I Am Today Launching A Lawsuit Against The Federal Government of Canada

Today , through the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, I will be launching with other individuals , a lawsuit against the Federal Government of Canada.

I , with others , will be alleging that The Federal Government mandatory travel ban violates our mobility rights protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of which I was a signatory. This ban is an unjustified intrusion of our basic rights as citizens of Canada. Jordan Peterson you tube channel has a full interview on the matter.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and travel is essential as it was in the formation of the country with the expansion of the railways westward.

Canada is a nation of motion , from rivers, canals, St Lawrence Seaway , massive coastlines , bush pilots to modern air flight .

Such mandates contradict our history, geography and our constitution.

Details to follow.

The Charter’s only living signatory sues Canada over travel mandates



OTTAWA:  The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms today filed a lawsuit in Federal Court seeking to strike down the federal government’s mandatory Covid-19 vaccine requirements for air travellers. The court action is on behalf of several Canadians from across Canada whose Charter rights and freedoms have been infringed.

On October 30, 2021, the federal government announced that anyone travelling by air, train, or ship, must be fully vaccinated. The travel vaccination mandate has prevented approximately 6 million unvaccinated Canadians (15% of Canada’s population) from travel within Canada and prevents them from flying out of Canada. Some of the Canadians involved in the lawsuit cannot travel to help sick loved ones, get to work, visit family and friends, take international vacations, and live ordinary lives.

The main applicant in the case is former Newfoundland Premier, The Honourable A. Brian Peckford. Mr. Peckford, pictured, is the only surviving drafter and signatory 40 years after the 1982 Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted.

“It is becoming more obvious that being vaccinated does not stop people from getting Covid and does not stop them from spreading it”, says the former Premier. “The government has not shown that the policy makes flying safer—it simply discriminates”, he notes. “When I heard Prime Minister Trudeau call the unvaccinated ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists, ‘anti-science’ and ‘extremist’ and his musing ‘do we tolerate these people?’ it became clear he is sowing divisions and advancing his vendetta against a specific group of Canadians—this is completely against the democratic and Canadian values I love about this country”, adds Mr. Peckford.

“The federal travel ban has segregated me from other Canadians.  It’s discriminatory, violates my Charter rights and that’s why I am fighting the travel ban,” explains Mr. Peckford.

The Justice Centre’s legal challenge cites violations of Charter rights including mobility, life, liberty and security of the person, privacy, and discrimination. The lawsuit also challenges whether the Minister of Transportation has the jurisdiction to use aviation safety powers to enforce public health measures.

In discussing effective border control measures at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, Canada’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tam, said: “As you move further away from that epicentre, any other border measures are much less effective. Data on public health has shown that many of these are actually not effective at all… WHO advises against any kind of travel and trade restrictions, saying that they are inappropriate and could actually cause more harm than good in terms of our global effort to contain.” (Canada House of Commons, Standing Committee on Health Meeting, February 5, 2020)

The World Health Organization (“WHO”) continues to maintain that position and on January 19, 2022, urged all countries to: “Lift or ease international traffic bans as they do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced by States Parties. The failure of travel restrictions introduced after the detection and reporting of Omicron variant to limit international spread of Omicron demonstrates the ineffectiveness of such measures over time.” The WHO repeated that countries should: “not require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for international travel.” (World Health Organization, Statement on the tenth meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, January 19, 2022.) 

“Despite the confirmed science that the vaccine does not stop people from getting or spreading the virus and the repeated warnings from the WHO, it’s clear the federal government is out of step and arbitrarily restricting Canadians fundamental rights and freedoms,” says Keith Wilson, Q.C., lead counsel for the legal challenge. “It is profoundly disturbing that a marginalized group in Canada—the unvaccinated—are essentially prohibited from leaving the country,” he adds.

“Canadians have been losing hope in the Charter and our courts.  We are going to put the best arguments and evidence forward so that the court can clarify where governments overstep,” concludes Mr. Wilson.

The court will be asked to hear the case on an expedited basis given the serious infringement on Canadians’ mobility and other rights.  Canada is the only country in the developed world that has banned Covid vaccine-free travellers from air travel.

