in those homes (apart from giving flu shots, which gives people the flu). The Health Officers were using these deaths to rack up the fear along with the fake PCR test.

    Do not be fooled into thinking that the jabs hinder an “immune system” against a deadly virus. It is the poison in the jabs themselves that are causing more illness and worse outcomes and has nothing to do with a non-existent “virus” or a made-up disease called “Covid”. I have personal experience with the only “vax” I ever got since childhood when I was talked by an ambulatory nurse to take the hepatitis shot. It took me more than ten years to realise why I suffered from paralysis in certain limbs for a period of time. It was this very “pandemic” which set me on the road to discover that it was the cause. Don’t place your trust in any “vaccine” or synthetic medicine in the form chemical/drugs. Many people are unaware that many of those over-the-counter drugs can cause pneumonia because they are not doing anything but to interfere with the body own healing process.

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    • There were 42 US military biolabs in the Ukraine,alone.
      Fauci and Daszak were using Chinese labs for decades.
      The virus is real and luckily it is fairly generic in Omicron form because it should morph into a lethal form before it dies out.
      Don’t think for a moment that all those labs that China,America,Israel,Russia ,etc. have aren’t churning out bioweapons for use on us.
      This event was decades in the planning and yes,the intent was the poison death shot but it is all about death.

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      • Where is your proof of this nonsense. It doesn’t exist. On the other hand, there is proof that no “virus” has ever been proven to exist. I’ve been hearing the “bio-lab” scare since HIV alleged by some to have been created in a bio-lab at Fort Detrick. Ha! The problem is HIV was never proven to exist either! AIDS as it came to be called was a multiplicity of symptoms and disease gathered under one umbrella, said to be “infectious” in the act of sex blah blah blah. In fact, a critic of the time Dr. Peter Duesberg was lambasted and censored for the rest of his once illustrious career for disputing the HIV-AIDS cause and stated that among homosexuals the cause was drugs, poppers, unhealthy lifestyles etc. The inventor of the PCR backed him up (imagine that!). You should watch the documentary (House of Numbers ). There is a second part to it also, but the first part should suffice.

        This is what people should be concerned about esp. in the Ukraine, as reported once again from Jon Rappoport: Alert: Ukraine chemical time bomb; warning to Putin and the Ukraine military

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      • I just wanted to add this part of the Documentary by Brent Leung on HIV called: The Emperors New Virus? – An Analysis of the Evidence for the Existence of HIV. This is the one I watched many times over and over. It goes behind the science that claims to prove the HI-Virus. I thought it could be of interest to you and your subscribers on top of the first one.


      • I’ve already made a reply that is awaiting moderation?? We’ll see how this one goes.
        Where is your proof of bio-lab created “viruses”? I’ve heard the biolab scare since HIV was alleged to have been created in a biolab at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The problem is that HIV was never proven to exist either, not then and still not today. Let Jon Rappoport explain to you why the same has not been proven for Sars-Cov2.

        A new point about the missing virus


      • Thank you for allowing me to express them! I like to try to inform people as best I can and I appreciate your free-speech attitude!


  6. We’re all being exploited for our unfamiliarity in specific science and medical topics. This is the effect of the growing dependence upon govt welfare (= human sacrifice) of “siyentysts” and “medikal” non-professionals who cannot exist in the real world. Govt must become separated from all industry, science, and medicine existing only to protect our Individual Rights as per the supreme law of the land. Police, Judiciary, Military. All else cut and/or privatized into profit seeking private enterprises competing for willing customers to serve.


  7. This is such bad medicine. It actually is staggering. COVID vaccines do not stop infection. They reduce the severity of the infection. Like we wear seat belts even thought they do not stop accidents We wear seatbelts becuase the reduce the severity of accidents. COVID Vaccines reduce the severity. This has been crystal clear for months. For example, in this study of hundreds of people broken in to vaccinated and unvaccinated on placebo, the hospitalizations were all in the placebo participants. Once in a while it would be good to see some real evidence in these emails.


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