Vaccine Deaths in the USA have increased 27-fold over the average seen in the previous decade thanks to the Covid Jabs

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Vaccine Deaths in the USA have increased 27-fold over the average seen in the previous decade thanks to the Covid Jabs


Deaths due to vaccines in the USA have increased 27-fold in 2021 compared to the previous decade.

What is going on here?


Source:   VAERS – query for “Group Results By”,  “Year Reported” and “Event Category”, “Death” as of May 14th, 2021

By Leo Taylor

As of May 14th there have been over 4,133 deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in 2021, compared to just 165 in all of 2020, and an average of 153 per year, over the last 10 years. In other words, there are now over 27 times more vaccine deaths reported than average (and we are not halfway through the year).

The renowned internist, cardiologist, professor, and pioneer for multi-drug Covid therapy protocols, Dr. Peter McCullough was one of the first to sound the alarm on the unprecedented number of Covid vaccine deaths being reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – VAERS. 

Attorney Virginia Stoner digs deep into the staggering increase in deaths in an incisive article “The Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Coverup“.  Dr. Joseph Mercola has run consistently superb articles on the issue:

To update, and put all these statistics in context, Covid shots started in the US, late December of 2020, and really ramped up in February through to April (see chart).  It doesn’t take a lot of deep statistical analysis to see a trend here…

(Source:   VAERS – query for “Group Results By”,  “Month Reported” and “Event Category”, “Death” as of May 14th, 2021.  Covid Shots – Our World in Data ) 

You can’t explain this staggering 27-fold spike in deaths by adding 280 million Covid shot doses in 4+ months, on top of the typical 300 million vaccine doses per year. 

But are the deaths caused by the Covid vaccine? You be the judge – over 98% of these deaths were reported as deaths from Covid vaccines (calculated from OPEN VAERS). With the bulk of the deaths occurring in the first 2 days after the Covid shot (see charts).

…and don’t be misled by the integrity-challenged “fact-checkers” who complain that VAERS does not prove a causal relationship between the shot and the adverse event.  VAERS is not supposed to do that – “VAERS is designed to rapidly detect unusual or unexpected patterns of adverse events, also known as ‘safety signals’ “.   VAERS is an early warning system.

The elephant in the room is that no official alarm is being raised from the biggest spike in deaths in the history of VAERS.   Do you think 27 times more deaths than average might just be a ‘safety signal’ ?   Something is very, very wrong here.

…and if you hear the excuse that, “oh well, that it’s just a tiny percentage of all the people taking the shot”…   That is a gross misdirection.  To quote Dr. Peter McCullough “after five reported deaths where a medical product is suspected of being involved, the FDA will issue a black box warning — a notice to consumers warning them that the drug might cause death. At around 50 suspicious deaths, the product is pulled off the market”.

And the CDC website is still chanting, like a delusional cult leader, that Covid shots are “safe and effective” when the VAERS early warning data is screaming the opposite.  Perhaps this is why 40% to 50% of the CDC staff have so far decided to wait and see on taking the experimental Covid shot.

But it could be worse, much worse.  There are anecdotal reports (example) that there is a backlog of three months logging new adverse events into VAERS.  Even a one month backlog would mean we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg from the wave of Covid shots that have been rolled out, cresting in March and April. So 280 million doses of an experimental gene therapy,  given with ZERO long-term safety trials – and apparently they can’t even keep the early warning VAERS system up to date…

Is this the Vioxx drug fraud that killed tens of thousands of Americans all over again?  Or is it something worse?

We need to see the CDC officials responsible for VAERS being questioned, under oath, as to why there is no investigation into this unprecedented spike in deaths – and the extent of the backlog. 

Please warn all you care about to wait for unbiased, long-term safety studies, before becoming a guinea pig in this Covid vaccine experiment.

