I listened To Former PM Steven Harper’s Endorsement Of Conservative Leadership Candidate Poilievre —Not A Peep About Freedom, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms  —The Unconstitutional Actions of the Federal Liberal /NDP  Government or The Liberal , Conservative , NDP , Provincial Governments ——

It’s as if the universe is unfolding as it should .

No problem for Harper : it is as if the ongoing covid nightmare does not exist . He is silent —-

With the undemocratic , unfair, treatment afforded Freedom hero Tamara Lich

With Pastors being illegally incarcerated, 

The  cruel,  unconstitutional Emergency Act being invoked, 

Of Canadians’ bank accounts being frozen, 

Of The PM calling Canadians racist because they hold different views 

Of The top Judge denigrating other Canadians without due process—-

Of The  thousands of Canadians dying from experimental covid vaccines, the tens of thousands injured. More deaths and injuries from these covid vaccines in two years  than from all other vaccines combined for the past 30 years ! 

No problem with the conclusions of experts like Canadian Professor Douglas Allen that showed early on that the cure was worse than the disease  , the organization Canadian Covid Care Alliance and its like conclusions about the Pfizer research .

No problem with the treatment by authorities of Dr. Charles Hoffe , Dr. Byram Bridle and other like professionals throughout Canada .

This is all a sham and should be condemned by all Conservative Leadership candidates and  Pierre Poilievre should reject this endorsement. 

I once supported Mr. Harper and his Party . But he and his Party have not lived up to their promises ——-a tradition of blue turning to red as soon as a leader is elected. And a Party that still supports a former leader , Andrew Sheer, who took party membership money to finance private schooling for his children. He is still in the Conservative caucus and is in the Shadow Cabinet for Infrastructure and Communities. In other words if the Conservatives formed the Government tomorrow this former leader would be in the Cabinet . 

And as this endorsement testifies the Party and Former Leader and PM , Mr. Harper , show a complete and utter disregard for our Supreme Law —Our Constitution ——-and one of its more recent advances , The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and two of its principles that undergird it  —‘the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law. ‘

My decision to leave the Conservative Party of Canada and my later refusal to endorse  a request to support Mr. Poilievre have been vindicated.  

Canadians must realize the the status quo will not do ——changing labels ????

Our Country is broken , and like the mainstream media , our mainstream Political parties  , including the Conservative Party of Canada have failed their citizens. 

Major Structural reform of the governance system: 1. honouring our Constitution and the principles that underpin the Charter of Rights and Freedom, 2. political parties, 3. parliaments, 4. the executive, 5. the judiciary and 6. education are minimal changes needed now if we are to save our democracy—-changes that with honesty, will and determination can be done within the present constitutional framework .

34 thoughts on “I listened To Former PM Steven Harper’s Endorsement Of Conservative Leadership Candidate Poilievre —Not A Peep About Freedom, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms  —The Unconstitutional Actions of the Federal Liberal /NDP  Government or The Liberal , Conservative , NDP , Provincial Governments ——

  1. Thank you for saying this out loud. Thank you for reminding us that all of these things are wrong, and they stay just as wrong even when they become old news. An ongoing wrong is always today’s news!

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  2. Thank you for putting into words our thoughts concerning the CPC. To elect Polliviere as eventual prime minister of Canada is effectively voting for Justin.
    It really is time for people to get off one band wagon and pay close attention to all the sour notes coming from individual band members.
    If only we had someone from the PPC running in every riding – then we’d all have someone to vote for.
    Right now Bernier appears to be the only hope for Canada.

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    • Not the way the system we have now works (which Harper definitely understands).

      Bernier hasn’t been able to get any seats in the last two elections. And the result of the leadership race that saw Andrew Scheer get the party reins indicates that it was Harper’s goal to stop Bernier.

      No one with a single working brain cell should be so naive as to think there are more than two horses running. There are people out there that understand this: the deck is firmly stacked against the Brian Peckfords of the world, and Harper’s endorsement of Poilievre guarantees that a vote for anyone that isn’t Conservative will keep the Liberals in their power position.

      In name only are there any third options at this point.


      • Harper too is a WEF member. As long as we maintain your way of thinking we will never remove our country from the rut it is in. Time to check the stables for other, better horses.


      • Marg, horses are a good analogy. As in hitching our wagon to a good team etc. The race track all the horses run on though, is swampy and the horses always get bogged down and sometimes break a leg. Whatever horse one rides on or rides with, needs a better a path. I suggest that PPC or TBOF become that political advocacy voice that becomes the better path to run a horse on. There may be a federal MP of any stripe that is a good horse, but they will get nowhere so long as the WEF/UN hosts the racetrack. The WHO, also a creature of the private UN is documentably a criminal organization dating back to the 1970’s, when they sterilized young women by deception. The race track we call Canadian government and procedure is in the wrong time zone, people have to in effect choose a new religion, much like the Amish did. Our current religion is to listen to the TV and the State representatives. People like the Amish organize outside of the State directives, and treat government as a curious tumour one has to keep an eye on.

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  3. The Honorable Brian Peckford is the only TRUE Conservative politician left standing in Canada. He clearly describes the problem Canada is in and how the killer jabs and the fallout from them need to be addressed by the Conservative party up front and in everyone’s face. There is no more ignoring the massive evidence from EVERY aspect of the fake vaccines that population control is the agenda and it must be stopped. Then we can begin the Nuremberg Trials version two to lock up every official promoting them.

