Canada’s Emergencies Act Inquiry (Commission )—It’s Outrageous—Government Investigating Itself?  And How! 

First , The Unconstitutional  Imposition of  provisions of the Emergencies Act by a Liberal  Government earlier this year involved an Act introduced into Parliament and passed by a Conservative Government in 1985 . So we have the two major political parties involved in this travesty of justice. This draconian measure to put down peaceful civil disobedience by truckers , their families,  friends , and supporters in the nation’s capital is indeed momentous and inconsistent with Canada’s adherence to democratic principles. 

Second, the requirement of another provision of that Act calls for an Inquiry:

‘63 (1) The Governor in Council shall, within sixty days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency, cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency.

Report to Parliament
 A report of an inquiry held pursuant to this section shall be laid before each House of Parliament within three hundred and sixty days after the expiration or revocation of the declaration of emergency.’

That’s it ! 

So this requirement which many think checks the power of the Government in the execution of the Act is just the opposite—it puts the Government in control of the whole inquiry process.

Who is the Governor in Council ——?? The Cabinet —The Government of Justin Trudeau in this case . 


We had this unbelievable display of Government and police power as a result of acts of civil disobedience and the Parliament gives that Government the power to set up an Inquiry to investigate itself? 

Are you joking? 

You don’t mean Canada ? Because Canada is a democratic nation —-where Parliament on behalf of the people rules . 

Well , no!

And it gets worse !!!

 So the Government who stole our freedoms gets to appoint the people who will conduct the Inquiry into that theft .

And , thirdly, it also sets the terms of reference of what will and will not be examined and how it will be examined ??

Are you with me? 

So the Government through a Cabinet order :

‘And whereas, under subsection 63(2) of that Act, the report

of the inquiry shall be laid before each House of Parliament within 360 days

after the expiration or revocation of the declaration of emergency;

Therefore, Her Excellency the Governor General in Council,

on the recommendation of the Prime Minister,

(a) directs that a Commission do issue, for the period ending

on March 31, 2023, under Part I of the Inquiries Act and

under the Great Seal of Canada, appointing the Honourable

Paul S. Rouleau to be a Commissioner, to conduct an inquiry

under the name of the Public Inquiry into the 2022 Public Order

Emergency (“Public Inquiry”), which Commission must———

So a Commission of inquiry is established with a Commissioner

 By a Cabinet Order—by the Government !!

 I quote directly :

(i) direct the Commissioner to examine and report on

the circumstances that led to the declaration of a public

order emergency being issued by the federal government

and the measures taken by the Governor in Council

by means of the Emergency Measures Regulations and

the Emergency Economic Measures Order for dealing

with the public order emergency that was in effect

from February 14 to 23, 2022;

(ili) direct the Commissioner to set out findings and lessons

learned, including on the use of the Emergencies Act and

the appropriateness and effectiveness of the measures

taken under the Emergency Measures Regulations and the

Emergency Economic Measures Order, and to make

recommendations, as pertains to the matters examined in

the Public Inquiry, on the use or any necessary

modernization of that Act, as well as on areas for further

study or review,’

So what does the Commissioner examine? Well, it seems to go out of its way to comprehensively capture all the trucker’s convoy’s activities even though some of the points involved have  proven to be false in testimony before a Parliamentary Committee. like foreign involvement. 

‘Direct the Commissioner to examine issues, to the extent

relevant to the circumstances of the declaration and

measures taken, with respect to

(A) the evolution and goals of the convoy and

blockades, their leadership, organization and


(B) the impact of domestic and foreign funding,

including crowdsourcing platforms,

(C) the impact, role and sources of misinformation

and disinformation, including the use of social media,

(D) the impact of the blockades, including their

economic impact, and

(E) the efforts of police and other responders prior to

and after the declaration,’

 And for the Government? Not near as specific and leaves it up to the Commissioner :

‘The appropriateness and effectiveness of the measures ‘ by the Government. 

