A Retired English Teacher, Poet, Writes A Thank You Poem —-And I Taught English Once Upon A Time—

What Was It Shelley Said? ‘Poets are the un-acknowledged legislators of the world.’

‘Thank you poem 

Dear Mr. Peckford – thank you for all the legal and political work you’re doing to help keep many of us sane – the last couple of years have been unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life and I’ve experienced a lot over the past 70 years 

– I’m a retired English teacher and write a lot of poetry so the pdf of my poem called “Barefoot on Eggshells” is my contribution to the effort – i.e. a way of keeping perspective as well as a way of wishing those of us who are hanging on with such determination a happy summer solstice and the end of a glorious spring even if the world seems on the verge of collapse – as Emile Zola said in Germinal, “Connection is all.”

– to put the poem in context, a friend of mine who also writes sent me a recent book of hers that included a poem called “To the Anti-Vaxxer” Dr. Souse style – I thought, ‘what is she thinking?’ by using such a term – the whole issue of name-calling over the past 2+ years has been so damaging – I responded by writing a series of haikus/senryus that tell a narrative different from the one she has experienced – I used a pen name for my poem that I’ve used before – it felt in keeping with its tone    

– I don’t have a lot of hope that things will improve even if the end of the poem sounds hopeful – but it’s in the nature of writing that we can see a different reality even if it feels unreachable

– good luck with the court case in Sept around travel mandates as unconstitutional – and have a good summer – stay well – we need you – Deb Panko 

Barefoot on Eggshells

in Canada, Spring 2022


So much name-calling coming from one direction … you hide your face too.

‘Anti-vaxxer’, one

of the names designed for me, I give back to you.

Why this war of words before first robin’s first note greets both day and night?

Feathers knock against

the window pane, settle on two tiny blue eggs.

Each egg has its shell

to rest complete within it

– indivisible.


Riverbanks sprout blooms. What message in RNA

are you looking for?

Wars make enemies.

This time they’re invisible. Let me be your moth.

In our global nest war-mongering ghouls work at streamlining designs.

It seems that disease

can be asymptomatic. Masked bandits creep close.

It takes only one munching moth to unravel designer sweaters.


Big Media drives

the ‘vaccine’ war machine, ads unprecedented.

Neighbours are convinced. Bind yourself to ‘sacrifice’. Give your life for theirs.

Stay home. Stay safe. Zoom. Pray at the crossroads. Prophets seed graveyard poppies.

All glorious wars

fade, as do forget-me-nots. What do you expect?

You know already

you’ve lost. We all meet our ghosts eventually.


War gods want you dead

yet will mourn you when you die. Therein lies the lie.

These pop-up verses

are safer, more effective than their ‘common good’.

Your head spins. You sleep. Crack open reason’s cocoon or become enslaved.

Evil preens itself.

Detached from all that breathes deep, it sniffs out your fear.

We are divided.

It’s too late, unless you pluck your name from its plot.


I give back to you

robin, moth, forget-me-not. I’ve learned from poppies.

The name I give you

is the name you gave yourself looking in water.

Don’t you remember? Invisible at first glance, names reveal themselves.

Prophets make profits, build plandemic industries. Billionaires rejoice.

Thunder spawns addicts. Big Pharma’s injuries spike, their message expressed.


The sky is alive.

Birds stream in from far and wide. Do you hear their calls?

In all directions

designs spring up unbidden. Riverbanks chatter.

Dawn’s chorus of notes

has swelled from the first robin to me still writing.

Each fragile shell breaks, brooks impossibilities. You’ll find empty nests.

Ghosts conscript bodies. Breathe in circles fully. Read what will happen next.


Binoculars poised,

go track mating calls. Wings flash without censorship.

Bullshit detectors

block Big Tech penetrations. Cows graze in meadows.

Spring’s immunity over-rides ‘gain-of-function’ man-made pathogens.

Robin chicks have fledged. Children find joy in nature recover beauty.

Peace heals our spirits. Feathered freedoms purify. Gratitude abounds.

Enamel Nosegay,

in five-seven-five tempo, lays her golden eggs.

4 thoughts on “A Retired English Teacher, Poet, Writes A Thank You Poem —-And I Taught English Once Upon A Time—

  1. We do need our binoculars today to look at our environment from a much different perspective. The post war generations includes all of us, we all were brought up in a high trust society. Originally that came from the colonial mindset, but also a sense of patriotism in forging a new country. Canada’s war effort drew on our genetic stock of valiant young men, however as time progresses we see that as in most wars they are a loss for all. The war creators, the sellers of war have toyed with different ways to reduce the population this past century, and they have the means to make it happen. Whether war or just population reduction and enslavement. The WEF, which formally merged with the UN, has said they see a digital enslavement society ahead for most of us. Where each vaccination is seen as a software patch, an upgrade to our outdated biotech. It’s all just warfare, believe in it at your peril.

    For more than 2 decades these anti human types have spent the money to buy off all sectors of the economy around the carbon issue. We as carbon based life forms who require food that is made of carbon and energy to keep us warm, are now literally being taxed against. Oh, they claim they have the Science, but did they ever really? Don’t believe it.

    Watch this mini documentary on our atmosphere, our oxygen, and how the population reductionists are planning to choke us out. Because as CO2 goes down, so does Oxygen, O2:


  2. One day being called an antivaxxer will be a badge of honor but not just yet. Same thing for antisemite and homophobe.
    The devil still rules and his children are still popular.

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