    Did everyone hear of the 3 doctors in a hospital west of Toronto all dying within a day of each other? Imagine the talk among the surviving staff about that fact when their boss wants them to take yet another booster shot. No wonder doctors and nurses are in short supply now. They see on the inside the real Covid story.

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    • And then there is this story now being reported by Rebel News (see link attached). *Of interest: My husband was at a local FCC office securing a new land loan right at the time the government was freezing bank accounts. He ran into a young farmer who was there to prepay on some upcoming loans because he was a firm supporter of the Convoy and concerned about his accounts being shut down. I wonder now if that young farmer’s file has a ‘red flag’ attached for future loans, or is listed as someone to ‘watch’. To me, this is a backhanded, dirty way of suspending finances. In addition to this, the young FCC representative who met with my husband told him that he could not get his pulse under 100 bpm (he was young, fit and this was a NEW thing). By that time, all FCC employees had to be injected in order to keep their jobs. Mystifying to the young man. I hope he is okay and I hope it was beneath him and his colleagues to do any ‘reporting’ to FCC main office on customers. https://www.rebelnews.com/tags/farm_credit_canada

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      • Prairiemuser – yes this story seems to have legs. However I offer the idea up to anyone, that this can actually be an opportunity in disguise. Whatever farmer feels comfortable in going public about being targeted by FCC, they might find support from the ranks of the sympathetic out there. People working together is the answer.

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    Unofficial leaked document on Canadian Forces mandates being lifted, is being used as “news”
    Jul 26, 2022
    Here’s what you need to know – and not from the @CBC

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  5. Not surprised. Harper passed control of the Senate to the Liberals when he left those thirty-odd Senate seats vacant in 2015. Had he filled them, we would not be at the mercy of the Trudeau/Singh coalition. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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  6. I had heard, but not confirmed, that Steven Harper was associated with the WEF Global Leaders programme. He was certainly involved and attended WEF meetings as Canadian PM.
    Mr. Poilievre must be repeatedly asked the question: “Are you now, or have you ever been, associated with the WEF?”
    The politics of the past 30 years are now more comprehensible. WEF “grooming” and support have pushed their proteges up the ladder in state, provincial, national, and world organisations. All major parties have been involved, and it is clear that Jagmeet Singh, as an adherent, will continue to support the WEF’s puppet, J Trudeau. The accession of Mark Carney to climate czar, and Louise Arbour’s appointment to the International Criminal Court now make sense.
    The WHO has a parallel system with the likes of Teresa Tam, and Anthony Fauci’s supported researchers and pharmaceutical corporations.

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  7. I fully agree with the disgust expressed regarding Scheer and O’Toole. Both were liberals masquerading as conservatives and were, rightly, ejected from their positions swiftly, likely not swiftly enough.
    I still believe in Stephen Harper and that his endorsement of Poilievre is legitimate.
    We must remember that the points that Mr. Peckford illustrates in his commentary run contrary to the false narrative the Canadian media has been running these past seven years. Any Canadian who relies on the main stream corporate and federal media for their information, holds beliefs contrary to that which is the truth and will likely balk at hearing otherwise. The most important thing right now, is to appoint a strong conservative leader who can beat Trudeau, then we go to work on correcting the injustices and ending the corruption of the liberal government, as Harper tried to do during his administration.

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  9. “I once supported Mr. Harper and his Party . But he and his Party have not lived up to their promises ——-a tradition of blue turning to red as soon as a leader is elected.” This problem is a very big part of why Canada’s political parties stand disgraced and condemned in my eyes. There are other reasons of course.

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  10. Harper much like Chretien provided a status quo leadership, that tried to limit the overt scandals that Trudeau gets involved with. Harper didn’t stand in the way of Canada losing it’s sovereignty to the US or even China, so long as things appeared above board and ‘legal’. Harper occasionally said the right thing in somewhat resisting the woke overthrow of society. But Harper like Pollievre is a slave to the WEF types, who represent the interests of the financial elites. Their job as politicians is to try to make the WEF agenda palatable, and slip it in while nobody notices. The major ace that our enemy holds against us is the unearned national debts. All national governments have paid many times over what they ever borrowed, yet are left with the shame of being insolvent. This all because of using a currency created as a debt with interest, when most nations such as Canada should have the accounting skills to loan / furnish themselves with a currency.

    It sounds absurd to those who’ve never considered the idea, but we as Canadians really don’t have a national debt, we have paid far more than we ever borrowed. The debt is fictional, a function of having agreed to absurd conditions – in our case, in 1974. People of a conservative bent especially, in turn acquiesce to the bankers demands because they feel we have ‘lived beyond our means’. Not so, by year 2000 according to Stats Canada, the federal government had paid 16X more to private foreign banks than it ever ‘borrowed’. Our current system is one of temporary loan (at interest) for permanent debt, a mathematical heist.

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  11. There is no chance of anyone but Poilievre getting the reins of the party now.

    The third time is definitely not going to be the charm for Bernier.

    The deck is stacked against us, and the only way to overcome it is to support the opponent that has risen highest against the Liberal candidate in your location.

    Sophie’s Choice continues.

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