So Why Is It Only Bernier and Peckford Of The Hundreds Of Federal and Provincial Former Or Existing Legislators That Have Actually Taken One of the Governments to Court Over Their Cruel Mandates and Lockdowns ? 

I encounter every day people who are apologists for former or existing legislators . They don’t understand like you. They were not at the conferences leading up to the Charter and Rights and Freedoms. 


I wasn’t at the 1867 BNA Act talks either!!!!!Nor was Bernier . Bernier was not at the 1981 conference either. 

We can read , we have experienced —-and we all have been around for the last two years!!! A lot of it is common sense!!!

It’s a good question and needs to be asked. 

Another is what about the Law Societies of Canada ?

Any of them come forward?

What about the political parties themselves?  Federal and Provincial!! The Unions , the Business Associations, The Think Tanks!! I won’t even mention with any gusto The Media and Academia. 

And if not take action themselves then support those who have taken action !!

How about that?

The Provincial Government of the Province of which I was once Premier threatened to take me to court if I disclosed why they would not answer my question as to why they would not refer their mandate , lockdown measures to their highest court  for a Constitutional ruling as they had the power to do? 

This is what a lot of supporters of the Federal Liberal Party, Federal Conservative Party , Federal New Democratic Party , Federal Green Party , Provincial Liberal Parties, Provincial Progressive Conservative Parties , Provincial New Democratic Parties , and the Provincial  Green Parties should be asking themselves and their Parties and their Parties’ leadership!!!!!

I did not see any existing Political Leaders on the platform with me In Ottawa during the truckers convoy —-except courageous,  principled Mr. Bernier. Not even the budding Conservative Leadership Candidates. Where were they? 

Have any of the local political party riding associations Federal or Provincial pass resolutions calling on their Party to take such actions or support such actions?

Ah, Yes—-talk is cheap——-

I wrote all the First Ministers on referring their covid measures to their highest courts —-I was largely ignored . And when an answer a generic electronic one !!And wrote them on supporting a Citizens’ Led Inquiry . Same kind of responses.

The machine answers !!!

We have become a nation of followers ———watching as hero statues are removed and  Christian churches burned. 

As science and reason are turned upside down or blatantly ignored. 

Yet , arrest Bernier on the open Prairie for exercising his civil disobedience rights , his rights and freedoms under the Charter of Rights  and Freedoms, shackle Tamara , have a Country wide alert for her like a serial killer or rapist, arrest and jail Christian Pastors for exercising their Charter  freedoms of religion , and rights of free speech, freedom of association and assembly , force Ezra Levant to court so that his press organization could attend a press conference or political rally ———

Few voices , fewer actions ——by leaders and those who follow them !

A state of acquiescence  and servitude unworthy of our history and judaeo christian foundations.

23 thoughts on “So Why Is It Only Bernier and Peckford Of The Hundreds Of Federal and Provincial Former Or Existing Legislators That Have Actually Taken One of the Governments to Court Over Their Cruel Mandates and Lockdowns ? 

  1. The foundations of the ideas about the law abiding individual as the sovereign unit of value is Aristotelean in origin, not Neoplatonic (i.e. Judeo-Christian). Acquiescence and servitude to the “deer leederz” and his “exspurtz” is what is actually disseminated by those same Judeo-Christian doctrines.

    America’s founders successfully discovered morality applicable to the real physical world (their INDIVIDUALIST Constitutional Law), but Americans have erroneously associated that discovery to Christianity, rather than to Aristotle’s beneficial influence to Christianity. An honest, but lethal mistake aggravated by German/Euro philosophers and other religious theocrats.

    This mistake is what allows provisions in the Charter to suspend the humanity of humans under certain circumstances and are vulnerable to subjective interpretations of the “deer leederz”.

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    • As soon as government by committee or political party becomes a plaything of secret societies, think tanks and big money it becomes a corrupt and dangerous mafia that operates above the law in the service of special interests. This is why Ben Franklin said you have a republic if you can keep it. He knew of those who would hijack it and bring about what we see today. A globalist oligarchy hiding behind and directing parliamentary forms of government.

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      • THE ACTUAL CAUSE OF OLIGARCHY AND MONOPOLY. The difference between political power and any other kind of social “power,” between a government and any private organization, is the fact that a government holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force.

        The necessary precondition of a coercive monopoly is closed entry—the barring of all competing producers from a given field. This can be accomplished only by an act of govt intervention, in the form of special regulations, subsidies, franchises, mandates, govt censorship of alternatives, and/or protection from liability.