50 thoughts on “I Am Today Launching A Lawsuit Against The Federal Government of Canada

  1. I am wondering if down the road if this suit is won of the consequences for politicians personally. To my way of thinking this if proven could be construed as treason, or maybe by not following the constitution they have opened up a channel of personal liability. I’m hoping for the latter as this would be a huge deterrent in the future,imagine if by supporting a non constitutional law they could be sued by the people of Canada for everything they own. What a lot more honesty there would be.

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  2. THANK YOU! I will go make another donation to the justice center…we need to keep these lawyers funded as they fight for us. Perhaps a gofundme account for your costs would be helpful as well??? Please let us know!

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    • *** Agree, crowd-funding is a good idea … litigation involves $$$ …

      there are a number of ‘crowd-funding’ platforms and pretty much all charge fees of some kind …
      suggest check the ‘reviews’ on any being considered … and ‘trustpilot’ is a fair site to do business checks …

      as for ‘gofundme’ — suggest we wait until the ‘truckers’ convoy’ funds have been dispersed appropriately to ensure that the ‘gofundme’ platform people are trustworthy and playing fair ball — the fund has grown fairly large within days …

      and someone mentioned ‘givesendgo’ — while it’s free for the donors (vs 15% for gofundme) — GSG uses a third-party payment processor and there’s occasional hiccups with that avenue …

      as we know, litigation is, indeed, time consuming and takes energy to do … while donations can be made directly to JCCF .. the group of litigants need support as well … so perhaps they need to be canvassed as to what the overall budgetary forecast is and make a target goal for crowd-funding? …

      for consideration — thanks kindly … 🙂

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      • Thank you!

        I used Gofundme as a generic brand name that has instant recognition however I agree, I do not believe they have ever handled as large an outpouring of funds as this and I notice when I went on the platform to donate to the Freedom Convoy among others, the page is “suggesting” a donation tip of 30%

        That is rather rich considering the Convoy fund has already arranged a lawyer and accountant and is not something I remember seeing prior to this. When I attempted to donate to another fund that was involved with the Convoy but set the “suggested” tip to 0% it would not accept my donation so I e-transferred it directly.

        As you suggest while I am exploring the platforms, I will wait to see what Mr Peckford and his group will require before deciding the best avenue to begin this.

        I hate to say this but attempting to find an honest lawyer who will actually protect a monetary trust will be an issue as well.

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  3. Congratulations Brian, I may have written you about this before. The biggest challenge that I believe you face in such a lawsuit is that the federally-appointed justices are a sorry lot and they control all such lawsuits. In 2012, my four year old daughter was abducted and significantly abused for two months in $1 million extortion scam in which my ex-wife, the Calgary police, lawyers and the federal courts were complicit. I was able to defeat the extortion attempt but the costs were high,both financially and psychologically. When I recovered her after two months she was curled up in a ball and was severely traumatized. She is now 13 1/2 and has spent most of her life in recovery, and only fully recovered within the last 30 days. Prior to that time, she would not let me out of her sight and would insist on following me down to the car or out to the post box at any hour of the day or night rather than stay by herself. Prior to her abduction she was the most confident and independent child on the planet. I observed at the federally appointed justices are neither competent nor independent of the federal cabinet. They are typically political bagman who raised money for the major federal parties, and were failed lawyers who sought a steady income. I observed that they did not know or apply the basics of Canadian law, including innocent until proven guilty, rules of evidence, and the charter of rights and freedoms. This is not merely a problem in the lower courts, because I took my case right to the Supreme Court of Canada who refused to hear it. Also, I correctly predicted the verdict of the Alberta court case against the carbon tax one year before that verdict came down- against Alberta. All I needed to do to make this correct prediction was to ask what the corrupt Trudeau government would want, regardless of the rule of law in this matter. In any case, I wish you the best of good fortune in your lawsuit. I believe I have also communicated with you a criminal action that has been launched in the UK and reportedly is also being launched in Canada, which will probably go to the International Criminal Court . Again, best wishes, Allan MacRae

    Sent from my iPhone


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  4. *** Best wishes to YOU for Every Success!

    Have already made a couple of donations to the JCCF in recent months — can do so again …

    Appreciate YOU for taking up the Banner of Freedom …

    thank YOU so much for being here …:)) ***

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  5. Good show! Government at the very least needs a legal reminder that we are not slaves lest there is the need to remind them by other means. Not sure if you saw the movie Mad Max but the fore story started with the oil wars and things getting so bad that government lost credibility with people altogether and a global anarchy set in. The whole idea that a gang in tweed had the right to dictate became ridiculous.

