Saving Canada’s Democracy

By The Honourable A. Brian Peckford P. C.

Last Surviving First Minister That Helped Craft The Constitution Act 1982/Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Canada’s democracy is in peril.

The numerous measures instituted by Canada’s fourteen Governments in the last year and a half speaks to an unprecedented assault on individual rights and freedoms.

This year is only the 40th anniversary of a written Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada that applies to all Canadians.  It is the 230th year of America’s Bill of Rights.

The beginning of the Charter says:  the Supremacy of God and the rule of law.  Everything that follows is within this context.

In Section 52 of the Constitution Act 1982, it declares that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of Canada.  And The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a part of the Constitution Act 1982.  Hence, the provisions of the Charter are the Supreme Law of Canada.

Section 2 of the Charter lists our individual freedoms:  of expression, conscience, religion, and the press. It also lists freedom of assembly and association.  Government measures have especially violated the freedom to assemble and associate.

Section 6 of the Charter lists our individual rights of travel anywhere in Canada and to leave Canada.  And it lists the right to pursue a livelihood anywhere in Canada.  People have lost and are losing their jobs across this nation because of their medical status.  Obviously, this violates the right to pursue a livelihood.

Section 7 of the Charter lists the right to life, liberty and the security of the person.  By coercing people to take a vaccine, this is a violation of the security of the person, a person’s life and liberty.

And Section 15 lists a person’s right of equality before the law.  Presently, many people are not allowed to visit certain public places and places with a public licence because of their medical status.  This means that certain people are treated differently under the law, and therefore this violates equality before the law.

There are those who contend that Section 1 of the Charter allows Governments to override the freedoms and rights just enumerated.

This is wrong.

Section 1 applies when the country’s existence is at stake—a war or insurrection or other like dire condition in the country.  A medical condition from which 99% of the those affected recover with a fatality rate of 0.08% is hardly a threat to the country.  And even when it applies, there are four tests that must be met to qualify:  demonstrably justify the action, by law, within reasonable limits, and that the measures must be consistent with the values of a free and democratic society.

Canadians need to stand up and fight for The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  It is a National Document  (not a Federal or Provincial Act) endorsed by nine Provincial Governments and The Federal Government. There is no other document like it that applies to the rights and freedoms of every Canadian—and it is The Supreme Law of the Country being an integral part of the Constitution Act of 1982.

If it fails to apply, our democracy is lost, and a precedent is set enabling Governments to enact new unilateral actions, without appropriate Parliamentary oversight, suppressing basic individual rights and freedoms.

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32 thoughts on “Saving Canada’s Democracy

  1. Thank you Brian. I will share this perfectly written and critically important letter you wrote on what should matter most to every single Canadian living today, old enough to read. And it includes every politician who has been bought out by the globalists because among those in the three main Canadian parties I have seen or heard nothing in some time to show otherwise.

    My countless letters to politicians at every level in government have often been responded to but with little of relevance to the freedoms of Canadians which matters most to me. As well as the signing of the Nuremberg Code. As a child I lived in Alsace Lorraine, France, 14 years after WWII. The remnants of the war were evident throughout the tiny village I lived in with the mortar shelled damage on all buildings still evident and the house next door whose frame still stood but was cratered in the middle from being bombed. And my old landlord, a kind man with eyes that looked beyond into some far place that only he could see, so haunted. He was thin and deeply sad and silent mostly but had a small smile for a child now and then. I learned so much about freedom in the years I lived there and visited most of the famous WWI and WWII sites with my family. I would read the history first, before we went to visit the area including the only concentration camp in France where I kept asking my father why Dad, why didn’t the people fight Dad, why did they get off the train and go so meekly through those horrible gates. Why didn’t they push the soldiers over and trample them, why why why. And that time in our history left an indelible mark on me and I knew that freedom was as necessary as the air we breathe.

    Thanks Brian for keeping on….


    • Thank you, Wendy.

      When I look around for those standing up to the insurrectionists attempting to dismantle our Canadian Constitution, so many of them come from the eastern bloc, ex-communist regimes as well as immigrants in general. They understand deeply through their or their parent’s or grandparent’s having experienced where we are are going if we do not not stop them. It is obvious by your reply and sharing of a memory that you understand this as well.

      We will prevail due to people such as yourself and other freedom fighters such as ex-pat’ Pole Artur Pawlowski.

      Pastor Art and his brother and you are exactly why I stay a proud and FREE Canadian. You and they are why Canada opened it’s doors to multi-culturalism. And why we always profited from the opening of those doors (along with a strong and fair immigration policy [which the insurrectionists are obviously trying to dismantle as well as one of their strategies]).

      This moment in time is where we are are profiting pricelessly through our brothers and sisters who have adopted Canada and its system of individual freedom protection as their choice as a place to live to keep all of our God-given/natural rights of freedom encoded in The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Happy 40th! CCR). .

      Just your words alone in this format is proof of the head of steam gaining for the powering up of the freedom train.

      Thank you for coming here. For choosing us to be your community.

      Yes. Keep on keeping on.

      For it is coming.