        Without government assistance, it is impossible for a would-be monopolist to set and maintain his prices and production policies independent of the rest of the economy. For if he attempted to set his prices and production at a level that would yield profits to new entrants significantly above those available in other fields, competitors will invade his industry.

        CRONYISM and OLIGARCHY exists because of govt involvement in industry. This involvement was initiated by the Sherman anti-trust laws (unethical laws titled to accomplish the opposite of their intentions). Another good and more recent example is the “Inflation Reduction Act” which in the real world is the Inflation Production Act.


    • “Judeo-Christian doctrines.”
      Since Jews rejected Christ and persecuted his followers both Jewish and gentile it has to be accepted as fact that there is nothing Jewish about Christianity or God himself. To believe otherwise is heresy. Based on John8:44 jews are children of the devil and therefore associating Jews with Jesus is blasphemy, heresy and an oxymoron. If you wish to talk about Christian doctrines that is okay but don’t associate Jewish heretics and criminals with Christianity. They are not compatible or the same.


      • RELIGION IS AN EARLY FORM OF PHILOSOPHY, the first attempts to explain the universe, to give a coherent frame of reference to man’s life and a code of moral values, were made by religion, before men graduated or developed enough (Greek civilization) to begin PHILOSOPHY.

        Religion (all forms of mysticism) promotes PRIMITIVE TRIBALISM and SEGREGATION and the ETHIC OF HUMAN SACRIFICE, while a valid philosophy PROMOTES REAL CAUSE-EFFECT SCIENCE and HUMAN FLOURISHING. The ambition of conquering of mother nature rather than the venal cowardice of conquering and coercion of other men, women, and children.

        We can all witness how religion (the Christian one in particular) seeks out sacrificial victims. Primitive, tribal, savage, cannibal anti-morality. It’s past the time to grow up from primitive philosophy.


    • The “Christian” world has always suffered from an inadequate knowledge of Israel and Judah. The Jews who made up one of the 12 tribes of Israel have always been identified as Israel, which is really an error. Christians never hear in their churches that Israel underwent a split as described in I Kings of the Old Testament, and two separate identities resulted: The Northern Kingdom of Israel which contained 10 tribes and Judah which consisted of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The Bible clearly shows that many of the ten tribes were more populous than Judah or Benjamin, especially the tribes of Ephriam and Manasseh, which some call the Joseph tribes. To make a long story short, many believe that after Israel was taken captive by the Assyrians, they never returned back to Israel but immigrated west and northwest, bringing them finally into western Europe and the UK. The Jews maintained their identity as they were to be the “keepers of the law” but Joseph was to receive the birthright blessings of prosperity and influence. It is undeniable that western culture, especially that of the English speaking nations, identifies itself with Israel and her history and have experienced great blessings materially. Believing our history is rooted in Israel outdates Greece or the Romans.


      • More heresy. Europe and Eurasia was populated by proto and indo europeans long before there was even the possibility of there being Hebrews any where. The bible says they are still in the middle east but not necessarily in Israel. Their Y chromosome genetic marker is J1C3. Quit trying to sanitize the Hebrews, it won’t work.


      • Our emotions are real, but emotion directed imagination (such as religious faith) is not our means of cognition. Emotions are our means of valuation and motivation. These need to be directed using our own mind (similar to a cavalier with his stallion).

        Values (or lack thereof) are to be judged by the facts of reality, not merely by good intentions, wishful thinking, or statements thereof. Moral conviction is accomplished by an obedience to physical reality as perceived by our own senses using our own mind, not by obedience to anyone or anything else.

        The one mortal vice that promotes all other vice, is evasion of reality. We witness evasion everyday now from our establishment politicians (both liberal and conservative).

        People desperately defend fake narrative and lie to us because they lie to their own selves. They have an obedience to an imagined Utopian world, vs one that is focussed upon the real world.

        Evil begins with the evasion of reality for the sake of unsubstantiated Utopian ideas (an act of cowardice that is a convenience but is also a death wish).

        MYSTICISM (Plato’s hand pointing upward to an imagined Utopia)
        REASON (Aristotle’s hand reaching outward, the absolute of reality)


  2. I believe that the WEF is at the heart of this and they have somehow gained control of most of the politicians and media around the world either through black mail, coercion, or some other means. It just doesn’t make sense that so many leaders in Canada and around the world could all think that what they did was in the interest of the people they were suppose to be serving.

