Is Anyone As Mad As I am?

Is anyone as mad as I am over Trudeau Junior’s remarks as it relates to his handling of the Khadr affair?

He is saying that if they, the Federal Government , continued with the court actions it would have cost too much . Are you serious, Mr. PM?

1. Suddenly there is a question of cost concerning principles? Oh? That’s a new one on me. I thought we prided ourselves on our court system and that this would be the final arbiter . Even Daddy Trudeau had to bow to the Supreme Court when it ruled against his unilateral patriation actions. Of course, no one wants me to raise that now . Might ruin Daddy’s reputation.

2. Since when did our Junior get interested in watching spending? This is the person who has tripled the deficit in one year. Yes, he promised a deficit–and Canada fell for it, but it was suppose to be $10 billion—now its almost $30 billion. And he promised the Government would be back in surplus or at least balance by the next election and now the forecast, by his own Finance department , and the Parliamentary Budget Officer, is that this cannot be achieved. And furthermore , it is uncertain when we will see a balanced budget again.

So, these shallow excuses just make many Canadians like me even more angry.

And look at the precedent it sets for the future. How easy it will be for future Governments to take the easy way –with our money–forget principle and stoop to political maneuvering.

Hard to take!


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