      Terry McDonald – an admittedly spoiled and enabled Canadian who for a while got lazy because his immigrant family (Scottish/French [with a quarter Fist Nations]) – came here a little bit longer ago. But has awoke from his slumber!

      Beeton ON Canada


  2. All freedoms and rights in Canada are subject to the whim of government. The charter is a worthless piece of paper. My natural rights and freedom are trampled daily by multiple levels of government. Honor and honesty is no longer present in this country.


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  4. I don’t think Canadians are ready for what it’s going to take to fix this,when the head of the RCMP will not do her sworn job it is up to Canadiens to take the law into their own hands. That said when you have a population that have such an irrational fear of catching the flu something that the Canadian are quite familiar with,it seems unlikely that real men are going to put their boots on and do what needs to be done. I have no hope for this being resolved through political or judicial fixes. The younger folks that have never seen any real tyranny in their lives I can understand how they have no grasp of what is happening to our democracy but for older folk who grew up through the end of ww2 there simply is no excuse. We have a failed drama teacher with globalist ambitions and the destruction of Canada as his main interest who has now been elected three times by the sheep of Canada. This is not going to end well unless the hangings start shortly.


    • We must pursue the legal avenues that are open to us , then if this does not work, we must look at other means —I think we can influence even the judiciary if we peacfully protest and contact every elected politician in the country. intends to contact all MLA ‘s in the Provinces.


      • Yes I agree we must pursue all legal avenues,but I caution people are being to compliant well waiting and hoping for a judicial end to this. We need people in the streets by the thousands not the few that we get that actually see what is going on. I just don’t know how to motivate the population,I talk to anyone who will listen but I feel like we are losing this war one battle at a time.


  5. Saving democracy? I hate to have to tell you all but you have democracy warts and all and it is killing you with its communism, capitalism, crimes, lies, perversions and legislation plus it does not allow any thing truly different on the ballot. What do you want? Decency, freedom, morality, security of person and property? You can’t get that at the ballot box or from the economic and political gangsters you all worship , vote for and roll up your sleeve for.. As Jesus once said you can’t get good fruit from a corrupt tree. Another gentleman whom most of you hate with a passion pointed out that the problem is moral and not financial. Both were right.
    The first step out of this idiotic and deadly situation is to have respect for the truth and for God the rest ought to be obvious.


  6. Thanks Brian for your prescient and heartfelt words. Few people see the current threats to our democratic institutions more clearly than you. So if we agree with your analysis, and I wholeheartedly do, then we should also embrace your solution. But we should not wait for someone else to write a letter, or better still, pick up the phone, call our MPP and MP, ask for a virtual or face-to-face meeting and express our profound concerns about how the current covid-19 and vaccine mandates are violating our highest law on our land – the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and also violating, (we should add) the UNESCO Declaration of Bioethical and Human Rights, which Canada signed. But let’s not stop there. Let’s skeak to our Mayor and Council and remind them of the Charter. Let’s give every single politician we can think of contacting and every business enterprise we walk into a copy of your “Saving Canada’s Democracy” letter, which fits nicely on one page. Let’s be determined in the realization that there is only one way out of this existential crisis and that is that we shall overcome. We shall revive the Charter and regain our freedoms. But it takes getting out of our comfort zones and working in the trenches, so to speak, just as you are doing, Brian. And let’s take political action with others who are like-minded. Currently there is only the People’s Party of Canada truly standing for our democratic rights and freedoms. Let’s contact our local Electoral District Association and get involved. In fact, here in the West Van – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Riding we had a meeting just yesterday to elect our EDA Directors. Everything we will do between now and the next election is to prepare to win our Riding for the PPC. Yes, we need a “sea change” to see change, and that will happen when others see each one of us truly care about freedom – their freedoms and ours, truly knowledgeable and articulate about the price and value of freedom and truly courageous and sacrificial in defending and repossessing freedom.

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  7. If I understand the Swiss constitution it is only those who are capable of defending the nation by force of arms that can have any say in the governance of the nation. Men with weapons. If the elected government goes globalist or criminal the men with the guns can gang up on the crooks and put them out of business. Guess why globalists and leftist radicals love gun control? Then again the men with the guns need to be aware of a threat to their interests.


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  9. Brian, I would like to hear your comment on Bill C-4 (Conversion Therapy) which recently was adopted unanimously to correct ‘inconsistency with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’. It appears this Bill has dire consequences for our children’s health once again, and opens another door widely for government overreach into the family setting. Including potentially a contrived 5 year jail sentence for parents who guide their children towards healthy adulthood. I cannot see this Bill’s congruency with the Charter.

    Thank you so much for speaking out. It saddens me to no end that Canadians are too complacent to recognize the value of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is simply lacking in many other countries. Most have never read it and few realize what it is designed to do. Sad stuff at a time when we desperately need it !


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    • Its not being used in this pandemic circumstance so it is a red herring, conveniently used. In order for its use the particular Government would have to pass a new law in their Parliament. This no government has done because they know that would stir up too much negativity. So they just try and use Section 1 which I contend does not even apply, and even if it did, the four tests have not been met.

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