Anything about following the Constitution ? No, just appropriateness and the Commissioner gets to define that. 

Anything about breaking the law ? 


That’s not allowed to be examined by the Commissioner because its forbidden right in these terms of reference 

‘Direct the Commissioner to:

(A) perform their duties without expressing any

conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or

criminal liability of any person or organization,’

And no specific mention even of ethics or the excessive power given to health officials. 

Nothing about the science. 

Were proper rules of science followed? 

What science was used.? 

What science was ignored though available ????

How about the impact , economic and psychological , on the truckers, their families , all those who supported peacefully the movement. 

The use of police power, and using the banks to freeze peoples’ accounts. 

What about Section 1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms——-part of which reads that you can only exempt the rights and freedoms defined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms  if you can ‘demonstrably justify ‘ such violation consistent with the values of a ‘free and democratic society.  ‘ 

And make no mistake —peoples’s rights and freedoms were violated. 

Nothing in the terms of reference addressing that. No demonstrable justification!!

The only thing that come close to any sort of accountability of Government in the terms of reference is the following —which I quoted above but will quote again: 

Quote:(11) direct the Commissioner to set out findings and lessons

learned, including on the use of the Emergencies Act and

the appropriateness and effectiveness of the measures

taken under the Emergency Measures Regulations and the

Emergency Economic Measures Order, and to make

recommendations, as pertains to the matters examined in

the Public Inquiry, on the use or any necessary

modernization of that Act, as well as on areas for further

study or review,—-unquote 

That keeps it pretty general don’t you think? 

Don’t get too specific with the Government and pose terms to get at the embarrassing issues like the science and the constitutionality. Nothing to force these matters to be studied!

And then the Commissioner gets to hire and fire whom he wants. Quote:

(v) authorize the Commissioner to:

(A) adopt any procedures and methods that they may

consider expedient for the proper and efficient

conduct of the Public Inquiry, to accept submissions

in the manner they choose, including electronically,

and sit at any times, in any manner and in any place

in Canada that they may decide,—

(B) at the Commissioner’s discretion, grant any

person who in the Commissioner’s assessment would

provide necessary contributions to the Public Inquiry

and satisfies the Commissioner that they have

a substantial and direct interest in the subject matter

an opportunity for appropriate participation in it,

(C) recommend to the Clerk of the Privy Council that

funding be provided, in accordance with approved

guidelines respecting the remuneration and expenses

and the assessment of accounts, to any person

described in clause (B) if, in the Commissioner’s view,

the person would not otherwise be able to participate

in the Public Inquiry, and

(D) at the Commissioners’ discretion, engage

the services of the experts and other persons referred

to in section 11 of the Inquiries Act, and pay them

remuneration and expenses as approved by

the Treasury Board,——unquote . 

Government through the Privy Council office controls a lot !

This so called inquiry now called Public Order Emergency Commission to file its report by February 6, 2023 —just over four months from now. 

Big agenda for 4 months with Christmas season in the middle of it. 

And the Commission is already delayed in its start up date. 

Meanwhile the Commissioner , who one would  think would have to be politically independent , no conflicts or perceived conflicts ( justice must not only be done, but to be perceived as being done) has as part of his biography that:   ‘He was a partner with the law firms Heenan Blaikie from 2000 to 2002, ————-‘

This is the law firm with which Pierre Eliot Trudeau , the present PM’s father , was involved on his retirement from active politics. 

This is all wrong——giving to the Government the role of appointment of the people to conduct an inquiry into that Government’s actions and then to give Government the power  to determine the terms of reference to be used? 

Am I being a conspiracy theorist? Am I being disloyal, a bad citizen to want my Federal Government held accountable in an objective fashion ? 

Canada has entered a new world —-one of the misuse of power , of democracy being abandoned . This isn’t accountability, transparency, or the adherence to the two principles that are to guide The Charter of Rights and Freedoms—-the SUPREMACY  of GOD AND THE RULE OF LAW.   