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  6. Looks like a good chance for success. If they rule against, they open up a can of worms they probably don’t want. Just heard a pilot last night describe that the planes inflight air scrubbing tech is quite effective, negating the pretense of mask usage. He has formed a multi thousand member union of pilots who are against the mandates.

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  7. Premier Peckford. In the time before vaccines were available, there were no outbreaks on planes. Please mention this in your case. Air filtration systems on planes are extremely effective at preventing spread. Canadians flew for 1+ during Covid and there is no evidence planes were a source of transmission here or anywhere in the world. Best of luck. Thank you for doing this.

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    • As it’s becoming increasingly clear, none of this is about the science and data, but rather the junior leaders of the World Economic Forum to move us towards post Nationalism. Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Ardern and others are using the division of the death shots to create the majority vote they need to justify everything they do. This becomes more evident with every day when Trudeau, for example yesterday, suggested the majority of Canadians do not support the freedom of Canadians and life returning to normal as per the Trucker Freedom Convoy message. They knew if they could achieve those vaccinations numbers, they would have the divisive majority they needed to roll out globalism. Klaus, Gates and the others in the WEF need to go. These are all very sick people.

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  8. I wish we could all sign onto a class-action and sue Trudeau and Big Pharma and the MSM for ruining our lives. More importantly, they just need to be be arrested for their crimes and this madness to end. Canadians can take no more of it. Sadly, many have been brainwashed by the media to believe their neighbours are the problem. The cause of this hysteria and madness is very clearly the government and those it answers to and those who answer to it.

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    • It would feel great to win against all 3 of those boils on humanity, but I suspect more would replace them not long after. Someone else could have made Trudeau’s pronouncement to disallow public travel, it was possibly his idea, who knows. They did it to demoralize the 30 or 40% of people who aren’t on board with the eventual passports, which are a mark of the beast Chinese style social credit monitoring system. Our mistake has been to allow too few people to control too much. Both big government and big business are devouring humanity.

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  9. People have been terrorized by their own so-called leader – L’enfant Pierre.

    I applaud this lawsuit. All we need is ONE to get into the courts so discovery can happen and blow open the whole reaction to this medical mess we are in

    Good luck with it, Honorable Mr. Brian Peckford. I back you all the way.

    For those interested, what follows is my two cents worth (or looney’s worth in today’s dollars) – regarding security of person.
    How is a Canadian suppose to feel secure if they’re not allowed to leave a country (or Province) because they are in fear due to being demonized through slander by a so-called leader speaking to Mass Media?

    I am not allowed to flee to another jurisdiction to request asylum. What type of political regime does that remind you of?

    (If interested there is an RCMP probe into the PM’s remarks as a hate crime and whether a charge can be placed (For real. Call RCMP @ 613 993 6884).

    On hate speech laws – I myself personally do not agreed with them. I am not only glad the PM said what he said, I am glad free specch allows him to say it. Because I now know who this charlatan and possible con-man is. To the essence of his being. And it ain’t pretty.!

    Free speech is free for all – whether you agree or not.

    A man shall be known by what he SAYS and does.

    I love free speech. Why? Because now –


    Hey Justin – man-boy. You, not knowing me at all, called me a most-likely racist, and possible misogynist (which I am not either [or certainly try my best not to be {unlike you who have proven to be a misanthrope – one who hates ALL)..

    But you show hatred towards me because I believe in MY body MY choice

    (Here’s one for you to ponder, Justin – unwanted “vaccination” is RAPE – penetrated and ejaculated into).

    Are you able to wrap your little mind around that one?.

    So here is what I am going to call you, you coward and immature schoolyard bully –

    Justin “L’efant Pierre” Trudeau.

    Yup.. Baby Pierre – L’enfant Pierre Trudeau.

    You deserve that moniker and all it suggests. And I truly hope it becomes widely used. And sends your fragile and bloated ego into a tailspin..

    One is reminded of the old “Tasmanian Devil” cartoon character. (I can hear him blathering away as he spins off into obscurity [At least I hope]).

    I have never been more embarrassed – after 67 years born and living on Canadian soil and never missing one Federal election since becoming of age to vote – of a Prime Minister..

    If you are smart (which I now truly doubt after you really thought you could get away with you said) – you would resign before you get charged with crimes against humanity.

