In -30 Degree Weather The Canadian Truckers Convoy Is Overwhelmed With People Wanting Freedom

One Trucker ‘s Description

“Hello everyone. We made it to Thunder Bay today. I have a hard time finding words to express the momentum on this convoy. The convoy is 100kms long and growing all the time. The support people have is overwhelming. Coming into Winnipeg yesterday was pretty emotional the com radios went pretty quiet because no one could find words to express what we felt. There was people packed on the shoulders of the streets. Cars parked and people for miles and miles on the ring road around the city. The horns never stopped honking!

On the four lane going out of Winnipeg. We thought it was hammer down time but ended up driving 5 to 20 km/hr for hrs and hrs. People had camp fires going in the ditches, fire works, a sprayer with booms out with big Thank you! Signs on the booms. Crane trucks with the booms up with signs, lights flashing, and flags. The shoulders of the four lane packed with people and cars. Overpasses packed with people. Tons of families little kids all bundled up. Everyone was jumping, dancing, waving signs, flags, and flash lights. All in -30. Seeing how happy kids are, their smiles makes you a little emotional at times. This is how Canada is suppose to be. This morning going into Ontario, the support is amazing.

The laneways, cross roads, little towns same things happening. Contantly speeding up and slowing for groups of people. I feel like I am cheating with adaptive cruise 😉. When we came to Thunder Bay they had a big area plowed Off. Tents put up, big fires and a insane amount of food. Beef on the bun, spaghetti, sandwiches, coffee, donuts and you name it. They brought pallets of windshield washer fluid for everyone. Very humbling how kind everyone is.

This is what freedom feels like. I felt normal for once not alone like the last two years. Thanks for all the support it is much appreciated!! Well I am hitting the hay.

Cheers. Thanks”

31 thoughts on “In -30 Degree Weather The Canadian Truckers Convoy Is Overwhelmed With People Wanting Freedom

  1. Millions around the world are protesting these insane mandates in their own way. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting for Canadians to step up to the plate in a more significant way. They are doing this for us all! I hope the leaders of this country realize that for every ONE actually participating in this freedom convoy, there are 200 and more at home and on the roadsides cheering them on and supporting their fight for our freedoms. Imagine if we and they could ALL be present in Ottawa?! All mandates must be cancelled immediately! The Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers are saying that they are not leaving Ottawa until all mandates are eliminated. We MUST continue to support them. The government has destroyed enough lives. Enough is enough! This country has a lot of healing to do. Let’s get started!

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    • It is so much bigger than many of us thought! So many were afraid to be not-so-politically-correct but the shift has started and I thank the truckers for that!

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      • I’ve been talking to random people, trying to get a feel for the landscape. I’ve only had 1 outright brainwashed individual freak out. Most either knows it’s bull but don’t want fines, etc., or went along because they like their life, so didn’t question it. The majority know it’s an outright scam to enslave everyone financially to the One World Government being orchestrated by Bilderberg/Davos/WEF, among other demonic acts these bottom dwellers are up to.

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  2. Have been watching this convoy closely as I have friends participating and I am overwhelmed by the number of Canadians who are awake and have taken the opportunity to stand up and let this convoy know how important their goal is for all of us. To think all it took was a dozen wonderful souls in the trucking industry to come together to organize this effort and show our governments what many of us have been thinking and saying for close to two years. They have helped us regain our swagger and I am so hopeful that the freedoms that were so manipulatively and quickly stripped away from us under the guise of truly useless mandates are as quickly restored in the near future. AND once we have realized that goal, we must learn to cherish those rights and freedoms as much as we cherish our family members and friends. We must never let tyrannical leadership manipulate the masses as they have during the past two years – NEVER EVER AGAIN!

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  3. I am so inspired by these Truckers fighting to regain our rights and freedoms! We have waited two long years. All businesses must open up! No more compliance for these soul destroying mandates that are destroying this country!
    Let nobody detract us from our goals!

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  4. “The small (LARGE) fringe minority(OVERWHELMING MAJORITY) of (EDUCATED) people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views (TELLING THE TRUTH) that they’re expressing, do not (DO) represent the views of Canadians (insert his bitter distain and disgust)WHO HAVE BEEN ‘THARE’ FOR EACH OTHER, who know that following the science (ORDERS) and stepping up to protect each other (INJECTING YOURSELF WITH A POISON) is the best way to continue to ensure(ERODE) our(YOUR) freedoms, our(YOUR) rights, our values (YOUR HUMANITY) as a country (CULT).” – YOU DEAR LEADER, THE TRU DOE

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  5. There are rolling protests breaking out in every town in every province now. We had one yesterday in Windsor NS that went to Halifax and there over 1000 vehicles participating. Truckers are a very large and very tight knit community around the world. Canadians have had enough and are all beginning to awaken to this tyranny and are not going to stand for it.


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