The Public Order Emergency Commission has a website :

I urge everyone to review this website and the full cabinet order establishing the Commission and those now employed by the Government to operate it. 

29 thoughts on “Canada’s Emergencies Act Inquiry (Commission )—It’s Outrageous—Government Investigating Itself?  And How! 

  1. The inquiry restrictions are more evidence of how Justin Trudeau (the most dangerous person in Canada) is leading Canada to the cliff of doom and the classic definition of totalitarianism with him appointed (by himself) as leader for life.

    I personally know two couples actively looking to leave Canada.

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      • Mr Peckford, I’m worried if I we left that Trudeau would cancel our CPP, OAS and lean on our 30 year career municipal pensions we have. Those federal and provincial and municipal pensions are our only source of money. He could say “you left Canada, so no pension money of any source for you”.

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  2. It has been shown that they are using foreign nationals inside of those kevlar outfits. This seems to be a violation. I believe that int’l law would make it totally legitimate for a group of canadian citizens to use any means to capture some of these people. You need to trap a few. You could easily set them up, you know they will show at a protest movement, you know that your police will not get in the way. You need the weapons “we” use to destroy the electric grid wherever “we” invade illegally. Carbon fiber cables with weights on the end can be used to attach a bunch of these mercenaries to each other in a way where they will be unable to free themselves or draw a weapon. You capture them and remove them and make them talk (you’ll need a translator). This will likely lead to what you want to see. The removal of the illegitimate Trudeau/Castro empire wholly owned by the same people who own the CCP. These people own all U.S. debt because they controlled the u.s. gov’t and used their control to keep tariffs from china ridiculously low. Therefore all of that money was stolen and is illegitimate. Those debts are erased, and the people of china lose nothing. In fact they can only gain. They are the abject slaves that it is wanted by these psychopaths that we become. If we refuse to honor any of these illegitimate debts, that would free the chinese people to overthrow their illegitimate regime which is simply a puppet for the owners of Black Rock and Vanguard.


  3. The sole purpose of any such commission should be to determine if the conditions were met to legally justify invoking the Emergencies Act.

    Were the conditions met? Yes or no? Everything else is obfuscation and diversion. But I guess that’s what we’re gonna get.

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  4. 1. Why was the Emergencies Act invoked? Simple … to terrorize the population of Canada into submission pursuant to the dictates of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.

    2. Did the Emergencies Act invocation work? No … there are still too many people obstructing our esteemed(???) prime minister from becoming lord, master and dictator of Canada and perhaps the world.

    3. What can a commission investigating the invocation of the Emergencies Act do to fix this mess? It should be able to give our esteemed (???) heil Justin leader the authority to enforce any and all dictatorial legislation he deems necessary in order to ensure his immediate and permanent elevation to LORD AND MASTER of Canada.

    To pretty up the situation with flowery phrases is a waste of time. With sidekick Jagmeet at his side and our ridiculous system of governing in place, Canadians don’t have a hope in hell of getting out of this mess.

    The idea of law suits sounds lovely but a waste of time. The judicial system also appears to be tainted … oops! I should say totally convoluted.

    What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong and NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET. We simpletons know that but try telling it to the self appointed hierarchy.

    Get rid of the WEF along with other radical organizations and perhaps Canada (and humanity) will have a chance.

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    • It’s all a sham and participating in it perpetrates this ——perhaps appear and then show how wrong it is if you really want to be involved. But what we need are politicians who will change the Emergencies Act so that in future there is a truly independent inquiry if the Government should ever try something like this again.