    Just saying…

    Oh, as well:

    I was also thinking – if we can’t charge you with a hate crimes – or in my case won’t as explained above – can we charge you with domestic terrorism?

    Fear = Terror.

    You ran a mass campaign (and still do as of this writing) using all current Mainstream Media as well as Public Health Officials, to terrorize people day by day for almost two years with this Covid-Covid-Covid – Vaccine only, Vaccine only, Vaccine propaganda program.(It cannot be understood as anything BUT propaganda for an end goal (which is becoming clearer by the day) as not being good for a Free and Strong Canada and Free and Strong Canadians, but a “Build Back Better” Global structure (How is Klaus Schwab, by the way?).

    There is no doubt people have been terrorized.

    A lot of mask-wearers are STILL scared-shitless even though we have two years of data analyzed by experts telling us not only NOT to be scared – but should have NEVER been..

    You are a terrorist,


    But who I am I, you might ask?

    A Canadian born in Canada protected by the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and a SHIT-TON of international treaties and obligations –

    That’s who – Baby Pierre!

    Oh – the truckers are coming for you. Prepare to fill your diapers.

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  10. Dear Mr.Peckford,
    You delivered a predictably excellent speech at the Freedom Rally in Victoria this afternoon.Your explanation of using the travel restrictions in Federal Court to bypass the provincial blockades and time wasting made great sense. I am still concerned that lifting the travel restrictions might be a tactic to deflect your case.
    Of the US, European, and Canadian cases I have read I have still not seen a credible attack on the technical lies, medical, statistical, and scientific, raised in any of these cases. If we allow the underlying disinformation to go unchallenged and pursue only the legal and political transgressions, I fear the possibility of a Pyrrhic victory.
    I was very aware of your advice that we have a systemic problem, not just a cowardly PM cowering in seclusion in Ottawa. With the focus in the crowd and convoy on dispensing with JT, I doubt that the supporters understood the danger in the deputy PM and her association with the WEF. I am afraid that I may have to change my internet ID to Cassandra. I am glad that you called out the cooperation of the putative opposition parties, the collusion of the NDP and the invisible Conservative Party. With a generation accustomed to getting their “wants” delivered the next day, or “horrors”, 48 hours, your warning that this would take effort and at least 2 years was a demonstration of wisdom and experience that the crowd will need to understand and have repeated.
    If you have time to look at “Zuboff”, the worldwide origin of the programme may become more clear. The first two chapters may be enough, but we are dealing with a global problem, not just a Canadian assault on democracy.
    Thank you again,
    Robert Thompson

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  11. Any further news on this? When the case will be heard? Where will it be and can we attend? Mr. Peckford thank you for this . You are our hope. Please update us.
    Regards. Tim

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  12. Thank you for doing this! I am being held hostage in Canada and unable to travel because I refuse to take an experimental unapproved shot with long term side effects unknown. I typically travel to Florida at least once a year, and in fact am sitting on 3 flights for cruises I had to cancel, waiting and praying for the announcement that I can finally travel again. The ever mounting evidence shows these restrictions are useless and should’ve been abolished ages ago, but our PM refuses to follow the “real” science, and continues to punish Canadians who did not bow down and do as he said. I’ve wondered, often, if this was something I could sue for, and researched it on several occasions which is how I found this site. So thank you again, it’s been an excruciating 2 years of my life that has been stolen from me, it needs to end, and I will be damned if I’m going to allow a 3rd to be stolen! I’m not getting any younger, and this old gal needs a LOT of Florida sunshine in her life 🙂

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  13. Thank You “Honourable Brian Peckford”.. for your courage and dedication in protecting our constitutional Rights & Freedoms! Gives Us Hope ❤️

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  14. Thank you so much Mr. Peckford for all you are doing. An example of how this madness is affecting our family is our mother passed away April 2020 in NS and due to restrictions a funeral for her has still not taken place. Currently, such restrictions have been lifted but now we cannot plan nor attend a funeral as we live in AB and can’t fly. Driving is not possible because of the distance as some family members only have a limited time off of work.

    Blessings and prayers


  15. I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing. I, myself have sent many letters to news medias, editors, hospitals, universities, government officials, without one reply. I also sent one or two to the Canadian Civil Liberties. I keep up to date from a well-known doctor, so if I can help in any way with anything, just let me know.


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