3 thoughts on “Vaccine Deaths in the USA have increased 27-fold over the average seen in the previous decade thanks to the Covid Jabs

  1. OMG, Mr Peckford for sure is holding off for long term safely results before getting the jab. I cancelled, but because I don’t like the long 12 -16 week interval.
    To be sure , over 4000 deaths is high, but so is 580,000 from Covid.
    And remember, Pfizer was not tested (RCT) for over 70 years old, nor for clinicial vulnerable………and those types are top on the list for the jab, so surely the safety will be less. Mr Peckford is 78, and I am 73, so can expect a rash as least.
    I took 2 trips back to ER here and many hours waiting before even to see a doctor, and finally confirmed I have a kidney stone acting up, now with severe left side flank pain for almost a decade with no treatment. So death in 2 days after a Covid shot seems like a blessing and quick way to go, as I am not advised they will do anything about this stone, which appears is an “infected stone” That was new to me, but stones actually get infected and can stay infected, and self protected form antibiotics. Imagine that.
    Some tell me to drink more beer, and pee often. Today my son ends up at ER with an allergic reaction. He was going to get the jab, and I feared it was the cause, but that was not scheduled until tomorrow, so it wasn’t the jab. They are investigating. On the other hand, my grandson is a cancer survivor, had one jab and now delayed getting the second, which is not good.
    I’m on codene for kidney pain…………..and with Fauci screaming to get the jab, and Brian, following other experts, saying hold off. How is one to know what to do?
    Facts and truth is so hard to establish. They tell you “you be the judge” as to what is going on. How is the average person to know what’s best. I hope Brian never got the jab and not telling us. Tell me it’s not so.
    Winston Adams, Nfld


    • Winston,

      It appears the NL medical System is unlikely to deal effectively with your “stone” issue anytime soon— that’s too bad . That being said, the following quote, from the article Mr. Peckford posted, will affirm that the number of 580,000 deaths that you highlighted is not to be given great credence, “fact-checkers who complain that VAERS does not prove a casual relationship between the shot and the adverse event,” leads me to suggest:

      1. A person dying with Covid-19 in their system doesn’t mean they died from Covid-19 thus the causal relationship is grossly overstated in the present statistics. The number 580,000 is about as accurate and reliable as a lie being told by a pathological liar;
      2. The infamous PCR test to determine Covid-19 is error ridden and data suggest it’s wrong st least 50-60% of the time, thus unreliable re definitive statistical credibility;
      3. From what I can gather in my readings and research on annual deaths in the USA and Canada, there is no meaningful statistical difference in the last five plus years, especially taking into account the increase in deaths from suicide, opioid overdoses, medical errors, lack of medical treatment for heart, cancer and a myriad of other illnesses, increase in murders, family violence, etc.

      One’s decision to get the “jab,” as you term it, is a very difficult decision for many because:

      1. The vaccines have not been properly tested over a sufficient timeframe thus far;
      2. The Covid-19 vaccine death rate compared to other vaccines is through the stratosphere;
      3. The long term effects and affects are completely unknown;
      4. 100’S of millions, soon to be billions, of humans are, for all intents and purposes, being used as guinea pigs with very little concern being voiced by most politicians, media, medical personnel and the legal community;
      5. It appears pharmaceutical companies, politicians and medical authorities cannot be sued for deaths and adverse effects from these experimental vaccines.

      Finally, it would appear that a person’s right to “choose” to receive a vaccine is being upended by practices such as:

      1. Demands for a vaccine passport to travel;
      2. To attend university in person—proof of a Covid-19 vaccination is required;
      3. To work in the medical arena —proof of a Covid-19 vaccination is required;
      4. To work in the corporate arena —proof of a Covid-19 vaccination is required;
      5. To go to sporting and entertainment events— proof of a Covid-19 vaccination is required;
      6. Etc.

      This coercion approach suggest anything but a right to choose, it is a blatant attempt to force you into compliance or be excommunicated from many essential functions of a civilized society. Being force to take a Covid-19 vaccine, by the utilization of these types of tactics, is akin to being raped but you have no ways or means to sue the perpetrators and receive any form of justice. Welcome to the Borg mentality.

      Food for thought, hope your health improves.


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