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      • Sometimes we need to expose a sham for what it is – poke the bear.
        If this becomes a way to round up trucker supporters, dissenters & opposition, this will surely expose this govt’s true agenda. There truly is no democracy if politicians view protesters & dissenters – their electorate – as enemies of the state. So it’s time to level up – stand up, speak out, be courageous and make them show their hand. One can only hope opposition MPs & Senators will keep this Commission on track. This is our hill to stand on and if it goes sideways, the world will know & hopefully more Canadians will realize exactly what this regime truly is.


    Trudeau Threatens Covid Restrictions if 80-90% of Canadians Not ‘Up to Date’ on Boosters
    Sep 6, 2022 – (links to all articles in video description)
    A whopping 12% of Canadians have had a 4th dose and PM Justin Trudeau is threatening more lockdowns if this number doesn’t reach 80-90% by this fall.


    • @janrideau, thanks for posting this link. I just called my Premier’s office (Moe) and requested that he take a page out of Danielle Smith’s book (she is running for UCP leadership in Alberta) wherein she states that she basically will not stand for any more of these ‘mandates’ from Ottawa if voted in as Premier. We need more strong leaders in our country to take a stand against this tyranny. Because that’s what it is–tyranny! Pure and simple.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Most of the things Danielle proposes to do can be done under the existing Constitution like Quebec has been doing for years—-own pension system, major say in immigration , own police force etc——I applaud her focusing on all this. Sure Newfoundland collects offshore oil and gas revenues contrary to the Constitution itself and a SCOC ruling.

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      • I JUST received a call-back from my Premier’s office, and the receptionist was very gracious and assured me my remarks as well as the additional information I gave her during the phone call (some of which was from this page) would be relayed to Premier Moe. (I have worked very hard to build a respectful relationship with Premier Moe’s office because I intersperse my ‘concern’ calls with positive calls thanking our Premier when I see him doing good things–standing against the media when they tried to take Moe to task for things Brad Wall said as a private citizen; calling out the libs for going onto private land to sample dugout water, etc. Respect goes both ways.

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    ‘Trudeau says Covid is not done with Canada, urges 80-90% of Canadians to get booster shot’
    Andrew Kozak -September 5, 2022
    “Covid’s not done with us yet. We might want to be done with it but it’s still around and yes we have a lot more tools and a lot more understanding, a lot more knowledge on how to kept ourselves and our loved ones safe that have allowed us to get back to regular life in a lot of ways for a whole bunch of people but we also know that as winter comes and as people get pushed back indoors there is a real risk of another serious wave of covid. One of the best things we can do to prevent that wave, prevent the pressure on our healthcare systems, prevent provinces from having to take decisions around restrictions and mandates is to ensure that everyone is up-to-date in their vaccinations. The recommendation is, you know, you should, ah, be up to date in your vaccinations if you have a, have had a dose within 6 months. Everyone who has been a while since their vaccination, this vaccination should look at the fact that we have new vaccines coming out this month that are tailored against omicron, that will provide better protection and everyone should get out an get vaccinated. If we are able to hit that 80, 85, 90% of Canadians up-to-date in their vaccinations we’ll have a much better winter with much less need for the kinds of restrictions and rules that were so problematic for everyone over the past years but every step of the way government’s responsibility is to keep people safe, to prevent out healthcare systems from getting overwhelmed and that’s where individuals choosing to make sure their up-to-date in their vaccinations with these new vaccines is gonna help us all.” – Sales Minister Justin Trudeau


  7. This inquiry seems standard procedure, like the one in Nfld as to the Muskrat project boondoggle. No civil of criminal issues to result, no accountability, and many of the scallywags still doing their jobs, no one fired of fined…………yet the islands power issues could have been covered by a 2 billion cost , but not at 14 billion and still operating at less than half capacity.
    # 1 is get the right commissioner that gives results desired. Of course the Feds were deep into allowing this project to proceed. Politics as usual, I am not surprised. Yet a broad mandate to resolve all the issues you note would take years, and at much more expense. Trump picked a judge he appointed to get his Master, so not much difference to Trudeau
    Winston Adams

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