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    • It is as easy as this. Money talks! You will believe and do as we tell you or you are fired and will lose it all. Or your friends and relations try to shame you into silence so that they don’t lose it all either socially or economically. This is democracy, capitalism and communism and part of why all three should be expunged.

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    • Mark the WEF is just a more recently noticed group within the globalist oligarchy. There are others.
      In George Orwell’s book 1984 he alluded to a political philosophy called oligarchical collectivism as being the ideology of IngSoc or the English socialist party. It seems life and literature have much in common.

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  3. The hard-times in store for the Canadian public will be the only solution to the self-satisfaction, greed, false virtuosity, and compliance to the ‘man’, that has been endemic in the national character for at least 3-4 decades….sorting the wheat from the chaff.

    We have the elected ‘entitled’ and bureaucratic parasites that we deserve; we have put them there.

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    • “The hard times in store for the Canadian public will be the only solution to the self-satisfaction, greed, false virtuosity, and compliance to the ‘man’, that has been endemic in the national character for at least 3-4 decades…. sorting the wheat from the chaff.”

      The outcome of all of this is going to be more than separating the wheat from the chaff. More likely it will be a near extinction level event and a genetic bottle neck plus a dark age or even a return to the stone age.
      Overcoming this crime against humanity or surviving it is not going to be easy, but it should be done.

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  4. Since covid enter the picture there has been no legitimate government in Canada. None of the edicts have met the test of legislative debate and the pathology of our representatives can be diagnosed as salary dementia. Fear of losing the taxpayer-funded gold-plated pension they have awarded themselves is the only thing they can see. Honesty and integrity evaporated a long time ago. All must be thrown out of office.

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    • Since government deficits and legislating contrary to Gods laws and judgments there has been no real legitimate government in Canada. The problem is bigger than you all think.

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  5. Congratulations Mr. Peckford. Every point you make in this comment is 100% spot on and after reading it through for a second time I actually wonder why I am proud to be a Canadian.

    Yes, the WEF had a lot to do with fashioning the minds of those who now govern us but it did NOT fashion the minds of the remainder of the population. No, we were all too ready with hands out to take that which was offered by promising politicians, thinking we were getting something for nothing. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. They take our tax money and return a paltry pittance and we think we’re getting something for nothing. Wow!!! Are we dumb!

    I remember Mr. Diefenbaker putting the screws to the Avro Arrow project; I watched as Pierre Elliot Trudeau gave the middle finger to voters as he left after visiting a part of Northern British Columbia. Then people wonder why I am so disillusioned by both politics and politicians in Canada.

    But, I am still a proud Canadian and although I may have one foot on the proverbial banana peel, I will fight till my dying breath to try and maintain the kind of country my forefathers fought to build. THE DICTATORS OF THE WORLD CANNOT HAVE IT, not on my watch!

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    • Great comments, Margrock109. We can be proud Canadians, proud of the principles and freedoms and heretofore good life our veterans and forefathers fought and toiled for, while excluding from that sentiment the corrupt politicians who have wrought nothing but destruction on our country.

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    • Most dictators are by nature nation preservers or builders. What afflicts Canada and its allies are not nation preservers or builders, but globalist empire builders and they have no real loyalty to nation or race. To them nation and race are something to be trampled underfoot or erased altogether except for members of their own clique or sub clique. When you hear the screeching of anti-nazis and anti – racists you are hearing from people in the globalist empire builder’s camp.

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  6. This post in particular, is exactly why I reached out to you privately. I sought guidance,….with historical relevance. That is of the utmost importance.

    I tried reaching out to the Conservative Party Candidates, crickets… response.
    Poilievre in particular. He didn’t do a damn thing until he saw a bandwagon to jump on! His handlers did eventually respond to my queries with a blanket statement.

    I’m conflicted joining the PPC because ……I was just about to explain my reasoning but it isn’t kind nor appropriate to share on a public forum.
    I have agreed with you wholeheartedly that the swamp needs to be drained…..I cannot be convinced Maxime is the correct incumbent (you’ll need to ask him yourself why that is).
    Sooooo I’d like to support a new party, but I don’t believe he’s he man . Honourable Mr. Peckford, is there no one else ?

