Emergency Inquiry Play —All Those Bureaucrats Obfuscate, Confuse Giving The Leaders The Ammunition They Need —So Canadians , You Get The Picture——

The Public Order Emergency Inquiry is a flawed process.

The Government investigating itself.  Setting the terms of reference , appointing the Commissioner who appoints everyone else . Determines the witnesses ———

Pretty cozy—right? 

And how it is all orchestrated! 

Leave the spin to the last days .

The final week!

The Play unfolds!

Who leads off ? 

Well none other that our spy chief—-whose skill at elasticity —well he’s a spy chief and they’re good at evasion, manipulation——real slick spy stuff .

So he recommends to the PM /Cabinet that while the definition under his Act act says one thing , conditions not met to invoke the the Act , he goes ahead and recommends that the Emergency Act be invoked because he enlarged the definition !!!!

Got that!

The Epoch Times  reporter Noe Chartier reports the spy chief said :

“That opinion was provided, if you want, as a national security advisor, as opposed to the director of CSIS specifically.”

How generous of him!!!

See the picture —beginning really last Friday with the bureaucrats at the Privy Council Office who strained to make the argument of this larger emergency, security definition foreshowing what the spy chief would say today. , 

And are these bureaucrats at the PCO experts in Emergency  conditions? Of course not!

So what have you got——

Commissioner of RCMP who has not had a stellar few months what with the Nova Scotia killings tragedy and the force’s performance therein. 

Privy Council bureaucrats —-spin masters, policy advisors, and coordinators . Really not emergency experts.

A Spy Chief who decides he must enlarge his job description. And was smart enough to get an opinion from the conflicted  Government’s  legal advisors , the Department of Justice , that a broader definition was legal.

So the PM/Cabinet have fertile ground to explain their way out of this fiasco——and we have’t even mentioned the Prime Minister’s Office or the scores of other Departmental people and aides , consultants , pollsters, scurrying around to enhance the notion of this fake ‘ occupation ‘ as Mayor Watson  of Ottawa deceitfully wanted to describe citizens defending their constitutional rights and freedoms. 

And the Commissioner , a Government appointment , can easily conclude that while the reasons varied somewhat, and improvement in reporting and coordination are necessary  , the ‘so called experts’  all saw invoking the Emergency Act as necessary and therefore essentially whitewash the Government’s decision.  

And that ,fellow Canadians , is likely our fate or some version thereof concerning the constitution breaking, anti science actions of our leaders of the four horsemen—Government, Pharma, Big Tech, and Media/Academia . 

And did you notice —The Charter of Rights and Freedoms which must be followed according to the Emergency Act itself is hardly mentioned—you know , things like individual freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of expression , life, liberty and security of the person , equality before the law. 

And how about ‘ demonstrably justify’ and ‘ in a free and democratic society ‘ , or ‘the Supremacy of God ‘ and ‘the rule of law ‘, all concepts that are supposed to be considered before a Charter override is possible?

13 thoughts on “Emergency Inquiry Play —All Those Bureaucrats Obfuscate, Confuse Giving The Leaders The Ammunition They Need —So Canadians , You Get The Picture——

  1. I would like to believe based on a past lifetime when I was raised as a hard-working God fearing contributor to society that held myself responsible for my actions that if we behaved within the confines of a just society with a Charter of Rights that allowed us to flourish freely that when it came time for the Government to play in the same sandbox well there would be justice for the people. I now know there will be no justice here and with Trudeau coming back soon with a new armament of Charter crushing tools, Convoy 2 better be in the plans, or we are done as a free country.

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  2. It is sad, pathetic, and entirely, utterly predictable. But once the government has their main priorities in place: control of online “misinformation” (sorry Mr. Peckford but we cant find your blog anymore), digital ID and Vax pass, and programmable CBDC, we won’t have to worry about “these people” with “unacceptable views”. The government will tell us what to think. And we will obey or else.


  3. Expect Trudeau to skate his way through the hearing casting baleful, eyebrow furrowed glances toward his ‘staff’.. what really is at stake is the Government’s embarrassment with their slow witted, possibly illegal knee jerk reaction to the convey , brought on by their punitive vaccine passport nonsense and coercion of law -abiding Canadians trying to make a very valid point. These people sacrificed much. They suffered. A six- year -old can see through the lies. Our great ‘leader’ knows the World is watching and will obfuscate and stretch the real truth for all he’s worth. Pray the lawyer asks the real tough questions to allow Justin to dig a big hole perhaps wrest a confession. Don’t anticipate miracles, but we can all hope. Sure wish Peter Lougheed and Ralph Klein were in the audience.


  4. After nearly three years of existing in the covid era, I have come to the conclusion that covid was merely a dress rehearsal for climate change and how we, the public, will be further manipulated into losing more rights and freedoms all for the greater good of society to fight climate change.
    So far the powers that be have realized that health and the threat of death from so called pandemics are a way more useful as a tool of persuasion than terrorism was. The threat of terrorism was the first major intrusion into our lives that required the population to succumb to new rules implemented for our safety. I personally remember watching live coverage of the Trade Cente being destroyed. At the time, I had just agreed to go to England on an all expenses paid visit with a dear friend of mine. We canceled our plane reservations and trip the next day.
    The mainstream population has bought into this new paradigm of covid and all it entails, and seemingly have embraced it wholeheartedly. It’s not surprising they are ignoring the loss of freedoms and liberty and the trashing of our constitution. They are frightened and exhausted and at this point I think most people who bought into the covid scenario are beyond the point where they will actively question the truth.
    It doesn’t bode well for our future and the sad thing is, it’s only going to get worse.
    Normally at my age, 72, one is lamenting the passage of time and resenting getting older with all its implications. We are not in a hurry to go. For the first time in my life, thanks to covid and all the Orwellian responses to it, I am happy to be this age. I will embrace everything that is good in this life and try to cope with these major societal changes the world is experiencing while at the same time I will constantly worry about the world that is left for my children and grandchildren. I fear for their future and am helpless to change it.

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  5. The Truckers’ Convoy shone a light AROUND THE WORLD during a time of great darkness, not because of political clout or military might or strength in numbers, but because it was driven by something the evil forces and men who seek to destroy our freedoms and control our lives know nothing about–TRUTH. Indeed, the Truth remains and always will be our sharpest sword, our best guide, our strongest weapon, in our fight for freedom. Thank you to Brian Peckford and everyone else who continue to press on, holding fast to the Truth, defending the Truth, and promoting the Truth, despite injustice, mockery and censorship. Keep shining your light!

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