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  7. “So Why Is It Only Bernier and Peckford of The Hundreds of Federal and Provincial Former or Existing Legislators That Have Actually Taken One of the Governments to Court Over Their Cruel Mandates and Lockdowns? ”

    I can think of three possibilities.
    1. The rest don’t understand the problem.
    2. The rest are on the take or are in on the conspiracy to depopulate via the clot shot.
    3. The rest for economic or political reasons don’t want to or cannot bring themselves to invest the time and money to bring the conspirators including governments to justice.

    As for the public far too many of them still don’t believe there is a serious problem and that it is all a conspiracy theory. Their gullibility and foolishness will be their doom. To quote Jesus. – “As it was in the days of Noah so it shall be in the time of the coming of the son of man.”

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  8. Thank you for posting these thoughts, Brian Peckford. Good questions, questions that need to be asked of our ‘leaders’, which is why I use and WELCOME every phone call or letter from the political parties asking for money. It seems the ONLY WAY to get their attention, to get them to listen to ME, to listen to MY questions and demand answers. I have yet to donate, because they continually fail to answer my questions and address my concerns, but I pleasantly and genuinely urge them to keep calling because, one by one, I get to present my concerns and questions to them. I am now faced with attending a fundraiser dinner, which I have never done and would ordinarily abhor, but I think I will go, just to have a platform to speak to the MPs attending FACE to FACE. Paying to be HEARD, I guess. I say this while shaking in my boots (I prefer writing over standing up and speaking in public), but if not I, then who?

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  9. Senor Peckford;

    Title: DO THE MATH

    Well, reading your Blog these last several days indicates and affirms a growing level of frustration, discontent, hopelessness and the looking for a way to escape this Shakespearean like tragedy unfolding. You latest post seems to suggest you are confronting some, if not all, of these emotions—perfectly understood!!!

    That being said, a fighter you came into this world and a fighter you will exit, that I know. So, might I suggest to all your readers that now is the time to recommit, to stand, stand tall and erect, stand on principle and let’s defeat the Math equation I provide below, as it is the reality that is lurking just over the blackhole event horizon.

    Here’s the math Explanation to our quandary.

    For analogy purposes, let’s assume the decade of the 1950s had a rating of:

    1. 100% regarding Canadian Rights and Freedoms,

    2. that the Education System and Parenting was delivering on their mandate and responsibility;

    3. that the MSM was still speaking truth to power;

    4. that Corporatism was in its infant stage and mostly contained and operated for the benefit of society;

    5. that entitlement was virtually non-existent;

    6. that technology’s influence was minimal regarding its destructive capabilities;

    7. that government was truly of, by and for the people;

    8. that spirituality was the beautiful, welcomed sister in the human condition;

    9. That censorship wasn’t cancerous and malignant like it is now, in growth and impact;

    10. The disrespect for the law and lack of enforcement of same, like it is now, was not part of the human condition.

    Now, let’s take each one of these 10 factors and suggest, conservatively speaking, that they have either declined or increased, in nature, by 1% annually. Here is the math reality in 2022:

    1. Rights and Freedoms—-Reduced by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the slide;

    2. Education System and Parenting—Reduced by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the slide;

    3. MSM speaking truth to power— Reduced by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the slide;

    4. Corporatism influence— increased by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the increase;

    5. Entitlement— increased by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the increase;

    6. Technology influence— increased by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the increase;

    7. Government of, by, for the people— Reduced by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the slide;

    8. Spirituality— Reduced by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the slide;

    9. Censorship—increased by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the increase;

    10. Disrespect for the Law— — Increased by (1960 onwards) 61% and this doesn’t take into account the compound nature of the increase.

    The math reality is very yelling. That is, we start with 1000 (ten (10) categories with a value of 100 each). Each category warrants a subtraction of a minimum of 61 from the 1000 total or (1000- (61*10))=390 or a 61% decline—-WOW!!!

    Now, if we were to compound the number of the minimum 1% decline (per annum) for 61 years we would have a decline of 86.12%—- which I would postulate is a more accurate number.

    So, my fellow citizens and Peckford Blog readers, welcome to your dystopian world where you are now experiencing 13.88% of what the 1950s provided regarding Rights and Freedoms.

    Sadly, but realistically, the compound math equation suggest that in approximately 68.5 years (that is 7.5 years from now) we will have had a decline of approximately 100% from the 1950s.

    That is, by 2030 or thereabouts the jig is up, so to speak. Yes, the math seems deadly accurate in predict that in the 2030s “you will own nothing and you will be happy”!

    Food for thought.

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